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Mamaia Resort Urban Strategic Plan

The beauty, clubs, entertainment, party
Professor :
Pedro Liberato

Students :

Niculita Gabriel Eduard

Dondas Gabriela Stefania
Tatia Bianca
ISCAP - Instituto Superior de Contabilidade e Administrao do Porto


About Mamaia Resort

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Economic Development
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About Mamaia
Considered to be Romania's most popular resort, Mamaia is situated immediately north-east
of Constana's city center. It has almost no full-time residents, being populated mostly during the
The beach season is at its best between mid June and early September, when average
daytime temperatures range between 25 to 30 degrees Celsius (78 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit). The
water stays warm until mid autumn.
Hotels range from mid-end to exclusive 4 and 5 stars hotels and private clubs. There are also
camping sites in the north.

is the largest and best known resort on Romanian Riviera. Located in the

northern part of the seaside, Mamaia has a privileged position. The resort is attached to Constanta
city and separates Lake Siutghiol of the Black Sea. The preferred destination of tourists during
summer, Mamaia has been the subject of an ample process of modernization, gaining a beautiful
western air. The palm trees, spectacular
fountains, fashionable events and sensational
shows, restaurants and luxurious clubs, quite
terraces, promenade areas, Water Park,
telegondola and entertainment centers, all
these facilities make Mamaia a resort of fine
taste, entertainment and relaxation.

The story of Mamaia resort starts in 1905, when the building of the first touristic locations
starts on the strip of land between the sea and Lake Siutghiol. The resort was inaugurated one year
later, on the 22nd of August. The small resort, popularly called sea baths, became shortly an oasis
of peace and relaxation for the elites of the time, as well as for the royal family, being visited by a
record number of tourists. In order to facilitate the access in the resort, the authorities at the time
build a railway which links Mamaia to Constanta station, on the present route of Mamaia
Boulevard. The resort rapidly flourishes in the interwar period when it becomes famous abroad. It
is the moment when the first important buildings of the period appear, and we remember now the
Cara-Dalga Castle, the summer residence of the royal family, Albatros Villa (the first
accommodation unit from seaside) and Rex Hotel. The second hotel on the seaside, called Bucuresti
(Iaki at present time) is built towards the ending of the 50s. Mamaia continues to develop fast in the
communist era, when many of the hotels are being built: Patria, National, Dorna, Bicaz, Astoria,
Riviera, Metropol, Majestic, Mercur, Minerva, etc. In the 80s Mamaia continues to develop and
becomes a paradise for the tourists of the former soviet block. The 90s bring a decline of the resort,
but over the years Mamaia regains its title as The Pearl of Romanian seaside.
Mamaia resort was gifted with one of the largest beaches in the whole Europe. This stretch
on a distance of almost 10 km, between Constanta and Navodari city, and its width reaches almost
200m. The beach is covered with fine sand, without excessive stones and shells, and the entry in the
sea is done smoothly, the depth of the sea growing gradually on a rather long distance. For safety
reasons, the protection and comfort of the tourists, there are lifeguard centers arranged on the beach,
first aid tents, public toilets and sites
of selective collection of waste. A
large part of the beach is arranged




which you can enjoy by paying a fee,

but there are areas where you can
enjoy them for free. The beach is
crowded with beach bars and terraces, the perfect places where you can hide from the heat next to a
cocktail or an ice coffee.


Mamaia is the largest resort of the
Romanian seaside, and this mirrors in its
accommodation capacity. There are over 70
hotels and villas which have till 5 stars offering
approximately 30 thousand places to stay. The
popularity the resort enjoys created and adequate
environment for building new accommodation
places, thus in the last few years beside the
traditional hotels new buildings have appeared, which offer very good conditions for
accommodation: Mailbu Hotel, Florida Hotel, Palm Beach Hotel, Laguna Hotel, Club California
Hotel, Del Mar Hotel, Richmond Hotel and so on. In order to keep up pace with modernization of
the resort, the old hotels themselves were renovated, many of them acquiring an elegant air and full
of refinement: Vega Hotel, Rex Hotel, Iaki Hotel, Flora Hotel, Savoy Hotel, Golden Tulip Hotel,
Palas Hotel, Mercur-Minerva complex and so on. Since the tastes and requirements of the tourists
grow from one season to the other, more and more hotels designed spaces for treatment and
relaxation with swimming pools, saunas, fitness centers, sport fields, beauty and massage saloons
where the tourists can relax and can enjoy modern treatments: Iaki Hotel, Vega Hotel, Palm Beach
Hotel, Rex Hotel, Mamaia Hotel, Savoy Hotel and others. As long as you find yourself in Mamaia
resort you dont need to worry about what and where you eat. There are plenty of restaurants and
terraces, many of them being placed on the one side and the other of the cliff. From fast-foods and
ice cream shops until pretentious restaurants. Mamaia has them all. You can eat from various
cuisines: Lebanese, Italian, Chinese, Turkish, Greek or even French, and, most important you can
eat being saturated no matter the budget you have.
If your seaside holiday doesnt limit itself only to the chaiselong, Mamaia resort is the perfect
destination. The resort offers the tourists a multitude of possibilities regarding fun and leisure time,
no matter the money in your pocket. The recreational centers are an inexhaustible source of
entertainment for those who love water sports, in Mamaia resort exist many such centers both on the
sea shore and the lake shore. The tourists can enjoy the pedal boat, parachute lifting, windsurfing

and yachting, banana towing, ski jet promenades, nautical ski, diving and sailing boat rides. The
Ovidiu Island is one of the right places for
relaxation. Wrapped by legends of the past,
the island is today a wonderful touristic
complex which contains a restaurant,
accommodation places and a wonderful
garden. You can reach the island by boat
which leaves the Casino area at set
intervals. Aqua Magic is another attraction
of the resort which offers fun at its best.
Inaugurated in 2003, Aqua Magic is the first park in the country which offers the tourists modern
water installations. The telegondola in the resort is a means of transport which allows you to admire
the surroundings for 7 minutes from 50 m altitude, on a 2 km distance. The Holiday Village is the
place where you can find souvenirs stalls, shopping galleries and Romanian cuisine restaurants,
which are designed as small houses from different Romanian regions. The Luna entertainment
park is the destination for fun and amusement which you can avoid once you are spending your
holiday in Mamaia. Full of games and colored lights, the park offers installations which are adjusted
to all ages. There are plenty of sport fields in Mamaia resort, many of them being functional during
winter time. You can challenge your friends to a football or tennis game on the fields of Iaki ,
Oxford, Mamaia or Palm Beach hotels and also in the IDU complex or Sen. There are volley ball
fields arranged on the beach which you can enjoy for free. A walk on the cliff is a relaxation method
available to everyone. Closed to cars traffic, the cliff of the resort is bordered by terraces and
beautiful hotels, green areas, shopping galleries, souvenir shops and the fine sand beach. The most
famous walking areas are those from Perla and Casino areas. There are gardens with benches for
rest and artesian wells in Perla area. Here you can find also the Summer Theater, a place where
entertainment shows and concerts occur all along the summer time. In the area of Casino a
spectacular artesian well can be found, beautifully lit at night. The tourists can walk through the
water jets or they can rest on the benches which border the small square. The Casino area is the
place where open air shows and thematic parades take place. The night clubs in Mamaia resort are
famous for their effervescence and elegance. You can have fun till dawn at unique parties,
organized in their own style by the clubs in the resort. Trips to various attractions from Dobrogea

are organized by the travel agencies or hotels and they offer you the chance to find out details about
the culture and customs of the place.
Over time, Mamaia has become during the summer, the place of luxury and fun. Summer of
Summer, young people come and having fun and enjoy the moments of summer, luxury clubs and
display their clothes and luxury cars.
Mamaia Resort should be one of the fastest-growing destinations in Romania, through
development based on enhancement and competitiveness of the offer, transforming the sector into
one of the key growth drivers of the local and regional economy.
The Mamaia resort to increase the quality of services, seeks to:
To provide quality tourism services to tourists in Mamaia resort so that to increase the
number of tourists.
The responsible authorities have in order to promote Mamaia nationally and internationally
to attract tourists;
Achieving comprehensive developement and building human resources;
That has reflected the Values tour in Mamaia Resort are:
Quality services
Customer satisfaction;
2. Principles

Romanian Government through the ministry of development and tourism ministry

adopted a series of measures for tourism development in different sectors through a strategic plan:
a. Infrastructure, Land and Environment

Development of transport infrastructure: highways, expressways, linking the

capital of Romania and the sea, the development of railway infrastructure, hotels,
streets and parking lots.

b. Economic Development

Providing fiscal facilities for new businesses;

Investments in infrastructure;

Renovating or rebuilding any tourist spots;

Unique Relationship and Partnership with Private Sector.

c. Security, Justice and Safety

Ensuring Justice and Equality for All;

Maintaining Security and Stability;

d. Public Sector Excellence

Clarity in the decision;

Reducing bureaucracy;

Quality services;

Working Effectively within the regional Framework.

SWOT Analize

natural environment favorable for the development of tourism (Black Sea, fine beaches and
sunny and sandy seabed is completely without rocks, with low slope, lack of tides);

accommodation capacity high, in full extension 4cca. (1/3 of the total accommodation
capacity nationally 1st in the country;

special tradition in tourist activities (over 100 years)

potential high health spa;

special interest of local public authorities and citizens to develop the tourism sector;

Mamaia is rated as resort of national interest;

Appearance of new tourism products, new to this region (Aqua Magic, gondola, adorning the
resort with exotic palm trees, fountains, arrangement of modern markets where cultural
shows, casinos and amusement parks;

geographically favorable positioning of new tourist products (itinerary tourism, cruise

tourism, business, etc.)

historical and cultural heritage of great value;

qualified and experienced human resources in tourism;

access to tourist areas, modern access routes (motorways, roads, railways) connected to the
main European transport corridors;


Mamaia overcrowding during peak summer season and weekends

Insufficient parking spaces, based on the number of tourists during the summer

Lack of permanent tourist products

Some agents high prices that discourage foreign tourists, they have the possibility to choose
the best tourist destinations in terms of quality - price ratio

Lack of adequate infrastructure for developing cruises (tourist and entertainment ports)

Weak in terms of tourism potential and cultural history of the area

Presence of industrial sites and commercial port in the vicinity of tourist areas creates image
and comfort problems and is an important factor of environmental pollution Lack of a
common long-term strategies of the investors and central public administration and local
integrated development of the sector

Travel information and promotional materials few and of poor quality.


The economic development of Constanta provides premise tourism development in village,

both by increasing the number of tourists and by increasing investments;

Increasing the level of training and professionalism of the staff of tourism environment
university offers highly qualified personnel and professional consultancy services;

Better awareness of tourism potential of Constanta, arranging recreational areas within it are
opportunities that can contribute to local tourism development;


Regarding international target market may represent a threat unfavorable image of Romania

Inefficient use of funds for local tourism development;

Difficulty starting a massive process of raising standards of accommodation, necessary to

compete successfully in the international market;

The difficulty of involving the entire tourism sector in support of a marketing program
Tourist covering the entire community;

Collaboration defective stakeholders in the tourism phenomenon.

Economic Development
1. Aims
Our aims are:

to develop tourism in Mamaia Resort by increasing the quality of services offered to

tourists by creating conditions for accommodation, leisure and infrastructure.

settlement of the competitiveness of material and natural base owned by The Black
Sea Romanian Seaside;

establishment of optimisation and development directions in the exploitation of the

existent material base in accordance with new economic and motivational exigencies;

establishment of the most adequate modalities for tourism expansion in the area this
signifying lasting development;

settlement of the institutional background directly or indirectly related to tourism

including the international agreements that encourage or promote the international
tourism circulation, regulations and facilities regarding domestic tourism
development, legal background and organisational measures of environment and

tourism patrimony protection and turning to account, activity of independent

authorities specialised in tourism field.

2. Objectives
For Mamaia resort, have been defined the following objectives for tourism marketing plan:

Identifying the tourists needs for summer holiday facilities at the Seaside supplied by
tourist agencies in Romania

Increasing the number of tourists at the Romanian Black Seaside that make vacation
arrangements through travel agencies

Supplying a complete package of high quality services to travelers towards the

Romanian Black Seaside

Promoting the tourism supply through diverse means of advertising used by travel

Creating, developing and promoting a brand of Mamaia.

Stimulating entrepreneurs to invest in tourism.

Increasing information regarding Mamaia resort tourists potential in Romania and


Increase the satisfaction of tourists visiting Mamaia resort;

Increase the number of tourists visiting Mamaia resort at least 20% compared to

3. Strategic Points
3.1 Marketing strategy
Marketing strategies represent ways to achieve marketing objectives and include the
following: market strategy, product strategy, pricing strategy and the promotion.
It is important to note that, considering that the subject of this planning consists of a
tourist destination, can not exert huge control on the product and the price. Therefore, the
main concern will be to promote the destination planning in potential consumers.


3.2 Market Strategy

Marketing planning for destination resort Mamaia is considering a growth strategy,
which aims is, market expansion, by extension, in the order to increase the number of
foreign tourists. At the same time, differentiated strategy will be applied towards market
structures, given that the promotion of the destination will be conducted in several different
market segments (business segment, youth tourism, big events)

3.3 Product strategy

Policy options relating to the product (Mamaia tourist destination), aimed at
repositioning the destination as a dynamic, growing, which suggests increasingly more
cultural, artistic and sporting activities. The region will therefore perfect choice for
business tourism, the tourism and city-break (which will encompass tourism focused on
entertainment, event tourism, health tourism and cultural tourism).
Will be selected a product strategy in order to promote market destination Saudi
Arabia, Germany, Belgium which would create a clear and distinct identity, differentiated
from that of other competing destinations, depending on the advantages its choice, and
quality / price.

3.4 Price Strategy

Price strategic optionsin the case of tourist products, shall be fixed in a way that
sufficiently elastic so, to respond to market conditions, changing and to counter the
negative influences of the external environment. Since the main way to provide the British
market tourism products related destination resort is Mamaia-shaped package offer in its
structure, it will involve a variety of companies that provide tourist services (hotels,
restaurants etc) and thus require correlate the price of each final product that the price be
less than the sum of individual component tariffs.
At the general level in the the case of tourist products related to the chosen
destination can adopt a moderate pricing strategy, whose size is closely related to the
quality of those products. In this way, it will cover a larger part of the market and providing
travel services companies stand to profit accordingly. The reason for choosing this strategy
is that pricing in the this case must reflect consumer perception, consumers must see the

connection between the price paid and quality tourism product. It will try to attract tourists
through non-price competition, which will not involve changing prices, but consumer
confidence potential. Mamaia resort destination that offers superior advantages over other
competing destinations. Prices will be determined based on prices of competition.
Naturally, there is a certain degree of variability in prices, which constitute a
criterion for differentiation strategies. This diversification is linked to the quality and
complexity of the tourism product. Thus, depending on the categories of tourists, which are
subject, tourism offer of the destination, they can practice differential pricing.

Cultural Environment Development

Enrich Cultural Environment
Improve governance of the cultural sector
Upgrade the regulatory framework for cultural organizations;
Develop physical infrastructure to promote cultural activities;
Identity and nurture talents;
Focus on availability of quality cultural activities.
n ultimii ani, Primaria Municipiului Constana a pus la dispoziie mai multe embleme care s fie
folosite promova statiunea Mamaia, a declarat primarul Radu Mazare, care a incurajat agentii
economici sa le foloseasca gratuit pentru a inscriptiona sepci sau tricouri.
The representatives from Constanta City Hall and the United Nations Development Program
(UNDP) have sighed a protocol regarding the implementation of "Local Agenda 21". The main

target of this program is to write down the local plan regarding the development of Constanta
Municipality. This plan that consists of major projects, is considered by the entire community as a
priority for a long-term development for the city. While regarding the program access, UNDP have
received from City Hall's employees a list with the priorities and development plans for Constanta
There are 13 plans at urban infrastructure chapter:
- rehabilitation of historic area from Constanta;
- building an access road between the Marina and Mamaia Resort
- building an entire neighborhood in the South area of the city (the veteran's neighborhood), doing
an Area City Planning (ACP) and the relevant infrastructure, and bringing there the necessary assets
- building an entire neighborhood in the West area of the city, doing an Area City Planning (ACP)
and the relevant infrastructure, and bringing there the necessary assets
- building an entire neighborhood in the North area of the city, doing an Area City Planning (ACP)
and the relevant infrastructure, and bringing there the necessary assets
- building a light on ground tube (between Navodari and South Eforie)
- building a ring-road on Ovidiu- Lazu- Agigea axes, for the decongestion of heavy traffic
- rehabilitation of the buildings front part
- doing of an auto subway passage in the peninsular area, for the decongestion of heavy traffic in
Constanta down town
- building a foot bridge in the down town and Mamaia Resort, for a lighter traffic
- doing a master-plan for traffic counting
- set-up a General City Planning for Constanta, agreeably to the city extension and EU demands
- 10 programs for economic and tourism development in Constanta

There are 10 programs regarding the economic and tourism development in Constanta:
- building a foot bridge and a Marina in Mamaia Resort (the Casino area)
- rehabilitation of Tomis Marina and its conversion into an attractive point for the cruising and
itinerary tourism
- rehabilitation of historic and architectural monuments
- launching of the historical area as an international touristic product
- increasing of economic and tourism attractiveness of Constanta North Cliff

- building an international standard golf coarse

- placing an industrial and technological park outside Constanta Town
- building a business center and a business work-shop

increasing of economic and tourism attractiveness of Sutghiol Mamaia Lake through the

development of some sport aquatic pleasure places


building a mall, close to Mamaia Resort, a multi-functional amusement park (as the way

Disneyland looks)

The City Hall's representatives have taken into account and some projects/plans regarding the
environmental preservation:
- ecological rehabilitation of Tabacariei Park
- implementation of a linked management system for waste products in Constanta
- harnessing a Botanical Gardner in Constanta
- strengthening of Black Sea Cliffs
- beach protection against the erosion phenomenon
- harnessing a woods curtain which will lead to atmospheric pollution reduction
- building wind stations in order to cover a part of the power energy needed in Constanta

There are three major plans regarding the social area:

- building an European standard old-people shelter
- building a centre of assistance for those living orphanages;
- building a multifunctional centre of social welfare.

Business expectations, rights and responsibilities related to the tourism sector

- Maximising the economic benefit from tourism
- Introducing innovative business approaches - Holding on to/improving its ranking in the tourism
economy market

- Marketing its tourism products
- Opting for changes in environmental policies toward more sustainable tourism practice
- Promoting and implementing capacity building programmes for strengthening the sustainability of
- The introduction of environmental policies and sustainability principles into business practice
- The introduction of technological innovations into operations that can ensure sustainable
management practice
- Ensuring that internal management is in line with sustainability practice
- Improving/ensuring the sustainability of supply chain management by tour operators
- Raising awareness among tourists regarding impacts they may be causing the environment during
their holidays
- Cooperating with local destinations in order to improve the quality of services while ensuring
benefits for the local communities

Policies instruments
Government will work with stakeholders to see whether it is possible to use proxy indicators
for day visitors, other indicators of visitor numbers and a measure of population turnover in the
relevant needs formula for allocating funds to local authorities.
Governments are the key players in managing tourism development. They have a regulatory
role in transport, planning (in particular land-use planning), credit/ financing and destination
management/marketing. Therefore, they have a clear responsibility for decision-making related to
tourism development. There are number of concrete measures that national and local governments
can implement in order to ensure sustainable tourism development.
Tour operators are one of the most important factors in managing tourist destinations. In a
number of countries, in particular in the Black Sea, more than 75% of international tourist arrivals
are controlled by a limited number of major tour operators. Many tourist destinations have already
reached their carrying capacity so the possibility of offering holidays in clean and natural areas is


becoming increasingly constrained and therefore extremely attractive. In such a context, tour
operators have an interest in investing in environmental protection measures.

The Action Plan

The Action Plan Seaside resorts need to adapt in order to maximise the potential benefits for the
local economy and contribute to national growth. While addressing issues created by their own
success, such as excessive residential growth, dealing with an elderly population structure and lack
of job opportunities and skills, the Seaside Resort Action Plan has identified several opportunities
for success. The Seaside Resorts Action Plan will focus on innovation and the flexibility as the key
components of that success. While many resorts have common problems which will enable shared
best practice, many also have unique issues which require individual solutions. In most resorts there
will be parallel pressures of economic survival and day-to-day maintenance but the two are interrelated. While acknowledging that seaside resorts make a major contribution to the visitor economy,
the focus of this Action Plan will be on sectors of the tourism industry within resorts that contribute
to this wider economic benefit, such as accommodation, attractions and restaurants.