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This House Would Allow prisoners to raise their children behind bars

Parents, especially mother sometimes make mistakes and go to jail. But what
about their children? Should children also go to jail to raised by their parent,
when at the same time parent is having a punishment for their crime? We would
say no, children s not suitable to live in a isolated area such as prison.
So we are the opposition will show you how live in the prison wil danger children
we would like to stay on the status quo, when parent go to and jail the children
cant live with their parent anymore. Children could be send to Relative if
possible, scial worker, or going to the foser home.the model has been done in
many countries because alcoholic parents or grud addicted. And for this case, it
bacause criminal parents.
So, Iam as th first speaker of the opposition will bring 3 major points which are
Hurting children because unhealty environtment, bad parenting of criminal
parent, and finally the impact for the children in the future if they live in the
Going to my first point on how Hurting children throught unhealty prison
envicontment. So we would like save children from all of badness that are exist in
the prison. As we know that everybody has rights, and it is state obligation to
fulfil these rights to all the citizens and also the society. But state do recognize
the best choise for the children in the society, because goverment make a
desicion based on specialized knowledge.
Thats why when there is a case that harms the children, the state can limit the
right and desicion of parents for their children. Based on the status quo, when
parent want to watch pornography with the children, the state prohibit it,
because pornography is dangerous for immature and can ruin childrens mind.
When parents ask their children to go to night club, the state also prohibit this
because the atmosphere and the conditon in night club are not suitable for the
children. This case also happen in the prison, we cant let parent to raise their
children in the prison which are full of violence criminal, daily scene of battle and
violence, and social hierarchy which are not based on hard work or good value
but based on physical power to dominate others, these is what happen in the
prison. For evidence, in United States 87% of prisoners ever get physical abused
behind the bars. So we could see that prison is not secure and safe, especially for
the children.
Thats why we dont want children to be rised in the environtment that is full of
violence. That could ruin the children develoment and growth in their future. We
want children to be raised in a good environtment, in good sociaty, which is
based on hard work and good value. We want children to get the best
development. so we dont allow parents to raise their children behind the bars
because it hurts children throught unhealty prison environtment.

Going to my second point about Hurting children by getting bad parenting.

Prisoners are criminal. Peope dont go to jail because of nothing. People could go
to jail because of hard crime such as raping, murdering, or kidnapping. When
people become the criminal, they will get the negative judgement from their
environtment for the bad thing that they have already done. Which means that
criminals are bad people and they are can not take the responsibillity for
themselves because they againts the law. So when parents go to jail, an d people
see them as bad influence, how could they raise their children?
Children need to learn about good values from their parents, how to respect
others, how to respect the law. And how can they learn it in prison environtment
which are full of criminal who decided to sell drugs for living, people who
kidnapping children for money. How could children learn to be responsible and
respecting law but having a lot of people who breaking the law in their
Thats why we want children to stay out from the prison, we want them to be
raised by learning good values in their good environtment by a good guardian
who is responsible. Thats why we dont want if parents raise their children
behind the because, because it also hurts children by getting bad parenting
from their criminal parent.
And finally, my las point on how Raising children in prison could disturb the
development of growth. Let see the condition of prison which is isolated. Priosner
go to jail for punishment, and the punishment that they get ir being isolated, cat
communicate with the outside world, and also not free. When parent is having
this condition, if we allow them to raise their children, children will also have the
same condition.
Children who are raised in prison will be isolated, they cant act like a normal
child. When they go to school, they are no atteding a normal school which has a
lot of facilities to support their education. But they go to a prison school which
has a few students and doesnt have the facilies like a normal school has. The
children also cant interact with the outside world, they play ground just the
prison environtment which is not healthy for them. This is, a condition which is
not suitable for a growth of a child.
And what is the effect to the children in the future? children are isolated are
affected by becoming socially inept, meaning that they do not know how to
interact with others, even with simple things such as introductions and basic
conversations (such as the weather). This can be a sign of depression, mental
disorder, or mood disorder.
So to prevent these disorder, we dont want parents to raise their children in
prison that could disturb the development o f children and disturb the mental of
the children.
So we already show you that we cant allow parent to rise their children behind
bars first because the unhealty of prison environtment, the bad parenting of

criminal, and finally the bad impact of the children. Because we do care about
children, we dont want them to be raised in a prison.