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Edward and Bella 5

I woke up in Edward’s cold, strong embrace. I
was petrified. Today was Monday. “Bella, calm
down. You’re going to be fine. I have only heard
what you’ve told me about Megan and I already
hate her,” He reassured me. “But, she’s
beautiful. She’s smart too.” I told him. How
could I compete with her? “Bella. Please.”
Edward rolled his eyes.
I was not reassured. I could only imagine her
with Edward. The perfect couple. Edward left
and he wasn’t going to pick me up as usual.
Alice was. Him and the boys were going on a
hunting trip and would be back right before
lunch. At least it would keep Megan from seeing
Edward…for the morning.
Hah! I heard Bella goes to school here. Now I
get to see if she’s still the same loner she’s
always been before. Then I get to irritate and
humiliate her! Even if it’s only for 2 weeks.
We all got off the bus. Chelsea and Chantal
followed me. I couldn’t spot Bella anywhere.
Maybe she went into hiding. A yellow Porsche
passed us. Chantal’s mouth dropped. She’s been
wanting that for years but her parents say it’s too
much money. Then I tried to get one but my
parents said the same thing. The people in there
must be rich. I have to see who was in that car. I
looked at Chelsea and Chantal and they nodded.
They knew what I was up to.
“Bella, they’re watching us,” I warned. Bella
looked scared out of her guts. “It’ll be fine.” I
said. “Now, look like you’re popular. Because
we are. Look at the one in the middle. That’s
Megan right?” Bella nodded. “She’s wearing
fake Louis Vuitton!” I snickered and so did
Rose. “Why wear that at all. It screams
humiliating and tacky everywhere.” I saw the
three girls staring at my car. “This’ll be fun. Act
confident and let the games begin!”
I watched the people get out of the car. The
first one to get out was the girl in the driver’s
seat. I envied her. She was just so beautiful! She
was short and pixie-like. She had short spiky
hair and was pale as a sheet, yet just as graceful
and elegant.
The next girl who got out was even more
beautiful. We stared at her with wide eyes. She
was tall and skinny. She had blonde hair like
golden ringlets going down to the middle of her
back. I envied both of them. They were both
way more prettier than me. I had an athlete’s
body. I had long black hair that was going down
to the middle of my back and I had blue-eyes.
They even dressed better than Chelsea, Chantal
and me put together! The pixie girl was wearing
real Prada! Plus she owned a Porsche!
The last one was more familiar. Bella. Ugh. I
hated her. She was more beautiful than I
remembered her. Her hair was like the blondie’s
but it was brown. She even dressed better. I
wonder if she has a boyfriend. It’s probably a
The morning passed very quickly. We got no
encounters from the 3 b- I mean witches.
Edward got back when the lunch bell rang. I ran
straight into his arms. Alice came up to us.
“Bella, you should be prepared. Don’t come in
with us. Come in a few minutes after us because
Megan is planning on talking to you in front of
the whole two schools. She’s planning on asking
you which nerd is your boyfriend…so I think
it’s best to surprise her. I know what you’re
thinking Bella. There’s no way to avoid this.”
Alice warned. Great. Well I always thought I
would have to talk to her sometime or another.
The Cullen’s went in before me. I counted to 60
twice in my head and then I went in. I didn’t
look at our table once. I lied up to get my food.
Before I could Megan side-swiped me. “Bella
Swan. Is that you?” She snarled. Than she
laughed a dark humorous laugh. “So where’s
your boyfriend and your friends?” She asked.
“Or are you still the same loner you were back
in Arizona?” From the corner of my eye I saw
Rosalie grip the edges of her chair. “Define
nerd.” I said.
Her eyes narrowed. “Does it mean a guy who
plays the piano? Who has a great family? Who
understands and loves me? Is it a guy who’s
favourite colour is blue, who remembers my
birthday, who actually likes me despite my
clumsiness?” I asked innocently. “If it is…than
yes. But I’m not dating a nerd, I’m going to
marry one.” I grabbed some food and paid for it.
Megan was still standing where I had left her,
but now she turned to see where I would sit.
She was shocked and I could see it. The
Phoenix side of the cafeteria started to whisper
and stare. But I didn’t care. I walked to our
table. Edward was nowhere to be seen but I
knew he was outside and was going to come in
soon. This was another one of Alice’s ideas. It
was best if the cafeteria thought that Edward
didn’t hear what I had said. And she thought that
all the girls would stare at him when he walked
in and that it should be best to surprise people
that Edward and me where together.
After I sat down people looked shocked at
where I was sitting. Most of the girls were
staring once they saw Alice and Rosalie. No one
had even dared to talk to the Cullen’s. Alice and
Rosalie smiled at me when I sat down.
Megan returned to where she was sitting
before and glared at me while I ate. 2 minutes
after I had the talk with Megan, Emmett and
Japer walked in first. The girls all stared, but
they were cut short when Jasper kissed Alice
and when Emmett kissed Rosalie.
Edward was the last one to enter the cafeteria.
It was silent when Edward came in. One by one,
every girl’s attention was on him. They looked
at him with a dreamy look written all over their
faces. Even Megan, Chelsea and Chantal. Every
girl watched Edward’s every move, like they
were going to pounce on him any minute.
They look disgruntled when they saw him
come to me and sit down next to me. When he
kissed me a couple of girls looked like they were
going to cry.
“Nerd huh?” Edward whispered in my ear. I
I continued eating when I heard someone
calling “Amy!” A little girl no more than 2 came
running into the cafeteria. She started running in
circles and than she saw me. She ran up to me
smiling an angelic smile. She was adorable. She
held up her arms, signaling that she wanted up. I
picked her up. “Where’s your Mommy, pretty
girl?” She giggled and suddenly so did I.
Then I heard “Thank God.” I turned around
and saw Colleen. “Colleen!” The Cullen’s
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