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BoldFlash Inc. original name was BoldDisk. It is a Waltham, Massachusetts based company.
BoldFlash was founded by two computer science professors in 1982. BoldFlash is a company
which make products like Flash memory machines and technology. It also make components for
electronic devices like Mp3 players, floppy disk etc. Basically, the company produces computer
storage media products. The company have its headquarters in Shanghai, Austin & Ontario. The
revenue generated by company is about $3.9 billion which is of this year only. The industrial
revenue of BoldFlash is 19.5% out of the total companys revenue. Smartphone Manufactures
are the largest customers of BoldFlash. So the mobile division department is the one department
which should work most efficiently. Only the mobile division department generate $1.5 billion
revenue in a year. Their clients include OEM and they supply directly to the consumer markets.
Bold Flashs mobile division is suffering from unsettled problems, due to certain missed
opportunities in the tablet market. Company is facing challenges in many different external and
internal areas. BoldFlash is far behind from its competitor and due to recent poor performance
and low product development the morale of employees are very low. But the basic problem
company is facing is internal that is intra-departmental issues. No clear role and authority is seen
by the managers and executives of the company. This clearly shows lack of experience and
vague understanding of objectives and goals. BoldFlash is facing inaccessibility problem at work
which is due to ineffective communication problem. They are under the illusion that there is no
problem within their departments and divisions. Because of their top-down approach they are
facing failure in communicating difficulties.

Company problems are leading to breakdown the teamwork and communication platform within
the organization. The unproductive conflicts between the functional teams result in fading
innovative practices. They are failed in leading diverse department through storming stage. In
order to solve these organizational issues a proper organizational structure is required which can
help in maintaining a better cohesive team and department.

Strategic Planning
So to solve these challenging problems BoldFlash organize a training plan which is based on
developing communication strategies in all areas and departments. BoldFlash is using a
collaborative communication approach in their training program which will facilitate employees
involvement and help maintain a satisfied workplace environment.

Collaborative Communication at Workplace

Collaborative communication is always termed as communication however, communication is
not always done through collaborative medium. Communication is a process which involve
individuals to create a shared level of information with one another which support in reaching
mutual understanding (Rogers and Kincaid, 1981). Collaborative communication is a procedure
of communication in which contributors of communication share information for creating
meaning and mutual understanding of meaning in a shared environment for a specific purpose
(Schrage, 1990).
Effective communication methods in organization increase productivity as well as company
morale. It also help in reducing turnover rate and improve working environment. BoldFlash is
facing inter-departmental issue, if they can implement and execute communication strategies
they can easily solve internal conflicting problems. BoldFlash employees feels isolated from

headquarter as manager and executives are not promoting communication collaboration plan.
BoldFlash is currently implementing top-down approach whose result are not at all efficient.
This is why the satisfaction level of employees are quite low which is why they are facing
problems in meeting demands of product development. These problems can be solved by
communicating these issues effectively.

Effective Communication Approach

At BoldFlash they are conducting meeting but failed to maintain a focusing structure of the
organization. They are unable to confront missed objectives as meeting is led by only one
particular sub-division which did not involve other department.
These issues can be solved if BoldFlash can implement an open communication environmental
program within organization. This medium will support employees to share feedbacks, ideas,
concerns and even criticism at every level. Communication approach should never be costumed
to one way (Brown & Bylund, 2008). Effective communication plans involve two-way method.
BoldFlash can also use this method between members of organization. This will help managers
to successfully involve employees in conversations about their work, their perspectives on the
problems that are related to products, services, business goals and customers. While engaging
employees, BoldFlash should plan such types of training programs which will communicate and
deliver collaborative communication method multiple times in multiple. They can use different
methods and platforms through multiple channels to communicate with various audience. This
will create and maintain probabilities that communications are received and understood by the

These type of communication approach leaders, managers and executives of BoldFlash will be
able to build an environment which is totally based on trust which will lead to the foundation of
success. These strategies will help in creating an environment at workplace which is inclusive
that will generate better outcomes. Internal communication will increase employees morale and
they see themselves as the ambassador of organization through this they will execute their jobs
more confidently (Dyer & Singh, 1998). By implementing and executing such communication
based training program BoldFlash will able to maintain understanding in sub-divisions.

Training Program and Methods

Every firm has a cultural environment. A culture is the way people share information,
communicate and interrelate with each other. We can train employees through better leadership
style to maintain a positive work culture which can influence productivity and healthy work
environment (Robbins, 1993). Effective communication training will keep internal process
smooth and support employees in creating a positive relation with people both outside and inside
of the organization.
Some of collaborative tools used by BoldFlash to support employees include online chat for
asking questions which are relevant to employees concern, dashboards for posting comments,
announcements and for recognizing employees in a better way. BoldFlash is also including
internal videos which help in boosting productivity and collaboration within organization. Videos
provide a quick and visual way to convey important messages and information across various
groups. Email is another great source of communication tool which not only help in engaging

employees but also used as a closed system. It provide easy group sharing, contact through
messages facility, access to project work, calendar entries and more.
BoldFlash can also use social networking and collaboration application in effective ways for
bringing employees together to perform tasks and processes together and share experience. They
can build communities for people on social platform to communicate and share information and
give their feedbacks accordingly about the work. They can used social media applications to
deliver personalized learning experiences. BoldFlash can use innovative video casts with short
learning segments (Brown & Bylund, 2008). They can arrange and conduct live web meeting
which can bring together dispersed teams for a common learning purpose. Or they can also
provide short audio raining segment relevant to the change program. So in this way by using
collaborative communication tools and social media application BoldFlash can reduce the time
which is needed to navigate large-scale change program. They and can train and deliver a better
change environment from employees perspective which will result in increasing employees
morale and companys productivity.

BoldFlash major objective is to become a leading company in flash memory technology. But the
roles and responsibilities are not properly defined by the organization which result in misscommunication among various functional department. The company needs to clearly define and
differentiate the goals of different departmental units. They should make such set of goals which
are specific, measurable, challenging but also achievable. BoldFlash should conduct meeting to
delegate clear tasks and responsibilities to each unit. A positive cultural relationship with
employees is also required to make a healthy environmental workplace. In this way employees

trust the changing environment, which will help them to be beneficial for the organization as a
whole. BoldFlash introduce a training program which help in designing a clear organizational
structure and increase departmental internal communication system. BoldFlash introduce a
training program which help in designing a clear organizational structure and increase
departmental internal communication system.

Meeting should be conducted to set and

communicate specific objectives. BoldFlash should develop a corporate culture which will
emphasis staff participation in goal setting and building greater goal commitment. Meeting
should be discussion based which will encourage employees to keep in line with the objectives.
BoldFlash should create an organizational culture that will highlight upward communication
such as providing feedback to superiors, informing them about progression towards goals. These
type of training practices will increase overall effectiveness. It is essential for BoldFlash to
educate, train and communicate their staff to help them understand the need of change and the
reason behind it. BoldFlash introduce a training program which help in designing a clear
organizational structure and increase departmental internal communication system.

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