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February 2010—
2010—Volume 4, Issue 2 - HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY ♥spread love and art
Marina Village at Atlantis, Paradise Island Open Daily 10am –10pm ▪18 Village Road Open Mon-Fri 9am –5pm
P.O. Box N-1207▪ Nassau, Bahamas ▪ Tel (242) 363.1313 / 394.1886 ▪
Web blog: ▪ Website: (presently under construction) ▪ We are also on Facebook
PROMOTING THE VISION: ”By the Year 2020 more visitors will be attracted to The Bahamas by Bahamian art and culture than sun ,sand and sea.”


Check the website at Doongalik Village Road, NAGB and the Ladder Gallery

DOONGALIK STUDIOS, Village Road presents Manipulating slabs and coils of clay to make a
three dimensional object from an image in my
“EARTH TO FLIGHT” mind, or from doodles or sketches is truly a pas-
a collaborative visual experience of Painting and Sculpture by sion. Adding metal to my creations is a challenge
Toby Lunn and Averia Wright as metal‘s tensile strength allows the mechaniza-
tion of my ceramic sculptures to work. Whereas
clay will bend with the possibility of melting and
breaking, metal on the other hand bends readily.
Working with
metal, al-
though tedi-
ous, is some-
thing I hope
to continue to
do. Exploring
how far I can
work with
these materi-
als inspires
Painter Toby Lunn and Ceramicist Averia Wright me to con-
have found a common thread in colour, line, tinue on this
space and form to make bold statements using journey.”
different mediums in an exciting presentation for
Averia studied Fine art with a concentration in Ce-
this year’s Transforming Spaces Tour. They both
ramics at the University of Tampa where she
use organic free forms and earth tones to make
transferred from the College of The Bahamas.
very personal statements. New abstract expres-
She was first introduced to ceramics at COB un-
sions of art which can inspire and heal the viewer
der the tutelage of Joann Behagg. Upon discover-
rise up from the tangible fierce heat of the fur-
ing this niche she was inspired to further her stud-
nace that fires the clay and the metaphorical fire
ies in this discipline with renowned Bahamian art
of metamorphosis that gives feeling to the paint.
educator, Kendra Frorup.
Averia Wright, in her first Exhibition in The Ba- ...Continued on page 2
hamas as a fine arts graduate, states: “The sto-
ries of mythologies, mysteries and the mystical INSIDE THIS ISSUE
expressions of life take me deep into my roots-
my place of inspiration – to create exotic life DOONGALIK’S TRANSFORMING SPACES
forms and elements of the deep turquoise seas. SHOW “Earth to Flight”
My medium of choice is clay. Working with my 2
Transforming Spaces 2010—Save the date
hands to create something from the earth is a
primitive necessity. New Additions & Art News 3
Page 2
Toby Lunn, no stranger to the Exhibition circuit, SAVE THE DATE—You don’t want to miss the popular
has entered a new phase in his work and states: Transforming Spaces Art Tour which is celebrating its
“Taking flight is a metaphor describing a recent sixth anniversary this year
transformation, not only in my personal life but also
in my newest body of work. I am using the myth of Patrons purchase a $30.00 ticket for the day which allows
the phoenix bird that rises from the ashes, using
them to be driven with other art lovers in the comfort of an
adversity and experiences as tools of expression.
air-conditioned bus with its own knowledgeable Tour
I am taking the Guide to visit different Art Spaces located throughout the
symbol of birds island. The spaces are specifically ‘transformed’ for the
in flight and occasion and patrons get the opportunity to meet and in-
allowing my teract with the artists, view and purchase their works and
painted expres- enjoy delicious food and drink!
sions to soar at
their own alti- This year nine spaces will be participating: Doongalik
tude. The lotus Studios Art Gallery, Ladder Gallery, New Providence
flower has also Art & Antiques, Pink ‘Un, Popop Studios, Post House
become impor-
tant in my re-
Gallery, PRO Gallery, StingraeStudio and The Hub.
cent work. All of the symbols I use are references
Tickets are available for purchase from the National Art
to healing - internal and external - not just for me,
but for the viewer as well.” Gallery of The Bahamas (NAGB), Doongalik Studios, Vil-
lage Road and The Ladder Gallery.
Toby received a BFA Degree from the Maryland
Institute College of Art and has held numerous ex-
hibitions at Popop Studios, Doongalik Studios, Van
Brugel’s Restaurant, as well as abroad at the Dias-
pora Vibe Gallery, Miami Florida. He has also pro-
vided private art classes to interested members of
the public.
Both artists are Sales Representatives at the The Doongalik team prepares for
Doongalik Studios Art Gallery at Marina Village their videotape interviews for the
Paradise Island. They realized the symbiosis in the Transforming Spaces documen-
quality of their work and felt that Transforming tary at the Village Road and Ma-
Spaces was the perfect opportunity to showcase rina Village Galleries with the B2b
this multi media experience. crew

Jackson Burnside, owner of the Gallery stated, “We

are proud and privileged to present the work of
these two extremely talented artists who are mak-
ing significant contributions to the development of
art in The Bahamas and by extension, the world.
The treasury of our country lies in these innova-
tions – in the infinite possibilities being constantly
investigated and improved upon by Bahamian art-
ists. This Exhibition is truly a milestone in contem-
porary Art History.”
An official Opening Reception for “EARTH TO Members of the Transforming Spaces 2010 Committee representing
FLIGHT” will take place at a later date. the Galleries taking part in this year’s Tour—Antonius, Betty, Angel,
Pam, Jonathan, John, Malcolm and Jay—not shown Gillian and Jes-
NEW ADDITIONS Since our website is currently
undergoing design changes
S U S A N J O H N and is therefore not available
ROBERTS P A U L — for viewing, we would like to
Susan has Customers invite you to access our
several new will be happy
FACEBOOK page or visit our
underwater to know that
i m a g e s this new im- newly created BLOG at
available in age of the (type
giclee prints Atlantis tow- ‘doongalik’ in the browser)
on canvas ers is now and send us a message!
as well as available!
paper prints.
a selection of new paper prints Did you know that Doongalik Studios at
OKSANA YANCHUK—These Marina Village represents over 70 local
from Eddie and Roshanne Minnis
cute mini paintings with accompa-
as well as an assortment of the artists and is the largest retailer of
nying stand are quite popular!
family’s best selling art cards. Bahamian Fine Art in the country?
Looking for an original gift?
Planning to get married soon?
Consider a Doongalik Gift Certificate or
open a Bridal Gift Registry at Doongalik
added the new element of porce- ...and speaking of celebrations….we
lain tops to his extend special greetings to owner
popular pot- Jackson Burnside for a Happy
pourri bowls Valentine’s
and has also Birthday
sent in some New images in the year of the
interesting paper prints from tiger!! Here he is
wood boxes. her recent water- celebrating with a
colour art show specialty cake from
are now avail- Somethings Different!
to experiment with
her ‘people series’
Our sales
another large can- rep is not We have shipped Bahamian art all
vas. These pieces
always garner im-
only a fan- around the world….so don’t forget
tastic ce-
mense interest with ramicist but
that if you would like us to feature
the customers and captures your Bahamian artwork purchase in
exhibit an amazing
3-D effect from her
lots of its new home in your part of the
use of light and world, just send us a digital image
in these new
shadow. acrylic originals. Welcome Averia! for publication!

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