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Volume 77, Issue 2

Wednesday, June 17 2015

Cavs in six Abraham Lincoln and other stories

Doug Synowka
Hetuck Copy Editor
Brandon Monty
Hetuck Reporter and Writer

Yesterday, there were many things

going on in the world that we missed
because of Buckeye Boys State. As
the state of Ohio, we were mostly
aware the Cleveland Cavaliers played
game six in the NBA Finals. Some
of us also know about the fabled
Abraham Lincoln quote. Lincoln
called the series 150 years ago on
April 13th of 1865 when he allegedly
said Cavs in six. Notorious Golden
State Warriors fan John Wilkes Booth
was already plotting the assassination
of Lincoln, but this statement threw
him to a breaking point. Although
the game of basketball had not yet
been invented, both men had been
brought to the future to see the
beautiful game. They were both in
attendance for game 3 in Cleveland.
After returning to 1865, when asked
what the outcome of the series would
be, Lincoln made that infamous
statement. Reporters were unable to
catch all of his words. He really said,
Cavs lose in six. Lincoln was correct, unfortunately.
Donald Trump revealed his campaign plans from the Trump Tower
in New York City, announcing that
he is running for the Republican
Party presidential nomination and
that his plan will consist of over
nine billion dollars in assets. If this

Photo By: Ben Margot, AP

The Golden State Warriors celebrate

amount stands, it would make him
stances. And these people have good
the most valuable candidate in the
reason not to vote for Trump, as the
Republican Party by a longshot, and
billionaire hasnt exactly established
he was definitely not shy to express
himself as a likable person, calling
that fact, saying, Im really rich. I
world leaders stupid and saying
own a Gucci store thats worth more
that Mexicans are not friends with
than Romney. While we may be
America. In another national NBC
unsure if he has the political skills,
News Poll, around 20-30% of people
we definitely know that he has the
surveyed said they would consider
confidence to run the Oval Office, as
voting Trump into the White House,
he promised that he would be the best which are still decent approval ratpolitician in U.S. history. I will be
the best President ever to inherit the
Possibly the weirdest story of all
White House. I will create more jobs
comes from the North. In Wisconsin,
and bring more to this country than
a woman recently took a kangaroo
any politician could ever dream.
into a McDonalds. This led to a
Despite Trumps overbearing
dispute between the city officials
confidence in his political abiliand the woman. The dispute led to
ties, many people do not seem to be
changes in city code. Kangaroos are
very big supporters of the famous
no longer considered service animals.
entrepreneur. In a recent NBC News
With this change, they are restricted
poll, seven out of every ten people
to small horses and dogs, and the city
surveyed said they would never
claims it is in compliance with the
vote for Trump under any circumAmericans with Disabilities Act.

2 The Hetuck
Do You Have An Icebreaker?
Rick Isbell
Hetuck Reporter and Writer
My Buckeye Boys State city has an
interesting little object: a question
bucket, accompanied by a daily question written by our counselor. This
question can be very simple, however, even a simple question could hold
a deep meaning if answered with an
answer that makes one think. Every
night, after the Stroh assembly, were
supposed to read the answers and
comment on them, a way to break
the ice. Since it has been hectic, we
havent had many answers to the first
Despite that, I have no doubt that
this and other types of ice breakers
may help build bonds between delegates, and increase our understanding
of other views and the world around
us. When one thinks deeply enough,
they can find an idea, a belief, and
maybe connect with others. Also,
if this ice breaker tactic is properly
executed, it would improve tolerance
of other ideas or beliefs.
The way we do it is by writing our
answer and placing it in the bucket
anonymously. Thus it is more likely
that those who are more afraid to
share their views would be more
likely to speak up and give them,
which could boost confidence in
a delegate. This doesnt mean it is
the perfect way, and I suggest you
come up with ideas that your town
could use to the same effect, even
if the method in which it is done is
different. By doing this, I believe you
can make the most out of every day
and learn much more not just from
Buckeye Boys State, but more about
each other and yourself, simply by
breaking the ice and communicating with one another.

New Education Bill from

Sklenicka in the Works
Jack Warfield
Hetuck Reporter and Writer
Speaker Pro Tempore of the House
Robert Mathern and Senator Benton
Wright are sponsoring a joint bill
written by themselves, Deputy Press
Secretary and gubernatorial speech
writer Brett Wedding, and Sklenicka
School Board member and Hetuck
photographer Liam Davis that aims
to widely change how education is
funded and how student benchmarks
are defined. Attributes of the bill
include eliminating the Common
Core State Standards Initiative;
repurposing and refitting abandoned
buildings, such as shopping malls,
as new school buildings; changing end of the year testing to focus
on student, rather than teacher,
performance; and to appoint auditors
to review both teacher and school
board performance.
The entire bill, however, hinges
itself on being funded by tax dollars
from recreational marijuana to both
replace school levies and to make up
for the federal funding that would
be lost with the dropping of the
Common Core. Though this crucial
part of the bill may be controversial

when proposed to the House and

Senate, Senator Wright is confident
that it can pass if other legislators
understand its success in Colorado,
where taxes on recreational marijuana raised fifteen million dollars
for state schools last year. Additionally, Wright points out that the use of
already existent buildings will both
save money and help revitalize communities.
The new planned programs to
replace the Common Core are
bold, focusing on students current
progress in school and creating a particular curriculum for them. Wright
envisions a system where persons are
evaluated for whether they can take
an AP course and, if they can, then
they will be required to. Additionally,
Wright would like to see Montessori
style schooling to be more widely adopted to help students who struggle
with the pace of traditional schooling. As a benchmark end-of-year
evaluation to replace current teacher
evaluations, both Wright and Speaker
Pro Tempore Mathern endorsed a
test somewhat inspired by the ACT.
However, nothing is absolute, and
both Mathern and Wright are willing
to adapt their plan. Were willing to
accept any idea for student evaluations, Mathern explains.

Photo by: American Legion Commissioner Staff

The education bill sponsors from Sklenica City

The Hetuck 3

State Gallop Patrol?

Brandon Monty
Hetuck Writer and Reporter

Photo by: Liam Davis

The BBS Senate

Here at Buckeye Boys State,

delegates working in the
government have the power to
pass laws that citizens must obey.
Laws can be created and passed
from all levels of government
from city to state and are
enforced very swiftly throughout
the Bowling Green campus.
However, one law that really
stood out to me and many other
delegates here at Boys State is
currently trying to be passed by
the State Senate and is one of
the funniest laws Ive probably
ever seen. The law would require
the State Highway Patrol here
at Buckeye Boys State to have
to gallop everywhere they go on
campus. Yes, gallop. And if you
arent familiar with the term, it
is the action of hopping on both
legs like a horse in a seemingly
uncontrollable manner.
So if this law is passed, and you
happen to notice the BBS State
Highway Patrol galloping around
the Bowling Green Campus, you
can thank the State Senate. The

only thing I can picture from this

would be someone committing
a crime and the State Highway
Patrol being forced to gallop after
the fleeing criminal. With that in
mind, maybe this law isnt such a
good idea. Regardless of whether
it is passed or not, the State
Senate has earned some comedy
points for this proposition.

DeWine dishes on what its

like to be Attorney General
Michael S. Vince and Collin Reynolds
Hetuck Reporter and Writer

Like his policies, or not, Mike

DeWine has been a staple of
Ohio politics for nearly the past
30 years. He has become one of
the most recognizable faces in
Columbus and has a very long
track record.
Mike DeWine
got a job as County Prosecutor
as soon as he graduated Law
School. He has also been a part
of the State Senate and House of
Representatives. He was also a
Lt. Governor before he got his job
at Attorney General in 2011. He
explained following one question
that his record is something that he
is proud of. Having served so long,
his record allows voters to clearly
identify where Mike has stood
on certain issues. That record he
believes is one that has always
supported hardworking Ohioans.
He believes that now he is in a
less political position. Obviously
he is listed as a Republican, but
many issues he faces today are not

along party lines. He explained

that no matter what political
beliefs voters have, almost all
want rapists prosecuted and
brought to justice. Some politics
are involved in deciding whether
to sue the Obama Administration;
however, as Mike explained you
must always put the people of the
state ahead of politics.
Over 100 delegates that have
judicial positions at Buckeye
Boys State got together for a
Q&A session with Ohio Attorney
General Mike DeWine. Due to
time constraints not all questions
were able to be answered;
however, discussion was lively He
told us he was very impressed by
the delegates and that they asked
pertinent, intelligent questions.


State Attorney General Mike DeWine

4 The Hetuck

Life as a Delegate
R.L. Chambers
Hetuck Writer and Reporter
With day three of Buckeye Boys
State now in the history books, all
1,200 delegates have now received
their permanent jobs for the remainder of the week. After three full
days of campaigning and trying to
persuade their fellow delegates to
select their name in green on Election
Day, all delegates, whether or not
they won or lost their respective elections, have now received full time
employment and today marks the
first day in which the official government of Buckeye Boys State begins
With the government operations
beginning, this also marks the end
of the hectic, relentless campaigning
that was taking place around the campus of Bowling Green University,
and that has all delegates breathing
a simultaneous sigh of relief. After
the first three days which were filled
with a lot of craziness from everyone
trying to campaign, its nice to know
that I have two jobs and can start to
settle in to them, says delegate Sean
Nick from Alberts City. I no longer
have to worry about whether or not
Ill get elected to a job or not and that
takes a lot of worry off my shoulders.
It should be a fun and exciting ride
the rest of the week and it should be
a lot of fun.
Nick speaks for many delegates
when he says that he has had a lot
of worry taken off his shoulders between yesterday and today. With all
the job orientations finished as well,
delegates should now have a good
idea of what their responsibilities are,
which in turn should make the rest of
the week much easier.

Madaffer: City of
Excellence at Hetuck
Joe Thompson
Hetuck Writer and Reporter

There are 20 members of the 2015

Hetuck, the voice of Buckeye Boys
State. Of those 20 members, four of
them come from the City of Madaffer. In addition to myself, there are
two other reporters from Madaffer:
Alonzo Spears and Jack Warfield.
Editor-in-chief Soren Gran also hails
from Madaffer.
In total, this makes one-fifth of the
Hetuck staff from the same city. To
put this into perspective, there are 29
cities in Buckeye Boys State. This
means that on average, one city will
have an average of 0.69 people in
the Hetuck; in other words, 20 cities
should have one delegate on the
Hetuck staff, while nine should have
Madaffer has four people on the
Hetuck, outperforming its expected
odds by 580 percent.
Gran has competed in Power of the
Pen and has written for The Edsman at St. Edwards High School.
He was promoted to editor-in-chief
next school year. He said the Hetuck
would be a great way to experience
Buckeye Boys State in a way that
interested him.
I thought writing for the Hetuck
would be fun, Gran said. It would
be a good way for me to get out,
meet people and figure out whats
going on at Boys State.
Spears, who has experience in music
writing and broadcasting, said the
best part about being on the Hetuck
is the constant communication with
Talking to people is definitely the
best part about it, Spears said. I

really enjoy learning background information, and I enjoy the part where
I can turn it into a story.
Warfield, who is currently in his
second term as news reporter for
Fulton Countys Youth Advisory
Council, said the Hetuck is a great
opportunity for anyone who wants to
experience many aspects of Buckeye
Boys State.
I feel that Im adequate at writing,
and Im generally very interested in
political themes, so I felt it would be
a good way to get around and find
out everything thats going on in the
program, Warfield said.
So what is it that makes Madaffer
Gran: Our city gets along well. We
take it seriously and work hard, but
we joke around and have fun with
it. If anyone wants to do something
like run for a big office, were always
ready to support him.
Spears: The number one thing
that makes Madaffer a familylike atmosphere is that we accept
everyone. People like Roommate
Ryan [Emery], Donald Thompson
and everyone in the Hetuck are pretty
outgoing. Soren and I make a great

Photo by: Kyle Phelps

Hetuck Gang---Madaffer Edition