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12 February, 2010
P O Box 1261, Devonport 7310. PH: 6420 8100

Welcome to all the new students and their families. It is good to meet new members of families who
have been part of this community for a number of years and to meet families who are new to the
school community and indeed the Devonport community. I hope that together we can build a strong
partnership to ensure that your child or children realise their potential.

As is generally the case there have been a number of staffing changes since 2009. Let’s start by
welcoming back teachers who have been on maternity leave. Kelly Lehman joins the food team, Mrs
Leanne Wickham is on the Grade 7 team, Tina Smith will be returning later in February and her grade
8 class is being capably managed by Mrs Norris until that time. The Reece family has expanded with
the arrival of Alice Louise Heathcote, congratulations to Richard and Nicki. Nicki Heathcote will be
on leave for all of 2010. Sue Anne Knight returns to the Grade 9 team after travelling overseas and
we also welcome Carina Bonifacio from Ulverstone High School who is teaching numeracy on the
grade 9 team. Ann Horton and Peter Bird will be on leave until Easter. Casey Mc Call was married
over the school holidays and will now be known as Mrs Allen and Ms Blenkhorn has now changed her
name to Mrs Elliott after being married in the latter half of 2009.

We are proud to be involved in a new teacher training initiative, Partnerships in Teaching Excellence,
and as such we have three interns working in the school for a day a week and two blocks of
internship. We welcome Jessica Wools Cobb who will be taking Dance, Drama and Integrated, John
Willis will be part of the MDT team and Sherri Rainbow who will join the Grade 9 team. This is a
fabulous initiative and can only make teachers better prepared for their new careers. We also have
Luke Viney who is a third year student working in the Art area.

Finally, some of you may be aware that in September of 2009 I was elected to the position of
President of Australian Secondary Principals Association (ASPA) and took up the position at the start
of this school year. The term of office is 2 years, with a possibility of another two years, at this stage I
have only committed to 2 years however I can not do this role and be the Principal of Reece High. I
have been Principal of Reece for 8 years and it is very hard to move on from something that you have
helped to create from the ground up. At this stage I am on leave from Reece but will keep the
community informed of my long term decisions. Anne Stewart has been appointed as Acting
Principal, Graeme Cameron will be Acting Assistant Principal in the Senior School. I am sure they will
do an outstanding job and I wish them all the best for 2010. I am in the process of transitioning out of
the school and will fulfil some pre planned commitments and will use Reece as my admin base in the
short term. It has been a great privilege to be the Principal of Reece High and I thank you for your
personal and professional support.

Just a few other updates: the gym upgrade has been completed, the upgrade of the sound system has
been completed, and we are still negotiating the new Science and Language lab. It costs a lot of money
to maintain our state of the art status and upgrade all facilities, we were very fortunate to gain
Building Education revolution funds but they do not cover the entire costs of the building program.
The school paid additional funds for the gym upgrade, paid totally for the sound upgrade and will need
to make a substantial contribution to the Science and Language Lab. It takes us a long time to save for
these things and we also rely heavily on money raised by the School Association. The School
Association made a substantial contribution to the ground upgrade and as yet we have one last task to
attempt and that is the redevelopment of the court area. The School Association needs your support
on the Breath of Life Project, we need you to buy a ticket to the gala dinner or the concert or both.
Tickets are available from the school and they also need help with the catering. If everyone from the
Reece community was involved we would have enough funds to finish the fit out of the Science labs
and redevelop the court area. Without your contribution or commitment we will struggle to
complete these tasks.

So I am sure it will be another great year for Reece High School, I WISH YOU ALL THE VERY BEST.

Sheree Vertigan

15 February 2010 Argyle Master School Photos School Photos

Students will have their photos taken on Monday 15 February. Please return prepaid envelopes
for school photos by Friday 26 February. Complete the information on the envelope for every
student attending the school. If you wish to order photos tick the required box for each child even if
payment is in another envelope. Please enclose correct money as change is unable to be issued. Cash,
credit cards, cheque and money orders are accepted. Every child must return their own envelope.
Late orders will not be accepted without paying a late charge.

Do not place envelopes inside other envelopes; every child must return their own envelope if you wish to receive

Medical Conditions/ Validation Forms

A small number of parents haven’t updated their family details on the 2010 validation forms. Forms
will be sent home to those parents who haven’t yet updated this form. Please complete and update
your information and return to school by 26 March. Please ensure to check the permission for
minor excursions.

Does your child have a medical condition? It is important the school is aware of any medication, medical
conditions or other conditions that may affect your child’s performance at school. For example
allergic reactions, Asthma, Anaphylactic Shock. Please contact the office on Tel 6420 8101.

School Uniforms - School shirts have arrived – beat the rush!


15th February School Photos (return envelopes by Friday 26th )
11th March Swim Trials
10 - 12 March Grade 7ABC camp
16 March Surf Carnival
17th March Inter High Swimming Carnival
17 – 19 March Grade 7DEF camp

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