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Nurul Amin Mosque Pagaruyung

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Coordinates : 0.47392 S 100.62276 E

Pagaruyung Nurul Amin Mosque is a mosque located in

Batusanggkar , Tanah Datar district , West Sumatra , Indonesia .
The mosque is built on waqf land Aminuzal Haj Amin family
Datuak Rajo Batuah in the 1990s and was inaugurated on
February 21, 1992 by the Minister of Transportation Indonesia
at that time, Anwar Anas . [1]

Mosque with predominantly white paint is a few hundred

meters from the Palace Basa Pagaruyung . The main building of
the mosque is supported by four large pillars and crowned by
the main dome, while a number of smaller dome crowned
another part of the building, such as the mihrab and foyer;
portico serves as a transition from the outside to the section. In
addition, this mosque also has a tower that blends with the
main building

Nurul Amin Mosque Pagaruyung Batusanggkar, the tower

loomed in the distance, drawing attention when I was in Istano
Basa Pagaruyung. My interest in the mosque, as great as my
interest the temple, the temple, the temple and the old church.
Although sometimes necessary effort, patience, and a little luck
to be able to photograph these places.

While friends relax over a cup of coffee at a stall across Istano

Bases, I went to visit Masjid Nurul Amin Pagaruyung within just

a few hundred meters from the base Istano escorted by a


Nurul Amin Mosque Pagaruyung

Steps and a small dome that is quite elegant I go through when
walking towards the main building Masjid Nurul Amin

Location Masjid Nurul Amin Pagaruyung itself is still pretty

much in height. Unfortunately they seemed to have begun
worn with age and weather, as well as poorly-maintained.

Nurul Amin Mosque Pagaruyung

Nurul Amin minaret towering Pagaruyung, and it can be seen
clearly from a distance of several kilometers. Besides having a
main dome, Masjid Nurul Amin Pagaruyung also have several
smaller pieces of the dome.

Nurul Amin Mosque Pagaruyung

A landmark on the outside wall of Masjid Nurul Amin
Pagaruyung, which shows the date of the inauguration on
February 21, 1992.

Nurul Amin Mosque Pagaruyung

Nurul Amin Mosque Pagaruyung lobby, where pillars outside
and ceiling ornaments given rhythmic lines. I do not find the
drum in this Pagaruyung Masjid Nurul Amin.

Nurul Amin Mosque Pagaruyung

The lobby Masjid Nurul Amin Pagaruyung seen from the other

Nurul Amin Mosque Pagaruyung

The main room Masjid Nurul Amin Pagaruyung looks pretty
simple. Mihrab and the front wall looks plain, unadorned
beautiful calligraphy which is typically found in the mosque. On
the wall on the right side only visible row of small clock that
shows the time of prayer, and in most areas of the four major
pillars are circular ornament petals.

Nurul Amin Mosque Pagaruyung

Dome inside Masjid Nurul Amin Pagaruyung, with chandeliers
interchanges and approximately thirty-six light point.

Nurul Amin Mosque Pagaruyung

Dome and chandelier Masjid Nurul Amin Pagaruyung seen in
the upright position.

Nurul Amin Mosque Pagaruyung

Ornaments are quite pretty on doors Masjid Nurul Amin

Nurul Amin Mosque Pagaruyung

Nurul Amin Mosque Pagaruyung is actually quite magnificent,
it's just been in need of repair and maintenance in many

places. Could be considered to add ornaments in the inside of

the mosque is still very quiet.

The majesty of a mosque is not only seen from the physical

form, but at least it needs to be maintained, cared for properly,
and can be an inspiration. Grandeur mosques and places of
worship in general, should exist on how they are used as places
of worship and seat of religious sciences that his followers could
be more virtuous.