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The GSIS Metro homes is a 4 storey residential buildings that houses

hundreds of students, employees and even families. Since this housing built
decades ago, it needs to undergo renovations and improvements to make it up-todate. Heres is the list of possible things to improve on the GSIS Metro homes:

Many apartment buildings, even condo units, have balconies in
every unit of their building. According to the Time Savers Standards
for Building types, a medium rise apartment building requires a
balcony in every unit. Besides, there are a lot of uses of balcony, not
just a haven for the panoramic view of the outside environment.
The balconies can also be used as Fire Exit. When fire occurs,
Some people may be trapped inside the building, and the only exit
present is the balcony. Thus, balcony is an important element for the
GSIS Metro Homes.

Based on the Sustainable Design Module written by Jong Jin Kim
of College of Architecture and Urban Planning of University of Michigan,
entitled, Introduction to Sustainable Design, one of the basic strategies
in order to create or design a sustainable building is to design it based
on human comfort.
When we say, Human Comfort, it includes Thermal, Visual and
Acoustic Comfort. Connection to the external surrounding, and
operable windows should also be provided. Having the present
condition of the GSIS Metro Homes, we can say that that is not a
sustainable building.
To make it sustainable, we can create a bridge way that will
connect all of its building and enveloped it with curtain glass wall to
accommodate natural lighting. Existing walls can be covered with
curtain wall of plants to accommodate photosynthesis.

According to the Time Savers Standards, for a medium rise
building, it is intended to have a play area, or a swimming pool, with
sitting area. As we observed in GSIS Metro Homes, it has a vacant lot.
It could be converted into a play area for kids. Or it can be converted
into an open park for recreational activities.

There is an existing terminal for the tricycle and the pedicab.
However, it can be improved. There can be a depot for both tricycle
and pedicab inside the GSIS building so that the said vehicles will not
occupy the Anonas Street and will be ease the traffic.


The present condition of the GSIS buildings shows the lack of
ramps, and elevator. Clearly, it violated the Accessibility Act. Also, the

present condition of the GSIS buildings shows the dilapidated fire exits.
Thus, the main entry of the buildings will be utilized as fire exit.
As a solution, the center of each of the GSIS building can have
elevators. Hydraulic elevators can used to minimize the space and to
avoid having a machine room on the roof deck.

Since the GSIS Metro Homes is located along Pasig River, it can
be the opportunity to be a Waterfront Development just like in Marikina
Riverbanks. The development can accommodate space that can be
used as a recreational space.