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The Daily Dragon February 16th-

26th 2010
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News for you to Know

about Mrs. Hay’s

A Peek at the Week
- New Skills include: We are continuing to work on our Daily math
Language Arts and Theme: Review daily and you should see these
This week we will spend some time learning about coming home with your child. On Friday’s I
President’s and some facts about the past and assess this review from the entire week and I
am recording your child’s number of items
present President’s in honor of Monday’s holiday correct. If you see areas that your child
Great American’s day. We will also be working on needs work on—please remember these are
the skill of both counting sounds in words and all review skills that have been taught earlier
blending sounds together to make consonant- in the year. We also work on the pages all
vowel-consonant words. You should see some work week together- so by Friday the students- if
they have been following along and listening
coming home in the next few weeks that
should have no problems completing the
represents this skill being practiced at school. work independently.
We will work again on identifying story elements
involving the characters, setting and retelling of BooksLincoln’s
we are Reading:
events in a story in the correct sequence in the
following weeks. We will take some time to work Jolly Postman,
with the traditional story of The Three Billy Goats
Gruff as we practice these important skills. Dear Mr. Blueberry,
Handwriting and sounds with words:
We are continuing to practice writing both first The Three Billy Goats
and last names on lined paper. Please be sure
that you are reinforcing this at home as well.

New Words to know:

Students will need to be able to write their first
and last name correctly for this report card.
We have completed activities with the /sh/and /ch/
sounds. Please add both of these to the sound list with
all alphabet sounds for your child to know. This week
we are working on the /th/ sounds in words. We again Popcorn Words/High Frequency
will identify where in the word we hear this sound? 1st 9 week words:
Writer’s Workshop: I, a, see, me, red, yellow, blue, green, can, do,
Check out the blog at orange, purple, the, brown, black, to, like, pink, to white, we
see some of the work that we have done with our
_ 2nd 9 weeks words:
All About Books- I am trying to post some of the
gray, go, my, you, am, is, yes, no, at, -at family
great mini films your children are working on that
they have created after writing their All About
words (cat, sat, rat etc..), for, and, an,
Book. We are continuing to learn about writing -an family words (fan, can, ran, etc..)
letters. We are learning why we write letters? are, said
Who we write letters to, and the parts to include 3rd 9 weeks words: -it word family: sit, fit, kit
in our letters as we write. etc.. it, what, where, here, -ig family words: pig,
wig, etc… she, he,was
New: -et family: pet, wet, set, get /…play
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More for this week and next

Keep up with your February A Special Thank you for all the wonderful Valentine
Cards, Candy and goodies I received from all of you
Homework—the month seems to be this past Friday. It was very thoughtful to include me
flying by already. in your Valentine purchases. We had a fun
In your Math workbooks, there are not Friendship Celebration on the 12th in class.
any pages that directly correlate with the
skills that we have been practicing in Pre-sale tickets for the Girls Dance is going on
class. The blog site has a graph activity now through Feb 17th for $10.00-money needs
that is a very good reinforcement of to be in an envelope and marked Dance please.
interpreting and reading graphs. Your Tickets can be purchased at the door for $12.00
child can use this for extra practice. Be on the 19th
sure that he or she can discuss the graph –Dance is from 6:30-8:00 p.m. BPE girls and 1
by using words such as more than, less adult guest only.
than and equal to. There are some
activities in the Math workbook that you
have at home that reinforce coin
recognition and counting coins- these WoW-this month is flying by, but winter
pages would be great for your child to do
at home.
seems to be hanging on. I know we are all
ready for Spring including the kids.
- Reminders We have had to use the S-I-T level system a
little more intensely lately with students
Feb 1st-17th- Pre-sale tickets for BPE Girls getting more social and comfortable with
dance $10.00 on sale. • their surroundings. It is typical this time of
the year to get the “Spring Fever” and we
often need some extra wiggle time. We are
Friday Feb 19th-, Prompts with the Principal
taking time in our day to do that with
Writing activity with scored rubric. music, songs, exercise and even a recent
Girls Dance in the evening from 6:30 p.m. to “snowball fight” that was actually a time of
8:00 p.m. tickets are $12.00 at the door. throwing paper wads in the blue common
area. Knowing that the children need this
Monday Feb the 22nd- Mrs. Hay at a movement I have tried to make time to
Professional Development Meeting in the allow, but I have also reminded the students
a.m.- guest teacher here until lunch. that we have been in school for over ½ the
Ms. Matney (our student teacher returns)! year. We know our school rules and
Ms. Matney will be with us full-time now
expectations. Some students have to lose
privileges more frequently when they are
until April 23rd. Welcome back to her
not respectful of teaching time. Please
starting on Feb 22nd! remind your child that school is a place for
learning and listening and teaching time is
the time they need to put their listening
“hats” on and centers and or recess or
wiggle time is meant for our needed breaks.

Thank you for helping your child to

remember these expectations.
Mrs. Hay