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Women Wisely The Rosewood Café

Feb. 12, 2010
Psalm 101:2

I _______
will ______
sing of the _________________
lovingkindness of the LORD forever... Psalm 89:1

Righteousness and _______________

justice are the foundation of Your throne;
lovingkindness and truth go before You. Psalm 89:14

My ________________
lovingkindness I will keep for him ______________
forever ... Psalm 89:28

A Wise Woman’s ________________

THEOLOGY Psalm 89:1-37

“I will behave myself wisely in a perfect way.” Sign Here Your Name Here

Women Behaving Wisely Prudent discreet, doing the right thing at the right time with sound judgment
Circumspect aware of the circumstances, mindful of the consequences
O when wilt thou come unto me? Insightful pondering the case instead of jumping to conclusions

A Wise Woman’s ________________

REALITY Psalm 89:38-51

Where are Your _____________

former _________________,
lovingkindnesses O LORD...? Psalm 89:49

Theology: “______
YOU will!”
Praise be to the LORD
Reality: “_______
WILL You?” forever!
Loyalty: “_____
I will!” Amen and Amen.” Psalm 89:52
Memorize Psalm 101:1-2 in your Bible translation.
Second Cup
What happens when we sign the dotted line?
David, the writer of this Psalm, behaved wisely in 1 Samuel 18, which four times uses the same Hebrew word for “behaved
wisely” as Psalm 101:2. Your Bible might translate the word as “succeeded” or “prospered.”
Verse 5 What happened when David acted wisely?
Does today’s church view success and promotion in the world as a sign of spiritual wisdom, or is it seen as worldly and carnal?
Should Christians rise to positions of authority because of their wisdom?
Do you think Christians today are admired by authorities and in their communities?
What could we do to achieve this level of success?
Verse 14 Why was David able to behave himself wisely?
Where was God?
Do you think David craved God’s presence when he cried, “O when wilt Thou come to me?”
When have you felt that you were prospering because God was with you?
When have you felt His absence?
How can you get to that place of blessing?
Verse 15 How do you feel around successful people?
Are you afraid of them? Or do you try to learn from them? Is your first reaction scorn or admiration?
Verse 30 David was admired on the battlefield. Where are you admired for your wise behavior?
Where do you have influence because of your knowledge, skills and abilities?
Where has God blessed you with the opportunity to succeed?
Don’t be falsely humble in answering this question! Influence is a God-given opportunity to advance His kingdom.
Are you taking advantage of His trust in you? What are you doing with His gifts to you?

A wise woman knows when to hold her tongue.

Consider these verses from Proverbs that use the same Hebrew word for “wise” found in Psalm 101:2:
Proverbs 10:19 What are some of the ways we can express our opinions today?
How does culture teach that we have the right to express every thought?
Practice holding your tongue. Is it hard? Did you notice a difference in your relationships? In your attitude?
Compare Proverbs 16:23 to Matthew 12:34 and 15:18. What kinds of words come out of your mouth?
Do your words promote instruction and understanding (see Psalm 49:3)?
Do you ever blame others for your words? Where does Jesus say this problem originates?
How can you get to the heart of the matter?

Now meditate on these Proverbs, also about holding your tongue:

Proverbs 15:28 Count to ten before giving an answer in a difficult or challenging situation.
Say, “Let me think,” to let the other person know you’re not ignoring them.
In the meantime, pray, “O when wilt Thou come to me! How about NOW!” and wait for a wise answer.
Proverbs 17:9 Has gossip ever cost you a friendship?
Do you repeat your spouse’s or children’s offenses to sympathetic ears? Even if they don’t know you’ve done it, this drives a
wedge of separation.
You will be offended this week, I promise. Do not tell anyone what happened. Pour out your soul to the Lord instead.
How did this affect your forgiveness and healing? Did it promote love?
Proverbs 17:14 You may be right, they may be crazy – but this week, let one opportunity for an argument slip past unnoticed.
Let it be water under the bridge, or over the dam – or whatever water analogy you like!
Go wash your hands of the matter – literally. Pray for peacemaking as you wash that offense right off.
Proverbs 18:13 Read this in the Message Bible at
Ask questions, lean in and listen well to the people around you.
Ask yourself, “What do they need from me? Answers? Acceptance? Adoration? Acknowledgement?”
Answer according to their need, not your opinion or preference.

Read James 3.
Which verse speaks to you (pun intended)? Who do you admire for their wisdom and understanding as shown by their good life?