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Being one of the cheapest yet a very dangerous way to extract metals, the implementation of

ocean mining has been very inflexible. This type of mining not only costs lives and human rights
but also the environment.
Issues regarding human rights have been raised since most miners work in a risky state. This
include the dangerous processing of raw metals into pure metals. One example of a mining
company that met its end is OceanaGold.
OceanaGold, a mining company located at Nueva Vizcaya, shut down due to several
environmental and human rights issues. The company failed to comply with the governments
requirements (Dumlao, 2013). These are the requirements for certification from the Department
of Environment and Natural Resources: Mines and Geosciences Bureau and the unpaid incurred
local taxes received from the Bureau of Internal Revenue.
The following are some issues raised by people regarding ocean mining.
Bern Jagunos, a human rights advocate and International Coalition of Human Rights
Philippines-Canada (ICHRP) member said, in many of the indigenous communities,
theyre resisting foreign mining explorations because it means eventually the loss of their
land, the loss of their resources and the loss of their lives. (Cadiz, 2014)
Pacita Balinggan, the acting chairperson of Alliance of Multisectoral Group Against
Mining in Dupax del Norte, Nueva Vizcaya, "even the indigenous people who worked,
developed and protected those lands were displaced by the mining company, why do we
still allow them to prevail? We lose our rights to use, to own and protect our lands."
(Dumlao, 2013)
Santos Yongaan, chairperson of Kasibu Intertribal Response for Ecological Development
said, the inability of a big company like OceanaGold to fulfill its promises, to abide by
the local governments policies, and to respect the peoples collective will is more than
enough ground to finally end its operation, not to mention the great destruction it will
cause not just in Nueva Vizcaya but in the whole region, not just in our time but more so
with the next generation of our children. (Dumlao, 2013)

Failure to address these issues lead to the downfall of the said company. These might be the
problems causing the trajectory of companies in lined with this type of industry.
Ocean mining is not very different from the traditional mining done terrestrially. The
deterioration of the natural resources whether in land or within the deep sea caused mostly by
one reason, mining.
Also, an issue regarding the battle of the resources of the countries. For the case of the
Philippines, China has been in conflict because of the land not far from the archipelagic
Philippines but very far from Chinas main land. This issue may not only cost the land but also
its surrounding waters. Therefore, the struggle to fight against the neighboring countries might be
the cause of the lessened vastness of resources the Philippines has.

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