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Berlin Tourist Info

Whats the best way to Alexanderplatz?
Whats on at the opera today?
Where can I get a hotel room?
In the Berlin Tourist Infos, you can find all the information you need
about Berlin and of course you can get the Berlin WelcomeCard!
You can also directly book hotels and event tickets.

In Berlin

Hauptbahnhof / Central
Ground floor, Europaplatz entrance
daily 8am10pm

Berlin Cathedral

With Shah Rukh Khan

through Berlin

Brandenburg Gate

Bollywood in Berlin: Take the Don 2 trail and discover

the citys best known sights!
Paul Lbe House
(government quarter)
The government quarter with the
Paul Lbe House, a parliamentary
building opened in 2001, is set in the
heart of Berlin. At this location you
can breathe history as you can at so
many places in the German capital.
The light glass building stretching
across the River Spree symbolises East
and West Berlins reunification after
the Wall came down. Visitors love to
walk along the river promenade.
1 This parliament building is
referred to as a landmark in
Berlin when Don (SRK) asks
Diwan (Aly Khan) to meet
him there. Diwan receives a
call from Don at this location.

DZ Bank
at Pariser Platz
The DZ Bank atrium is not only bathed
in light, but home to an unusual
architectural masterpiece. A closed
conference room in the shape of
freely formed steel sculpture extends
nearly four floors up in the centre of
the building. This remarkable organic
element is guaranteed to amaze
and is unmistakably the work of star
architect Frank O. Gehry.
2 The DZ Bank house is shown
as the office of an important
character, Mr. Fabian Kohl
(Christian Maria Goebel), the
President of the DZB. He is
seen speaking to a delegation
in the conference room.

Foto: Koschel

Berlin Cathedral
Experience yourself why the Berlin
Cathedral with its magnificent dome
is definitely one of the capitals
crowd pullers. In the 19th century
King Frederick William IV decided
that a most magnificent cathedral
should be built, as he found the
existing dome not pompous enough.
Today you can visit the ministry
church and even go up to the top of
the dome to enjoy a remarkable view
of Berlins city centre.
3 The Berlin Cathedral is the starting point of a cat and mouse
chase between the characters
Don, Jabbar (Nawwab Shah)
and Diwan.

Enjoy a perfect 360 panoramic view:
368-metres high, the TV-tower is
Germanys highest building and gives a spectacular view of the city. The
restaurant revolves twice an hour.
Once the centre of old East Berlin,
Alexanderplatz is now Germanys largest inner city square and a popular
shopping spot.

Foto: Scholvien

Neues Kranzler Eck

Near Zoo Station/Kudamm
Kurfrstendamm 22, Passage
MonSat 10am8pm
Sun 10am6pm*
East Side Gallery

with French Cathedral
Gendarmenmarkt, with the French
Cathedral on one side and the German Cathedral on the other, is ranked
as one of Europes most beautiful
squares. In summer, this is the venue
for open-air concerts. In winter, it is
home to an enchanting Christmas
market with delicious Lebkuchen and
other festive specialities.

Part of car chase sequence

where Roma (Priyanka Chopra) is following Don.

Pariser Platz, south gatehouse

daily 10am6pm

Concert Hall
at Gendarmenmarkt
With eight major symphony orchestras, Berlin is heaven for the worlds
classical music fans. An evening in
the Konzerthaus Concert Hall with
musicians of international renown is
especially glamorous. Thanks to the
nearby boulevard Friedrichstrasse
many of Berlins finest restaurants
and bars are just a stones throw

Your ticket
to Berlin.

incl. ticket
incl. 200 discounts
incl. city map + guide
incl. restaurants
incl. family offers

from 17.90

and Ayesha (Lara Dutta)

attend a fundraiser event
in disguise.

Olympic Stadium

Don ropes in Sameer (Kunal

Kapoor) to be the hacker of
the spectacular robbery.

State Opera House

Brandenburg Gate
Berlins most famous landmark and
perfect setting! After the Wall fell,
this monument came to symbolise
Germanys reunification. The Gate is
one of the finest examples of German
neo-classicist architecture. Today, it
also provides a magnificent backdrop
for festivals, major sporting events,
and the New Years Eve celebrations.

The State Opera House is a very

special venue for an evening out.
Once a Royal Court Opera, today
this location invites visitors to enjoy
a fantastic programme of ballet
and opera. Close by is the grand
boulevard Unter den Linden where
department stores and fine restaurants invite you to stroll or taste
original German cuisine.
1 The fundraiser event, which

provides a dramatic setting

for the culmination point of
the car chase between Roma
and Don.

Don and Ayesha attend

disguised, takes place in the
magnificent Apollo-Auditorium of the Staatsoper. Roma
is also in attendance and is
introduced to Detective Jens
Berkel (Florian Lukas).

East Side Gallery

The East Side Gallery stretches 1.3
kilometres along the River Spree
both the longest surviving section
of the Berlin Wall and the worlds
longest open-air gallery. The Wall is
decorated with graffiti art and paintings by 118 international artists from
21 different countries. Dont miss this
perfect photo opportunity.
8 Sameer (Kunal Kapoor) is
introduced to the audience
when cycling past the scenery of the East Side Gallery.

Berlin Tourismus & Kongress GmbH,
Am Karlsbad 11, 10785 Berlin
Layout: beworx/tigerworx, Berlin
Maps: Kartopolis/Dhring
Print: allprint Media, Berlin
Errors and omissions excepted

Picture Courtesy: Excel Entertainment Pvt Ltd,

Still Photographer: Soumyajit Naudy

n in Don 2?
Want to fly like Shah Rukh khaHere
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Base-Flying means that you fly roped up on a special construction
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Discover a new form of city sightseeing: unique multimedia tours on

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Our guided city sightseeing tours are accompanied by historic film
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City tours take you to original filming locations and show excerpts
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When? April - October / Friday - Sunday

Where? Hotel Park Inn Berlin-Alexanderplatz
No booking required - just come around!
Olympic Stadium


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The better city

sightseeing tour

Restaurant 207 m

(Opening June 2012)

Arrivals level
daily 6ammidnight
* extended opening hours from
April to October




In only 40 seconds youll be finding yourself 203 m above the

ground this is where our panorama platform and the cocktails
at our bar awaits you. A few steps further up you can enjoy our
international cuisine and a breathtaking view over the German
capital. Experience Berlin in an extraordinary way!

DDR Museum
Karl-Liebknecht-Str. 1
10178 Berlin-Mitte
right on the river Spree
Mo Su: 10 am 8 pm
Saturday: 10 am 10 pm

9 Berlins Brandenburg Gate

7 At the Olympic Stadion

Bar 203 m


+49 30 847 123 73 - 1

The Olympic Stadium hosts many

exciting large-scale events and is the
home ground of Hertha BSC, Berlins
premier football club. Built under the
Nazis, the stadiums architecture follows the clear lines of antique sports
grounds. Discover the buildings
history on documentary panels set
out along a History Trail across the
Olympic complex.


Berlin Brandenburg BER



Available online or at
Berlin Tourist Infos

6 At the Concert Hall Don

4 Part of the spectacular chase

through Berlins city centre
where Don triumphs by doing
a surprise base jump to escape
his pursuers.

Brandenburg Gate

Don in Berlin

Telephone +49(0)30 24 75 75-0

from the


Spice Magic

Stylish Tandori Restaurant in the heart of the city

Business-Lunch-Buffet Mo.-Fr. 11-17h 6.95 e
Grolmanstr. 15 10623 Berlin-Chlb. Tel. 030 - 31 01 61 16

Dosas &
South Indian


100% pure vegetarian Indian Restaurant

Goethestr. 5 10623 Berlin-Charlb. Tel. (030) 318 06 111

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