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Glamorous as she is Lani

upcoming album and reveals that she

Misalucha turns her game on aura as

carefully chose the arrangements and

she fiercely and genuinely answers the

the kinds of treatment for the songs in

intriguing questions set by Mr. Rocky

her album that will have a mixture of

Christopher Fajardo, exclusively for her

English and OPM original compositions.

in a late night interview at her place in


Setting aside the topic of her

blooming career, Lani gives a fruitful

Seven long years of anticipation

knowledge of what and how she is as a

finally comes to an end as the Asias

singer. Singing also comes with acting.

nightingale shares her much awaited

When you sing this very dramatic song

concert at the Araneta Coliseum after

you have to deliver it as dramatic as

her successful concert last 2007. Yung

much as possible. If its a funny song

buong concert is a big celebration,

you have to feel it. You just cannot sing

Lani said enthusiastically. She adds that

a song. Hindi lang pwepwede na ang

she still gets butterflies in her stomach

lumalabas lang ay melody sa bibig mo.

since its her fourth major concert and

You really have to involve emotion to

according to her the first concert she

make it a song very effective. According

had last 2001 was her best concert. She

to her she changes some of her singing

adds Each time you do it in same place

technique in order to adapt to the

its really hard to beat.

changes that happens as she grows

Lanis concert is not the only

thing to watch out for, she humbly
shares that she is the co-producer of her

older. She does vocalizations and listen

to music if she needs to learn a song
and research about it but never sing at

home or even in karaoke. Kapag tapos

nightingale fans can now breathe as



Lani confirms that she is still in the

makarinig ng music gusto ko munang

game, especially now that her visits in

irest tenga ko, Lani said. She says that

the Philippines is often considering the

her humorous remarks in all of her

idea that she is settled in Las Vegas and

concert performances arent scripted but

have a grandchild that she surely

rather spontaneous. It runs in the






family, Lani added.

From her career to her life as a

Keeping her private life is not a

problem for Lani. l see myself like an

singer, Lani puts a name on her favorite


artists who she thinks is greatly talented

cannot actually see any boundaries,

and will have an awesome career.

Lani said. This is how Lani describes her

These names includes: Jed Madela, KZ

fans. No doubt there are a lot avid Lanis

Tandingan, Morissette Amon, Klarisse

out there. Kung meron nagmamahal

De Guzman plus The Voice Kids finalist

sayo definitely mayroon mang- ookray

Darren Espanto and grand winner Lyca

sayo. You know you


that. These are the words she utter

A lot of Lanis fans surely wont

like the idea of her retirement as a

book. Fan for me is a friend. l



when asked about distracters.





singer. Actually kung pwede ngayon

grateful to all her fans who support her

nga lang retired na ko. Pero bakit

throughout her career and journey as a

naman ako magreretire when Im still

singer here and abroad.

doing a lot things, Lani said. Asias