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International University of Business

Agriculture and Technology

An Internship Report Presented to the College of Business
Administration in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree
of Bachelor of Business Administration

Prepared For:
Professor Dr M Alimullah Miyan
Chair , College of Business Administration

Prepared By:
Md. Moniruzzaman
ID# 08102061
August 12 , 2011


Customer Perception on Banking

services of
EXIM Bank Bangladesh Limited


Letter of Transmittal
Date: August 12th , 2011
Tanvir H Dewan
Coordinator, College of Business Administration
International University of Business Agriculture and Technology
Dhaka, Bangladesh.
Subject: Submission of the Internship Report.
With due respect, I am submitting my internship report on the topic titled Customer Perception
and Prospect of Financial Services of EXIM Bank Bangladesh Limited as a partial
fulfillment of my BBA Program.
Its my pleasure to inform you that I have already finished my internship in a reputed
organization in EXIM Bank Bangladesh Ltd. It was undoubtedly an interesting opportunity for
me to work on this assigned topic to enhance my knowledge in the practical field. I would like to
give you thank for giving me the opportunity to do the study. While conducting the working
report, I have gathered extensive knowledge on

banking activities from all the relevant

departments and branches of Exim Bank Limited. The internship report has been prepared based
on the practical experiences and different ideas obtained during working in Exim Bank Uttara
Therefore I sincerely hope that you will appreciate my effort and I shall be grateful if my report
is accepted for the appropriate purpose.
Sincerely yours,
Md. Moniruzzaman

ID# 08102061

Thanks to almighty Allah for special blessing in completing the report. Because I think it is very
difficult task to prepare on Customer Perception and Prospect of Financial Services of EXIM
Bank Bangladesh Limited and procedures for a student capitalizing only three months practical
experience. My along cherished dreams to prepare a report on professional banking activities
come into reality by getting an opportunity to work at EXIM Bank Ltd.

I would like to express my gratitude to my faculty Abdullah-Al-Yusuf, Faculty, College of

Business Administration , IUBAT for her continuous guidance and support regarding this report.

I express my deep gratefulness to Md. Mosharraf Hossain Mazumder , Senior Vice President
of EXIM Bank Ltd, for his kind permission to allow me for three months practical orientation in
EXIM Bank. My special gratitude goes to Mr. Md. Anisul Alam SVP and Manager of Uttara
Branch for his modern outlook and meticulous supervision to carry out the job perfectly.

I am very grateful to Mr. Md. Mahtab Uddin Khan ( AVP) to help me a lot. Moreover I am
very much grateful to Md. Abdul Khalek, Mohammed Mahfuzur Rahman, Syeda Sonia Parvin
and Mr. Md. Hasan for helping me very much although they were very much busy in that time.
Without their helping and friendly behavior it will be very much difficult task for me to complete
my report on time. So again, I want to express my gratitude to them.


Table of Contents

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Title Fly

Title Page


Letter of Transmittal




Table of contents


List of illustrations


Executive summary


1.0 Introduction
1.1 Background of the Study
1.2 Objective of the Study
1.2 Limitation of the Study
1.3 Research Timeline
2.0 Overview of EXIM Bank
2.1 Mission and Vision
2.2 Slogan of EXIM Bank Local Bank Global Network
2.3 Special Features of EXIM Bank
2.4 Corporate Information
2.5 Corporate Culture
2.6 Corporate Social Responsibilities
2.7 Achievements
2.8 Operational Area
2.9 Divisions of EXIM Bank
2.10 Products and Services of EXIM Bank
2.11 Functional Chart of EXIM Bank
2.12 Financial Overview of EXIM Bank
3.0 About Job
3.1 Description / Nature of the Job
3.2 Types of Responsibilities I Performed
3.3 Different Aspects of Job Performance

3.3.1 Account Opening Division

3.3.2 Clearing Division
3.3.3 Foreign Exchange Division
3.3.4 Investment Division
3.4 Critical Observation
3.5 Recommendation
4.0 General Banking Section
4.1 Deposit Section
4.2 Cash Section
4.3 Account Opening Section
4.4 Cheque Clearing Section
4.5 Local Remittance
4.6 Charge Amount of Different Accounts / Services
5.0 Loan and Advance Section
5.1 Credit Facility
5.2 Different Types of General Investment and their Distinction
5.3 Sanction of Loan
5.4 Types of Loan EXIM Bank Provides
5.5 Credit Information Bureau Report (CIB)
5.6 Salient Feature of EXIM Bank Credit Policy
6.0 Foreign Exchange Section
6.1 Foreign Exchange Operation Procedure
6.2 Forms of Documentary Credit
6.3 Import Section
6.4 Export Section
6.5 Foreign Remittance
7.0 Hypothesis to Be Tested
7.1 Methodology
7.2 Hypothesis Testing
7.3 Findings
7.4 Recommendations
7.5 Conclusion
7.6 Bibliography


Table of Illustrations
Figure No : 01

Divisions of the EXIM Bank

Figure No : 02

Product and services of EXIM Bank

Figure No : 03

Functional Chart of EXIM Bank

Figure No : 04

Deposit Mix

Figure No : 05

Investment (General)

Figure No : 06

Investment (Shares and Securities)

Figure No : 07


Figure No : 08


Figure No : 09

Charge Amount of Different Account /Services

Figure No : 10

Credit Facility

Figure No : 11

Different types of General Investment and their distinction

Figure No : 12

Process of Getting CIB Report

Figure No : 13

Securities that are Acceptable to the Bank

Figure No : 14

Foreign Exchange Department

Figure No : 15

Reimbursing / Paying Bank

Figure No : 16

Foreign Remittance

Figure No : 17

Hypothesis Testing

Figure No : 18

Innovative Products / Services on EXIM Services

Figure No : 19

Service Charge/ Interest Rate on EXIM Services

Figure No : 20

Sitting Arrangement/ Working Environment on EXIM Services

Figure No : 21

Service Quality on EXIM Services

Figure No : 22

Convenient Branch Location on EXIM Services

Figure No : 23

Usage of Advanced Technology on EXIM Services

Figure No : 24

Speedy Transaction Process on EXIM Services

Figure No : 25

Strong Security Measures on EXIM Services

Figure No : 26

Branch Expansion on EXIM Services

Figure No : 27

Online Services on EXIM Services


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Executive Summary
The internship report has been prepared on Customer Perception and Prospect of Financial
Services of EXIM Bank Bangladesh Ltd on Uttara Branch, Dhaka.
Bank has a significant role in the economic development process of a country. Today banking
sector is being proved the most important sector in the economy of Bangladesh. Banks are the
custodians of the society economic resources and total economic development depends on the
proper utilization of these resources. The success banking business ensures the growth of the
economy by the effective uses of the funds. In order to developing the national economy , banks
keep in mind going for lending , maintaining safety, liquidity and profitability . The study is
designed based on the issue like how can EXIM bank satisfy to its customers through its
investment by personal loan.
EXIM Bank Ltd was introduced in Bangladesh as a banking company under the Company Act
1913 and commenced operation on 3rd August 1999. Numerically it is just another commercial
bank , one of new operating in Bangladesh, but the finders are commited to make a different and
a bit special qualitatively. This bank has new vision to fulfill and a new goal to achieve and try to
reach new height for realizing its dream.
Credit is a phenomenon of the economic development and banking system plays a crucial role in
this process. Credit is the important determinant of money creation and hence of production ,
consumption and national income. After the liberalization , government wants to increase its
productivity . Banking sector has positively contributed in raising domestic income and geared
up through a dynamic credit policy to make the fund available for investment to individual
customers, the industrial and commercial sector.
For the investment of bank mainly accumulate its funds from the depositors , borrowings from
other bank and financial and selling securities . Banks have to deposit a significant portion to the
BB as a mandatory reserve, invest in govt. securities, call money, fixed assets etc and rest are
invested in loans and advances. These loans and advances are provided to the small business and
multinational corporation and different customer belonging to the society and satisfy their

EXIM is committed to ensure its national economy through professional and disciplined growth
strategy. EXIMs objective is to keep the social commitment and for that it ensures cooperation
to the people of all level , to the businessman, industrial specialty who are engaged in largescale
industry , agro-based export oriented medium and small-scale industry by self inspiration.
The bank provided the credit facilities for trade and business, import, export, garments, fisheries,
real estate and micro credit program, but the bank concentrates its position by expanding its core
business activities particularly in the trading and commercial finance, industrial finance
especially Garments industry, commercial lending to SME, Housing and Lease finance .
I have done this report on the customer satisfaction about personal loan, personal loan scheme
has been introduced to extend credit facilities to cater to the credit needs of low and middleincome group for any purpose. Government and semi-government officials, employees of
autonomous bodies , banks and other financial organizations, multinational companies, reputed
private organizations and teachers of recognized public and private schools, colleges and
universities are eligible for the loan facilities.
EXIM Bank Ltd is always maintain the highest quality to services by upgrading banking
technology ,prudent in management, and by applying high standard of business ethics through its
established commitment and heritage and it has gained firm confidence in the minds of clients
within a short period .
The 1st chapter contains the background, objectives, limitations etc. of the study and the 2 nd
chapter deals with the EXIM Bank, 3 rd chapter contains my jobs in my internship period. In 4 th
chapter I tried to present my working part and in 5th chapter I analyzed and searched findings and
gave recommendation , conclusion and bibliography.