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06 June, 2015.

Mozaffar Alam Chowdhury

Course Instructor of ART-203,
College of Business Administration (CBA).
IUBAT- International University of Business Agriculture and Technology.
4 Embankment Drive Road, Sector-10,

Dear Mozaffar Alam Chowdhury,

My report title is Exploring the Customer Attitude toward Service provided by IFIC Bank
Limited. Customer service sector of the world is contributed in the present global economy. To
establish a strong customer service sector it is required to have good study in banking operations.
The successful running of banking business depends upon effective banks. As a new commercial
bank IFIC has a huge responsibility to ensure efficient and effective banking operation all over
the Bangladesh in a sound manner with other Banks as a competitor.
Background and goal:
Bank is the most important institution for any country all over the world. It plays a vital role in
the economy by providing means of payment and mobilizing resources. For the development and
developing economy an efficient banking system is effective. Baking is one of the most
important elements of modern economy and financial system. In the age of industrialization,
since than business has expended and growing rapidly. In this situation each of the business
industry are trying to establish themselves as an effective one and the mind of customer and their
community where they need to rely on financial institution. Bank is that types of institution,
which provides financial support to their clients as the care for. IFIC Bank Ltd is a private
commercial bank in Bangladesh that started it journey at 1976 as a joint venture between the
government of Bangladesh and sponsor from private sector. They focus their objectives is to

working as a financial company within the country, committed to the welfare and economic
prosperity of the people and the community. Mission of IFIC Bank Ltd is to satisfying their
customers with the help of skilled and dedicated workforce, innovative action and competitive
edge of qualitative services to all institution and customers as they care for.

Proposal plan:
There are three proposal plans for the project on Exploring the customer attitude toward service
provided by IFIC Bank Limited.

Survey: I will doing my survey based on the internal employee and customer of IFIC Bank
Limited of Uttara branch. At first I make the questionnaire and select the sample size. Then I will
complete the survey.

Analysis: I will do my analysis based on survey. I am using New Microsoft Office Access
2007 Database and also using different statistics format for calculation.

Report: My main purpose of this report is to access customer service operation through the
analysis of some particular aspects. I will make this report within 90 or more pages.

With your approval, the following schedule has been arranged for you:

5/16 5/30 6/13 6/27 7/11 7/25
Questionnaire Development and Mailing

Deadline for Returning Questionnaire

Data Tabulation and Processing


Completion of Final Report




I need experiences from different department of the Bank to know the banking activities.
According to the requirement I take help from Md. Arifur Rahman, 2nd position manager, The
employees of Account Opening Section of IFIC Bank Limited, Uttara Branch.

Task Cost
Questionnaire Print
Transport cost
mobile/telephone cost
Mailing cost
Data Collecting & processing
Total =


All the provided information above is true and valid. I would be grateful if you approve my
proposal. Then I will make my report about the mentioned topic.


(Mohammad Ali)
ID: 12202097,
Program: BBA