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Getting Started With Blackboard and Blackboard Collaborate


Each course will contain a Blackboard component. Ensure you have login credentials
(CSU ID/Username and Password) for Blackboard at Cleveland State University. You will
access your courses at:
o It is imperative that you try to access Blackboard several days before the
Academy is to begin.
o If you have not been given login credentials, please contact Glenn Curtis from
the Center for eLearning at or 216.802.3148.
Make sure Java is up-to-date. The current version is Java 7 Update 55. If you are unsure
of what version you have or need to update it, visit:

Blackboard Collaborate (Sports Law Courses Only)

Blackboard Collaborate is a web-conferencing program that will allow remote students to
attend each Sports Law course in real-time. The setup instructions are dependent upon your
operating system (Windows or Mac). Please see the attached documents for setup instructions
for the computer you will be using.

Use the following link to access a Blackboard Collaborate Testing Room (Note: This room
is not monitored and should only be used for practice):
o Access this room several days prior to beginning the Academy to ensure you can
successfully launch a Blackboard Collaborate session.
o This IS NOT the link you will use to access your Sports Law courses.
During the Academy, you will not be granted any permissions (voice, video, etc.) upon
entry into Blackboard Collaborate. You will only be able to send questions to the
Each course has its own unique Blackboard Collaborate room. Therefore, you will need
to enter the room specific to the course being taught.
o Example: if you are currently in the Representing the Professional Athlete
Collaborate room and the next course is Negotiation Strategies, you need to
close the current Blackboard Collaborate session, go to Blackboard, enter the
Negotiation Strategies course and launch a new Blackboard Collaborate session
for that course.
Since no course content will be delivered in Blackboard Collaborate, it is recommended
that you detach the Audio/Video panel and resize it to better view the video broadcast.

Resize the Window by Dragging

the Bottom Right Corner

If you are having problems accessing Blackboard Collaborate, please contact Glenn
Curtis at or 216.802.3148.

Live Help Sessions There will be 3 live help sessions offered prior to the launch of the Academy to answer any
questions/concerns you have regarding Blackboard or Blackboard Collaborate. These sessions
will be held on:

Tuesday May 13, 2014 from 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM EST

Wednesday May 14, 2014 from 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM EST
Thursday May 15, 2014 from 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM EST

Please use the following link to access these sessions: These
sessions will cover Blackboard and Blackboard Collaborate basics and also provide some
troubleshooting help for those experiencing problems. If you cannot make it to any of these
sessions, please contact Glenn Curtis at or 216.802.3148 to setup a
time that will work best for you.