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Ron Ely Julian

IM245 4A

General Purpose
Specific Purpose


Societys Decline on Moral Values

Topical order
To inform
To inform my audience about the reasons for societys
decline in moral values.

Central Idea

Today I am going to talk about reasons for Society's

decline in moral values in terms of narcissism social
media and technology which seems to sum it all up.

(Transition Intro: Ladies and gentleman, I would like to show you all this video to
differentiate better between feeling and moral values usage in our life)


Picking up a newspaper can be a scary way to start the morning: terrorist

bombings, guns in classrooms, politicians lying, and journalists misleading us all
Our gut reaction is to fling open a window and scream, I'm not going to take it
anymore. We want it to end. We want people to blame
We are desperate for stronger families and for society to treating each other the
way we want to be treated.
Yet in our search for answers, we notice a peculiar thing -- which nearly
everyone is struggling upon onto. Doesn't that means that we once had common
moral values to begin with? And probably still do?
According to Turiel, some people are stronger and can face temptation, but it is
a hard thing to be moral, day in and day out.
To be human is to be vulnerable to all kinds of weakness from murder or
stealing to even the act of having affair.
Today I am going to talk about reasons for Society's decline in moral values in
terms of increasing narcissism, social media and technology which seems to sum
it all up.

(Transition 1: Ladies and gentleman lets begin with understanding this

image comparing what narcissism and self-love is)
I. We live in a society of progressively increasing narcissism.
1. Vukov mentioned that people today lack values and plain common courtesy.

a. There is no respect for their elders or others in general.

b. Values are based, not on the moral values of people, but rather on
their feeling for position or status in society or how much money they
2. There is no consideration for the feelings or opinions of others.
a. Narcissisms affect society where the brand of your shirt is more
important than the grade on your test.
b. We see little girls using their bodies to call attention to themselves
by posting half-naked pictures on social sites and young boys who
no longer know the role or definition of a gentleman.
(Transition 2: Ladies and gentleman, the second point would be in
accordance to the major factor in building narcissism.)
II. Social media would be the main cause for demoralizing of moral values in the society.
1. Today, everything is about instant gratification and pleasure.
a. I can do whatever I want to anyone, but they dare not do it back to
b. Anything that gives me a shot of pleasure is acceptable - because I
am the exception.
c. This mentality and virtual comfort are being fed by social media.
2. According to Shane, people are given the perfect place to totally immerse
themselves in themselves.
a. If you wanted to you could literally spend all day every day for the
rest of your life looking at nothing but pictures of yourself, and
doing nothing but talking about yourself.
b. None of your 5,000 "friends" will say anything, because doing so
would be hypocritical of them.
(Transition 3: Ladies and gentleman, as we move on to my third and last
point, it is obvious that social media a part of technology)


Technology has taken over our lives and each of us depends on it.
1. According to Lee, technology makes it easier for them to be entertained even
though they could just as easily be educated.
a. Students used to be willing to go to school to learn.
b. Students rely on technology to give us information and we don't really
appreciate learning the material.

2. Christian mentioned that very few care about improving themselves and the lives
of those less unfortunate with technology.
a. Moral values are irrelevant to most of the young as if technology
ever shuts down, human beings will feel lost in their lives.
b. Technology does makes our lives easier but it decreases our
potential and confidence in ourselves causing us to be lazy.

If we are not careful, our society will rip itself from the inside out.
We are under attack every day as we are being challenged by the lack of good
moral values.
If the leaders and influential people of todays generation can teach and live a
good example, we can provide a good life for future generations.
We have to learn first how to live a neat and clean in life as only then we have
the right to educate people on moral values.
And we must do that, otherwise, there is no way out. Time to grow up people.
Once you start using magic to justify anything you do, morals go out the

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