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From: “Ellie Goulding - Halcyon" My Blood by JAMES ELIOT, ELLIE GOULDING and JEMIMA STILWELL Published Under License From Sony/ATV Music Publishing ‘© Copyright 2012 Sony/ATV Mosie Publishing Global Talent Publishing “Al Rights Reserved, Intermtional Copyright Secured Authorized for use by Brian Palmer NOTICE: Purchasers ofthis musical fle are entitled to use it for ther personal enjoyment and musical fulfillment. However, any duplication, adaptation, arenging and/or transmission ofthis copyrighted music requires the writen ‘consent ofthe copyright owner(s) and of Sony/ATY Music Publishing. Unauthorized uses are infringements of the ‘copyright laws of the United States and other countries and may subject the user to civil andr eriminal penalties § http://www. My Blood Words & Music by James Eliot, Ellie Goulding & Jemima Stiwell oat Fmaj/A, EmqA Pima V/A, Fee oe Ss Se eeeec eee aeeeeeeeCeC ea aeeEESEEC v Mat feel = ing that doesn't go away just did. _ ‘2.The lost dreams. are bur - ed in my sleep for him. Fa 7/A, Emv/A mais, sand miles toprove it, And ‘aay of love for-got - ten. And eee © Conn 212 SonyiATY Mu Publting Gal Tater Ping Gris Roworved.Intrational Copyright Secured Authorized for use by Brian Palmer Emv/A Fig 7/A, ‘my own thoughts. The col-our of my blood is all of_emp-ty bul - let Andmy blood is all I see. ~ Tamms will ring for @- e will bleach, my flesh Authorized for use by Brian Palmer