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As some of you might already know there are a

few free online journals to do with our hobby. So

I have put the journals that I know of the links
and volumes/issues available to date.
If you know of any that I have not mentioned
please let me know vie reply, E-mail or FB

Free Online Cactus/Succulent Magazines Update #7

Showing the issues available to date (24/01/15)
Acta Succulenta
Issues available 2013 Vol.1 No. 1-2 014 Vol.3 No.2
Available in pdf format in English, German, Italian and French.
Available in pdf format
Avonia-News - The German Society for the other
succulents (Fachgesellschaft andere Sukkulenten e.V.), FGaS
Issues Available 2008 issues 1-9. 2009 issues 1- 11. 2010 issues 1-11. 2011 issues 111. 2012 issues 1-12. 2013 issues 1-12.2014 issues 1-12 pdf.
Available in pdf format
Journal Acc Aztekium Rumanian Cacti Growers Society.
Issues Available: January 2012 November 2013. 2014 Dec #41
Available in pdf format.
Boletin de la SLCCS Sociedad Latinoamerican Y Del Caribe De Cactaceas Y Otras
Succulentas SLCCS)
Issues Available - Bulletin Vol 1 No 1 Sep Dec 2004.- Bulletin Vol 10 No 2 May Aug - 2013.
Available in pdf format in Spanish.


Cactceas y Suculentas Mexicanas

The journal of the Sociedad Mexicana de Cactologa has been published four times a
year since 1955. Now available for free download
Cactus Cz
The Cactus Explorers
Issues Available Issues 1 - 10 pdf - August 2011 Dec 2014
Available in pdf format in English
Crassulacea [2013-04-15]
Crassulaceae 1-3
Cactacean 1-7
Available in pdf format in English
Available issues 2013 2014 01-05 + special
Available in pdf format in German/English with a foreign language translator
blue button.
The magazine is published by Czech and Slovak growers of cacti and succulents,
Available issues 199 2014 #1-4 + 2 special
A simple save as from your File or save page. Not pdf.
Schtziana Gymnocalycium Journal
Issues Available Volume 1, Issue 1, 2010 - Volume 4, Issue 1, - Volume 6, 2015
Vol.5 issue 2
Available in pdf format in German, English and Japanese.
Sansevieria Online
Journal 1 (1) 2013 Vol.2:1 2014 available from 01-05-2014?
There is also a very helpful The field numbers of the Sansevierias in PDF for download.
Available in PDF
Issues Available 9 issues No.1 April 2012 - 2015 No.12
Available in pdf format in French

Tephrocactus Study Group
2014 Tephrocactus Study Group Journal, freely available on-line at

Issues Available No. 1 June 2012 December 2014 No, 11
Special issues
No.1 The Stone Eaters
No.2 First Description of Aztekium valdezii Velazco, Alvarado et Arias sp. Nov.
No.3 January 2014 Epiphytic myrmecophytes of southern Asia and the southwest
No.4 March 2014 Turbinicarpus schmiedickeanus (Bedeker) Buxb. & Backeb.
subsp. sanchezi-mejoradae Garca-Morales, Gonzlez-Botello & Vargas-Vzquez
a new subspecies from Tamaulipas, Mxico
Available in Standard and High Quality Magazine print pdf format in Romanian then
in English from May 2013.