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Chaos Daemons Supplement

Add the following rule under DAEMON rule on page 27.

To behold a dweller of the warp is to know fear itself. Only the most stalwart/insane
warriors can look upon a daemon and not be shaken to its core.

If an enemy unit has to take a Morale check after losing close combat with a unit in this
army they must do so at -1 Leadership, if the unit is a Greater Daemon it is instead done at
-2 Leadership.

Add the following change under Daemonic Assault on page 27.

When a unit is about to deploy via Deep Strike place the model on the table as normal but
before the scatter is rolled, roll two dice. If the sum is either 2 or 12 the unit goes back into
reserves. If the sum is that unit’s favored number: Slaanesh 6, Nurgle 7, Khorne 8, and
Tzeentch 9 then that unit may assault the turn it arrives then.

Add the following change to Daemonic Rivalry on page 27.

If an army is mono-god that is composed of models from a single Chaos God then the army
has access to the Sacred Daemonic Gifts table. Any troop choice in a mono-god army may
upgrade one model to a Herald (of the appropriate god) for +40pts. The upgraded Herald
may purchase upgrades as normal except for the chariot upgrade and may not leave the
Sacred Number Daemonic Gifts
Gifts for Greater Daemons and Daemon Princes

Fueled by Pain +30pts (Slaanesh)

For each successful save this model makes it may make an additional attack after all other
attacks are made but before combat results are determined.

Necrotic Healing +40pts (Nurgle)

At the start of your phase roll a D6 for every wound lost, on a ‘6’ you regain a lost wound.

Axe of Khorne +30pts (Khorne)

Any roll to hit of ‘6’ allows the model to make an additional attack. As long as you keep
rolling a ‘6’ you can keep making additional attacks.

Bedlam Staff +35pts (Tzeentch)

Any enemy psykers using a psychic power when with 12” of the Bedlam Staff must roll a d6.
On a 4+ the power works normally, otherwise they suffer immediate Perils of the Warp
attack and the power will fail to function.

Gifts for units

These may be purchased once per multiple of their Chaos God’s favored number. For
example a unit of 16 Bloodletters may purchase Rage of Khorne twice but a unit of 12
Bloodletters may not purchase any at all. A Herald may also purchase these Sacred Number
Daemonic Gifts.

Edge of the Dark Prince +6pts (Slaanesh)

This model’s attacks gain Rending on to hit roll of ‘6’ rather than to wound.

Nurgling Infestation +7pts (Nurgle)

This model gets +D3 Strength 3 Initiative 3 attacks, in additional to its normal attacks.

Rage of Khorne +8pts (Khorne)

This model gets +D3 extra attacks for charging instead of the normal +1.

Blue Fire +9pts (Tzeentch)

This models ranged attacks become AP:3 and cause Pinning.

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