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Kiss That V-Shaped Recovery Good-Bye: The U.S.

"Worse Than Greece,"

Says Economist White House Projects Long-Term Mass
Unemployment Global Research | The White House Council of
Economic Advisers released its Economic Report to the President on
Thursday which shows that the White House is expecting mass
unemployment to continue for years.

PAUL B. FARRELL, MARKETWATCH: … This is what I see, a steady stream

of warnings that also reveals why most investors focus mainly on short-
term "solutions," why you tune out long-term "solutions," and why the
Debt-Bomb Explosion moves inexorably closer. Listen closely:
1. TRILLIONS IN DEBT: Minneapolis billboard, a grinning George W.
Bush. Caption: "Miss me yet?" He never left. His short-term
Reaganomic solutions still haunt us taxpayers. Trillions in debt. But
worse: Millions have forgotten his tragic legacy.
2. WALL STREET REFORMS DYING: Then a BusinessWeek review of
Boston University. economist Larry Kotlikoff's new book "Jimmy
Stewart is Dead: Ending the World's Ongoing Financial Plague with
Limited Purpose Banking." He argues for radical financial reforms,
warning that Obama's in Wall Street's pocket, "putting a Band-Aid on
cancer." Earlier in "The Coming Generational Storm: What You need
to Know about America's economic future" we heard his long-term
warnings of the coming collapse of Medicare and Social Security. No
one listened then either.
Simon Johnson warns: Obama "Still Doesn't Get It." Bloomberg
reports: When asked about J.P. Morgan Chase boss Jamie Dimon's
$17 million bonus and the $9 million for Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd
Blankfein, Obama said: "I know both, savvy businessmen. Like most
Americans, I don't begrudge people success or wealth." They're not
4. CLASS WARFARE AHEAD: Next, more proof Obama really "doesn't
get it:" Only 4% of folks making over $100,000 fit the new
Northwestern University study of unemployment. In contrast,
Americans in the bottom fifth suffer most, 37%-50% are
underemployed. Warning: This widening wealth gap is more
dangerous than terrorist's threats.
5. DOOMSDAY CLOCK'S TICKING: Then, comments from Barron's
about Hong Kong economist Marc Faber's warning: "Zero Hour,
America's debt is junk." Listening to Faber's
"" messages you can even hear the
countdown tick, tick, ticking till the "Debt-Bomb Explosion." Till the
third Wall Street meltdown of the 21st century. The "Great
Depression II." Till Palin and the "Tea Party of No" not only advocate
a new "American Revolution," but trigger one ... Tick, tick, tick ...
6. THE WARNINGS ARE RELENTLESS: USA Today says Wall Street's
"bastardizing ETFs," creating a "treacherous" casino extracting
more fee and commission revenues.
New Flight to Risk" about leveraging the Fed's cheap money in
"exotic bonds."
8. THEN ATLANTIC WARNS: America's $1.7 trillion commercial real
estate bubble is "about to meltdown."
9. AND THE ECONOMIST WARNS: "New dangers for the world
economy: When the crisis started, governments helped save the
world economy. Now they are the problem." We hear those same
fears from TARP's watchdog: The "government bailout has
increased the risk of deeper economic crisis."
China's GDP will explode to $123 trillion (three times America's), but
China's central bank is already doing what Bernanke won't,
increasing bank reserves to dampen a bubble, another show of their
growing power.

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Goldman Sachs accused of rigging tax vote | A bank has

been accused of rigging a public vote on whether the City should pay
a levy on its wheeler-dealing. U.S. Economic Terrorism the New
Terrorist Threat Bullion Bulls Canada | For their “main course”, the
Oligarchs have moved up to destroying nations.

Ron Paul Discusses The Greece Bailout Greece is a warning of what is yet
to come. Leading Austrian Economist: Some Conspiracy Theories
Are True Many people are starting to appreciate the Austrian school
of economics, and its recognition that unrestrained bubbles lead to
economic crashes. Wall St. Helped to Mask Debt Fueling Europe’s
Crisis Wall Street tactics akin to the ones that fostered subprime
mortgages in America have worsened the financial crisis shaking
Greece and undermining the euro by enabling European governments
to hide their mounting debts.

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Trouble Brews In Commercial Real Estate Ferguson: America's Coming

Greek-Style Crisis Fraudulent wall St. Helped Greece for a Price to
Mask Debt Fueling Europe's Crisis Over the past three or four years a
strange phenomenon has developed in the global investment markets.
With some exceptions, many asset classes, in particular domestic and
foreign equities, commodities, and foreign currencies have tended to
move in the same direction on a day to day basis. The mega-
correlation has lasted so long that most now take it for granted.

Goldman Sachs: 5 Trends That Will Result in a Weak Recovery The latest
from Goldman’s Chief Economist, Jan Hatzius, is not exactly a ringing
endorsement of the stock market. Hatzius says the recovery is likely to
continue to be very slow and that unemployment is likely to spike higher in
the near-term accompanied by little to no inflation. Hatzius claims that the
second half recovery in 2009 was entirely driven by the stimulus and
inventory restocking. In other words, it is nothing to get excited about as
neither are sustainable trends.
What concerns Hatzius most going forward are 5 continuing negative

1. Continued saving by households

2. Weak labor income
3. Fiscal drag from states and local governments
4. Vacant homes and unused industrial capacity resulting in low private
sector investment
5. Limited credit availability

Although the labor markets are showing signs of improvement in recent

weeks Hatzius sees a continuing “jobless recovery” and persistent
weakness into 2011. He is calling for a climb in the unemployment rate
from the current level of 9.7% to 10.5%. He continues to believe inflation
will remain well below trend and that the Fed is on hold for the remainder of
2010 AND 2011.
Based on this data Goldman is now calling for just 1.5% growth in GDP in
the second half of 2010.

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Obama Breaks Yet Another Key Campaign Promise The Goal of Modern
Propaganda: Mythocracy Cindy Sheehan | The the myth is that there
is a difference between an elected Democrat and an elected
Obama waging economic warfare on several fronts, including Japan The
Obama administration has expanded its economic warfare against
other countries, first reported on January 18 by WMR in the case of an
authorized financial campaign against Venezuela.

US missiles kill 12 in Pakistan MARJAH, Afghanistan - Two US rockets

slammed into a home Sunday outside the southern Taleban
stronghold of Marjah, killing 12 civilians after Afghanistan's president
appealed to NATO to take care to avoid non-combatant casualties in
its campaign to seize the town.

Obama Signs Law Raising Public Debt Limit from $12.4 Trillion to $14.3
Trillion ABC News | Behind closed doors and with no cameras
present, President Obama signed into law Friday afternoon the bill
raising the public debt limit from $12.394 trillion to $14.294 trillion.

Latest Scam of Taxpayer Dollars- Spying for Dollars: Military Contractors

and Security Firms Reap Huge Profits - For Nothing- What
Intelligence? Tom Burghardt | A new report published by the
Government Accountability Office (GAO) in January found, “Many of
the top 29 U.S. publicly traded defense contractors–those with $1
billion or more in DOD contracts in fiscal year 2008–have created
offshore subsidiaries to facilitate global operations.

Collapse of the euro is ‘inevitable’ Mail Online | The European single

currency is facing an ‘inevitable break-up’ a leading French bank
claimed yesterday.

New 9/11 photos ‘prove WTC exploded from inside’ New picture releases
are shedding light on September 11th, some say they prove that the
assault on America proves a homegrown attack.

A Familiar Pattern: “Anarchists” Disrupt Peaceful Protest in Vancouver

Kurt Nimmo | Despite draconian speech restrictions and the
interrogation of activists by police, anarchists slipped through the
police state net and were allowed to destroy property.
Tiger's ancient ancestry revealed As the Chinese Year of the Tiger begins,
scientists say the world's biggest cat may be more ancient and unique than
we thought.

Cat Vs. Robot Arm: Place Your Bets! [Robots] Blub10 01:50 AM Why do
we always have videos where the cat always wins? Is there something
wrong within the robot world? Its all, take over the world, kill man, make
man into source or electricity. Cat? Whats a cat? 4th_Dimension 10:31 AM
Mean right hook on that cat. AreWeThereYeti 01:28 AM The look on that
cat's face gives me the willies. "Hm, what are you? Can I eat you? I shall
defer your death for several moments of study...." Nathan Obbards
02/12/10 One day, when the robots rise up, those of us with cats will be
grateful that we weren't dog people, for it is cats who shall be our saviors.
Curves 02/12/10 Do not f#ck with a feline. You will not win.

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Utah legislates against ‘climate alarmists’: Just a ruse to control population

London Guardian | Utah’s House of Representatives passed a resolution
condemning “climate alarmists” by 56-17. Resentative Mike Noel said
environmentalists were part of a vast conspiracy to control world
population through forced sterilisation and abortion.

Climategate U-turn as scientist at centre of row admits: There has been no

global warming since 1995 The academic at the centre of the
‘Climategate’ affair, whose raw data is crucial to the theory of climate
change, has admitted that he has trouble ‘keeping track’ of the
information. World may not be warming, say scientists The United
Nations climate panel faces a new challenge with scientists casting
doubt on its claim that global temperatures are rising inexorably
because of human pollution. U.N. climate panel admits Dutch sea
level flaw The U.N. panel of climate experts overstated how much of
the Netherlands is below sea level, according to a preliminary report
on Saturday, admitting yet another flaw after a row last month over
Himalayan glacier melt.
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Paul Craig Roberts: The U.S. is a Police State Russia Today | The US now
has a list of Americans that it can murder abroad Obama Declares
He Will Rule by Authoritarian Decree Kurt Nimmo | Obama will
continue the process of rule by decree established by his
predecessors and put the finishing touches on a fascist state. BIG
SIS Monitoring DRUDGE, Web Sites for 'Terror and Disaster Info'…
they have nothing better to do for the wasteful, extravagant amounts
they’re paid…and of course, results are neither expected nor
trackable… and misguided except they are designed to have a chilling
effect on the first amendment...

Secession in the Air Patrick J. Buchanan | Looking back in American

history, these ideas, these sentiments, decried as insane inside the
Beltway, were once as American as “The Midnight Ride of Paul

The following should come as no surprise since the failed news magazines,
ie., time, newsweek, etc., know their bread was buttered with status
quo censorship Newsweek: Powerful People Do Bad Things? “Too
Silly To Discuss” Newsweek has published what undoubtedly
amounts to the most feeble, sophomoric, and embarrassing hit piece
ever written, penned by an intern fresh out of college who pathetically
attempts to dismiss manifestly provable conspiracies with one
sentence throwaway jibes that sound like the fodder of an immature
and misinformed middle school debate team.

Thirty-six predictions for the world: 2010 – 2012 (net link)

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European Hit Squad Accused of Assassinating Hamas Man BBC | Police in

Dubai are to issue arrest warrants for 11 “agents with European
passports” suspected of assassinating a top Hamas official last
month. NATO Kills 12 plus another 5 Civilians in Afghanistan
Reuters | U.S. Marines came under intense fire in the heart of Marjah
as they sought to root out pockets of freedom fighters.

Thirty-six predictions for the world: 2010 – 2012 ( link)

DRUDGEREPORT: BIG SIS: TSA makes disabled boy, 4, take off leg
After Obama's first year, Saudis fret over policy trend...
Wisconsin Billboard Calls for Obama's Ouster...
Biden: Iraq war WASN'T worth 'horrible price'...
US missiles kill 12 Civilians in Pakistan

clinton: Iran is becoming a military dictatorship…riiiiight! well coming from

criminal america she would know about defacto military dictatorships
since america is defacto one already… I mean, contriving wars even as
america’s defacto bankrupt… I personally believe there has been a defacto
coup d’etat in america which has manifested in various substantial, blatant,
brazened frauds, ie., wall street, missing 360 tons of $100 bills in Iraq, war
profiteering, etc., without any fear of prosecution, and of course
concomitant decline for u.s. as the treasury is looted. america is defacto
bankrupt! (AP)

Iran a Military Dictatorship? Clinton Ignores U.S. Role in Making It So Kurt

Nimmo | Left unsaid is the fact the U.S. has sponsored covert terrorist
acts inside Iran for years.

US media omission: Iran calls for global nuclear disarmament The

American public has not been informed by the US news media about
highly newsworthy statements made by Iranian President Mahmoud
Ahmadinejad on Friday February 12.

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