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0 Video Production Rubric
CATEGORY Purpose of Video Podcast 4
Establishes a purpose early on and maintains a clear focus throughout.

Establishes a purpose early on and maintains focus for most of the video.

There are a few lapses in focus, but the purpose is fairly clear.

It is difficult to figure out the purpose of the video.


Your video shows Your video shows some considerable originality and originality and inventiveness. The content inventiveness. The and ideas are presented in content and ideas are a unique and interesting presented in an way. interesting way.

Your video is a rehash of other people's ideas Your video shows an and/or graphics and attempt at originality and shows very little inventiveness. attempt at original thought.

Overall Content

Message is vaguely Message is clearly communicated. Includes Strong message. Covers communicated. Includes some topic in-depth with details essential information. essential information with and examples. All content Most of the content is few facts. The content is throughout the video is accurate but there is one generally accurate, but accurate. There are no piece of information that one piece of information is factual errors. might be inaccurate. clearly flawed or inaccurate.

Message is unclear. Includes little essential information and one or two facts. Content is typically confusing or contains more than one factual error.

Digital enhancements are planned and purposeful, adding impact to the story line or focus. Video moves Digital smoothly from shot to Enhancements or shot. A variety of transitions are used to Effects (visual assist in communicating the effects, main idea and smooth the transitions) flow from one scene to the next. Shots and scenes flow seamlessly. Digital effects are used appropriately for emphasis.

Any digital enhancements that are used combine smoothly and effectively with the video. A variety of transitions are used. Good pacing and timing.

Digital enhancements accompany video, but there is little sign of reinforcement. Some tendency toward randomness with effects. Transitions from shot to shot are choppy, and the types of wipes and fades selected are not always appropriate for the scene. There are many unnatural breaks and/or early cuts.

Little or no enhancements add interest to the video, or excessive use of random enhancements detracts from the video. No transitions between clips are used. Raw clips run back to back in the final video.

Audio Editing

The audio is clear and effectively assists in communicating the main idea. Background audio is kept in balance.

The audio is clear and assists in communicating the main idea.

The audio is inconsistent in clarity (too loud/too The audio is cut-off and soft/garbled) at times inconsistent or and/or the background overpowering. audio overpowers the primary audio.

Titles and Credits

Most titles and credits All titles and credits are Some titles and credits are are accurate, legible and accurate, legible and draw accurate, legible and draw draw the viewer's the viewer's attention. the viewer's attention. attention.

Few (less than 75%) titles and credits are accurate, legible and draw the viewer's attention. Video was less than 3 minutes or more than 10 minutes long.

Duration of Video Podcast

Length of video was 5-7 minutes.

Length of video was 4-5 minutes.

Length of video was 3-4 minutes.

Required Elements

All four media sources of information (own video Most media sources of At least two media sources Only one media source footage, existing video information are of information are of information is fragments, still image, and incorporated in the video incorporated in the video incorporated in the audio) are logically podcast. podcast. video podcast. incorporated in the video podcast. Grammar and usage were correct and contributed to clarity and video style. Grammar and usage were Grammar and usage were Repeated errors in typically correct and typically correct but errors grammar and usage errors did not detract detracted from the video distracted greatly from from the video narrative. narrative. the video narrative.



Citations are given, but There are no citations Citations are given, Citations give proper credit. some or are sources of Every video, photo, graphic multimedia sources are no references to multimedia are identified, or sound file is either not copyright but original or permission for identified with references, information for photos, permission to reproduce its use by the owner is and graphics, and music is documented. permission to reproduce is created by missing. missing. others.



35-26 = Proficient

25-15= Developing

14 and less=Incomp