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1. What leads Einstein to feel a strong sense of duty

towards his fellow men?

Einstein believes that we exist for the service of our fellow-men.

First for those, who are nearer and dearer to us and secondly,
with those, we are tied up with the relation of sympathy. Our life
depends upon the labour of other men, dead or living, so we
must work for our following generation and to return back what
we have received and still receiving.

2. What is Einstein’s attitude towards property, outward

success and luxury?
Einstein has never looked upon comforts and delights. The
ordinary objects human endeavour like property, outward
success and luxury, have always seemed to him contemptible.
He had these objects and wished for the great ideals in life.

3. What are the insecure foundations’ referred by Einstein?

Einstein never lost an obstinate sense of detachment. He loved
solitude. Such a man loses geniality but on the other hand he is
independent of the opinions, habits and judgments of his fellows.
He does not take stand on such insecure foundations.

4. What, in brief, is Einstein’s attitude to leadership?

The political ideal of Einstein is democracy. People should be
allowed to elect their own leader and leader must hold the
responsibility to guide and control the masses. Every man must
be respected and no one may be idolized.

5. On what grounds does Einstein put the individual before

The really valuable thing is the not the state but the individual. It
is personality, which creates the noble and the great ideas for
the state. The herd remains dull in thought and in feelings.
6. What examples does he give of service by the state to the
Einstein always opposed the autocratic system, prevailing in Italy
and Russia, because force always attracts men of low morality.
7. What is Einstein’s attitude to war?
Einstein hates war. He thinks war a mean and contemptible
thing. He would like to be hacked in pieces than take part in such
abominable thing. He wants to put ban on war for ever.
8. What forces does Einstein blame for the persistence of
Einstein holds schools and press responsible for the war. The
commercial and political interests acting through schools and
press, kept the war in existence.
9. What does Einstein regard as the most precious element
in human experience?
The study of true Art and true science is the most precious
element in human experience. It is the experience of mystery
that makes us happy and enlightened.

10. What is Einstein’s belief about the immortality of

the soul?
The mystery of eternity of life makes Einstein a deeply religious
fellow. Soul is immortal and the knowledge about this mystery leads
him to believe in the immortality of soul.

Saleem Raza Mirani

Lecturer English