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Internet Censorship Alert!

Alex Jones exposes agenda to blacklist dissenting sites and li

Aaron Dykes & Alex Jones
Tuesday, February 9, 2010
The Western world, from Australia to the United States, UK and parts of Europe, are moving
With Obama s support, most of the developed world has accepted plans for government-approve
Now, people are being forced onto the corporate-dominated Internet2 once again, in the nam
Already, government blacklists have been exposed. On its lists? The usual suspects Infow
This Orwellian scheme has already been branded by the outrages of Cass Sunstein, one of the
Alex uses his most-recent experience in an outright ban to sound a warning that the enemy i
Frightening Taste Of Internet Censorship As Major Free Speech Websites Blocked
- Death Of The Internet: Censorship Bills In UK, Australia, U.S. Aim To Block Undesirable
- Obama Information Czar Calls For Banning Free Speech
- Conspiracy Theories (Cass R. Sunstein, Harvard Law School; Adrian Vermeule, Harvard Law S
- Should Obama Control the Internet?
- Sen. Jay Rockefeller: Internet is Number One National Hazard
- Proposed Web video restrictions cause outrage in Italy
- Joining China and Iran, Australia to Filter Internet
- Leaked Australian blacklist reveals banned sites
- Internet Censorship: Major Truth-Providing Websites Blocked By Asia Netcom To New Zealand
- New Zealand blocks two websites selectively
- Online Kiwis maybe feeling Oz censor trickledown
- Australia s compulsory internet filtering costly, ineffective
- Australia Censors Wikileaks Page
- WikiLeaks Exposes Australian Web Blacklist
- Gates backs China in Google censorship spat
- Gates calls China censorship limited
- Microsoft s Mundie calls for internet driving licence
- UN agency calls for global cyberwarfare treaty, driver s license for Web users
- Internet driver s license ? Microsoft s Mundie wants it
- House Passes Cybersecurity Bill
- S. 773: Cybersecurity Act of 2009
- Bill would give president emergency control of Internet
- TIME: Driver s licenses for the Internet
- Enemies Of Free Speech Call For Internet Licensing
- Information Week: May I See Your Internet Driver s License?
- NY Times: Driver s Licenses for the Internet?
- Time Magazine Pushes Draconian Internet Licensing Plan
- Police want backdoor to Web users private data
- Military Report: Secretly Recruit or Hire Bloggers
- Pentagon Secretly Goes To War With The Internet
- Air Force Creates Counter Blog Response Plan To Quell Online Dissent
- Lt. Col. Ralph Peters Calls For Military Killing Of War Journalists
- U.S. Web-Tracking Plan Stirs Privacy Fears
- AOL Time-Warner Censors Alex Jones Websites
- My ISP (Internode) has blocked!!!
- MySpace Admits Censorship Of Prison
- Major International Transport Hub Censors Political Websites
- ISPs to record all emails and calls
- DOD to start using Web 2.0
- Microsoft exec: Internet still not safe enough
- UNIC Moscow participates at the open meeting of the Year of Safe Internet in the Russian
- Cybersecurity through public-private partnership
- Industry should lead cybersecurity partnership.