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Hamid Farid

Cloze Test Exam

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Cloze Test 1
The Sahara is the great desert of northern Africa and the largest in the world.____(11)___ the
Atlantic Ocean on the west to the Red Sea on the east, and from the Atlas Mountains and
Mediterranean Sea on the north ____(12)____ the savannas of the Sudan region on the south.
____(13)____ more than 3 million square miles (8 million sq km), the Sahara is divided among
many countries. Parts of the desert are known by separate names, such as the Eastern or
Arabian Desert between the Nile River and the Red Sea, and the Libyan Desert along the border
between Egypt and Libya. The Sahara has ____(14)_____ of 2 million excluding the densely
settled Nile Valley, ____(15)_____ apart from the surrounding desert. The principal language of
the people of the Sahara is Arabic and their religion is Islam.
11- 1) It extends between
2) It extends from
3) There extends from
4) There extends between
12- 1) on
2) in
3) at
4) to
13- 1) With an area of
2) To be an area of

3) To be an area with

4) Across an area with

1) a population estimated
3) estimated a population
1) that is considered
3) which is considered

2) a population estimating
4) an estimated population
2) that it considers
4) which considers

Cloze Test 2
If you ask most people to list what makes them ____(11)_____ someone on first meeting, they
_____(12)_____ personality, intelligence, and sense of humor. But they're probably deceiving
____(13)_____. The characteristic that impresses people the most ____(14)_____ meeting
anyone, from a job applicant ____(15)_____ a classmate, is appearance.
11- 1) like
2) to like
3) being liked
4) liking
12- 1) will say
2) are to say
3) are saying
4) will be saying
13- 1) it
2) them
3) themselves
4) one another
14- 1) is
2) for
3) when
4) during
15- 1) as
2) to
3) or
4) for

Hamid Farid

Cloze Test Exam

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Cloze Test 3
A scholarship is a type of financial award given to college students in recognition of past or
potential academic achievement. The terms scholarship and fellowship are sometimes
____(11)_____. Generally, however, a scholarship is awarded to undergraduates
_____(12)_____a fellowship is given for graduate study. Currently, most scholarship programs
are related to financial need, ____(13)_____ not necessarily a prerequisite. The College
Scholarship Service, an organization sponsored by the College Entrance Examination Board, has
devised a financial aid form ____(14)_____ used by over 1,600 colleges and universities in a
cooperative effort to achieve some uniformity in assessing need. A detailed report on
____(15)_____ annual income, investments, debts, and dependents is submitted to the College
Scholarship Service which duplicates copies and sends them to the colleges as requested, along
with a confidential analysis of need and a recommended award.
11- 1) interchangeable use
2) interchangeably use
3) used interchangeably
4) used interchangeable
12- 1) as if
2) as long as
3) while
4) however
13- 1) although need is
3) so that need does
4) so that need is
2) although need does

1) it is
1) factors

2) what if has been

2) such factors as

3) it has been
3) such as factors

4) that is
4) factors that are

Cloze Test 4
There are many methods of mining, ____(11)_____ is based upon where a mineral deposit
_____(12)_____ in the earth. While some mineral deposits are far ____(13)_____, others lie at
or ____(14)_____ the earth's surface. Several different mining methods ____(15)_____
deposits occur close to the earth's surface.
11- 1) that
2) each of which
3) every method
4) while any of them
12- 1) is found
2) found
3) finding
4) being found
13- 1) away
2) deep
3) from
4) underground
14- 1) in
2) near
3) within
4) above
15- 1) are used when
2) which used
3) when used
4) which are used