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Dedicated to Paul Sandberg No More Night with WHEN WE ALL GET TO HEAVEN Based on Hebrews 11:13-16 and Revelation 21 Words and Music by WALT HARRAH With much expression ¢ = 84 Db B Db Gbmaj7 og td Bring out melody (lower notes) Bb(2) Medium solo es cm7(b5) 2 _™p 5 = — = t = = —L_ oe a a4 1. The time - less ee e be = oc rtrd Je Ee —s — . © Copyright 1984 WORD MUSIC ( a division of WORD, INC.) All Rights Reserved. International Copyright Secured. x F Bbmaj7 Fsus Eb D Eb -Bb(2) Bb SS f = 7 o theme, earth and heav- en will__ pass 2 - way, 10S not a round, now the na- tions bow_ down to sing. The on-ly WOMEN: 2nd time only MP : — AL aes > ia, | nd time 84-3 aS ye = i =. + = = =o ee mp - mf —~, 2 £ e+ oft et == = ae = t ba = with pedal F Bb(2) __ Fisus Eb D Eb _Bb(2) ee EE Sst = 6 Ee Pe dream, God will make all things_new that_ day. sound is the prais- es to__. Christ, our King. bled and fell; book are read} from which I stum- is the curse ly the names ——— from the ban - ished to King, there’s no need . By t Bh Br Si fine Top ais \| mf - f° notes only nev-er cry- ing a - gain, Bb poco a poco creseE> poco a poco crese. SOLO cont, Bb(2)sus me where ‘I can Sopranos divisi Bb(2)sus Bb Bb(2ysus Bb Gsus F Fv A = bm Ant z eck © tor FUE Dm? iG G c ¢ G G7sus = = rr omaj7 F ca) c Cmaj7 © pocoa poco crese. C the peal - y mf poco a poco cresc. = es a * Arr. © 1984 WORD MUSIC (a division of WORD, INC.) Al Rights Reserved. International Copyright Secured. rr Lh™h == = rr oe & F c G Gus G G G Bb walk the streets we will walk, willwalk the streets of gold. as ails Signe a. Em pi Ab Ab [g] “ab ‘Bb ab Ab ab Abo Ab AD OAD mossof building to the end all get to - en, what a heav-en, what a day of rej ee: piu mosso be = = See what rejoic - ing that will be; as love—of_Je- sus. Then we'll sing and simile Sopranos: Db/Ab es Dba