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Chapter 5- Wrestling

Bella’s p.o.v.

The rest of the family had come home a little while later. I was still up in my
room, but reading a book, doing something to get my mind of Edward and
Tanya. I was at one of my favorite parts in Pride and Prejudice when Mr.
Darcy proclaims his love to Elizabeth. But this stupid, little scene drifted my
mind back to what Edward had said to me earlier. I shut my book in anger,
rolled over on my stomach on the bed, and screamed into my pillow.

“You know, if you wanted to let out some anger, all you had to do was ask

I lifted my head out of the pillow to see Jasper and Alice standing at my
door way. Calmness spread through my body. My shoulders slumped and
sent me back head first into m pillow. A hand was then on my back, rubbing
soothing circles.
“I promise Bella, after you’re done becoming a newborn your first year,
your emotions will be more in check.”

Alice’s words did give me a sense of hope. Or was it the waves Jasper was
sending me? I flipped onto my back and stared up at my brother and sister.
They gave me small smiles.

“And what do I do if I’m ever angry?” I ask.

“Use Emmett.” Jasper said as if it were the logical explanation. “He can’t
pass up a good opportunity to fight with someone.”

“Did I hear someone say fight?” Emmett’s voice yelled from below. “Let’s
do this baby Bell! Outside in one minute!”

I giggled and zipped out of the room with Alice and Jasper following
behind. Emmett was waiting for us in the backyard, obviously pumped up. I
didn’t need to be Jasper to know that he was radiating with eagerness.

“Oh yeah! Time to wrestle with the newborn! Your strength is no match for
mine!” He said challengingly.

I skipped over to him and talked to him if he were a little boy.

“Now, the first person that pins the other person down wins. No being a sore
loser when I crush you.”
The was laughter and I looked out of the corner of my eye to see that the
family including the Denali’s were watching.

“Fifty bucks on Bella,” Kate whispered.

“Ten bucks on Emmett.” Rosalie said back.

Emmett got a few feet away from me and put his fists up, ready to fight. I
put mine up awkwardly, unaware of what to do.

“Just fight him like humans do!” Eleazar encouraged from the sidelines.

We circled each other for a long moment, waiting for one of us to make a
move. I was getting bored after a while and made the first lunge. This fist
fighting was very unlike how humans do it. Everything was quicker and
blows were stronger. Emmett’s fighting skills were based on brawn and no
brains. He was like a bull in a china shop, not thinking of what he was
doing, just that he was glad if he hit something. It wasn’t long until I got
tired of playing around and just pinned him like I should have done two
minutes ago. I got up and dusted myself off while he was still left in the

“That fight was rigged! I want another rematch!” Emmett argued and sprung
up off the ground.

“It was fair Emmett,” I sighed and looked down at my nails. “It’s not my
fault you haven’t got any skill.”
“Oohs!” broke out amongst the crowd and I bit my lip to stop laughing.
Emmett was still pissed off and looked around at each of the family
member’s faces.

“Jasper!” He barked “Go beat Bella for me will you?”

“And why should I?” He retorted.

“Because…because…just do it already!”

Jasper put his hands up in surrender and walked over to the fighting arena.
He faced me and the battle began. His fighting moves were clearly more
advanced and quicker than Emmett’s. He was looming over me, ready to
pounce while I had fallen and was on the snowy forest floor. An idea clicked
in my brain and when Jasper was close enough, I flicked a handful of snow
into his face. He was momentarily confused and that was my time to attack.
I pinned him with a few struggles, but then laughed at his frustrated face. I
helped him off the ground.

“You little cheater. I think Emmett was right about you.” He accused.

“No one said I didn’t have to play by the rules.” I pointed out.
“You know, I think Carlisle should go next.” Alice volunteered Carlisle for

“Carlisle? But I don’t want to hurt him,” I frowned and he laughed at me.
“Don’t worry Bella,” He assured me “You won’t give me a single scratch.”

I took a deep breath and readied myself to fight my father. Carlisle was
defiantly someone who calculated his moves before making a decision. This
game was not based on strength, but pure logic. Deciding to play dirty, I
used probably the lowest card ever. I pretended to be in pain at one of his
blows and he completely stopped what he was doing in panic. An evil smirk
etched across my face and it was too late for Carlisle to recover. Realization
dawned on his face after I had him pinned a half second later.

“That was…mean.” He thought of the only thing he could think of. I erupted
into hysterical giggles.

“You know better than to be sympathetic towards your opponent Carlisle,” I

chastened teasingly.

He hefted me off the ground and gave me a sulking kind of look. But he then
perked up and smiled at me.

“You are a cheater. And to only decide if you’re the worst, you have to beat

My gay manner disappeared and I became incredibly nervous and serious. I

couldn’t possibly beat him, even if it was just a game. But think, a far off
voice spoke to me in the back of my head. This could be your chance to
show him that you’re not some precious, breakable bubble anymore. The
voice gave me a new kind of confidence and I locked my jaw, ready to show
Edward what I have become.

“I can’t fight her,” Edward protested and looked at me then back to Carlisle.

“Oh sure you can son. I mean, look at me, I’m okay.”

“Not the point,” He breathed out through flared nostrils and closed his eyes

“C’mon Eddie. Fight her! Or are you too chicken to?” Emmett was just
egging him on. He got up close and started making clucking noises in his

“Alright, alright!” Edward hissed and stood a few feet away from me in the
battle box.

Edward was faster than them all. His hits were soft and felt like feathers
against my rock hard skin. Why wasn’t he trying to play rough? Was he
afraid of hurting me? That could never happen. Bile rose in my throat and I
jumped behind him at the speed of light and clenched my arm across his
neck. His large hands grasped at my arm and I pulled him even tighter
against me, cutting off his access to breathe.
“Are you going to fight?” I asked him. “Because I don’t like to lose to
someone who doesn’t even try. Your brothers and father did, why don’t you
show me what you’re capable of?”
I released him and he spun around to begin the dance again. He hit me
harder this time, which I was thankful. I could barely breathe when I felt his
hand brush my skin, but it wasn’t enough to distract me from beating him.
His moves became more and more complex with each block, it was
amazing. I found myself slowly losing and had to react fast. The next move I
did was pure evil, and I almost regret doing it.

Our hands were conveniently crossed, pushing on each other’s hands. I

moved my face closer with a sultry look and breathed in a fan over his face.
My scent as I expected, dazzled him for a second like he used to do to me
like when I was human. Edward’s eyes locked on my lips and I pushed him
on the ground. I did end up pining him down and wining, but I also ended up
swathed in the warmth of his arms.

I felt alive, like I was charged with a new kind of caffeine. The kind that
made you felt high. Sort of like crack, but healthy. Maybe this is what
Edward had meant by I was his drug his heroin. I never wanted to leave the
protective fortress of his arms.

“And Bella is now the cheater of the family!” Emmett said in an announcer
kind of voice you hear when a football player scored a touchdown.

Edward and I locked eyes. He looked at me with disbelief, like he couldn’t

believe I had just did that. He also looked at me with disappointment, like he
had almost wanted us to kiss.
“So the first thing you say to me is practically a threat.” He stated. I just
looked right back at him, unsure of what to feel.

“That seems fair,” He concluded and hopped up with me still in his arms. I
peeled out of his embrace uncomfortably and tried to fight down the lump
that was rising in my throat.

Did he really want to kiss me? Was what he said in the forest was true? I
snuck one last glance at him. Tanya was practically in the position I was
moments ago. No, what I felt wasn’t the same for him. Just more lies.

I joined the family. They were currently distributing money towards each
other for the lost bets. Alice of course didn’t bet knowing the outcome of
each fight. Emmett was still upset over the fight and was currently
mumbling to himself some of the moves he could have used on me. Poor
Emmett. At least he’ll be able to beat me when I grow weaker after losing all
the left over human blood in my body.

“Congrads,” Alice stood next to me.

“You know,” She paused “I had two visions of the outcome while fighting
with Edward. One was the one that just happened, and the other was you two
lip locking.” She said it so casually my eyes popped right out of my head.

“Yep. He would have pinned your arms above your head and crushed his
lips to yours passionately.” She said in a far off voice. “Oh well, life just
happens the way it’s supposed to happen.” She walked off, leaving me
confused. I will never fully understand the concept of seeing the future.

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