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The Giver is a story set in a world where everything is controlled by the government.

The story is about a boy called Jonas, that is given to two parents. Jonas has another
girl in the family that has given from the government called Lilly. This story talks
about Jonas that is going to become a twelve in December, in the story when you
become a twelve you become an adult. This story talks about the period when he is
becoming a twelve and when he is going to be a twelve and the gob he is going to be
given. When Jonas is going to become a twelve he is scared about what job he is going
to get. The day he becomes a twelve he discovers he is going to become the recever,
Jonas doesn’t know what the recever is. When Jonas meets the new recever he
becomes friend with him and discovers that the recever is the person that caries the
memories about what the real life is like. Jonas learns how to see colours and their
names. He also learns that the world where he lives s a controlled world. The
recevour since he is also the recevour told Jonas to call him the giver, the Giver tells
him that ten years before thy tried to have a recever but she was so shocked about
what was the troth that she committed suicide. So they then called Jonas that was
chosen to become the next recever. After knowing the troth about the controlled
society and all the people where imposed to do things also Jonas was shocked. When
he went home he discovered they were giving us a new boy called Gabriel .Then one
day the Giver showed Jonas a video showing what his father was doing he was
weighed two twins one weighed 5.5kg and the other one weighed 5.7kg so, he had to
kill the one that weighed 5.5kg. When Jonas saw him kill the baby Jonas was even
more shocked. Jonas was thinking about a plan with the Giver about giving back the
memories to all the people and then escape with the Giver, but he Giver told Jonas
that he was not going to go with Jonas but he is going to die and go with his love
Rosemary the old recevor that committed suicide infront of the Giver. When he went
at home they where talking about Gabriel and when he was at the nursery centre
where for all day he continued to cry, and they wanted to kill him the next day. So
Jonas decided to bring him with him. So then Jonas escape with Gabriel and gave
back all the memories and the Giver died and went happily with his love.

I liked very much this stories and about the controlled society. But the thing I didn’t
like was that almost in every chapter someone died and that was a bit sad, but overall
it was a very good book.

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