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Stokers - Traveling Grate Spreader Stoker

Traveling Grate Spreader Stoker is designed to burn a variety of coals that have a wide range of
coking, caking and ash fusion characteristics. In addition to coal, this stoker has proven effective in
burning RDF, waste wood fuels, bagasse and other types of waste fuels.
The grate surface consists of small-sized clips of heat-resisting alloy
material mounted on lateral rack bars. The rack bars are attached to
rugged conveyor chain assemblies that are supported on sturdy skid
rails by heavy duty type skid shoes. All moving parts are protected
from the high furnace heat. No mechanical stress is imposed on the
grate surface. Only the weight of the fuel is carried.

Riley Power Inc.'s Traveling Grate units combine the simplicity of

design and robust construction which are characteristic of all Riley
Power Inc. fuel burning components. A modular concept is available
which permits the entire grate to be shipped in shop-assembled units,
where transportation clearances are available. The savings in erection
labor which result, and the advantages of shop assembly assure
superior performance at a lower overall installed cost.
The Riley Power Inc. Hydraulic Drive
Unit incorporates separate power and
mechanical drive units. Separate units
permit flexibility in positioning for ease of installation and maintenance. The
mechanical drive unit is directly connected to the grate drive, eliminating the
need for variable speed drives with gears and sprockets. The drive is a heavy
duty design, capable of running in reverse to facilitate maintenance or
relieve a grate jam.
Power consumption is low. The power unit incorporates a 2HP to 7-1/2HP
motor, depending upon the size of the grate. The unit allows grate travel at
controllable speeds ranging from 0-24 to 0-64 feet per hour. A manual flow
control valve (1% accuracy) regulates grate speed to control ash bed thickness. Operation is smooth
and quiet.
Riley Power Inc. also offer a stationary Water Cooled Grate which is
suitable for burning cellulose fuels including wood. Stationary grate
segments are fabricated from heat resistant castings supported by
floor tubes in the furnace. Intimate contact with the floor tubes
provide sufficient cooling to prevent overheating. Maintenance is low
since there are NO MOVING PARTS.
During operation, accumulated ash is removed periodically by steam
jets from nozzles located within the grate segments. The motive
energy provided by these jets propels the ash down the sloping grate
surface and into the ash pit.
Control of steam flow to the jets is accomplished by a piping network equipped with remotely actuated
valves which can be programmed to clean the grate surface at predetermined intervals in a predetermined

View of solenoid
operated valves for
steam piping to grates.

Sloping grate surface showing

distribution of grate segments
with steam jets.


Product Preview

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