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Supporting Bible translation in Papua New Guinea

July 2014

I left Papua New Guinea on the 24th of June. These last few weeks Ive been in limbo mode. I finished my
last graduate course in Germany. Ive been exploring London with a friend for the last few days, and Im
heading to the airport to meet another friend in the Swiss Alps for another few days before returning to the US
on August 4th. One of the great things about working on the other side of the world is that its relatively
convenient to adventure while on the way home!
Yesterday I visited the British Library. The Librarys display rooms
were my favourite stop on our London tour. I was able to view many
original manuscripts including Mozarts musical scores, da Vincis
notes, Michelangelos scribbles, Jane Austins handwritten drafts,
and letters written by Henry VIII and his daughter Elizabeth. It felt a
bit like I was meeting celebrities, and I loved comparing handwriting
and spelling skills. In the Sacred Text section, I was also able to
view a fragment of a third century Gospel, hand-copied, gold-leafed,
illuminated Bibles from medieval times, a Tyndale Bible, and a
Gutenberg Bible. While Im so thankful that Im able to read Gods
Word in an easy-to-understand, cheap, portable translation today, it was inspiring to see the care thats been
put into the translation and sharing of Scriptures throughout history.
Thank you so much for working with me to continue to share the Good News with waiting people groups in
Papua New Guinea!

Yu Stori
When I was in staying in a village in PNG working on my Tok Pisin (trade language) skills, my hosts would
often turn to me and say, Yu stori! They were doing their best to help me develop my fluency and wanted
me to tell them a story. My topics ranged from family antidotes, to farming practices, to American history and
culture, but my friends were always interested and helped me formulate coherent sentences. They enjoyed
learning about my life in the US, and I left my village stay with improved language skills. Now that Im
returning to the US for a period, I would like to share my PNG stories with you. If you would like me to speak
to your church or Bible study, please contact me. If youd like to have a cup of tea and chat informally, please
let me know! Ill have a phone number to share with you in a few weeks, but for now email is the best way to
contact me.
12421 Bittinger Road
Grantsville, MD 21536

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