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The time of the Prophesy

A.A. Snyman

The planet Myen

Year Prusto1

If you were the pilot of a spaceship nearing the planet Myen this is what you would see;

The planet would be hanging there in a pink glow against the black night of space. It’s cream colored
moon, Taan, silently circling it. Coming down through the thick pink tinted clouds you would enter a
oxygen rich atmosphere. The first thing that would struck you as you came nearer to the surface
would be the vast vista of green forests. Almost eighty percent of Myen was covered in lush green
forests. Only broken by the occasional silver ribbon of a river. This planet, unlike earth, possessed no
oceans. This was truly a magnificent planet.

Touching down on the surface you would be greeted by a multitude of bird songs. Colorful birds of
all sizes and shapes too many to even begin to describe. Mammals were also plentiful just as varied as
the birdlife. The flowers were even more astounding in color and variety. Flowers the size of small
cars found on earth were not uncommon. Giving off the most heavenly scents. Yes, this was a place
truly blessed with abundance.

If you explored a bit further, you will eventually stumble across one of the villages of the people of
Myen, called ,the Myenites. A gentle people, living in harmony with their environment. The planet
was their mother. They were her children. Like children they were also an innocent people.

Things like murder, stealing and rape were not even heard of. Concepts like these were not known
amongst them. Living in small little villages scattered throughout the forests. Houses were made
from available materials. Food was supplied by the forest. Only taking what they needed for each
day, they ensured their food resources were sustainable. They worked together in all things. During
special events everybody was involved. If their was a death everybody got involved in the funeral.
The same with marriage, birth, and all the other events. They desired no other way of life. Contented,
would be the best way to describe them. A people as natural as the surroundings in which they lived.
No war was ever fought on Myen. Nobody, “owned” any land. First of all there was no money, and
secondly, they would laugh at you if you suggested the concept to them. They would never
understand how you could “buy” something that was already given. They would argue at your ability
to take the land with you when you died. It would be an absurd concept. The forests belonged to all.

The structure of their society consisted of a chief, the leader, and his second in command what we
would call a medicine man, called a “Mandla”. He was the artist, healer and spiritual leader all rolled
into one. The chief depended on this man to make decisions, to give advice on matters concerning

The time of the Prophesy
A.A. Snyman
the future. They are chosen democratically by voting. Each member of the tribe older than sixteen
years could vote. Once chosen they served for life, unless, they become mentally incapacitated, or
sick. The only other reason to replace them would be misuse of power, which, incidentally has never
happened throughout Myen history. All their thoughts and ideas are recorded in, The Book of
Chronicles. This book has been kept updated by the Mandla’s since the invention of their writing
system. When pressing problems call they would first consult ,The Book of Chronicles. All the
ancient wisdom and knowledge of their race are recorded in this book. Especially, the knowledge of
the, “Omega zone”. Let us join one such village called Aix, and see what’s happening there.

Lanre was worried. He could not sleep last night. It was the thunder’s fault. Rains is one thing, but the
thunderclap? “Myen was not known for thunder,” he muttered to himself. Thoughts were tumbling
through his mind. Preoccupied, he strayed from the well worn path. He found himself in an unknown
area of the forest. Looking around, trying to find his direction, he stumbled across it. Hitting his
sandaled foot on the it. “Ouch!... You are really growing old Lanre,” he said to himself. Bending
down he caught sight of the black object. It was partially hidden by ferns. A chill run down his spine.
Immediately, he knew this was an alien object. No Myenite craftsman could make such a perfect

Stepping forward he cautiously parted the ferns. It was an oblong box made of a shiny type of metal
with burn marks, or what looked like burn marks on the sides. Feeling the urge to touch the shiny
metal, he touched it, it felt warm to his touch. A humming sound was coming from it. Why was the
forest so quite? Only the dripping of rainwater on the leaves could be heard. Where were all the birds?
He realized he was an old man all alone in an unknown part of the forest. Slowly he turned around
and made his way back the way he came.

“I need to inform the others first,” he said to himself.

As he went he started breaking leaves of the plants every few meters so that he could find his way
back. After a stumbling around for awhile he found his way back onto the path. Lanre walked fast.
Looking around all the time half expecting something, or someone to follow him.

The village of Aix

A new day was dawning for the villagers of Aix. Golden shafts of sunlight were kissing the roofs of
the dilapidated roofs of the huts. Morning sounds were drifting through the forest, the sounds of
cooking pots being prepared, people laughing and going about their morning business. Villagers were

The time of the Prophesy
A.A. Snyman
repairing their huts after the rains. Smoke from the cooking was gently curling along the tops of the
tall forest trees. It was a peaceful and happy scene.

The chief, Madrak, yawned and stretched himself outside his front door. He was a huge bearded man
with a mop of wild blond hair. Looking more like a Viking than a Myenite.

He called out.

“Lanre, were are you? I need to talk to you.”

The chief made his way over to the hut of the medicine man. Just then Lanre appeared.

“Ah … there you are.” the chief said.

“Chief, I need to tell you something, urgently” Lanre said out of breath.

“What can be so important early in the morning?” The chief wanted to know.

“I have found something Madrak. Something of importance. Can I speak to you in private?” Lanre
said still out of breath.

“Lanre, have you been practicing with herbs and medicines again? You look pale and frightened”
Madrak replied.

Madrak indicated to Lanre to follow him to his official hut.

Seating themselves Madrak asked, “So what’s the important news Lanre?”

“Chief I have just come back from the forest. As I was walking about deep in thought I got lost….
Lanre said.

“I told you to stop fiddling with those mind altering chemicals,” Madrak replied.

“I have discovered something out there.”

“ Discovered, what do you mean? Don’t tell me, those two lovers, Zena and Trong, were busy kissing
and carrying on in the forest again?”

“No, chief, I have discovered the Benu,” Lanre said.

“Benu...? You are talking in riddles Mandla. What is this Benu? Some kind of animal I have never
heard of?” The chief said impatiently.

“Chief, you know the Book of the Chronicles of Myen, where all the old prophesies are all written
down? One of them has just come true. I will quote from the book of Chronicles of Myen, chapter

“In the year Prusto a sign will appear in the skies. The fiery birds from the sky will appear, the Benu.
This will be the momentous day when the wisdom will come from the stars. The wisdom to illuminate

The time of the Prophesy
A.A. Snyman
the minds of the Myenites. Be careful of the wisdom from the stars.. Your future as a race will depend
on it.”

Prophecy by elder Manla Strengos

“I have seen this Bengu from the distant stars, it is sitting right in the forest as we speak.” Lanre said
almost in a whisper.

The words settled uneasily on Madraks mind. Slowly he realized the importance of these words. The
Myen were waiting for the prophesy to come to pass in the year Prusto. Madrak expected it to happen
in a more dramatic way. It sounded so simple.

“Did you hear the thunder? Lanre asked.

“Yes… yes, it actually woke me up. I thought it was a dream. Are you telling me it actually
happened, and that this was the sign?” Madrak asked.

“Exactly, Madrak the prophesy has come come to pass?

“ Does the book say anything more about this prophesy? Madrak said.

“Only the words I quoted to you just now.”

Madrak sat deep in thought for a while pondering this. Then he made a decision.

“I will call a general meeting of the whole village. I will announce the find. Then we will go out to
and bring it to the village. We will see what wisdom it contains.” Madrak announced.

Shortly afterwards a search party was organized.

They found their way back to the site thanks to Landre’s forethought to leave a trail. After some time
they reached the spot. Cautiously Lanre approached the object. He motioned for the others to come
nearer. A few of the men had their bows and arrows ready, not knowing what to expect. The chief
joined Lanre looking at this astonishing sight. He marveled at the smoothness of the metal and the

“Is their any purification ritual that we have to follow before moving it?” Madrak asked.

“I can’t remember. The book of Chronicles does not say anything. I will put the leaves of the Zalna
plant over the box as a precaution.” Lanre answered.

A few men quickly went to cut some Zalna leaves. After draping them neatly over the box Lanre
instructed the men to lift the box with the carrying poles. At first they were afraid to come near,
expecting some evil spirit to burst from the box. Eventually they gathered their courage. They were
surprised at how heavy the box appeared to be.

The children were the first to greet them outside the village. All straining to get a better view of this
strange sight. All the pet animals were making noises picking up on the excitement. The women were
all waiting at the entrance to the village. As if this were hunters returning from the hunt. This time
however, they did not carry a dead animal into the village, but the Benu. A time- capsule that has

The time of the Prophesy
A.A. Snyman
traveled one million light years through space to end up in this little village of Aix on Myen. They
could not begin to perceive the immense distances this object traveled, nor the “wisdom” it contained.
Soon they will start learning.

The men sat the box down in the middle of the village. There it sat in all it’s shiny glory. Looking
totally alien in this small village. The Benu has reached it’s intended destination. A destination
carefully plotted and planned by the Noronians five hundred years ago.



Planet Noronia

Noronia was floating like blue crystal ball in the blackness of space. The ship approaching Noronia
was huge, over one kilometers in diameter (earth standard kilometers). The hull was pitch black. It’s
sleek shape that of a big predatory shark. The blue glow of it’s Minehard drive engines was the only
thing that revealed it’s presence to the naked eye.

The Noronians were of course aware of the ships presence in their galaxy. The military, Lynette visor
screens, revealed it’s presence as a three dimensional image on the visors of the Observal personnel.
Observers were manning the, Observal room, twenty six out of twenty six hours.

Jakut stared in amazement. “That’s one big sucker. I have never seen anything like it,” he said. The
other personnel were all speechless as the alien vessel from Baran was preparing to enter Noronia’s

“Captain Januus, incoming message,” Jakut announced.

“Send message,” the captain said with a slight touch of nervousness in his voice.

The message that came through sounded like some kind of growl which ended with a high pitch
squeal at the end.

“Translators on,” the captain said.

“I repeat, permission to enter Noronias atmosphere. Master Barak speaking,” the voice said in perfect

“That’s better at least I can make sense of your growl, “captain Januus said off line.

Flipping the comms switch he said.

The time of the Prophesy
A.A. Snyman
“Welcome to Noronia, we trust you had a good translation. Permission granted, Captain Januus

“We accept your welcome, Captain Januus. Over and out,” Barak announced.

The captain flipped the comms switch off and switched on the local comms lines.

“Okay people, listen up. Keep all sensors open for any suspicious signs. I don’t trust this arrival one
little bit. Lieutenant Marsi, please come with me. The rest of you look sharp, and stay sharp.
Remember people, we don’t know these beings.”

Marsi got up to follow Januus to the observation window by the reception portal. The observation
window was a big half-circle window looking out on the docking port below. All unnecessary vessels
have been cleared from the port to make way for the Baran vessel. Even so, this was going to be tight
fit for the huge vessel. Marsi and Januus watched in amazed silence as the vessel appeared in the pink
sky of Noronia. Gracefully and effortlessly it sank on a pillar of blue flame from its Minehard drive
engines. Making barely a sound as it touched down. A perfect landing, as if the pilot have been doing
this for years.

“Wel, we better put our best foot forward and go and greet our new neighbours,” The captain

The Baranians have been contacting Noronia over two months ago. They said they were coming on a
peaceful mission to do trade with Noronia. Sending one big cargo vessel with all kinds of goods to
trade. They were interested in Noronias mineral “Aquus”. Noronia being in a bit of an economical
slump at the moment accepted the invitation readily. Noronia was part of the, Combined galaxy
federation, and as such, have to compete economically with many other worlds.

The Baranians were an unknown race of people. This is the first contact with the people of Noronia.
All the other worlds never heard of them . They were just too far away to be included in the,
Combined federation. The question remains. Why would they travel all that distance just to trade
goods with Noronia? Not one of the other worlds in the federation has been contacted by the
Baranians . When asked about this, the Branians replied, that they needed our precious mineral,
“Aquus”, which they use in their Minehard drive engines . Aquus, only found on Noronia. The
Baranians are running out of the mineral on their own world. This seemed like a plausible explanation
Yet, the question remains, is it economical viable to travel all that distance to buy this mineral?
Surely, the costs are very high? Even with their huge vessel taking many millions of Mata tons of the
material back to their world. Still, the economic potential gain for Noronia, vastly overweighs the

The military was on high alert, Code blue. Whenever an unknown ship approaches Noronia, Code
blue, is declared. There are many enemies out there wanting to take over worlds. All the other
Combined federation members have been informed. All of them were on a state of alert to lend
assistance should the Baranians turn out to be hostile.

Captain Januus’s earphone crackled. “Team leader, security, everything seems to be, okay. Door of
vessel should be opening…now.”

The time of the Prophesy
A.A. Snyman
A huge door on the side of the vessel slid open. Everyone was straining to see what these beings
would look like. Captain Januus’s instincts told him something was wrong. Something he could not
put his finger on, just a gut feel. Then he remembered a story he once read in the biblio data centre. A
book on warfare. The book told the story of one nation sending a gift to the other. A big spaceship
filled with precious minerals. Only it turned out that the, “gift” ,was a lie. The ship was actually filled
with enemy soldiers.

“Control... this is Januus. Abort....abort... something is wrong.”

“Captain, please repeat last send, Over...”

“I said ABORT!!! Seal of that vessel NOW...!”

The next moment a huge robot appeared in the doorway of the Baranian vessel. Scanning it’s interior
screen. Living biological entities appeared as a complex pattern of neuro systems on the robots
screen. A complex set of data instructions flowed through the computer brain of the robot. This
computer was vastly superior to any computer ever created in the Combined federation. Within a mili
seconds, the instruction came through and the robot acted. Sending a Mega neural flash , unseen by
any eye, but absolutely devastating to any nerves and neural pathways of any living being.

Captain Januus saw a blinding flash before him. The flash actually happened inside his brain. He
experienced it as if the flash occured outside of his body. It felt like an unbelievable searing heat wave
passing through his brain. Splitting his brain apart. Then there darkness. He was aware that he was
alive, but he could feel absolutely nothing. It was as if his body was no longer there. He tried to
speak, but his tongue did not respond. He tried to open his eyes, with the same results. He could not
feel anything his body was unresponsive. How could he still reason and think?

What happened to Captain Januus, and all the other people on Norornia was this: The moment the
Neural flash hit them, their neural pathways were all short circuited instantly. Leaving them with no
working nerves anywhere in their bodies. They were aware but could do nothing with their bodies.
Trapped in utter darkness inside their brains.

Dispassionately the robot scanned it’s screens for any life signs in the neural pathways of the living
entities. Factor ZERO, appeared on the screen. A millisecond later, another stream of programmed
data flowed through it’s circuits. Executing the next command. Activating the compacter robots.
Hundreds of grab like robots rolled out of the entrance of the Baranian vessel. Their task, to gather the
hulls of the living entities into the holds on their backs, and to compact them into cubes. The first of
the compacter robots arrived at the entrance door where Captain Januus, and lieutenant Marsi, was
laying slumped on the floor. All the other workers were laying like broken puppets all over the
entrance hall floor. Only the automated announcements could still be heard, announcing arrivals and
departures which will not be taking place. With a whine of their motors the compactors started lifting
the “bodies”( only alive in a sense that they were still alive consciously). Their bodies for practical
purposes dead.

Their was a sickening crunch of bones and flesh as the compactors started their work. Reducing what
was once Noronian flesh and blood into compacted cubes of flesh.

The time of the Prophesy
A.A. Snyman
Captain Januus was now screaming into the void that was the blackness all around him. It was better
by far to be dead, than this, just utter darkness with no feeling. As he was thinking this the compactor
robot lifted his inert body into the compactor hold to be crushed. Captain Januus mercifully felt
nothing. Screaming a silent scream he became one with the darkness, and then their was nothing.

The Combined federation immediately became aware something was wrong. Captain Januus’s last
words was broadcasted to all the federation worlds. The neural flash travelled all the way to the
worlds in the Combined federation, through the communications networks. Effectively wiping out all
living beings in those worlds at the same instant it happened on Noronia. A whole federation was
destroyed in an instant by the Baranians. The other worlds, apart from Noronia ,was not so lucky.
They will have to wait there turn for the compactors to arrive. Prolonging the agony as their unfeeling
bodies slowly succumbed to starvation, trapped in their own darkened consciousness not knowing
what is happening, devoid of any sensory input.

The Noronians however, was prepared for just such an eventuality. Long ago scientists prepared life
capsules, capable of supporting life in suspended animation for thousands of years. These capsules
where ready. Inside them a group of young men and woman, all volunteers, chosen for their
physical health and fitness. These young people were put through intensive training programs.
Teaching them survival techniques. They were put into suspended animation for periods of six
months (earth months) at a time, and then replaced by a new group. So that at any one time a group
was ready and in suspended animation. This was the case on this fateful day.

A chip implanted into every Noronian born on Noronia was constantly sending out signals to a central
computer. This computer monitoring the vital signs of every Noronian on the planet. Should a
sufficient percentage of these signals show an abnormal rhythm, or stop sending signals at all the
following happens:

The computer automatically activates the life capsules. The life capsules are sent on a predetermined
path to a planet with favourable environmental conditions. The Noronians hereby endeavour to
perpetuate their race on another planet should the unthinkable happen.

Inside the capsules will be a device called a Thought-translator. This device converts physical objects
into thoughts. This makes it easier to transport objects through space. The objects would take up no
space or have any weight. All of Noronias art, history, culture, books and knowledge, will be carried
inside these thought-translators. When the capsules arrives at their intended destinations the young
people will be awakened. They will use the thought-translators to materialize the above mentioned
things. They will thus arrive with their whole culture intact to carry on life on a new world.

The unthinkable did happen.

These life capsules were now on a very long journey to a planet called Myen five hundred light years
away. Holding the lives of twenty young people. Eight girls, and twelve boys in suspended
animation. These capsules were equipt with basic propulsion systems travelling near the speed of
light. They were not anything near as fast as the Minehard engines of the Baranians. It will take them
a long time to reach their destination. Approximately five hundred years.

The time of the Prophesy
A.A. Snyman
Village of Aix planet Myen
Five hundred years later

The fire was burning brightly in the dark night.. The light of the fire flickering on the high forest trees.
The shadows of the dancers super- imposed on the flickering light on the trees. The villagers were
doing the ancient peace dance. In the middle of the dancers sat the life capsule. The life capsule from
a far off planet Noronia.

The villagers did not know that this was only one of twenty similar capsules. Lanre was too scared at
the time to search any further. Had he done so he would have discovered the other nineteen capsules.
Maybe, it was better this way, otherwise, his old heart might not have been able to take the shock.

Just as the song was reaching it’s crescendo something amazing happened to the capsule. The lid
started opening. The dancers stopped instantly. Staring wide eyed at the capsule. They moved away
instinctively from the capsule. Their was hissing sound coming from the capsule. A slight puff of
smoke came from the opened lid.

There was a deathly silence. Every eye was fixed on the lid slowly rising. Some villagers were on the
point of running away. Lanre held up his hand indicating for everyone to stay put. Then slowly a
female figure raised her head, looking suspiciously like a someone rising from the grave. A few
villagers fell on their knees and started praying to Xenaas, their plant god. There were all sorts of
wires attached to the girls face. Making her look more sinister in the light of the flickering flames.
The young girl opened her eyes. She looked as if she was waking from a deep sleep. She yawned and
started pulling off some of the wires from her face. It was only then that she noticed the villagers
staring at her.

Their was a long pause as the girl in the capsule tried to organize her thoughts. Then suddenly she
desperately tried to get of the capsule. Then she half fell out of the capsule. Nobody was brave enough
to help her. Eventually she got to her feet only to fall down again a second later. It looked like she was
dead. The villagers all started shouting together. Letting go of their pent up tensions now that the
danger seemed to be over.

Madrak shouted in a loud voice.


Then he turned to Lanre.

“What do you have to say?”

“I am surprised as you are chief. The Book never said anything about a person.” Lanre replied.

The time of the Prophesy
A.A. Snyman
“Well, this must be some kind of messenger from the stars. Nobody has ever seen a person like this
with a blue skin and silver hair. Lanre see if this messenger is still alive.”

Lanre stepped towards the alien creature. He reached out and touched the blue skin of the girl feeling
for her pulse then he announced.

“She’s alive. She’s only unconscious.. We should take her to the visitors hut. Some men can guard
over her. I don’t think she holds any danger to us.”

“Very well, men take this messenger from the stars to the visitors hut, and guard her till she awakes.
Call me Lanre or me immediately when she wakes. As for the rest of you go back to your huts and get
some sleep. We will see in the morning light what this all about.” Madrak said.

“What about this strange vehicle she came in, “someone asked.

“Leave it there. We don’t want to interfere with this vehicle from the heavens.” Madrak said.

The villagers went to their huts excitedly talking amongst themselves. What could this mean, and who
this messenger might be. Maybe the gods want to punish them for something by sending this
messenger. Others said this messenger is bringing good news to Aix. They will all just have to wait
till the morning light. This was going to be a long night for everybody.

Madrak stood in front of the capsule. He could not understand any of the alien equipment he saw
inside the capsule. There was a box like structure at the bottom with some things sticking out of it. On
one side of the wall of the box was a small container of some sort. On the opposite side was another
slightly bigger container with some things hanging from it. Madrak had no idea what these things was

He will just have to wait for the messenger to wake up, and ask her all the questions that was running
through his mind.

The sky was turning pale when the Lardi bird started calling. Always the first to call. The Lardi bird
was a beautiful bird. It had a red head, with purple plumes on top. It’s body was velvety black
interspersed with bright blue markings, and a long yellow tail.

The man was barely awake. In his half- awake state he became aware of a soft moan. Then he
realised it came from the messenger girl inside the hut. He quickly woke his companion who had
fallen asleep. His companion ran to the Lanre’s hut to wake him up. Shanyra was just waking up with
an almighty headache kicking in her head. Her eyes slowly adapted to the half light inside the hut.
Shanyra was totally disorientated for a moment. Then she remembered last night. Her friends, where
are they? That means Noronia must have been destroyed. Why was she all alone? What is this
structure she was in?

There was a knock on the door. Shanyra quickly clipped the translator device to her ear.

“Yes, come in” Shanyra said.

A very old man entered.

“I greet you messenger from the stars. May I talk to you?” Lanre said.

The time of the Prophesy
A.A. Snyman
Shanyra quickly covered her own body with the skins. The language the man spoke was the most
beautiful sounding, musical language, she has ever heard.

“Yes.... how can I help you.”

“ I hope you had a good nights sleep. I brought you some fresh vegetables and fish to eat. You must
be hungry after your long journey?” Lanre said.

She took a good look at him for the first time. He must have been in his seventies sporting a long
white beard. His face had a classical look. High eyebrows, straight nose and thin lips. The face looked
wise and full of love. The most striking feature was his blue and purple eyes. They seemed to look
right through her. It was as if he could reveal all her thoughts at a moments notice. She felt like a
young little girl in front of him. He was dressed in a beautiful white cloth material made of some kind
of animal. The cloth stretched all the way to his ankles. Shining metallic silver in the morning light..

Lanre in turn, looked at this creature from the stars. Definitely the most beautiful woman he had ever
seen. Big yellow eyes, and a luxurious bush of silver hair. Her mouth was full and wide. What was
the most alien to Lanre was the colour of her skin a light purple colour. In all other aspects the
features of her face looked like any other Myenite girl.

Shanyra gratefully took the food from him.

“Thank you, It smells delicious.”

“You are welcome stranger. Please, eat all you like, there’s more if you want.”

Shanrya started eating. Watching Lanre out of the corner of her eye.

“Well, I must say this is quite a surprise, to find a visitor from the stars in our forest. Which planet do
come from?” Lanre wanted to know.

“I am a Noronian from the planet Noronia. My name is Shanyra.”

“We are the Myenites and our planet is called Myen. My name is Lanre. How long did your journey
take from Noronia to Myen?”

”Approximately five hundred earth years.”

Lanre looked at her in astonishment his mouth hanging open.

“You mean to say you were in that box for five...hundred...years? How did you survive for five
hundred years in that box?” He asked still not believing a word of it.

“It is not just a “box,” as you call it, but it is called a life capsule. The life capsule was designed as a
self- contained life unit. It is capable of prolonging life in a suspended state almost indefinitely. There
is no need for food or other bodily needs. Every bodily function is slowed down to almost zero.
Almost like a very deep sleep. The person in the life capsule is not aware of time passing. Oxygen is
supplied by a machine using solar power......”

The time of the Prophesy
A.A. Snyman
“You mean to say you could have survived another five hundred years inside that little box.. sorry,
life capsule? What..what is this solar power you are talking about? How do you propel this life
capsule through space.? Lanre asked overwhelmed.

Shanyra could see this was going to be a loooong discussion. She realized they were truly from
different worlds.

“I am sorry, but I have a terrible headache. Could we talk about this some other time?

“Yes, of course. Sorry, I did not realize you were in pain.” Lanre said.

Lanre stepped towards her, placed his hands on her head. His hand felt warm to the touch. The pain in
her head went away instantly.

“That should make you feel better, Lanre said.

“What did you do just now? What kind of technology did you use to cure my headache?

“Technology? ...Machine?.. I don’t know what those are. I just used the “Omega,” Lanre said.

“Omega?... what is the Omega?” Shanyra wanted to know.

“Oh.. it’s a long story. Just get some rest we will speak later.”

“Could you please look for my friends we were twenty people altogether. They must still be at the
place were we landed. Could you please, look for them? We need to be together to complete our
mission. They must be in the same area where you found my life capsule.”

“Nineteen ... more people in life capsules...” Lanre could not believe what he was hearing. Lanre’s
mind was spinning. Nineteen......? He excused himself and called for Madrak. He needed help with
this new problem.

The village was coming to life. It was almost like any other day except they had an alien visitor in
their midst plus a few more in the forest.

The forest of Aix

The capsules in the forest opened during the night. The young men and woman decided to stay near
their capsules, and wait till morning light. In the morning they would start exploring their
surroundings. They each had to take a Dexron tablets for their headaches. Not being sure what kind of
dangerous animals might be lurking in the forest, they hastily formed a perimeter around the capsules.

The time of the Prophesy
A.A. Snyman
Luckily they each had a Mini nuclear pistol gun with them. Taking turns to stand guard throughout
the night. Nobody had any idea what happened to Shanyra. The spot where her capsule landed was
found, but no capsule, or Sharyna..Maybe she was captured by the alien race on this planet. At first
light they will start searching for her.

Amera heard it first.

“What.. what was that?” He whispered to the others over the personal comms. The others awoke
almost immediately. They all listened attentively. They all heard it, voices. The Noronians armed their
Nuclear pistols expecting the worst.

Lanre appeared first, followed by Madrak, and twelve more men. Lanre saw them first and stopped in
his tracks. Madrak stumbled into him. He was just about to start arguing when he also saw them. They
were definitely of the same race as Shanyra’s, blue colored skin with silver hair. They were holding
what looked like weapons. Their clothes pitch black with a gold colored stripe running down the side.

Then it was Amera’s turn to stare, before him stood a group of men, pink in colour. What was quite
amazing was their black coloured hair, they looked fit and well. Moving through the forest with the
ease of a cats. He could see no weapons.

Madrak stepped forward addressing them.

“We come in peace, Noronians, we mean you no harm. Your friend is with us.” Madrak said.

“Translators on. Keep weapons ready. Any false moves shoot to kill.” Amera the appointed leader
instructed the others.

Madrak repeated his words a second time realizing they needed their ear machines to understand him.

“They know who we are, Shanyra must have told them. Be careful, she could be dead by now. This
could be a trap.” Amera said over the personal comms.

Amera replied, “How do we know this is true? We have no proof of what your saying.” .

Then it dawned on Amera, he could kick himself for being so stupid. The personal comms. He could
just key her, and find out if she is alive. He dialled Shanyra’s code. Almost instantly a sleepy voice

“Shanyra speaking. Is that you, Amera?”

“ Yes, are you okay...?. We have some very primitive looking people standing in front of us claiming
that they know you. Is this true?”

“Yes, I asked them to go and look for you. Am I glad to hear your voice. I thought I was all alone on
this planet. I completely forgot about the communicator. In all the confusion I was not thinking

“Don’t worry, you were not the only one. Okay, so we can trust these guys?”. Amera said.

“Yes, they have been very kind to me so far. They are not aggressive at all.”

The time of the Prophesy
A.A. Snyman
Amera thought for a while. They might be holding her hostage and forcing her to say what they want
us to hear. She sounded calm and relaxed. She could also press the emergency button to warn them.
All lights were green on the comms.

“We have spoken to Shanyra on this special device. We know now you speak the truth. We will
follow you back to your village.” Amera said.

“This is good news messengers from the stars. Follow us.”

The Noronians replaced their nuclear pistols, and followed after the Myenites

Amera whispered on the comms.

“Okay, guys and girls, look sharp, keep your pistols armed. Any false moves from these boys, and
you shoot to kill.

Twelve months later

Lanre warned the people . Nobody listened. He did however succeeded in convincing a small band of
followers. The other Myenites thought he was just not willing to change to the new circumstances.
The Noronians brought many new revelations and ideas. How could they resist? Lanre, however,
looked far into the future with they help of the Book of the Chronicles. He saw the troubles that lay
ahead. Realizing that the people will not listen, he started preparing. Lanre and his band of followers
separated themselves from the rest of the tribe. Shanyra was the only Noronian who joined them. She
saw something special in these people. Her interest was to study them. Somehow she new that they
possessed an important knowledge. Something that no other culture had. Lanre took her under his
wing and started teaching her in the ways of his people. This turned out to be a long process as
Shanyra was so steeped in her cultures ways and thoughts. Lanre found her a willing learner with a
bright mind. This band of people moved deeper into the forest, built a new camp, separated from the
rest. First, Lanre started sculpting the twelve sacred panels. Secondly, he made sculptures of the six
sacred stones. These sculptures were spirit-grams. They contained the essence of what the Omega was
about in symbolic form. After this work he indentified a remote cave in the Myen forests to preserve
these artefacts.

He wanted to preserve the knowledge of the Omega zone. The prophesies clearly foretold the coming
of, “The Long night,” a period of ice, cold and darkness, on Myen. The Omega and the other artefacts
would be safely preserved. He hoped that some wise Myenite would return to Myen in the future -
after the period of the long night,- to discover the cave and return to ways of the Omega.

The time of the Prophesy
A.A. Snyman
The Book of the Chronicles will also be hidden with the sacred panels. From that day onwards, the
Book was no longer updated. In a few short years, the work of the Mandla became redundant as a
visionary, artist and spiritual leader.

As society broke down further people could not even remember the Omega zone. Unconsciously
vestiges remained, but the full knowledge of the Omega was lost altogether. Thanks to the foresight
of Landre, the last Mandla, the knowledge was preserved for future generations. Waiting to be
discovered by another generation of Myenites.

Camp Larga

Lanre and Shanyra were sitting on a grassy bank by the pool.

“Lanre. Why am I not allowed to see the Book of the Chronicles? I am a scientist, a seeker of
knowledge just like you. Surely the Book can’t be that dangerous? “ Shanyra asked impatiently.

They were sitting at the new camp Larga, situated in a beautiful part of the forest next to a crystal blue
pool. Exotic flowers grew all around it. Flowers that Shanyra has never seen before. Compared to life
in Noronia in their overcrowded cities. This was like paradise. Birds of every kind, form and shape
flitted about overhead.

“My child, I am happy that you seek knowledge, but some knowledge can be dangerous for you. The
Book is not dangerous, but the thoughts and ideas it contains is dangerous to one not yet ready for it.”
Lanre replied with a smile.

He has come to love this Noronian child with the quick mind and hunger for knowledge. Shanyra
reminded him of when he was young. Always searching for knowledge. Since his childhood he had a
desire to see deeper into things.

Madrak left with the other Noronian boys and girls and the rest of the Myen tribe to start a new life
elsewhere. Only Shanyra remained out of the twenty Noronians.

“I am ready Lanre.”

“Yes, I know you think you are, but this is not enough. To receive the knowledge your mind must be
in an altered state.” Lanre replied smiling.

Shanyra was surprised by the deep blue and purple eyes of the Mandla. She could see layers and
layers of thought there. Levels that she could not even begin to imagine. Outwardly, he looked like a
primitive man. Yet, when you really looked into those eyes, you instinctively knew this man was
highly evolved mentally. Far above any so called “ intellectual” she ever met on Noronia.

“What must I do to alter the state of my mind?” Shanyra asked.

The time of the Prophesy
A.A. Snyman
“Well, that’s the problem. ..I cannot tell you. This must just happen automatically. There is no
techniques, rules, or methods. You will know when you have arrived. The day will come when you
will know, that you are ready. I am sorry if it sounds complicated, but that’s the only way I can
explain it.” Lanre said.

The sun was now setting fast.

“Tomorrow, we can discuss this again. I am an old man. I need my rest.” Lanre said.

Shanyra helped the old man to his feet. Together the walked of in the direction of the camp. There
was a heaviness in Lanre heart, tomorrow he will have to tell her the news. He knew it would break
her heart.

Shanyra did not sleep much that night. She spent most of her time on her nuclear computer pad.
Writing down all her experiences since she arrived on Myen.

Soon the Lardi bird was singing in the forest trees again, heralding a new sunrise. Lanre gathered the
whole band together after breakfast. Everyone could see that Lanre had something serious to say.
Lanre addressed them.

“My friends, I gathered you here together this morning with some sad news. News that has been
laying heavy on my heart. I am now forced to share this news with you. As you all know that I am
versed in the ways of the Omega. I have also made it my life’s work to study the Book of the
Chronicles. I have studied the prophesies in this book, and their is one prophecy that I believe will be
fulfilled in about, one thousand years from now. This prophesy concerns Myen, and the “Long
night”. You might think this prophesy is of no concern to you, because we will all be gone by then. It
does concern us for the following reason; to preserve the way of the Omega, but let me first explain
what this prophesy says.

The prophesy predicts that a big ball of rock, or fire, will fall on Myen. This will practically destroy
all life as we know it today on Myen. The dust cloud created by this rock will plunge Myen into an ice
age. The time of “The Long night,” which the Book talks about.

You might ask. Why does it concern us? These are the reasons. I will be dead in a few months time.
As a Mandla, I know these things. I am not afraid of death. I am afraid of what will happen to the
knowledge of the Omega. I am the only one left with the full knowledge of the Omega. It is the
Mandlas duty to appoint a new Mandla in his place. I have studied my tribe members to look for a
suitable person to fill my shoes as the new Mandla.

This my come as a shock, but I have decide to appoint the messenger from the stars, Shanyra as the
new, Mandla. Shanyra, I know that you have a deep thirst for knowledge, and that you are the right
person. This will be the first time in the history of Myen that a female, will hold the position of
Mandla. Shanyra you are still young, but I will teach you as best as I can in the short time that is left.
You must understand that it will be impossible to teach the you all the knowledge in such a short

I trust that after I am gone, you will have enough knowledge to grow into a into the knowledge.

The time of the Prophesy
A.A. Snyman
I have been working on the sacred panels for the past year. These panels are keys which leads to the
understanding of the Omega. When I am done these panels together with the Book of the Chronicles
will be hidden in the cave of the Mandla. Only Shanyra will be allowed to accompany me to this cave.
The reason I am doing this is to preserve the knowledge of the Omega.

By the wisdom of the Omega, I have also come to the conclusion that the rest of you, apart from me,
should leave our beloved Myen for the stars. To start a new colony, on a new planet. Let’s call it, The
New Myen. The reason I suggest this is because our friends that left us with the other Noronians will
become more corrupt in their thinking over time. Eventually, Myen will become a sick planet. The
people will become sick in their thoughts, which will be reflected in the physical planet.

We will use the life capsules left by the Noronians for this mission. The problem is that there are only
twenty life capsules. One of the life capsules will be left in the cave to preserve it. So there will only
be nineteen capsules available. Altogether our band numbers, twenty five members. Five members
will have to stay behind including myself. Shanyra, I will leave this task to you to select your
members for this mission. You know how the life capsules function, and how to operate them. Those
that are left behind will have a good life for many years to come. The sickness of the planet and “The
Long night” will not affect them in the next hundred years. That is my story”

The small band of people was quite for some time. Each one battling with his own questions. Shanyra
could not believe what she just heard. This was all to much for her. A Mandla...? She knew so little of
these people and now she will have to become one of their leaders.

The others in the group were thinking their own thoughts. Going to a new planet, but what about
Myen, we had such a good life here. Why, should we leave now. Was Mandla, Lanre becoming
senile in his old age? Who will stay, who will go. So many questions.

I realize this is a lot of new information for you. Can I suggest that we leave this till tomorrow night.
Take the day to think things through, then we will meet in the morning again.

The next day, after a long discussion on the pros and cons of the mission. They made their choices.
The five members who were chosen to stay behind on Myen decided to join the other group. After an
emotional farewell only nineteen members remained. Shanyra explained to to them the principals of
suspended animation. She assured them that the technology was safe. The only drawback would be a
splitting headache when they woke up.

“It will be like falling asleep in the forest and waking up in another forest on a different world.” She

The time of the Prophesy
A.A. Snyman

A remote cave on Myen

The pack animals were ready. Loaded with the sacred panels, the statues of the, Keepers of the sacred
stones, and of course the Book of the Chronicles. Lanre and Shanyra set of on their two day journey to
the cave. After a hard days travelling they camped near a little stream. Landre warned Shanyra that
they should go to sleep early. The next day would involve a lot of climbing as they moved onto the
higher ground.

The morning came quickly. After a good breakfast they set of for the cave again. The path was
steadily climbing. Shanyra saw what looked like a mountain in the distance sticking out of the sea of
green. The mountain was shaped like an upside down cup. The top part covered in snow. Lanre
explained that the mountain was a holy site for the Mandla. Only Mandlas could come near it. Very
few people other than Mandlas knew of it’s existence. Once a year all the Mandlas of the different
tribes would meet at the cave. They shared their knowledge and experiences with one another. All in
all it was the most sacred place on Myen.

It stood out like a beacon in the distance. It was the only mountain around in the flat sea of green.
After a few more hours of travel they reached the foot of the mountain. Shanyra could hear what
sounded like a waterfall. Soon they reached the source of the sound. It was a magnificent sight. The
water was cascading down from the mountain over a big rock. Plunging almost twenty meters in to a
clear pool at the bottom. The water was flowing over the side of this pool and plunging down
another thirty meters down into a pool far down below. They stopped for a while just taking in the
breathtaking sight.

“This is the sacred pool of” Zool”. Behind the waterfall is the cave. If you did not know it was there,
you would never find it. Come the water is shallow here. Prepare to get a little wet Shanyra we will
pass through the waterfall.” Lanre said.

The pack animals became nervous and Lanre whispered something to them. Instantly they became
calm again. Shanyra was amazed at how this man does things and it looks so easy. The roar was
overwhelming in their ears. The water was like a hundred showers turned on at once. Hitting their
shoulders and heads with a tremendous force. Suddenly, they were through the curtain of water. There
before them was the mouth of the cave.

Lanre unsaddled one of the pack animals and took out a lightning stick, lit it and they made their way
into the darkness of the cave. Animals that looked similar to bats flew and fluttered around them. The
smell was musty and the temperature fell a few degrees. The floor was slippery and wet underfoot.
The roar of the waterfall slowly grew fainter as they moved further into the heart of the cave. They
arrived at a big rock that blocked their way. Lanre felt around the edges of the rock, found some kind
of lever, and pulled it toward him. The rock started moving sideways as if on oiled ball bearings. On
the other side was a set of steps carved into the bare rock leading downwards.

The time of the Prophesy
A.A. Snyman
“We will unpack the animals and take the things down.” Lanre said his voice sounding hollow in the
cave. They unpacked the precious items and took the first ones down the stairs. When they reached
the bottom of the stairs. Lanre took the lightening stick, and lit some other sticks situated all along the
walls of the underground chamber, shaped like a circle.

Now Shanyra could see the whole chamber. They put the first sacred panels onto the shelves carved
into the rock in the walls. The rest of the panels and statues was placed on the shelves. Lastly came
the Book of the Chronicles. Lanre took it into his hands as if it was the most precious object he has
ever held in his hands. The book looked ancient in the flickering light. The cover was made of some
kind of animal skin, smooth and black. On the front cover were the words, “The Book of the
Chronicles” in Myen language. Shanyra longed to take the book and start reading it. What knowledge
it must contain? Wrapping the book in many layers of specially prepared cloth to preserve and protect
it, he laid it reverently inside the vault. Specially carved out of the rock. Saying a few words of an
ancient blessing. Lanre sealed the entrance with another stone.

“Our task is done here. Now it’s up to history for what happens next,” Lanre said. He took one last
loving look at his art works in the form of the sacred panels, and the sculptures of the sacred stones.
One by one he blew out the lightning sticks. The chamber was plunged into ageless darkness again.
How many thousands of years would pass, before someone will enter this chamber again, and
discover these artefacts. Will they understand their meaning and significance?

Eight months later

It was about eight months later on a beautiful sunny morning that Lanre died. He was busy teaching
Shanyra as usual by the pool.

He just stopped in mid sentence and said to Shanyra, “It is time my child”

“Time for what Lanre?”

“For me to leave. Today you will become the new Mandla….”

He slowly closed his eyes as if falling asleep, gave a little sigh, slumped to the ground.

“Lanre… are you okay….?

Her first emotion was anger.

“I am not ready yet! Lanre you can’t leave me now. I have so much to learn yet. Lanre….?”

Then she realised, Lanre was gone.

She gave herself time to cry sitting next to Larne’s body. Holding his delicate hands in her own. Then
she dried her tears and set of for the camp. She needed to be strong. She was now the leader of this

The time of the Prophesy
A.A. Snyman
She gathered the band together and told them the sad news. In the afternoon they buried him with a
simple ceremony. A new chapter in the life of the breakaway tribe has begun.


The next day Shanyra prepared the people for their journey to the stars. Their destination planet,
Earth. Seven hundred light years away. This was a young planet with a similar atmosphere to Myen.
The only difference being that this planet was covered with huge areas of ocean. She set the capsules
settings to land in a forested area on earth called “The Amazon”.

She made sure that everyone was comfortable. One by one she gave them the drug Neglonex to put
them to sleep. She then attached all the other monitoring equipment to their bodies. Lastly she saw
that all the capsules was properly sealed and ready.

She got into her own capsule. Attached all her equipment to herself and pressed the closing button of
her capsule as she swallowed her Neglonex tablet and lied back in her capsule for the long sleep.

The last she saw was the lid closing on her and then she was not conscious anymore.

If their was a spectator around he or she would have been amazed at the sight of Nineteen life
capsules, their Radom engines starting with a hissing sound, like escaping steam, slowly rising into
the air as one. Their quantum computers making trillions of calculation each nano second. Slowly the
capsules gathered speed sitting on their yellow coloured flames. Seconds later they were streaking out
of the atmosphere of Myen. A few seconds later the Radom engines switched of and the quantum
hyper drive took over. Time started slowing down as they neared the speed of light. Nineteen capsules
on their seven hundred year journey to a far distant planet, Earth. Nineteen living beings surrounded
by near absolute- zero- temperatures, and the dark immensity of space.


“Beep...beep...beep....” The truck reversing beep sounded in her head.

Shanyra slowly became conscious. It was the waking signal. The capsule would be opening soon.


She reached out to switch it off.

They have arrived! The first thing she noticed was the headache and the thirst. Slowly she started
gathering her thoughts. The journey must be over. The capsule automatically started opening. All it’s
sensors have already determined that the atmosphere was breathable. There was a slight hissing sound
and the lid started rising. The first thing Shanyra saw was the tops of the trees and the blue sky
peeking through it. She could feel the air was hot and humid. Sounds of birds and other animals came
to her. She struggled up into a sitting position. While she was removing all the monitoring equipment
from her face, she looked around her. They landed in a clearing in the forest. Surrounded by tall forest
trees. The trees looked pretty much like those on Myen. Only the shape of the leaves were different.

The time of the Prophesy
A.A. Snyman
The other capsules were there all around her still sealed. She made sure by setting her capsule that she
would awake one hour earlier than the rest.

Her head felt like a stuffed ball. She quickly took a Dexron tablet to clear her head. Struggling out of
the capsule she stood up after five hundred years of laying down. Special medication in the drug
Neglonex insured that her muscles were not atrophied after all these years. Still the muscles in her
legs felt rubbery. She gave herself a few minutes to gain her strength.

There was a loud screeching sound that gave her a fright. A parrot like bird with a long tail landed a
short distance away eyeing her. It was beautifully coloured in blue and yellow markings. Hello there,
earth bird. My what a beauty you are,” Shanyra said. A whole swarm of the yellow and blue birds
passed overhead. The first bird gave another screech and flew off after the other birds. They were
putting up a big racket as they flew off.

“Boy you guys sure are loud,”

She needed to water. Walking a short distance off into the forest she came to a stream. Taking out her,
Enviro analyzer she tested the water. The reading gave the all clear signal. She bent down to
gratefully swallow the cool water. Immediately she started feeling better. Then she realized how
hungry she was. Back at her capsule she took out the emergency ration food pill. This was a marvel of
Noronian technology. You could live for two weeks on just one pill. The pill supplying all your
nutritional needs . Easy to carry and to store, there were forty pills per packet. Effectively she could
survive for eighty weeks just living on the pills. The only problem was water. Once the life capsule
was opened, and your bodily functions came up to full speed, you needed water. No technology has
been invented that could take care of this problem. The pills were not particularly tasty, but they did
their job well. She felt as if she has eaten a full course meal.

Looking down she saw an enormous spider scurrying up the side of the capsule.

“Hello there, you must one of the insect friends living in this forest.” As she came closer to get a good
look the spider leaped into the air, and landed a good meter away.

“My goodness what a jumper you are. I must make a note of that. There’s so much to see and study
here in this forest.” She said to herself. She took out her, Quantum Compu- pad and started writing
down her observations.

As she sat writing a creature appeared as if in a dream at the edge of the clearing. One moment there
was nothing, and the next moment it was just standing there. It was the most magnificent creature she
has ever seen. It’s fur was golden brown with dark black spots all over it. She could sense this was a
powerful animal. He just stood there looking at her with penetrating golden, yellow eyes. It’s tail was
twitching slightly.

Shanyra felt a sense of oneness with the animal. Then she remembered her Omega training. The
feeling of oneness increased to the point, where she felt as if she was inside the animals skin. She
could feel the raw power of the muscles as if it was her own. Then she became aware that she could
feel it’s feelings, and read it’s thoughts, as if her mind and the mind of this creature was one.

The creature was speaking to her. It was not so much in words, but more in thoughts.

The time of the Prophesy
A.A. Snyman
“I see you strange one. I am the king of the forest. I acknowledge your presence here. You are one of
the wise ones, you know the language. I can feel your thoughts inside me. I respect you, as you
respect me. I greet you now. Our paths will cross again.” The thoughts were “spoken” in her mind.

The oneness was gone. It felt to Shanyra as if she awoke from a dream. She must have locked into the
Omega. She actually experienced, Omega thoughts!

The creature turned and melted into the bush.


The wake up signal of the other capsules started ringing on her personal comms. Warning her that
they were about to open.

She replaced her Quantum Copmpu-pad inside the life capsule. The other capsules were opening.
Their occupants looking about dazed and disorientated. Shanyra went from capsule to capsule
instructing the people to take the Dexron tablets. She knew their headaches would be just as bad.

Water that she brought from the stream was handed out. They were also instructed to take their food

In a while everybody stared feeling better. Saano was the first to speak.

“Are we on the right planet.” Saano asked.

“Yes, according to my calculations on the, compu- beacon we are spot on.” Shanyra said.

“What time is it?” Henro wanted to know.

Shanyra said, “It is exactly two’ o’clock in the afternoon earth time.

“We will spend the night in the capsules. They will provide a convenient and save place to sleep. I am
not sure what kind of dangerous animals are lurking around in these forests, if any. To be safe, I think
we should stay near the capsules. If there is any danger get into the capsules as fast as you can. Press
the closing button like I showed you. No animal would get to you inside the capsule. The enviro
camms, will show us what’s happening on the outside. Just watch the small screens at the bottom end
of the capsule by your feet. Is that clear enough for everybody?”

They all nodded their heads in agreement. They were not really afraid. As Myenites, they have spent
their lives in forests just like these. The only difference being, that this is a unknown forest on a
different planet.

The time of the Prophesy
A.A. Snyman

Over the next thousand years on Myen the two cultures Noronians and Myenites merged and became
as one. Unfortunately, the Noronians brought with them a lose of innocence to the Myenites. They
introduced a money system. The idea of making a profit was set in motion. People strived for
material gain. Soon their were other problems like stealing, murder, rape, etc. To the Noronians the
belief in the Omega zone was superstition. They taught the Myenites to be ,“realistic,” and only to
believe what they can see with their eyes. To trust in technology. Soon, only a few Myenites still
believed and practised Omega thoughts. The rest of the tribe was swept along by this new wave. The
planet itself began to show signs that all is not well. Forests had to make way for developments. As
communities prospered and grew larger, rivers became polluted. In a few short years, Myenite culture,
went from a spiritual people, to a highly industrialised and technological society. Many Myenites
longed back for the days when they lived simple lives in the forests, but there was no turning back
now. Noronians brought space travel to the Myenites. They were soon trading all over the galaxy,
selling their precious resources at an alarming rate.

When Myen was at the height of it’s new prosperity, the unthinkable happened. The first reports
arrived from the, Advanced Detection Centre, better known as (ADC) in the city, Myonola. These
reports were not clear at first. News leaked out that an alien spacecraft was approaching Myen. Then
there were stories of a star exploding in a nearby galaxy. These reports however were just rumours.
The truth, was far more terrifying. Politicians were trying desperately to withhold the awful truth from
the man in the street.

Dante (Delta ) X 2009 approaching

Scientists were aware of this object. Sophisticated detection devices had it’s eye on it, twenty six out
of twenty six hours, right throughout the year. “Space eye,” was such a device. Using a advanced,
Quantum telescope technology, it was able to see the object quite clearly. What was only a little point
of light at a distance of two million light years, was now clearly visible. It was six months away from

This is what Space Eye, was seeing. The object of it’s interest was approximately 200 KM in
diameter. Consisting of Iron, Nickel, with traces of Sulphur, Calcium, Aluminium and Titanium.
Hurtling through space at, 60,000 km/h. This in itself was not remarkable, as there are objects much
larger and faster, hurtling through space at any one time. What makes this one special, and absolutely
terrifying, from a Myenite point of view, was that this object, Meteor X 2009 Delta, was heading
straight for Myen on a collision course.

The inevitable conclusion? The utter destruction of 95% of all life on Myen. Plunging the planet into
another ice age. Obscuring the sunlight from Myen for many centuries to come. It would be like

The time of the Prophesy
A.A. Snyman
putting out the light suddenly. The light and the warmth that all living things on Myen needs to
survive. The crater it leaves behind will be of enormous proportions. Changing the landscape of Myen
forever. If anyone on Myen had access to the Book of the Chronicles they would have read the
following prophecy. They would have understood what awaited them.

The Book of the Chronicles (page 1056) Year

Alexa 1023
“The fire from the sky will bring destruction. Heed the words of the oracle
of the sacred stone of the “Cydox”. He that rises on the wings of the cat.

Beware the falling of the star that will come from the heavens, bright and
shiny, like many suns. Bringing with it the time of the, The Long night . It
will become winter again as in the time of the beginning.

After those days the Book of the Chronicles will be unveiled again, and the
Mandla man shall arise again.

These are the words of Mandla, Zanela, the Myenite.

Operations room
Ten men in military uniforms were gathered in the underground operations room. Tension thick in the
air. These were the leaders of the various department of the military. The men were speaking in
subdued voices amongst themselves.

“Gentleman, may I have your attention please..” General Madrey said.

The vision board at one end of the room displayed a picture of Delta X2009, approaching Myen. It
was an orange, red ball of fire bearing down on the planet.

“Mardert, situation report if you please.” The general said.

Mardert stood up and all eyes turned on him.

“General the latest reports are still positive, code red. Delta is still on course for an impact on Myen.
Estimated arrival time six months and two days. The computer simulations predict a ninety five
percent, destruction of Myen and all life forms on impact.” This is the latest report, General.

There was a tense low murmur of voices among the members present.

The time of the Prophesy
A.A. Snyman
“There you have it gentleman. This is our problem. Any suggestions on how we could avert this

There was silence in the room for a few minutes. Head of engineering suddenly spoke up.

“We could try and blast this thing with Megatron lasers. Surely if we could split it up, the impact
could be reduced, or even averted?”

The General looked to to the weapons expert.

“Do you think this is feasible, Fanter?” The general asked. A short fat man stood up.

“The Meagatron laser would be about as good as a tennis ball trying to stop a runaway freight train.
The kinetic energy involved is just overwhelming. This thing weighs many, many Mata tons. The
speed is 60000 km an hour. These numbers are just too much for a Megatron weapon to handle.”
Fanter replied.

Then the ice was broken. Everybody started coming up with suggestion. From the practical to the
bizarre. Eventually when all the ideas ran out of steam they were left with two options.

“ Number one, we vacate the whole planet and relocate to the nearest habitable planet. Number two,
we hide in underground shelters.

Number one is not executable, because of the numbers involved. We just don’t have enough ships for
this to be feasible. Number two, there are room for only three hundred persons in the shelters. This
will involve a selection of individuals with the necessary knowledge and abilities to adapt to an ice
age. They will have to adapt to living in the underground shelters for a few thousand years. The
shelters are equipt to sustain life for thousands of years. It will be the psychological stresses and
strains that will be unbelievable.

Living in close proximity to each other for years on end. Not seeing any sunlight or smelling fresh air
for the rest of their lives. They will be buried underground for generations before the planet will heal
itself again.

I suggest that we withhold the awful truth from the general population. They will not know a thing
until Delta hits. It will be all over in seconds. What is the use of letting them know and letting them
sit in fear about immanent death, when we can spare them that?

PR I trust that you will come up with suitable PR exercise that will convince the man in the street.
Gentleman, we will now vote which of you desire to join those in the shelter. The choice will be
yours, you know the alternative. You are the lucky few who will have a choice. The rest will be
carefully selected and informed. They will have to swear an oath of secrecy before they will be able to
join the people in the shelter. Our knowledge and information about our culture will be preserved in
quantum disk format for future use when the long winter of the ice age will be over. Please cast your
votes. Yes, or no, on the pieces of paper provided. Leave it in the box at the exit as you leave. Also
please sign the oath of secrecy. What was said here today gentleman will remain within these four
walls. Transponders will be implanted under your skins as a precaution. It will record every word you
say from today onwards. If you try to remove it, we will know about it immediately. They are
designed to self- implode if they should be tampered with. Resulting in the immediate death of the

The time of the Prophesy
A.A. Snyman
person involved. I am sorry that we have to go to these extremes, but these are desperate and extreme
times. Thank you gentleman that will be all.” General Mardert concluded.

The rest of the group sat in stunned silence. Each wrestling with his own thoughts about this difficult
decision. Men who will have to leave their families behind to preserve their own lives or decide to
stay and face the inevitable with their families.

Since they started their discussion Delta X2009 was a few thousand kilometres nearer to impact and

The day started like any other on Myen. People were going of to work. Kids were going to school
everybody blissfully unaware of the gigantic ball of fire and rock that will impact their planet in one
hours time. Three hundred Myenites were aware of the situation. They were a mixed group of older
and younger males and females thrown together by fate. Knowing full well what is about to happen to
Myen. Family and friends had to be left behind without being able to say goodbye even. They all had
to make excuses. Why they were not going to work or school etc.

The shelter was twenty kilometres underground. All the necessary life systems were powered by
quantum generators capable of sustaining lives of the inhabitants indefinitely. It was a scaled up
version of the smaller life- capsule used for suspended animation. Only difference being that the
occupants does not have to be put to sleep.

Half an hour till impact

The atmosphere inside the shelters were one of unbelief. People were huddled together in small
groups. Some were crying softly. Others were praying. Still others were trying to distract themselves
with watching vision screens. There was no real answer for their pain and fear.

In the back of their minds they felt guilty for what is about to happen. They were going to live the
others were going to die out there. The people in the shelter had the task to continue their race indeed
the very existence of their race. There are simply not enough space in the shelters. This is the hard fact
still the quilt remains for many of them.

“Okay people please put on the helmets for protection. We should be okay this deep underground yet
we will experience the sock waves even this deep. It will not be life threatening but still it will be
quite a bump. Strap yourselves into the harnesses provided. Good luck to everybody sit tight it should
be all over in fifteen minutes.

Everybody busied himself with the helmets and harnesses thankful for something to do. On the wall
was the digital counter counting off the numbers till impact. Ten

The time of the Prophesy
A.A. Snyman
At first there was nothing just deathly silence. Then came the muffled rumble of sound. An unearthly
deep penetrating sound that felt as if it was going right through their bodies. Then the first wave hit
them. The whole room trembled as if a mighty hand took a hold of it and shook it like a toy. The
feeling could not be described in words. People cried out in fear. After that three more waves came
the last one not so intense. Then it was quite.

The farmer was sitting in the control box controlling three plough-bots. Steering them like remote
control toys. It was a beautiful sunny day outside. He felt good to be alive.

The farmer looked up as the sky suddenly turned a brilliant, shiny, white. Shielding his eyes, he
caught sight of a fireball streaking across the sky at breathtaking speed. Then the farmer heard the
howling, screaming sound the fireball left in it’s wake. A sound never heard before in this intensity.
He slapped his hands over his ears against the painful intensity of it. Then there came a howling wind
out of nowhere, washing over him, throwing him violently to the ground. Things were flying all
around him like missiles. All he could do was lie there, and wait for it to stop whatever it was. The
earth started lifting under him as if it was alive. Rippling across the fields, the waves continued to
pass under him until finally it became still.

The farmer looked up cautiously. No trees were left standing at the edge of the field. The plough-bots
disappeared altogether, wiped away by the sudden wind. The farmer looked towards the horizon at a
strange sight in the distance. A dark cloud was climbing into the air from one side of the horizon to
the other rolling towards him at an astounding speed. He realised it would be futile to try to outrun
this dark wall that was rolling towards him. Then it enveloped him in an instant, turning day into
night. He could see nothing. The sun had disappeared? Many questions were racing through his
mind. The time of the, “long night” had begun just as Mandla, Lanre predicted more than a thousand
years before.

The time of the Prophesy
A.A. Snyman

The time of the Prophesy
A.A. Snyman

The time of the Prophesy
A.A. Snyman