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Detailed Lesson Plan



At the end of the lesson the students will be able to:

1. Identify the formula of distance between two points.
2. Solve the distance between two points using the distance formula.
3. Apply the distance formula in real life situations.

Subject Matter:

Topic: Distance between two points

Sub-topic: Distance Formula
Skills: Computational Skills, Drawing
Values Integration: Appreciation and Patience

Materials Used

Reference books: E-Math, Oronce

Materials: Visual aids, cartolina, manila paper, white board marker


A. Routine Activities
1. Greetings
2. Prayer
3. Classroom
4. Attendance
5. Checking of

Teachers Activities

Good Morning Class

Before we start, ___________ kindly lead
the prayer.
Thank you ________. Class, before you
take your seats please pick up the pieces of
paper and any clutter around you.
Is everyone present? Very Good!
Class, we will be checking your
assignments, so, take them out and
exchange it with your seatmates.
The teacher will post the visual aid in the
board for the given of the said assignment.
Everyone please read first the direction.
Who wants to answer?
The teacher will call 10 students.
The teacher will check the answers and will

Students Activities

Good Morning Maam

The student will lead the

give appropriate praises and necessary

corrections if any.
Any questions regarding our topic
yesterday of the Cartesian plane and
plotting of points?
Now class, I want you all to observe your
surroundings, specifically here inside the
classroom, of how you are positioned in
terms of your classmates and how you are
all are seated.
Imagine you are in an adventure. You
happen to be in a place where there is a
river of lava and these chairs are the only
one that can withstand it. _________ needs
to go to ________ for food supply. So, in
terms of the number of chairs what do you
think is the shortest way possible for
him/her? How many chairs to his/her
right/left or forward/backward does he/she
Yes, _________?
Very Good!
What about from _________ to
Very Good!
Now, what about from __________ to
So class, what have you noticed from our
little activity?
What kind of lines do they form?
What similarities and/or differences have
you observed between the first two and the
Very good!
Now everyone stand up!
Imagine that these chairs will instantly
disappear. You will be in the same position
just without the chairs and now youre
standing up, So, do you think without the
chairs that was limiting your movement
earlier, there will exist a much shorter way
in order for __________ to go to
How? Yes ________?