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March-April 2009

The True Self’ Motto
Pure physicality
Pure movement of awareness

It is good that sheep are silent

…sheep are silent. It is good that they are not vocal.
Were they vocal or were they too loud in expressing
their wishes there would have been serious turmoil in
within the brain
their world.
within the neurons.
….the shepherd knows his herd. He has to be with his
no religious or dogmatic
herd. He is one of them, the sheep…the goat ... all
other livestock. He is always mentally busy with them.
He understands them. However silently they express
no preconceived
their wishes.
psychological or
….it is good that sheep are silent. They neither
spiritual opinion
express gratitude nor distaste towards the treatment
no guidance
meted out to them (by the shepherd -of course).
….were the sheep to express their feeling there would
no conclusion
have been many languages of the sheep; different
intense questioning
tones and tenor of voices; there would have been
intense effort
different sects of sheep some demanding green and
intense need to find
others dry straw; demanding this or that type of
shelter. Sheep would have been categorized.
till one is very near to
….or the shepherd could have multiplied. For better
cross the borders
knowing their type of sheep each shepherd would have
till one is very near to
to be specialist of their kind.
pure intelligence within
….among the different shepherds caretaking the sheep
many would have changed their guise with changing
till one is very near to have
times. From self styled kings and monarchs of sheep’s
world there might be many autocrats and beurocratic
shepherds. Even sheep could have begun choosing their
own democratic shepherds.
….for the sake of promotion of their kind of sheep shepherds would have experimented
on different ways; many good or bad kind of ways. Having failed their mental capacity to
select the better way they might have chosen ugliest of the ways i.e. of raising violent
army of the sheep. Having failed that too, shepherds might have retreated to their well
guarded mansions, leaving sheep to choose their own ways to survive. (Contd. next page)
within the body

The eye was created by the light for the light

Just the same shall be man to the higher man. Man has competed a lot with the beasts to become a separate species as humans the Homo sapiens.but sheep are sheep. They have no desire to become a fully realized being. a laughing stock! “You have made your way from worm to man and much within you is still worm. The mob is the masses of people who live each day seeking nothing more than biological life fulfilling the desire hunger. Complete self-realization and actualization comes about by complete recognition of the higher man. Swaran J. Were they to choose their own ways to survive they would have been more for their individual survival rather than collective one. The mob does not believe in the higher man. and would rather go back to the beasts than surpass the man? “What is the ape to man? A laughing stock. not the intelligent creatures. the anthill politeness. or atman. What he is preaching is not intended for the ordinary people of today. Zarathustra the vagabond philosopher of the streets is the higher man. Were they to express their wishes for this or that kind of life from their caretakers and leaders they would have been in serious disarray like us humans? –Dr. He teaches man to evolve at least one higher species out of men as all creatures have done so. …. On the Higher Man that at one time he spoke to the mob of the market place. Nietzsche imagined higher man. Why man is sitting stand still on the ladder of evolution. personified. “I teach you the higher man: he is that sea. One must be the sea to receive a polluted stream without becoming impure. It is the seat of wisdom and the key to transformation rather than continuance as biological being. you higher men. Even today after millions of years of human evolution he is not able to kill his inner beast. the "happiness of the greatest number!" – William Frederich Nietzsche( an 19th Century thinker and philosopher) Nietzsche wrote these immortal lines in 1891 in his famous work ‘Thus Spake Zarathustra’. the sand-grain considerateness. Swaran J. That is the inner core of a being which is the purest essence of being. the petty virtues. It is akin to the ‘realization’ of Hindu philosophy. . He has now become more violent than the is good that sheep are silent. He is on the path of self-annihilation both as individual as well as collective race. He describes himself as casting out his happiness into a sea of human fish waiting for one to bite his bait. In such a state of being how the higher man can be recognized? -Dr. “Verily a polluted stream is man. The higher man is the true self or the spirit. Thus Spoke Zarathustra is centered around the pursuit of the higher man. in him can your great contempt shall be submerged! “Surpass. the pitiable comfortableness. (Bulletin Editor) In Pursuit of Higher Man “All beings hitherto have created something beyond themselves. and you want to be the ebb of that great tide. the petty policy. the mob could not understand his message. Once you were apes and yet man is more of apes than man or beyond man. Only best way they might have gone for would be destroying others for saving their own self.…. a superman who will be evolved from man and will certainly be beyond the entire vagary of man. but for a better people of the future. The wisdom of the higher man fell on deaf ears.

Swaran J. Or say he is concerned with his inner subjective experiences. We communicate to get ourselves partially or completely generalised.The person I want to change the most is me. poet or any such person who conveys his inner feelings to others is more or less like any person in the world. We communicate to share this uniqueness. a mind which is a pure energy or a mind which is not a mind at all. In no way these communiques are intended to change others.Consciousness – an easy inference -Dr. What others have to do with my own changes? Here we are friends! That is exactely the place where I want to take you. a mind that can act like a mirror which accepts everything and rejects nothing. What I want to convey? Why is there that deep inner urge to communicate? Why do we communicate? Why we put ourselves in dialogue with others? I take communication more as a means to coordinate with others and less as mere expresssions of our feelings. Such an open mind while treading the thorny path of life collects many gems of eternal truth. myself. In this part of the year when others are enjoying the festiveties of the season I find myself busy in creating communique in the form of this little pemphlet I fondly call ‘The True Self’. I take this opportunity to address you in this long monologue hoping that this will build itself someday to one fullfledged dialogue. He understands that his inner reactions are just the representative reactions of the others. it is hundered percent directed towards me. That is exactely the inner dilemma when writer or poet writes or an artist performs. spirituality. Every young . A mind which can watch itself even while engaged with the outer world. poetry and ofcourse. I want to share my innermost experiences related to subtle side of our life viz. But while others are always involved in the objectified world. as distinct from others to act with such compassion? To say the least it is that of a transparent mind. a mind that donot interfere by its biases and prejudgements while forming the reactions. What if this never fading truth is reproduced in the form of poetry. my friends. From where such communiques come? What intentions do I have in conveying them to others. But is it the prerogative of writers and artists only. People with their egoistic tendencies and utter untruthfullness to their own feelings have created chaos and disorder. the consciousness. We are living in a confused arena. A writer. He can project this subjectivety in any member of Homo sapiens and even in inanimate objects and other primordial forms of life. arts. stage or cinema or communiques and messages. If any teaching element is found. In any way we are not compatible with our uniqueness. which reflects everything yet keeps nothing . I think inwardly we are so much unique and sometimes we find ourselves too strange and solitary beings that we communicate to find whether others are also like us. Friends. he is also concerned with the impressions such involvements create upon his mind. Do I want to change the people? Do I want to teach them? Never! Never. Perhaps that is why a writer can write about the innermost feelings of a saint and a tyrant with equal ease. especially when he is concerned with whys and hows of the matter. Then why is there need of such an open exhibition of my own inner experiences.

then you’ve freed yourself from the world of opposites. enough time to concentrate upon other creative activities of the mind and there is release of immence energy for that. It would give many explainations and justifications to its various acts and motives in the world. Such a pure thought cleanses the mind of all troublesome and worrisome thoughts. You’ve freed yourself from that agonising activity of thoughts produced by undue reactions within your mind. Ultimately it will create its own prison in the form of fixed ideology which takes it farther and farther away from the reality. the study of consciousness. Due to this the obsrever adopts the path of rationality. This happens only when you simply watch your weakness and donot comment upon this as your own weakness but term it as weakness of the mankind. donot disapproves the bad. Till mind remains attached to this ordinarily pleasurable activity. its . Such a thought produces light unto other thoughts. But with exercise of little awareness one starts observing the futality of this restless act. The gradual strengthening of this awareness which we now term as the observer in you would definitely with time. But a writer or a poet sets the record straight. He sees is a wide chiasm between what the people feel and what they express. When there is little thought activity within the mind there is enough free space to confront daily changing life. strifle the unrestrained freedom of thoughts. It keeps on moving with its curiouser and curiouser theorisations till is lost in the endless world of cause and effect. This will eventually lead to the blessed state of thoughtlessness. Why aren’t we always blessed with such pure thoughts? Why we are continuously visited upon by old. This is a pure thought which pierces the mind like a sword and can move without any undue exercise of control on the part of the receipient. This external confusion that he sees in others compounds his internal confusion. It is a way of catharsis in which thoughts end by ending themselves. There is wide gap between the two. without giving them any justification. That leads us to the heart of the disscussion. It gives the mind the luxary of riding on its back and experience that affect. He questions and struggles to find answers. We are we always in the habit of thinking in a limited field on the same lines and pattern. it stretches it to any length. His thought though works in a limited field but has the ability to clarify the things in a certain way. without scorn off their affect? You simply attend them without becoming elated or morbid. stale thoughts? Despite all distress and agony that we experience from this activity why don’t we get liberated from this at all. Can you observe your thoughts without analysing them. when good and bad for you are just two parts of the whole. A thought creates an affect which is necessary for its own survival. But this is very unlikely to occur untill you or your observer is under the spell of intellect. when you strive for higher goodness which donot comment upon the bad. Such thought is a complete thought. The real observation is rather non-reactional attentiveness.enterant in the world experience this bewilderment. He expresses what is generally considered inexpressible. The mind jumps like a grasshopper from one thing to another. when you discover for yourself there exists in the world an absolute goodness and relative goodness and discover further that relative goodness is as bad as bad because it is always raised against bad.

Thought can. So my friends. to your own Self. The ‘me’ that is pure me i. there is consciousness of consciousness. status etc. Further this means that you are immediately able to watch without analysing whatsoever runs in your consciousness. The matter that we percieve outwardly escapes the senses in gradation. Still much of the our universe is in the unmanifest category.e. opines C. This means that the ‘me’ in me that represents my name. as says Sartre. To say in one line. if any. consciousness. Consciousness doesnot create itself. . is the manifest and beyond that is the non-manifest. But there is one great thing about consciousness that it can be conscious about itself at the same time when it is conscious about the things in the outer world i. Thinkers of old times understood it through anumana while scientists make it perceptible through modern machines.e. Exact nature of consciousness can only be learnt in the way when you have an immediate non-cognitive relation to consciousness i. consciousness is me other than me. Obviously what we find in the inner and outer world can be broadly classified into manifest or non-manifest. It is the part of the non-manifest.operation in almost every phenomenon of our being that includes all of our outer and inner life. Our body is part of the cosmos and is bestowed with consciousness. The manifest is the world which is perceptible to our senses and non-manifest is which we can’t unperceivable. the neurones. famous philospher. to know consciousness and to be conscious of consciousness are entirely two different things and we should not decieve ourselves that by having knowledge of consciousness. the brain. He further views that we suffer so much from the primacy of knowledge that we are immediately ready to form the idea or concept of consciousness. Thought can never ‘know’ consciousness it can only make an idea of it making it an object which is absurd because it is always ‘the subject’. famous psychologist. Like the world it is also at the objective pole. or an imagination about the non-manifest i. we actually mean to know it absolutely. form an idea. The thought is an internal process within our nerve cells that occurs due to the activity of neuro-chemicals which are matter and thus is part of the manifest. consciousness remains at the subjective pole.e.e. You cannot view it as you view the objects. Consciousness is something by which we are conscious of the things of the outer world cognitively. The electrical and chemical activity with in the body. is not the real me.G. Jung. it wells up from some unknown depths.

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