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February 16, 2010 | number 6 The Dutch newspaper in Olympic Vancouver

Canada spreads the love

Although the Holland Heineken House is supposed to be a home for Dutch fans, again many Canadians were present when the Dutch musical guests Nick and Simon
Canadians have found their way to the orange center of attention as well. Waiting played some of their greatest hits. And wanna hear some other good news as well?
lines show how popular ‘the place to be’ has become in Richmond. Last night, once After today, we will stay for another twelve days. Photo: Sander Stoepker

Chinese win
with elegance
After bronze medals at the Olympics in
2002 and 2006, China’s Shen Xue and
Zhao Hongbo took the gold in the figure
skating competition. With a world re-
cord they made sure no pair would come
close to them. Their fellow countrymen
Qing and Jian made the Chinese party
complete winning the silver. The bronze
went to the German pair of Savchenko
and Szolkowy. Photo: ANP
2 The Daily Dutch International
Robertson crosses to
silver medal
Canadians know this
Canada’s own Mike Robertson captured the
silver medal in the men’s snowboard cross
on Monday, giving Canada four medals at
is the place to be
the Vancouver winter Olympics. Robertson For the Dutch, the Holland Heineken House is you’re not Dutch, you ain’t much’. We’ll be going to
led Monday’s final most of the way, but was easy to visit. When you have a Canadian pas- the Netherlands in May, so we want to find out how
overtaken late by American Seth Wescott, the sport, you got to have some patience. In the wai- you guys party. And we’re also here for the Dutch
defending Olympic champion from 2006 in ting line, people don’t seem to care. Kroket. I really love those.”
Turin, Italy. The bronze medal went to Tony Graham and Gayle just made it passed security.
Ramoin from France. By Mathijs Vuister “We had to wait for an hour, but we don’t care.
You’re guys are the talk of the town. We want to see
It’s a strange sight, the two waiting lines in front of what Heineken did to the Minoru Arenas, so we
Korean Mo surprises the Holland Heineken House. It looks like the Dut- don’t care about the lines.”
speed skaters ch don’t like their ‘home away from home’. The line
is totally empty. But on the other side of the fence,
When Dutch people need to wait, they can get a lit-
tle bit annoying. But the Canadians only show their
No Wotherspoon, Lee or Poutala on top of many Canadian dressed fans are hopefully waiting big smile. “We’re used to waiting,” Anita says. “But
the speed skating podium. It was the 21-year- their turn to pass the last line of security. I also think that Canadians are polite to each other.
old Tae-Bum Mo who won the gold medal in “We know this is the place to be,” says Ben. Toge- ‘Excuse me’ and ‘I’m sorry’ are not bad sentences.
the 500 meter race at the Richmond Olympic ther with his wife Anita and daughter Laura he is And waiting is not that terrible; if you know wit-
Oval. The event was surrounded by trouble still at the start of the waiting line, about twenty hin a few minutes we’ll see the Holland Heineken
when two of the ice machines failed to operate meters from the entrance. “As the saying goes: ‘If House from the inside. That’s worth the wait.”
properly. The delay took more than two hours,
making it tough for the competitors to stay
focused on their race. For the Netherlands, Jan
Smeekens was the best, finishing in 6th place.

Kristina, we’re sorry

In the previous edition of The Daily Dutch
International, we told everybody Clara Hughes
won the bronze medal in the 3.000 meter race.
Of course, this had to be the name of Kristina
Groves standing there. Therefore, the editors
of The Daily Dutch want to make an apology.
Dear Kristina, we’re sorry.
Canadians are lining up to get into the Holland Heineken House. Photo: Sander Stoepker

Programme Behind the scenes

8.30 pm - De Coronas
‘Animations for
9.45 pm - DJ Ronald
10.30 pm - Jan Smit more intensity’
11.30 pm - DJ until closing time (2.00 am)
In the evening, all eyes are on her. Lotte
Tomorrow Zuijdwijk, better known as VJ Lottez, is
9.00 am - Holland Heineken House responsible for the visual animation on the
8.30 pm - De Coronas screens of the Medal Ceremony Hall.
9.45 pm - DJ Ronald
10.30 pm - Nick en Simon By Ingrid van Rooijen Photo: Gert-Jan Peddemors
11.30 pm - DJ until closing time (2.00 am)
A few months back, Heineken got in touch with events, so my audience is able to see new footage.”
VJ Lottez. Her assignment is to bring the Dutch Lotte’s working day starts usually around 10 am.
Colophon The Daily Dutch Olympic feeling and sport over to the crowd. “To “I’ll work from my room at first, but around 4 pm
be exact, It’s my responsibility to mix the images I’ll go to the Holland Heineken House, so I’m able
Tobias Bos, Pim Brassien, Twan Clarijs, Richard you see on the screens. Therefore, Heineken cre- to talk with our musical quest what they want to
Geeve, Marlot Hak, Paul de Lange (coordinator), ated a spot for me on the right side of the stage. see on the screens. My real work starts at 8.30 pm,
Rens Lieman, Gert-Jan Peddemors (coordinator), Months ago I started taping video and images. I when the band starts playing.”
Marjolein Reezigt (lay-out), Ingrid van Rooijen, manipulate these on my computer, so they can be VJ Lottez gets a lot of response. “I’m noticing that
Femke van der Veen, Mathijs Vuister (editor). put on the screens.” the animations intensify the atmosphere. I hear a
The international edition of The Daily Dutch is made by During the Olympics,VJ Lottez works on new lot of positive response coming from the artists
students from the School of Journalism in Utrecht, material as well. “For example, I edit video of the and visitors. That’s always nice to hear.”
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