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BIT Project Trimester 1

FORE School of Management

BIT Project
Trimester 1

Information Systems Infrastructure

Gourab Kundu
91020 - FMG XVIII A
BIT Project Trimester 1
I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the help that Mr. Anish
Kundu, Civil Engineer, Engineers India Limited, New Delhi gave me in
understanding the nuances of Information Technology at EIL India Limited.

I’d also like to thank Mr. Sumeet Gupta, Head, IT and Systems at EIL India Ltd.
for allowing me to access information pertaining to the works in EIL India Ltd.

A warm thank you to Dr. D. Punia for all that he taught me in the classes of
Management Information Systems in Trimester 1.

Cheers to all the fellow students of Section A FMG XVIII for their support and
cooperation for the execution of this report.

Thanking all

Gourab Kundu



FORE School of Management

Information Systems Infrastructure 2

Table of Contents

About the Company……………………………………………………………………...5

Types of tasks that Engineers India Limited Expertise in
EIL at a Glance

IT Infrastructure …..……………………………………………………………………...8

Employee Hierarchy …………………………………………………………………..10

Information Technology Services Matrix of Records

Information Systems………………………………………………………………… 14
Enterprise Resource Planning
Software Development
Electronic Document Management System

The Various Systems …………….……………………………………………………25

List of bought out Application Software directorate:(integrated information systems)
List of bought out application software directorate (Projects)

IS Security Policy .………………….…………………………………………………...31

E Mail Access policy at EIL India Limited

IS Services –Web Based Applications ….………………………………………37

1.Applications Configured on IPP WEB SERVER 01 (Separate Rack Server)
2. Applications Configured on IPP WEB SERVER 02 (Separate Rack Server)
3. Applications Configured on EDEX/PDR WEB SERVER (Tower Server - 2)
4. Applications Configured on HOME SERVER (Blade Server)
5. Applications Configured on HELPDESK WEB SERVER (Ordinary P4 M/C)
6. Applications Configured on Other PCs (Ordinary P4 M/C)

Information Systems Infrastructure 3

About the Company
Engineers India Limited

Information Systems Infrastructure 4

ngineers India Limited was established in 1965 to provide engineering and related
technical services for various industrial projects.

In addition to petroleum refineries, with which EIL started initially, it has diversified
into and excelled in other fields such as pipelines, petrochemicals, oil and gas processing,
offshore structures and platforms, fertilizers, metallurgy and power. EIL now provides a
complete range of project services in these fields and has emerged as Asia's leading design
and engineering Company.

Engineers India Limited is diversifying into several new areas including Highways &
Bridges, IT, Airports, Mass Rapid Transport Systems, Ports & Terminals, Power Projects,
Non-conventional / Renewable Energy Sources, Specialist Materials and Maintenance
Services, Intelligent Buildings, Water and Urban Development projects.

EIL's fields of activities include:

 Petroleum Refineries
 Pipeline
 Oil and Gas Processing
 Petrochemicals
 Offshore Structures & Platforms
 Ports & Terminals
 Metallurgy
 Fertilizers
 Power
 Highways & Bridges
 Airports
 Non Conventional / Renewable Energy Sources
 Intelligent Buildings & Urban Development

EIL provides the complete range of services needed to conceptualize, design, engineer and
construct projects to meet the specific requirements of its clients. Its association with the
clients extends beyond the commissioning of their plants through monitoring operation of
each plant and accumulating feedback on performance. Lumpsum Turnkey projects from
concept to commissioning is an area into which EIL has entered in a big way. EIL's quality
management systems in respect of its services have been assessed and upgraded to ISO
9001:2000 version.

Besides its Head Office at New Delhi, EIL has branch office at Mumbai, zonal office at
Kolkata, regional offices at Chennai and Vadodara and inspection offices at all major
equipment manufacturing locations in India. It also has overseas offices at London, Abu
Dhabi, Kuwait, Qatar, Malaysia and Australia. EIL has a large number of site offices in India
and abroad.

Information Systems Infrastructure 5

Types of tasks that Engineers India Limited Expertise in:

EIL provides a wide range of consultancy services in the field of Information Technology.
The ranges of services are:

 Total systems assignments from feasibility study to implementation

 Customized Software Development
 Networking and Communication
 Web Design & Development
 Plant Documentation (Electronic Documentation System)
 ERP Consultancy
 e-Procurement
 Operations Research Studies

A three tier approach of computerization has been adopted for EIL with high end PCs as
end user computing tools, server based LANs as work group computing environment and
corporate Systems for seamless enterprise networking. The corporate level computing
facilities include 3D modeling software from Intergraph and CAD Centre, E 3000 Sun
System, Novell and NT Servers to cater to engineering and web applications.
EIL uses state-of-the-art tools to keep pace with the world and extends specialized services
to clients in India and abroad. EIL has a dedicated bandwidth access to internet for E-mail,
document transfer, Web browsing and maintenance of corporate and other Web sites.

Major drive in terms of improving the IT infrastructure at all EIL offices for efficient data
transfer and improving related services. The activities include:

 Installation of new e-mail servers at Delhi office for the creation of centralized e-
mail service for all EIL offices, thereby bringing all EIL employees under a single
domain of LAN systems at Delhi and Gurgaon is being updated to offer
Gigabit speed to all its users.
 Latest anti spam devices and anti virus software have been put in place to protect
EIL network and upgrading of the computing environment is being pursed on a
continuing basis.
 Internet facilities for all the offices have been centralized at Delhi with scalable
solution. Bandwidth of EILNET proving connectivity to various EIL offices in India
has been upgraded to improve access time.
 Electronic Document Management System (eDMS) has been installed thereby
creating automatic work flows and creating a repository for vital documents for
their effective usage at a later date.
 Video conferencing facilities have been established at Delhi, Gurgaon, Mumbai,
Kolkata Chennai, Kochi, and Baroda, enabling faster and more efficient coordination
besides reducing travel costs.
 Web Based systems have been developed for various functional areas offering IT
enabled services to facilitate usage form any location, resulting in round the clock
availability of online integrated information.

Information Systems Infrastructure 6

EIL at a Glance:
1965 Foundation of Engineers India Limited.
1967 EIL became a wholly owned Government Company.
1969 Diversification into Petrochemicals.
1970 Creation of Heat & Mass Transfer Design and Computer Services Departments.
1971 Ocean Engineering Department formed.
1972 First Metallurgical Project.
1973 Procurement office opened in London

Entry into Fertilizer and Pipeline projects.

1974 First Overseas assignment

Inhouse process design/engineering, technology development.

1975 Installed a third generation computer system.
1976 Training Division formed.
1977 First Oil & Gas processing project.
1975- Development of skills in the areas of Process Plant services e.g. Operations, Safety, Materials,
1980 Environmental Engineering.
1981 Use of computers at construction sites, Procurement office opened in Tokyo.
1983 Own office complex - EIL Bhavan occupied, Independent Certification Division formed.
1989 Own R&D Centre at Gurgaon.
1992 Engineering Office opened in Qatar, Joint-Venture with AMEC, UK.
1993 Regional Offices opened in Chennai & Vadodara.
Creation of subsidiary - EIL Asia Pacific Sdn. Bhd

1994 ISO 9001 Certification

Peak export earnings.

Six Percent Disinvestment
Formation of Subsidiary-Certification Engineers International Ltd.
1997 Four per cent equity for employees.
1998 Diversification into LNG and Refinery Residue based Power Plants
EIL enters into Turnkey Contracting-Undertakes turnkey projects in the areas of Offshore
Platforms and Offsite Automation
Highest Dividend of 150% paid.
2000 EIL’s MOU rating highest amongst all PSUs under the Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas.
Major diversification into several new infrastructure and other areas.
EIL's MOU performance improved to 1.017 (in 2000-2001) and is ranked no. 1 amongst the PSEs
under the Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas
Major Breakthrough in Turnkey Contracting. ONGC awarded the prestigious MNW Platform to EIL
on Lumpsum Turnkey basis

Information Systems Infrastructure 7

IT Infrastructure
EIL India Limited

Information Systems Infrastructure 8


Coordination and
Management &

Computer Centre IT Database

Operations Infrastructure Administration

EIL IP VPN E-mail, Internet

Network Security

Information Systems Infrastructure 9

Employee Hierarchy
Information Systems

Information Systems Infrastructure 10

Information Systems Infrastructure 11
Information Systems Infrastructure 12
Information Technology Services Matrix of Records
Storage, Maintenance and Retentio
Activity/Process Records Generated Disposition Responsibility n Period

Acquisition of Computer System Vendor List Performer 2 Years

Acquisition of Computer System Material Requisition Performer 2 Years

Acquisition of Computer System Technical Questionnaire Performer 2 Years

Acquisition of Computer System Technical Bid Analysis Performer 2 Years

Acquisition of Computer System Acceptance Protocol Performer 2 Years

Acquisition of Computer System Administrative Approval Performer 5 Years

Acquisition of Computer System Purchase Requisition Performer 5 Years

Acquisition of Computer System Installation Report Performer 2 Years

Acquisition of Computer System Factory Acceptance Performer 2 Years

Acquisition of Computer System On-Site Acceptance Test Performer 2 Years

Computer Centre Operation Daily Status Report of Systems Performer 2 Months

Computer Centre Operation Back Up Records Performer 1 Year

Computer Centre Operation PC/LAN Maintenance Log Performer 6 Months

Computer Centre Operation CCS Maintenance Log Performer 6 Months

Computer Centre Operation Preventive Maintenance Log Performer 6 Months

Computer Centre Operation Monthly Maintenance Feedback Performer 1 Year

Computer Centre Operation Internet Browsing Logs Performer 1 Month

Software Development Scope Document Project Coordinator -

Software Development System Analysis and Design Project Coordinator -


Software Development Review Notes Project Coordinator -

Software Development User Manual Project Coordinator -

Information Systems Infrastructure 13

Information Systems
The various IT Systems Employed

Information Systems Infrastructure 14

Enterprise Resource Planning
EIL is in a strategic pact with Ramco Systems of Chennai, a software producer. The pact is
aimed at offering ERP solutions to the international market. EIL has set up a Ramco
Marshal Competence centre in Delhi. It plans to integrate manufacturing enabling solutions
with Ramco ERP. The two companies have combined their strengths to provide cost
effective and comprehensive services to potential clients Enterprise Systems.

Ramco ERP products are based on Ramco VirtualWorks to provide companies with the
flexibility they need to rapidly respond to evolving corporate imperatives, regulatory
changes, and market conditions. Rather than re-deploy enterprise systems as the company
reacts to these changes, the underlying platform can leverage business process models to
quickly compose new business assets for true “change on demand.”

Enterprise systems, or enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, integrate the key
internal business processes of a firm into a single software system so that information
flows seamlessly throughout the organization, improving coordination, efficiency, and
decision making. Enterprise software is based on a suite of integrated software modules
and a common central database. The database collects data from and feeds the data into
numerous applications that supports nearly all of an organization's internal business
activities. When new information is entered by one process, the information is made
available immediately to other business processes.

Some of the key benefits that EIL has achieved after implementing ERP system in its
organization are:

1. Facilitates easy access of data as all the company’s transactions are stored in one
2. Breaks down communication barriers between all the departments;
3. Improves customer response time;
4. Improves supply chain flow;
5. Eliminates multiple data entry points;
6. Improves capability to monitor each point of transaction;
7. Provides a true picture of overall efficiency of the organization;
8. Highlights problem areas within the organization;
9. increased inventory management capabilities;
10. Time spent on preparing reports lessens;
11. Enhances better decision-making power.

Information Systems Infrastructure 15


Technical Instrumentation
Directorate (iONLINE)

Enterprise General
POSD (PCAMS) Resource Engineering
Planning (SORPS)

Process Planning
(ProData) (PMMS)


The Enterprise Resource Planning System at Engineers India Limited

consists of the above listed constituents

Information Systems Infrastructure 16

The list of the various components (Information Systems) used in the
ERP of EIL are as follows:

PMMS: Pavement Maintenance Management System

PMMS at EIL is a system which involves the identification of optimum strategies at various
management levels and maintains pavements at an adequate level of serviceability. These
include, but are not limited to, systematic procedures for scheduling maintenance and
rehabilitation activities based on optimization of benefits and minimization of costs.

The installers of the PMMS issued a 13-step plan was proposed for the development and
implementation of a pavement management system:
1. Decision to start.
2. Commitment from top management.
3. Develop preliminary work plan.
4. Establish steering committee of top management and division heads.
5. Develop detailed work plan.
6. Evaluate software and hardware requirements.
7. Develop preliminary system with procedures for data collection, processing,
analysis, and optimization.
8. Verification.
9. Demonstration to potential users and decision-makers.
10. Location of the pavement management system unit within the state highway agency.
11. Full-scale implementation and evaluation.
12. Routine operation of the pavement management system.
13. Maintain and improve.

PCAMS: Personal Computer Alarm Monitoring System

The software of PCAMS at EIL configures the installed computers and provides for its
portable security. When a security breach is detected, a wave file out of the computer
speakers serves as a detection alarm to the intruder, while another wave file serves as a
notification to EIL. The personal computer program would automatically loop through
different telephone numbers, as preset. The EIL authority has the responsibilities to stop,
reset or dispatch the appropriate department base on the nature of the notification.

Information Systems Infrastructure 17

HSE: Health Safety and Environment
The HSE operating system at EIL provides a set of elements which are critical for effective
HSE management, a set of company-wide expectations for each of these elements, and a
collection of enabling arrangements which can be used to fulfil the expectations.

Through the implementation and use of the HSE operating system at EIL, the following
objectives are achieved:

 A systematic approach to improvement towards a common set of HSE expectations

 A framework for sharing and learning
 More efficient HSE interfaces, internally and externally
 Measurements of HSE compliance and culture
 A tool for increasing employee engagement and achieving an HSE culture where
zero is sustainable

At EIL, the Senior Safety Officer, responsible for Supervision of Health, Safety and
Environment, looks at activities at Construction site and hook up works during shut down
of existing plants involving of constant monitoring of safety needs, analysis of safety
hazards and suggesting timely corrective action/pre cautionary measures to be taken at
site to achieve safe work progress and to maintain as far as practically low risk
involvement in construction activity,

Reviewing Safety Procedure for critical activities and close monitoring and suggesting
necessary improvements in the procedures to suit to the job specific requirements,
ensuring issue of job specific safety PPE and gadgets to personnel working at construction
sites and its usage, conducting HSE meeting on regular basis involving client’s and
construction agencies senior personnel and Safety Engineers discussing about the safety
needs and implementation of corrective actions required to be taken at site to avoid
accidents, reporting of accidents if any,

Investigation of an accidents and circulate the route cause widely to all construction
agencies as well as other sites through EIL H.Q, auditing of HSE activities at site and its
compliance and inspection and review of HSE documents of construction agencies
including review of permit system in existing plant expansion works/hook up works and
suggesting/monitoring of safety needs to meet the requirements of hot works and
compliance of hot work permit, preparing of monthly HSE reports and forwarding to
Construction Division, H.Q., Supervision of safety needs in hook up jobs during shut down.

CMIS: Committee Management Information Systems

Information Systems Infrastructure 18

Prodata Systems, at EIL, leads the hosted practice management in the company with a
comprehensive practice management software solution ProPM Standard. ProPM Standard
service is powered by ProPM, a web-based management system that simplifies the complex
process of patient registration, scheduling, claims’ submission and reporting. EIL makes
use of all these systems to enhance their various processes.

SORPs: Statement of Recommended Practices

Statement of Recommended Practices is an aid in Engineering techniques employed in EIL.

EIL uses the service of iONLINE to enhance its web service systems. iOnline is a 100% full
service internet development firm and application service provider. We produce web
software solutions for automating and delivering information through various online
systems - including e-commerce, online document management, e-mail services and online

Full Service Website and E mail Packages:

Move your online presence to iOnline and experience first class service with our website &
e-mail packages. Receive one-on-one consultation with a dedicated Web designer; plus
ongoing maintenance and assistance with your website for less than you might think.

Web Hosting & Email

High Performance Hosting and Email for users of Frontpage, Dreamweaver or other web
authoring tools. Account management via Hsphere control panel; add email accounts, view
usage logs and more.

Hardware & Software Consulting

iOnline has partnered with vendors like Microsoft, Cisco, Dell Canada Small Business and
others offer small businesses capabilities previously only available to large enterprise
clients thereby helping EIL in a great way to enhance its web-portal.

Information Systems Infrastructure 19

Software Development
The Software Development at Engineers India Limited consists of the
following constituents

(WAMS, Finance
COSMAS, Directorate

Procurement Software Planning

(IPMS) Development (IMIS)

Cost General
Engineering Engineering
(PICOS) (MRPack)


Information Systems Infrastructure 20

Let us discuss software development process at Engineers India Limited
in detail:
Software development in EIL incorporates all the set of activities that results
in software products. Here at EIL, Software development includes research, new
development, modification, reuse, re-engineering, maintenance, and other activities that
result in software products. Especially the first phase in the software development process
may involve many departments, including marketing, engineering, research and
development and general management.
Software development at EIL also refers to computer programming, the process of writing
and maintaining the source code.

The various constituents of software development are:

Wide Area Management Services (WAMS)

WAMS excels in providing professional support in the design, installation, and management
of the most efficient communication systems available in today's market.

Collaborative Portal Server (CPS)

It is an advanced full-featured Open Source ECM framework. CPS is the most complete
Open Source platform available for building Enterprise Content Management (ECM)
applications. CPS comes also as a user-friendly accessible application ready to for
enterprise-grade content management with many collaboration features. CPS is built on
top of the powerful Zope application server.
This web portal aims at unifying and providing a common platform to the CPS community.
You will find here news about CPS and its components, documentation, links, users and
developers’ mailing-lists and information about the future of the platform.
CPS development is backed by Nuxeo and a community of contributors (Chalmers
University, Infrae, etc.) and is released under the GPL

Information Planning and Management Service (IPMS)

EIL uses Patented Shelf Strip System as an IPMS system software. The Patented Shelf Strip
System is an enterprise software solution that shelf-based retailers use to confirm proper
execution of the company’s merchandising strategy at the store level.

Information Systems Infrastructure 21

With this system you can:
 Guarantee the right products are on the shelf in the right location for your
 Ensure complete accuracy of planogram implementation from corporate to store.
 Save both time and labor costs in new, remodel, reset, and day-to-day operations.
 Realize larger sales margins than you are enjoying today.
 Enable store specific shelf strip generation.
 Work on site side by side with customer, learning processes, data structure,
environment, culture, terminology, meeting key contacts, etc…

The Patented Shelf Strip System consists of software and specialized computer printers
that create strips of paper or plastic that fit on the edge of the store shelf. Each strip
displays product positions that include exactly the information you want at the shelf edge.
For example, UPC/EAN barcode, item SKU, price, product image, and even promotional
information. Each product position represents exactly where the product should be located
on the shelf. The shelf strips are printed to the exact specifications of your specific
schematic (planogram).

Cost Engineering (PICOs)

Pico Systems is a systems integrator focusing on the needs of manufacturing for EIL. It
typically serves EIL by providing turnkey solutions and as an extension of their engineering
departments (outsourcing). By establishing a high level of cooperation it has been able to
help EIL responds to the time and resource pressures that are part of today's competitive
environment. PICOs provide Plant and Floor Control Systems to EIL.

Planning (IMIS)
iMIS is the a complete, upgradeable, web-based, not-for-profit business software system
and EIL makes complete use of iMIS for the software development process planning. By
leveraging Microsoft's .NET development platform, iMIS 15 uniquely provides the
flexibility and openness to achieve a custom solution from off-the-shelf, packaged software.
The latest version of iMIS continues to provide an easy upgrade path for more than 2,500
non-profits using iMIS, representing 30,000 staff users and millions of web users.

To support the needs of EIL, iMIS provides a broad range of relationship management,
marketing communications, commerce, and business intelligence capabilities. Access
to iMIS is available based on individual user needs and can be personalized for executives,
staff professionals, volunteers, members, of EIL. Specific views thus allow all constituents
to become users of iMIS, providing greater opportunities for relationship management,
revenue growth, and operational efficiency.

Information Systems Infrastructure 22

Electronic Document Management System
The Electronic Document Management System Planning System at
Engineers India Limited is one of the new developments at this place.

Web Sites

EDEX Helpdesk


PDR Intranet

Recruitment Travel

Information Systems Infrastructure 23

Electronic Document Management System
EIL India Limited uses the facilities of EDMS to enhance its production efficiencies.
EDMS is a new generation document management system that provides a
remarkably simple solution at a fraction of the usual cost. Using the latest web
technology this electronic document management system has been configured for
the various projects and departments. It has been tailored to meet specific needs of
the company.

EDMS is proactive and pushes information to the user with news items that use
organizational structure, personal job function details and interests to tailor and promote
information. The system can identify new information and alert users to changes that
matter. This dramatically simplifies distribution, System administration, document
configuration and versioning are all easily managed using a single web based application -
making EDMS one of the most convenient and efficient systems to control and support.

There are differing levels of permissions based upon an individual's role.

 Clear, precise, uncluttered and easy to manage interfaces ensure internal customers
maximize the efficiency gains that EDMS offers.
 EDMS uses an intelligent client/server web based application that allows multiple
documents to be available across an entire organization.
 Documents are the intellectual capital of the enterprise. To be successful, companies
must create, capture, manage, reuse and distribute this intellectual capital whenever
it is needed to add value to your business processes.

Benefits of EDMS at EIL

 Cost effective information retrieval
 Cost effective storage of information
 Web based delivery of information
 Secure distribution and control of information
 Low maintenance, highly scalable application

What does EDMS do at EIL?

EDMS delivers corporate information quickly and cost effectively, securely and accurately
over a web based platform.
EDMS is proven to deliver the full functionality of electronic document management with a
remarkably low cost of operation and ownership. Using the latest web technology this
solution can be configured to satisfy the requirements of large blue chip multi-nationals but
is still affordable for use in the EIL organisation or even a single department/project of EIL.

Information Systems Infrastructure 24

The Various Systems
The comprehensive IT Systems Employed

Information Systems Infrastructure 25

List of bought out Application Software
(Technical Domain)

Integrated Information Systems

Engineers India Limited

Sl. Name of Versio

Discipline Function n No.
No Software

Software for Steady State Process

1. PROCESS ASPEN-HYSYS Simulation to obtain Heat and Mass 2006.5
balance in Process Systems

Process Industry Modeling System

2. PIMS 15.0
Refinery configuration studies

Software for Steady State Process

3. PRO/II SIMULATION Simulation to obtain Heat and 7.1
Material balance in Process Systems


4. Crude database -

5. STONER PIPELINE SIMULATOR Pipeline systems simulation 9.2

Pipeline Networking analysis for gas

distribution Projects.

7. REFINE Refinery configuration 7.0

Software for Multiphase Pipeline

Network Simulation Model

9. SMART PLANT P&ID Intelligent P&ID 4.2

Information Systems Infrastructure 26

10. POSD PROFESSIONAL Quality Risk Assessment 6.53.1

11. PHAWORKS HAZOP Studies 5.14

12. PHAPRO Process hazard analysis 6.0

13. ENVIRONMENT CALPUFF Dispersion under coastal conditions

Environmental Impact assessment VER

studies 2005

Fracture and fatigue assessment


Advanced dynamics and fatigue


17. ULTRA PIPE Plant piping health study 6.23

18. H&MT Instrumentation design 15.0

19. FRNC-5 Fired heaters simulation 6.4

Steam-hydrocarbon reforming
20. R&D REFORM 3PC 6.2
furnace simulation

21. DESIGN II Process simulation 8.14

Analysis using Computational Fluid

22. FLUENT -

23. LIBRARY LIBSYS Library system software 4.0

Information Systems Infrastructure 27

List of bought out application software directorate:
Sl. Name of Ver
No Discipline Function No.
VANTAGE PLANT Plant Design Management system for 11.6/
DESIGN REVIEW, 3-D Plant Modeling 12.0


2. 8.0
PLANT REVIEW, SMART SKETCH Intergraph for 3D-Plant
ISOGEN ETC. Modeling

3. ORTHOGEN General arrangement drawing 7.3.2

4. AUTO PLANT Modeling of Piping Systems XM

5. CASER II Stress Analysis of Piping Systems 5.1

Automatic Isometric generation and
6. ISKETCH(LAN) interfaced with 4.1
material take off.
Auto routing of piping systems and PDS/
plant optimization studying. Package PDMS
7. OPD & AUTOROUTER integrated with Plant Design System latest
(PDS) and Plant Design Modeling versi
System (PDMS) ons.


8. Review of PDMS drawings V5

9. Structural modeling and BOM 8.0

Information Systems Infrastructure 28

10. GRL WEAP Analysis of piles for offshore structures

Analysis / Design for offshore

11. SACS -
Structures / Platforms

12. STAAD PRO, STADD FOUNDATION Analysis of Structures

13. COSMOS/M Finite element software 1.75

14. REVIT Structural software 8.0

15. ALLPILE Pile foundation design -

Flow Analysis of Pipe and Duct

16. GEN. CIVIL Networks and Calculation of Pump 1.21


Finite Element Analysis to Piping

18. ETDD ALGOR 12.0
Systems / Equipment

19. NISA CIVIL / NISA II Finite element analysis 13.0

Finite element local stress analysis of

20. FE/PIPE 6.0
piping pressure vessels
22. INSTRUMENTATION INST INDEX Instrument index 15.0

23. INSTRUCALC Instrument design 5.01

Information Systems Infrastructure 29

24. INTOOLLS Instrument design 4.1

CHVAC(STAND Software for air conditional direct

25. MECH. EQPT -
ALONE) sizing and design

Co-generation / combined cycle power

26. GATE CYCLE 5.3
and steam system studies

Stress Analysis for piping systems

27 PIPELINE ENGG AUTOPIPE PLUS including buried pipelines and sub sea 6.0

Analysis / Design of Pipelines under

Static and Dynamic Conditions

29 PIPECALC Design of submarine pipelines 2.41

Design and Analysis of vertical vessels,

30 PRESSURE VESSEL PVELITE horizontal vessels, tall columns,
flanges and local load analysis

Network Analysis Package - Used for

PRIMAVERA ENT generation of overall schedules,
(3e/C) LAN construction networks, task and
milestone lists and trend analysis

32 PERTMASTER Schedule Risk analysis Software 7.5

Specialized mining software for
deposit evaluation and mine planning
of surpac and underground deposits /

Information Systems Infrastructure 30

IS Security Policy
The various IT Systems Employed

Information Systems Infrastructure 31

E Mail Access policy at EIL India Limited:
Currently in EIL Email can be accessed through 3 different ways

 Outlook/Netscape
 Lotus Notes
 Internet Explorer (

 Users on LAN (EIL-Head Office in Delhi) can access i.e. send or receive their Email
through Email Client (Microsoft Outlook) and Lotus Notes.

 Users who are on IP/VPN can Access i.e. send or receive their Email through Email
Clients (Microsoft Outlook) as they are the part of our VPN/MPLS.

 Users on Internet/Sites which are not part of our EIL-NET/IPVPN can only access
their Email i.e. send or receive through Internet Explorer .i.e.:

 They cannot use Microsoft Outlook for sending mails, as the mails are sent through
SMTP (Port 25) which is blocked due to security reasons.

 So currently the only feasible solution for sites which are not on IP/VPN is through
Internet Explorer.

There are some limitations on using Following are the limitation
and its resolution steps:

 By default every user on EIL has a mailbox size of 100 MB. If they do exceed their
allotted mailbox size, what is the way ahead?

 Solution: In we can do following. Mail Size is mainly because of

attachments .So first save the attachments on a folder on your machine. After we
have saved the attachments, please delete the attachments from that email and save
the Email. So in this way, we have our attachments saved to a folder and Mailbox
size also within the limits.

Please see at the attachment in the mail as attached under:

Information Systems Infrastructure 32

Saving the Attachment to a folder by clicking the save button as shown in picture

Information Systems Infrastructure 33

Attachment is now saved to the folder

Now after Saving, Delete the attachment by clicking on Edit button

Information Systems Infrastructure 34

Right click on the attachment and delete the attachment from email

After Deleting the Attachment Just save and close the Email

Information Systems Infrastructure 35

After the Email has been saved , you can see that there is no attachment with respect to that
particular Email

Information Systems Infrastructure 36

IS Services –Web Based
The various IT Systems Employed

Information Systems Infrastructure 37

Applications Configured on IPP WEB SERVER 01 (separate Rack Server)

Sl. Application Database

Site Address Platform
No. Description Connectivity
1 Indian Process Plants WEB www.indianprocessplants IPP ASP
Site .com
2 Tenders Hosted Open Included as an Option PLDB ASP
Tenders / Nits /
3 Inspection Engineers /INSPECTION UNIX/FIN ASP
MovementTenders / Nits /
Purchase RFQ’s
4 PDD Supplier Registration /ENLIST UNIX ASP
Tenders Management
5 Contractor Enlistment /enlistcons UNIX .net 2
For Above
6 Replica of /EIL Not applicable HTML
Clients View
www.engineersIndia web
7 site
Replica of Hindi WEB SITE Not Applicable HTML
8 Document CD viewing for /cdv Not applicable Viewer only
9 IMIS /imis UNIX ASP, .net1

10 IMISVEW /imisvew UNIX ASP, .net1

11 EDMS Version of /enlistedms UNIX ASP

12 EDMS version of Contractor /enlistconsedms UNIX ASP, .net1
13 EDMS version of Tenders /ippedms PLDB ASP

14 PASS /pass UNIX ASP

15 PMMS /pmms UNIX .net2

16 e-Bidding Internal View /einv FIN ASP, .net2

17 ESIS /esis UNIX ASP, .net1

18 BTS /ebill FIN ASP

19 VODCS (for IOCL) /vdocs UNIX ASP

20 e-bidding External https://.../ebidding/ FIN ASP, .net2

21 Recruitments /hrd PLDB ASP

Information Systems Infrastructure 38

2. Applications Configured on IPP WEB SERVER 02 (separate Rack Server)

Sl. Application Database

Site Address Platform
No. Description Connectivity
1 HR Site Access ASP

2 Finance Site FIN ASP

3 Admin Site Access ASP

4 Riskman Eilapplication/riskman SQLSERVERFIN .net1

5 Retired Employee FIN .net1

6 Travel FIN ASP, .net1

7 EILHSE /eilhse UNIX .net1

8 CMIS /cmis UNIX .net 1

HSE site for
9 /consthse UNIX .net 1
10 Induction /induction FIN .net1

11 Loans /Loans FIN .net1

12 OMIS /omis UNIX .net 2

13 Site Query /sq UNIX .net 2

14 Reception /reception FIN .net1

15 Holiday Home /Holidayhome FIN .net1

16 Inter Com /Intercome FIN .net1

17 ePAD /epad FIN .net1

18 Budget /budget FIN .net1

19 EIL PORTAL /eilportal FIN .net1

20 ESIS /esis UNIX .net 2

21 PRIDE /pride UNIX .net1

22 Separation /separation FIN .net2

23 Process Forum /Pforum SQLSERVER .net2

24 Imprest /Imprest FIN .net1

Information Systems Infrastructure 39

25 /profmemb FIN .net2
membership system
26 PMS /PMS FIN .net1

27 Eilforum /eilforum SQL server .net2

3. Applications Configured on EDEX/PDR WEB SERVER (Tower Server - 2)


2 PDR UNIX .net1




4. Applications Configured on HOME SERVER (Blade Server)


2 EDMS Interface UNIX .net2

5. Applications Configured on HELPDESK WEB SERVER (Ordinary P4 M/C)


6. Applications Configured on Other PCs (Ordinary P4 M/C)
1 PCAMS UNIX .net2

Oracle (10G) Databases

IP address Name of Oracle server Abreviation Type of Server IPP IPP Rack UNIX UNIX Tower Server -1 FINANCE FIN Rack Plant Database PLDB Blade Server - 2

.net1 - Microsoft Dot net Version 2003

.net2 - Microsoft Dot net Version 2005

Information Systems Infrastructure 40


Information Systems Infrastructure 41