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Meeting your
trading potential


2 invest fair malaysia 2015

for the future

your portfolio
IN keeping with the
Winvestment Winning Ways
to Invest theme, visitors to
the Invest Fair Malaysia will be
able to catch various industry
experts who will share their
insight and knowledge in a
series of seminars, forums and
Participants stand a chance to
gain information on latest

Time and place

Presentation topic

11am 12.15pm
Saturday, June 20
Seminar Room 1

Bursa market direction

and hot stocks in second
half of 2015

4.15pm 5.30pm
Saturday, June 20
Seminar Room 1

Visitors to IFMY 2015 will be able to network with local and international financial and trading experts.

INVEST Fair Malaysia (IFMY) will

be back for the seventh
consecutive year this June in its
2015 chapter, IFMY 2015.
This fair is held in efforts to raise
the level of financial literacy in the
country, thus supporting retail
participation in Malaysias capital
IFMY 2015 will be a one-stop
platform for retail investors to
acquire relevant tools and
knowledge from a distinguished
pool of local and international
financial and trading experts.
This year, the event will focus on
enhancing investor knowledge
with the theme Winvestment
Winning Ways to Invest.
Investment has gained greater,
more widespread attention in
Asian business markets as more
and more opportunities for profitmaking arise.
By having a greater
understanding of personal
investment merits and risk
profiles, investors will be able to
better decide on investments that
are suitable to their needs and
Therefore, this years
Winvestment theme will focus on
providing useful tips and tricks on
how to take advantage of the
various investment opportunities

market trends and tailored

investment solutions, whether
they are first-timers exploring
the world of investment or
veterans looking to improve their
investment strategies.
Here are some of the keynote
presentations to look forward to
during the IFMY 2015 weekend,
to be held at Level 3, Invest Fair
Exhibition Hall 1:

Evolution of
technical analysis

Datuk Dr Nazri
Khan head of
retail research of
Affin Hwang
Investment Bank
Dr Thiti Tharasuk
founder of Chart
Master Co Ltd

11am 12.15pm
Sunday, June 21
Seminar Room 2

Global and Malaysia

stock market outlook
for 2015 and 2016

Ooi Kok Hwa

managing partner
of MRR Consulting

2pm 3.45pm
Sunday, June 21
Seminar Room 1

How CFD can make

you a stock market
millionaire 10
times faster

Kathlyn Toh
director, chief
trainer and coach of
Beyond Insights

Some other interesting presentations on trending topics of local and

global investment markets include:

Investment guru Hu Li Yang will deliver a keynote seminar at IFMY 2015.

available in the market this way,

visitors will leave the event more
informed and better equipped to
make the right investment
decisions for a lucrative year
Through the maiden Winning
Ways to Invest Programme,
potential investors will be provided
with insights and investment
techniques to access and thrive in

The entrance to the exhibition hall at last years Invest Fair.

these investment platforms.

Participants can expect to gain
new investment techniques and
market outlooks from top
investment gurus.
Patrons of IFMY 2015 will also be
exposed to:
l A showcase featuring
exhibitors ranging from financial
institutions to investment
l Various free edutainment
seminars, forums and workshops
by industry experts
l The introduction of the
Knowledge Book a directory
featuring articles by top investment
l A Guess the Index Contest,
which offers the winner a pair of
return air tickets to one of Asias
leading business hubs, Hong Kong
l A keynote seminar by
renowned speaker and Asian
investment guru Hu Li Yang, who
will speak on investment strategies
to consider in todays global
financial landscape. This seminar
will be held on June 21 (Sunday) at
Seminar Room 1 of the Invest Fair
Exhibition Hall.

Time and place

Presentation topic

3.30pm 4pm
Saturday, June 20
Seminar Room 2

The lucrative world

of art investment

Jack Brown senior

art broker at Art
Futures Group

5.45pm 6.15pm
Saturday, June 20
Seminar Room 1

Cash flow opportunity

with crude oil

Tanzie Ong
manager of Capital
Asia Group

1.15pm 1.45pm
Sunday, June 21
Seminar Room 1

Why invest in the UK?

Martin Jacks
general manager of
Complete Real Estate
& Management Sdn

3.30pm 4pm
Sunday, June 21
Seminar Room 2

The four pillars

of investing

Jessie Lee founder

of Soleil Trinity

Whether you are a seasoned

investor or new to investing, there
is something for everyone at IFMY
2015, says Andrew Chan,
managing director of
ShareInvestor Malaysia.
With ShareInvestors call to
Invest with Knowledge, we
believe that we are able to enhance
retail participation in our capital
markets significantly if Malaysians
become more knowledgeable
about investing and investment
IFMY 2015 is expected to draw
more than 5,000 visitors from
various business and investment
Following the success of IFMY
last year, ShareInvestor Malaysia is
looking to forge long-term
partnership deals with exhibitors
in creating a climate of mutual
support and growth.
This event is the annual flagship
event of ShareInvestor Malaysia a
subsidiary of Shareinvestor Pte
Ltd, which is a leading financial
Internet media and technology


company that owns one of the

largest investor relations networks
in Asia.
ShareInvestor also provides
market data tools and financial
applications to institutional and
retail investors.
The company serves more than
8,000 customers who subscribe to
its financial products and services
as well as receives an average of
400,000 visitors monthly across its
online properties.
ShareInvestor prides itself in
providing an excellent platform for
online advertisers within the
investment communities of
Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand.
Entrepreneurs and investors
should therefore grab this
opportunity to attend IFMY 2015,
which will be held tomorrow and
on Sunday at the Mid Valley
Exhibition Centre. Admission is
free (with the exception of the
keynote seminar by Hu Li Yang).

n For more information,




4 invest fair malaysia 2015

Achieving financial freedom

FOR the unacquainted, feelings of
fear, uncertainty, apprehension
and self-doubt often stop them
from taking the journey towards
investing and trading.
Beyond Insights is on a mission
to bring out the best in people and
to lead them on their financial,
investing and trading journey by
providing a comprehensive
education in investment and
Beyond Insights director, chief
trainer and coach Kathlyn Toh is a
professional investor and trader
with more than two decades of
She earns her wealth from
global indices, US stocks, options
and commodity futures. Despite
the worries about the volatile
global economy, she has been
making 200-300% returns from the
stock market in the past four years.
Before becoming a full-time
trader, Toh was an accomplished
corporate leader with a decent
salary. However, when she started
to plan for her retirement, she
realised that she would not save
enough to retire comfortably.
I realised I had to do something
about this and began to explore
the different vehicles through
which I could make money before
discovering that financial
investment was the best vehicle for

The Beyond Insights team was awarded the Top Financial Training Company
award by Top 10 of Asia in 2013.

me, she says.

Toh attended numerous
seminars and workshops to gain
knowledge of the right strategies
and principles for successful
trading and investment.
She supplemented her trading
and investment knowledge with
psychology courses and became a
certified neuro-linguistic
programming (NLP) master
practitioner and certified master
Even though there are many
classes that teach people about
investment and trading options,
what I find most lacking is trading
psychology. Strategy-based
workshops are not sufficient to
equip people with the confidence

they need to start investing their

money, says Toh.
Together with co-founder and
chief executive officer Terence
Teoh, Toh identified what was
missing from these trading and
investment classes: equipping
students with the ability to deal
with their natural emotions and
master their subconscious mind
their fear, greed and hope. That
was when Beyond Insights was
born in 2008.
Having learnt from their
personal experiences, Teoh and
Toh know that strategy plays a
minor role in becoming a
successful investor and trader.
The co-founders believe that
success in investment and trading

involves 90% psychology and

money management and 10%
With Tohs qualifications in NLP,
Beyond Insights is able to give its
students this edge by conditioning
them with empowering beliefs and
habits about trading and investing
so that they will be able to trade
and invest with absolute
confidence and clarity.
We have students from all
walks of life with different levels
of experience in trading and
investing, including those who
have never traded before, shares
Beyond Insights personalises its
programmes so that people of
different experience and financial
means are able to kick-start their
trading and investment journey
with comfort, consistency and
As a result, the company has
assisted a number of successful
investors and traders to achieve
financial freedom with a capital of
as little as RM2,000 and by
spending less than 30 minutes a
day to invest and trade.
Beyond Insights complete
education in stock market
investment and trading includes
the Trading for Consistent Success
course. This course on trading
psychology and money

management provides the

foundation for all budding traders
who are keen to sharpen their
minds and meet their financial
The Power Investing course
focuses on growth stock screening
and smart marketing timing,
providing students with insights
into applicable lessons such as
screening for and identifying the
best stocks for value and growth
investing, and determining the best
price at which to buy, among
Students can also complete other
courses in CFD (contract for
difference), options and futures,
depending on their interests and
The lessons involve face-to-face
group coaching sessions by
professional traders, position sizing
and planning blueprints to guide
students with, and complementary
trading platforms and tools so that
students can start trading as soon
as they are ready.
Beyond Insights also organises,
free investment talks to introduce
the public to the concept of
achieving financial freedom
through investing and trading.

n For more information,

call 03-7490 2111 or visit