Corrective Math

Chris Dunham Voice mail: 269-565-3772 Email: IPS: Introduction to Physical Science Parents will be able to keep up to date with their child’s current unit and work expectations by visiting Also at the web site is extra information and materials to help students who are struggling with a certain topic or who want to know more about a certain topic. Expectations & Grading: Students are expected to complete assignments given in class, come to class with a decent attitude, and be prepared with the appropriate materials. These materials will be graded, so be aware that they are important. Grades will be based on the following criteria: • • • • • Quizzes and Common Unit Assessments Class participation Homework Projects and assignments Notebook and journal organization and completeness

Final semester grade will be based on the following• • 75% Classroom work and Participation 25% Common Unit Assessments

Grading Scale
98-100% A+ 93-97% A 90-92% A88-89 B+ 83-87% B 80-82% B78-79% C+ 73-77% C 70-72% C68-69% D+ 63-67% D 60-62% D 0-59% E

Classroom Rules: We will discuss some rules for our room the first couple of days in the semester. The following is a list of principles that I feel are important as a basis for these rules: perseverance, responsibility, respect, teamwork, and integrity. As the rules associated with these principles are defined, you will receive a written copy, as will your parents. While I feel it is important for students to be empowered to make their own learning choices; I also feel that a classroom of chaos is a disservice to all members of the learning community. I have an open door policy and would be glad to discuss any agreement/disagreement about classroom rules with you or your parents. Attendance: Much of what we do will be hands on work, group work or lecture with note taking. If your are absent, it is your responsibility to collect missed items. I am available before and after school. I also have a planning period during 3rd block. Most of the time you can find me in room 120 or my office, AOF101, across the courtyard. Appointments can be made in advance to assure you have my undivided attention. Absence from class is not advised due to the nature of the learning expected. There are times when not being here is expected but no one wins when you are not in class and you will be held accountable for obtaining all information given. Tardy Policy: It is important that all students are in class on time. If you come in late, you will need a pass. I will allow one “oops;” after that you will be expected to make up your lost time. The fifth tardy and each tardy beyond will result in a discipline referral to the office per the student guidebook. Hall Passes: It is not recommended that you leave the classroom once class starts. There is one hall pass. When you take the pass, you must sign out of class and then sign back in when your return. Please do not ask to leave if it is needed, just go. Students are allowed 3 passes per marking period. Each pass after that equals the amount of time missed after school working in the classroom or around the building. Late Assignments: This issue will be addressed on an individual basis. If there is a problem or concern with an assignment- TALK WITH ME! I want all my students to be

successful. Data has shown that the majority of students who fail, do so because they DON’T DO THE WORK! I don’t want to accept zeros from you and you shouldn’t accept them from yourself. Extra Help: I have expressed how important you success is to me. I will be available before school every day and will be available after school most days. The best way to ensure my full attention is to schedule a time to meet with me. If you should have questions or concerns and you would like to e-mail me, I will check my e-mail often and respond to you as soon as possible including weekends and after school. There will also be a time set up for a “study table” which I encourage you to take advantage of to make up work or receive extra help when you need it. Substitute Policy: From time to time it will be necessary for a substitute to be here in my place. This person is a guest in our room and I EXPECT you will behave appropriately. Consequences for misbehavior will be much more severe then if I were here. Act like responsible young adults and this will not be a problem.

Please keep this portion of the syllabus and return the information page that follows.

Information Page We have discussed the expectations of the Corrective Math. I understand how to get in contact of Mr. Dunham and what is expected of me in the class. Parent signature:__________________________________________________________ Student signature:_________________________________________________________ Contact Information Day time phone:__________________________________________________________________ E-mail parent:____________________________________________________________ E-mail student:___________________________________________________________