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Newsletter December 2009

œÉ¨ÅÁÅ ¬ÁϐÁÏ ©É£÷ ¬Ëý÷

ƒ ¬ÁÏúÍÁ¨Í
• œÌ¨Ã¡Á¨ÅÁÅ

• €ŸÁê¯ÁÅþà ¬ÁϞʪÁÏ

• ¥Ä Í¬ÁÏ
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• ¡Ã¨ì¨ - ©Ã¤ÂÁÏ

• ýƍďÂ

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Newsletter of Telugu Association of Australia, Melbourne
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¬ÁϐÁ ¬Á¤ÁÅê¨ÏžÁ§ÃÄ ©ÁÏžÁþÁÏ
President:Gopal Tangirala
€¤Ã©ÁÏžÁþÁÏ. ™ÃªÁÏ£§ÁÅ 5©Á œÊžÄþÁ œÉ¨ÅÁÅ
¬ÁϐÁÏ ¬Á§ÃÌëœÁà ¡ÁÏÂ¨Í þçÁíÿÃÏúÃþÁ
Mob: 0413 307 347
§Á¬Á§ÁÏüÁ¥ËþÁ "§Á¬Á §ÂÁ ¬ÁÅŸÁ"
Â§ÁêÁë¥Á ÂþÃä ‡ÏœÍ¥ÁϞà ¬Á¤ÁÅê¨Å ¥Á§Ã¦ÁÅ
Vice-President: Vijaya Tangirala
œÉ¨ÅÁũ§ÁÅ ©ÃúÊ֬à ü¦Á¡ÁëžÁÏ úʬÃþÁÏžÁōÁÅ
Ph: 03 9802 6451
ŸÁþÁê©ÂžÂ¨Å. ƒ Â§ÁêÁë¥ÁÏ¨Í ¤ÂÁϏÂ
"œÉ¨ÅÁÅ ©Ë¤Á©ÁÏ" ³ÂížÃÏúà œÉ¨ÅÁÅ
Secretary: Krishna Betanabhatla
©Â§ÁÏžÁ§ÁÆ ƒ ©ÃþÁÆœÁä ¡Áë¦ÉÂþÍà üÍöÁ§ÁÅì
Ph: 03 8802 8741 ¡Á¨ÃÂ§ÁÅ. We’re on the Web!
See us at:
Treasurer: Srinivasa Rao Gangula 2009 ¬ÁÏ©ÁœÁð§ÁÏ¨Í ƒ ¬ÁÏúÍÁ €¯Á§Â¨
Mob: 0418 398 252 §Á©ÁžÃ €þà ¬ÁÁ§ÁíϏ ƒ ¬Áë©ÁÏœÃ
úÉ¡ÁôåÁÅÏýÍÏžÃ. ƒ ÁþÁœÁ¨Í
Member: Lakshmi Peri ±Â¨Å¡ÁÏúÁōÁÅþÁä ‡ÏœÍ ¥ÁϞà Á©Ã
Ph: 03 9578 5027 ¡ÁôϏÁ©Áô¨Å, ©ÁÇœÃà §ÄœÂê þôÂßœÁŨŠœÁ¥Á
Mob: 0421 101 999 §ÁúÁþ ±Âý©Â¨œÍ ¥ÁþÁ œÉ¨ÅÁũ§ÍÃ
¡ÁëœÊêÁ ¬Ê©Á¨ÏžÃÏúÁ™Á¥Ê ÂÁÅϙ œÉ¨ÅÁÅ
Member: Mallikeswara Rao Konchada ¤Â«Á¡Ë ¥ÁÁÅÑ©Á ¡ÉϱÌÏžÃÏúÁ™ÂþÍÃ
Mob: 0422 116 542 œÍ™Áå™ÂݧÁÅ. €ÏœÊ ÂÁÅϙ ú¨¥ÁÏžÃ
úÃþÂä§ÁŨŠ¥Á§Ã¦ÁÅ ¦ÁÅ©Á §ÁúÁ¦œÁ¨Å
"¬Áë©ÁÏœÃ" ¡Ã¨ì¨ ©Ã¤ÂÂþÍà œÁ¥Á ¥ÁŸÁŧÁ¥ËþÁ
§ÁúÁþÁ¨þÁÅ €ÏžÃÏú§ÁÅ. ©Ä§ÁÏžÁ§ÃÄ ƒ
"¬Áë©ÁÏœÃ" €¤ÃþÁÏžÁþÁ¨Å œÉ¨Å¡ÁôÁÅÏýÍÏžÃ.

žÂžÂ¡Áô 12 þɨ¨±ÂýÅ €©Ã§Â¥ÁϏ ªÁë¥ÃÏúÃ

ƒ ¬Áë©ÁÏœÃþà ¡ÁëÁœÃ ¡ÁŸÁÏ ©Ë¡Áô þÁ™Ã¡ÃÏúÃ
Merry Christmas ©É¨ÅÁÅ £Âý ¨ÍÃ œÄ¬ÁōÁÅ©ÁúÃÖþÁ ¬Á¤ÁÅê¨Å,
& ªÍëœÁ¨Å, ‡ÏœÍ ±ÍëœÂðöÁþÃäúÃÖþÁ ¡Á¨Å©Áô§ÁÅ
A Happy New Year ¡Áë¥ÁŎŨϞÁ§ÃÄ Ãë¬ÁÛ¥Á¬÷, þÁÆœÁþÁ
2010 ¬ÁÏ©ÁœÁð§Á ¥Á§Ã¦ÁÅ ¬ÁύÂëϜà ªÁŤÂϯÁ¨Å
œÉ¨Å¡ÁôÁÅÏýÆ ©ÁúÊÖ ¬ÁÏúÍÁ ©Á§ÁÁÆ ¬É¨©Áô

¥Ä ¬Áë©ÁÏœÃ

Disclaimer: Articles in this newsletter are contributed by individual writers' and TAAI will no
way be responsible for this content.
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€ŸÁê¯ÁÅþà ¬ÁϞʪÁÏ
Dear TAAI members and supporters,
Welcome to the last edition of Sravanti in year 2009.
Judging by the feedback received by your committee, Rasa Raga Sudha program held on
Saturday 5th December was an unqualified success. The venue was packed and more, with
participants enjoying immensely the songs and Kavithalu presented by some of the best
talent in our community. I like to take this opportunity to thank all attendees for their
support of this function and in turn demonstrating once again that our local artistic talent
enjoys strong support from the community.
Sometimes, it can happen that we experience unexpected hardship. This can happen to any
of us, at any time. I draw your attention to the plight of Kiran Pabba, a 23 year old
Telugu student currently on a scholarship here in Melbourne. Kiran at a very young age
became fully blind and a short summary of how this happened, published inside is heart
wrenching. Please do take time to read his story and if you can help him in any way,
contact myself or the editor of Sravanti, Mr. Rao Konchada.
Recently a number of new members asked me, the purpose of our Association and the
activities we undertake. I like to dwell on this in this column briefly, not only for the
benefit of our new members but also to remind ourselves of what TAAI as an organisation
stands for.
TAAI is essentially a community organisation for Telugu speaking and Telugu origin people
of Victoria with a family focus. It is a secular organisation with a clear charter to promote
Telugu Language, literature, culture and traditions specifically among the Victorian Telugu
community and more broadly within the Victorian population. TAAI as an organisation
brings together all Telugu speaking people in Victoria under one umbrella, fostering
togetherness, belonging and a strong sense of community. TAAI foundation is firmly based
on such values as friendliness, inclusiveness, equality, mutual respect, honesty,
accountability, understanding based on sensitivity, generosity to the less fortunate and
social service to the needy among others. The activities undertaken by TAAI reflect the
nature and purpose outlined above.
It is important to recognise and celebrate excellence in the community. Please join me to
congratulate Dr (Mrs) Rama Rao Guduru and Mr Ramprasad Vemula from our community for
being presented with Excellence award by Victorian Multicultural Council (VMC) recently.
These awards were given in recognition of the outstanding achievements by these
individuals in the area of community work.
We are well and truly in to the holiday season here in Australia. On behalf of TAAI
management committee, I wish you all safe, pleasant holiday period, Merry Christmas and
a very happy, prosperous New Year 2010.

Gopal Tangirala
President TAAI  
On Behalf of Management Committee 

TAAI president Mr. Gopal

Tangirala and Vice President
Mrs Vijaya Tangirala
presenting a cheque for INR
Rs1,50,000.00 to
Honourable Sri. D. Sridhar
Babu, Minister of Andhra
Pradesh for Higher
Education and NRIs.
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My name is Kiran Pabba and I am 23 years old. I study and work part time and till
recently lived in a shared house in Hoppers Crossing. I was on a scholarship to
study bio technology at Deakin University. Life was good.
I was a regular sort of guy till about 6 months ago when my life changed forever. I
was driving to my cleaning job when I got pulled over by a police car at the Hoppers
Crossing round about. The policeman said I hadn’t seen his car and was not driving
straight. The policeman let me off with a strong warning on my ‘careless driving’. I
was shaken by the incident but put it out off my mind. That night I was studying with
friends when one of them remarked on my posture. He said I was leaning so far
forward that my nose was almost touching the laptop screen. They all laughed at me
and I joined in too, not thinking this was unusual.

I normally wear glasses and thought I needed a stronger prescription. This was also
around the time when I started to lose my jobs cleaning and washing dishes as the
people said I wasn’t doing a good enough job. I started to find that while I could see,
I couldn’t make out any detail. I also had no money to see a doctor. I was frightened
and decided I couldn’t keep up with my bio technology course and I swapped to a
private college.

One day at college I couldn’t see what the teacher had written on the board at all. I
felt helpless but didn’t tell anyone. The next day I was driving and couldn’t see what
the speed sign said. This freaked me out. What was happening to me? I went to the
college counsellor and he said I should immediately go to a doctor. The doctor
referred me to an eye specialist. The specialist examined my eyes and said ‘You
have macular dystrophy’. I didn’t know what that meant. The doctor was very
sympathetic and said ‘Your vision acuity is 6/60 which means you are legally blind.
There is also no cure, no treatment and we cannot predict if you will get worse or stay
the same’.

I started crying and suddenly everything that had happened to me made sense. The
next weeks and months were a blur. I didn’t confide in anyone and I was a mess
psychologically, emotionally and financially. I had no money, no support and possibly
no future, and I was all of 23. There were days when I felt suicidal – what sort of life
could I have without my eye sight? In desperation I registered on the Macular
Degeneration Foundation website to get more information. The next day my phone
rang and it was Julie Hegarty the CEO of the Foundation. Julie probably got the ear
bashing of her life that day – when I told her everything. But she understood. Today
I am being helped by Julie and other people she has connected me with.

I now have some good days and some bad days. I sometimes think about what I
want from life? I want like most people to be able to live independently and with
dignity. Completing my education and finding work will let me do that. Can
you help me complete my education, and live with dignity? Julie and the MDF
have set up a ‘Kiran Pabba Life with Dignity Scholarship Fund’ to support me.
Thanks for taking the time to read about me and for your support.
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¥Ä Í¬ÁÏ
§Á¬Á §ÂÁ ¬ÁÅŸÁ - §Á³ÂœÁéÁÏ

“2009 ™ÃªÁÏ£§ÁÅ 5©Á

œÊžÄ ŠÁ ¥Á§ÁÅ¡Áô§ÂþÃ
žÃþÁÏ.  §ÍüÅ
ü§ÃÃþÁ ŠÁ þÁÆœÁþÁ
¡Á§ÃúÁ¦ÁÏ €žÃ
¥Á§ÁÅ©Á¨Êþà €þÁŤÁ©ÁÏ.
€žÊ œÉ¨ÅÁÅ ©Ë¤Á©ÁÏ.”

¬Áşħ÷ ¥ÁÏ™Á¨ÄÁ
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The Telugu Association of Australia Inc. (TAAI) thanks all sponsors,

volunteers, participants and members for making “RASA RAGA
SUDHA” a successful and memorable event.

Rasa Raga Sudha – Photos

All the photographs of “RASA RAGA SUDHA” function will be uploaded on TAAI
website soon.
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జై ెలుగు జన !! జయ !
ఆధు క మానవజా తమ మ ో ా ా న్ ెలల్ ిం ేందుకు మాతృ ాష ై ే ఆ ారపడుతుం ి. తయ్ తంలో
వయ్కుత్లుఒక ికొకరు తమ తమ సం ే ా న్ అం ించటం కోసం ఆ ాష ై ే ఆ ారపడ ారు. . ా ి కి ిక,ీ
వరణకూ అ ి ఒక ాధనం ా ఉప గపడుతుం ి. ఆ ాధనం ో ే తమ ఆలోచనలకు అకష్ర రూపం కూ ా
త్ ారు. అలాంటి సం ేశ పర్కిర్యలకు మూలా ార ే మన మాతృ ాష ెలుగు! మన వన మూలసథ్ ంభం
అ నఆ ాష రమ్లం ా వుండటం మన వ ావసరం. అందుకోసం మనం ఎం ో ఆదరశ్వంతం ా
నడుచుకో ా . మన ముందు త ాల ారు కూ ా ఆ ావన ే ెం ొం ిం ేలా కృ ి ేయా . మన ాషలో మం
“మన ాషలో మం పర్ ే ా న్ ా ిం ఓ సము త థ్ ా కి ే ిన వయ్కుత్లు ే ిప్న ా ో ాచ్రణ, ాకయ్ ామ్ణ ా ాల ో ే మన
పర్ ే ా న్ ా ిం ఓ ిలల్ న్ ో ిసత్ ూ ెలుగు సంసక్ర్ ఓ అతుయ్నన్త థ్ ా కి సుకు ె ాళ్ స్న బాధయ్త మనంద ి ై ా వుం ి.
సము త థ్ ా కి ే ిన
" ెలుగ ేలయనన్ ేశంబు ెలు ేను
వయ్కుత్లు ే ిప్న
ెలుగు వలల్ భుండ ెలు ొకండ
ా ో ాచ్రణ, ాకయ్ ామ్ణ
ఎలల్ ారు నగ ఎరుగ ే బా ా ి
ా ాల ో ే మన ిలల్ న్
ేశ ాషలందు ెలుగు లెసస్"...
ో ిసత్ ూ ెలుగు సంసక్ర్
ఓ అతుయ్నన్త థ్ ా కి
...అంటూ ెలుగు ాష కీ త్ ంి ారు ాహి సమ ాంగణ ారవ్ ౌముడు ా శవ్ ఖాయ్ ాం న జయనగర
సుకు ె ాళ్ స్న బాధయ్త
ామార్టుట్ ర్కృషణ్ ేవ ాయలు.
మనంద ి ై ా వుం ి”
...అ ే లకష్ణాల కొన ా ింపులో..పనస ొనలక ాన్, పంచ ారక ాన్, ంటి ే ె క ాన్, నున్ క ాన్ ెలుగు ా ే
మధురం ా వుంటుంద మన పూ ీవ్కులు వ ణ్ంి ారు. ఆ ోరణిలో ే "మా ెలుగు త ల్ కి మలెల్ పూదండ! మా కనన్
త ల్ కి మంగళ రతులు!! ". .." ెలుగు జా మన ి! ండుగ ెలుగు జా మన ి.!! ....అంటూ తదుప ి క తరం
ారు ఎ ోన్మధుర ీ ాలాపనలు ా ం ారు. అలా ెలువ ిన ఆ ెలుగు అకష్ర ౌషట్ ా కీ, శబద్ ౌంద ాయ్ కీ
ే యులు కూ ా ఆశచ్రయ్ం ో తలమునకలయాయ్రు.

ఇక ెలుగు ఆ ాభ్వం ా ా సంసక్ృతుల గు ిం చ ిచ్ ద్ ాం. ఎ ోన్ శ ాబాద్ల ాహి చ ితర్ క ిన ఘనత
ెలుగుకుం ి. ఆ త ావ్త మన మాతృ ాషకు ఆందర్ పదం కూ ా ఓ ప ాయ్య పదరూపంలో జత ా ే ిం ి. కర్ ేణా
ఆందర్ ాషట్ ంర్ నలుమూలలలోల్ లబధ్ పర్ షుట్ల న మ కవులెంద ో ెలుగులోకి వ ాచ్రు. త ావ్ ా ననన్యయ్,
కక్న, ఎరర్న, ోతన, ేమన, ర్ ాధులాల్ంటి మ కవుల కరకమలాలలో రూపు ిదద్ ుకునన్ మ నన్త ఆందర్
కవన ా ా ౌ ాలె ోన్మనకు ా ాదతత్ ం ా ంచబ డ్ ా . ఆ వరుసలో ే ెలుగు పదయ్ జననం జ ి ిం ి.
ా న్ ెలుగు కవన ానం అనుస ిం ం ి. ెలుగు పద క ా ి ామహులు ా ే ొం ిన ాయ్గ ా , ేతయ
ర్ య్,
అనన్మయయ్, ామ ాసు,ఆ ిభటల్ లాల్ంటి మ ను ావులు మనకి ఎం ో అతుయ్నన్త ైన ా ా ేవ న్
అం ిం ారు. ఆ వరవ ికి వం ో ిన ారసులు ా ఈ నవయుగంలో క ామార్ట్ శవ్ ాథ సతయ్ ా ాయణ,
మ క ర్ ర్, ,సము ార్ల, ఆ య
ేర్ ,ఆరుదర్, ేవులప ల్ , ాయ ోర్లు, ాశర ,ి ా ాయణ ె ,ిడ్ జాషు ా, ఉష ర్
లాల్ంటి ఆధు క కవులు కీ త్ ంి చబ డ్ ారు. ా ిననుస ిసత్ ూ ే పదయ్, కవన ణ
ేర్ ిలో ే వచన రచన కూ ానవలా
రూపంలో వృ ధ్ ల
ి ోకి వ చ్ం ి. కందుకూ ి ేశ ంగం, నన్యసూ ి, లకమ త్ ,ి గురజాడ, చలం, బ ాడ,
కొడవటిగంటి, ర్పుర ే , ాచకొండ , యదద్ నపూ ి, ముళళ్పూ ,ి మా ి ె ,ిడ్ ా ి ె ,ిడ్ మలాల్ ి, యండమూ ి
లాంటి మ మహులెంద ో ెలుగు నవలా ాహి ాయ్ న్ మ నన్త ఖ ాలకి సుకు ె ల్ ారు. ి ీ ాలకి ఓ
కొతత్ వరవ ి సృ ట్ ంి న ేటి పర్ముఖులు ా ేటూ ,ి ి ి ె ెన్లలు కొన ాగుతు ాన్రు.
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ఆ తరం అనంతర ే ెలుగు ాష థ్ ా ిగజారటం ార్రంభం అ ం ి. ేటి నవసమాజంలో అల ాటి

అతుయ్నన్త ాహి లువల డ కూ ా కనపడకుం ా ో ం ి. సతస్ంపర్ ాయ పదజాలం జాడలే
క ప్ంచటం లేదు. వయ్వ ిక ాషలో ాటలు ిసత్ ు ాన్ . ినస ి ెలుగు ాడుక ాషకి జత ా
అరధ్ ంలే ఆంగల్ ప ా న్ఉప ిసత్ ూ వరధ్మాన ి కవులు ార్ న
ి ీ ా న్ ంటూ ే ేటి యువత
ర్ తలూ ి ో ోం ి. ై ా ా ేన్ అసలు ిసలైన ెలుగు ాహితయ్ం ా ా త్ ోం ి. ాం ో ఈ కాలం
ిలల్లకి మం ెలుగు మాటలకు అరథ్ ం ఒంటబటట్ టం లేదు. ఒక .కోణంలోనుం చూ ేత్ ఇపప్టి ఇం ల్ ష
ీ ు
చదువులే ా ి ెలుగు ాషకి దూరం ేసత్ ు ాన్యనన్ ావన కలుగక మానదు.ఎందుకంటే ా ి
త తండుర్లే ెలుగును ో ించటంలేదు. ా కి కారణం ా ే స ి ా మం ాషను ేరుచ్కోలేద ా
ెపప్వచుచ్.తతఫ్ తం ా ేటి సమాజంలో ఇం ల్ ష
ీ ు, హిం ీ ప ాల ాడకం సరవ్ ా ారణం అ ో ం ి.
త ావ్ ా ెలుగు ాహితయ్ంలో ఎ ోన్ అను త మారుప్లు జరుగుతు ాన్ . కొంతవరకు అ ేఎ ోన్
దుషప్ ిణామాలకి ◌ోహదం ేసత్ ు ాన్ . ఆలా ఏ ోరకం ా ఈ ా ా ోష పరంపర కొన ాగుతూ ే వుం ి. తయ్
వన సం ాషణలోల్మం ప ాల ొం ికే కరు ై ో ం ి. ెలుగు పం ితులకు ఆదరణే అరుద ో ం ి
“అందుకోసం తవ్ర ా ఆచరణ
వకత్ లు, పర్వకత్ లు కనుమరుగ ోతు ాన్రు..అ న్ ోటాల్ ఎం ో అటట్ సం ా జ ి ే ఆంధర్ మ సభలు ఎనన్ ో
గయ్ ైన
మూతప డ్ ా . గతంలో ా ా వృ ధ్ క
ి ి ాటుప ిన ా ాల న్ ేడు కుంటువ డ్ ా . ఇం ెందుకు అసలు
మా గ్ ాల అ ేవ్ ించం ి.
ెలుగు ాషలో మటాల్ ే ా ే తకుక్ ై ోతు ాన్రు. ఆధు క ోకడల ేరు ో మాతృ ాష సవ్రూప
ఆలో ంచం ి. ఆ ిశలో
సవ్ ా ాలను, రూపు ేఖల ే మా ేచ్సుత్ ాన్రు. అందుకు ఉ ాహరణ ా ఓ ెలుగు ప ర్క ఈ ాయ్స రచ త
నూతన్ పథకా న్
" ష
ే ం పురు ోతత్ మా ా "ి ేరు ఒక సందరభ్ంలో "య ప్ీ ా "ి ా ఇం ల్ ష
ీ ులోకి కు ిం ే ిన
సూ ంచం ి. పదం ి
షయా ేన్ ె ాప్ స్ వుంటుం ి. ఆమాటకొ ేత్ అసలు ాహి లువ న్ ో ిం ే ప ర్కలే కరువయాయ్ .
ముందుకు! పదం ి
ఎ ోన్ పుటట్ ొడుగులాల్ వసుత్ ాన్ ... వ చ్నటు
ల్ ా ే గుటుట్
ోసుకు!! ”
చపుప్డులేకుం ా కనుమరుగవుతు ాన్ . త ాక్రణం ా వరథ్మాన రచ తల సృజ ాతమ్క శకిత్కి ఆటంకం
ాటిలల్ ు ోం ి. ాం ో ా ి అంతరంగంలో ఉతప్నన్ ైన అమూలయ్ ైన ావ ాహి కి అడుడ్కటట్ లు
ప ినటల్ వు ోం ి.

వరకు ఏమ ే ే ఈ నవ వన యానంలో మన మాటల ావ్ ా, ాటల ావ్ ా, ి మా,

బు ల్ ెర, ే ి , సమా ార, త ితర ాడుక మాధయ్మాల ావ్ ా, ెలుగు ాష ా ాపు అం మ దశకు
ేరుకోబో ోం ి. కా ఆలా జరుగ కూడదు. అనూహయ్ం ా ాటి ా ల్ స్
ె ి ప్ బౌర్న్ లాంటి ఆం ల్ య
ే ెలుగు
అ మా చూ న
ి మా గ్ ా ేన్ ేడు
ే ాలోల్ ఉనన్ ెలుగు ారు కూ ా అనుస ిసత్ ు ాన్రు. ఆ ోర్దబ్లం ో ే ా ి ిలల్లు కూ ా ెలుగు
అ ాయ్సంలో అంచలం ెలు ా ఎ ి ి ోతు ాన్రు. అ ే ోర్ ాస్హం శవ్ ాయ్పత్ ెలుగు జా ఆదరశ్ం ా
కొన ా ా . అ ే ధం ా మన ాషర్ంలో, మన ేశంలో కూ ా మన మాతృ ాష కా ాడుకో ా .
ా ా వృ ధ్ క
ి ి ల
ె ుగుజా అం ా ఏ ాయ్ ా ైన్ ా ేయా స్న సమయం ఆసనన్ ైం ి..ఈ సతస్ంకలప్ం
ాసత్ వ రూపం ాలచ్టం కోసం మనమందరం స ట్ ి ా కృ ి ే ద్ ాం. అందుకోసం తవ్ర ా ఆచరణ గయ్ ైన
మా గ్ ాల అ ేవ్ ించం ి. ఆలో ంచం ి. ఆ ిశలో నూతన్ పథకా న్ సూ ంచం ి. పదం ి ముందుకు!
పదం ి ోసుకు!! .

జై ెలుగు జన ! ..జయ ! జయ !

....య ప్ీ ా ి
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The topic of the “boat people’’ is one that attracts the most interest and criticism.
This is a topic that has divided Australians into two clear and distinct groups: one
wanting a more humanitarian approach toward refugees, while the others demanding
far stricter immigration policy.

The political unrest in countries such as Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Iraq etc. and last June’s
loosening of the Immigration policy by the Rudd government has contributed to a
massive influx of asylum seekers into Australia.

These people do not stop and are willing to risk even their lives on a leaky, wooden
fishing vessel at a supposed chance at a new life and for the promise of a safe haven.

In recent days, “the boat people” from Sri Lanka, now in Indonesian waters, issuing
various threats including ‘hunger strikes’ and blowing up their vessel, continue to make
head lines in Australia.

One can certainly sympathise with the fact that in general, most refugees have
undergone a great deal of suffering in their country and have risked their lives to reach
our shores, however certain questions rise in my mind specifically in relation to the last
“Can any Government lot of the Srilankan boat people.
get the right mix so as
to enable a fair, firm, Why have these refugees failed to land in Indonesia and get processed via the normal
reasonable yet channels just like the other refugees in detention centers still waiting to be assessed?
migration policy? Or Why do these refugees want to land only in Australia and in no other country, while the
will there be many primary motive should have been to touch any country other than Srilanka?
more disillusioned
youth who think that a Why do these refugees issue threats of ‘hunger strikes’ and blowing up their vessel,
boat is indeed mightier while their reaction should have been to thank the Australian and Indonesian
Government for saving their lives and trying to find a solution to their problems?
than book?”
Media, Government, NGOs and the wide public all have their own interpretations for
their actions. Is this a border protection issue or is this is a humanitarian challenge?

Internationally, it is a pitiful situation that each year only a handful of visas are
processed, there are thousands of people in camps still waiting to be processed. Camp
living conditions are in compassionate and compared to prisons.

It is very hard to sympathize and accept these refugees as they come, without the
Government being perceived as a weak Government giving in to their threats and
demands, the people smugglers get the wrong message and more refugees seeking to
arrive into Australia via boats assuming automatic acceptance rather than apply in the
standard process.

If you are thinking about the topic of this essay, “Is boat mightier than book”, I put
forward for your appraisal the following.

International students pay a fortune to get into a university here, contribute millions to
the Australian economy even while they study, and when completed, they turn out to
be skilled and responsible citizens of the society. Some of them are keen to attain
permanent residency status in Australia. Hence they carefully pick their subjects,
successfully finish their education and cope with many a difficulty in this new country.
They bear numerous struggles like sub standard accommodation, unscrupulous
employers etc, At the minute they finish their studies and hope for a residency, the
immigration requirements change again. Not only that, they have a tough time proving
their competency in English (after a life long education in the language), job ready
tests, and an ever changing sea of policy changes that they cannot keep up with.
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I went to the airport to send off a friend to India the other day. He had completed his
Masters in Public Health in Australia.. a highly regarded qualification. He was going back
as he was not eligible to permanently reside in Australia as his qualifications were “not
enough”. Sipping coffee, we were watching the daily news at the airport café, when he
suddenly blurted out, “Don’t you think that the boat people are better than us,
students? They pay less, don’t have to prove that they know English, and sometimes can
even demand how and where there visas would be processed and can predict their fate
to a certain extent, unlike us”.

I felt a mix of emotions and thoughts about what he said. Can any Government get the
right mix so as to enable a fair, firm, reasonable yet compassionate migration policy? Or
will there be many more disillusioned youth who think that a boat is indeed mightier
than book?
Sonia Penumarthy

þ ¥Á Âý œÉ¨ÅÁÅ§Í þ±Âý œÉ¨ÅÁŧÂ

þ ¥Á Âý œÉ¨ÅÁÅ§Í þ±Âý œÉ¨ÅÁŧÂ
þ£Âý ¥É§ÁŏÁÅ§Í þ£Âý ©É¨ÅÁŧÂ
þ ¥Á Âý œÉ¨ÅÁÅ ±Âý œÉ¨ÅÁÅ ý œÉ¨ÅÁÅ £Âý œÉ¨ÅÁÅ "þ ¥Á Âý œÉ¨ÅÁÅ
þ ¡Á¨Éì œÉ¨ÅÁÅ§Í œÁþÁÅ©É¨ì œÉ¨ÅÁŧÂ
±Âý œÉ¨ÅÁÅ ý
ÏŸÁë ¤ÁÆ¥Ã¨Í ¥ÉŨÉœÃàþÂþÁŧÂ,
œÉ¨ÅÁÅ £Âý œÉ¨ÅÁÅ
þèũɜÁÅà ¥ÁþëÏÁ þÊþɞÏÃþÂþÁŧ þ ¡Á¨Éì œÉ¨ÅÁŧÍ
©ÃžÊªÂ¨¨Í ©ÃÁ¬ÃÏúÃþÂþÁŧÂ, œÁþÁÅ©É¨ì œÉ¨ÅÁŧ”
…ÿÁ¨ §ÁúÁþÁ¨Íì þÊ ¥ÁÅþÏÃþÂþÁŧÂ
ªÂϜà ¬ÁÿÁþ¨Šþ ¡Á§ÁÏ¡Á§ÁŨŧÂ
þ ¥Á Âý œÉ¨ÅÁÅ§Í þ±Âý œÉ¨ÅÁŧÂ...

£Â¨Æ £Â¡Áõ¨ þ̞èà ©ÁúÃÖþÂþÁŧÂ,

©ÉύÁýÃ§Ã £ÏÃþÁ¡Á¨Ãì ¥Á§ÁÅ©Á¨ÊþÁŧÂ
©ÁÂ¦Á €¤Ã§ÁÅúà ³ÂížÃ³ÂàþÁŧÂ,
§ÍüÅ §ÍüÅ ƒþ™ÁÅ úÁžÁÅ©ÁôœÂþÁŧÂ
ÁžÁâ§ÁÅ Á®Á¥ÁÅþÁ ¬ÁÆå§Ãàþà ±ÌÏžÁÅœÂþÁŧÂ,
þ ¥Á Âý œÉ¨ÅÁÅ§Í þ±Âý œÉ¨ÅÁŧÂ...

„±Â¦Á ¨ …ý¨Íà œÉ¨Ã©ÃœÊý¨¥ÁÅéÌÏý,

€±Â¦Á ¨ ÁÆýÏ¨Í ±ÂþÁÏ ü§Á ¡Ë¨¥ÁÏý
€™Á¡ÁžÁ™Á¡Á Ì¨Å©Áô ¥Á §à ¡Êý¡Êý œÃ§ÁŏÁōÁÅÏý,
¡ÁôýÉÛ™ÁÅ €¡Áôå¨Íà ÁýÊÛ Íý¥ÄžÁ ÍýÏý
þ „þÍà ¤Â§ÁœËþ þÊ¡ÁþÍà ¤Ê«ÁōÁÏý,
Â¬ÁŨ ©Êý¨Íì þÊ ¥ÁþÁ¬ÁÅ Í§ÁōÁÅÏý
þ ¥Á Âý œÉ¨ÅÁÅ§Í þ±Âý œÉ¨ÅÁŧÂ...
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¥ÁþÁƧÁÅ Âþà …§ÁÅ ¥ÁþÁ ¡Á¨Éì Âþà ¡Á¨Éì,

±ÌýÛ üÊœÁ ¡ÁýÅۍÌþà ¥É¨Íç§÷ä þÁÁ§Á¥ÉÅúÃÖþÂ¥ÁÅ
Â¬ÉéýÍ÷ £œÁōÁŨ¦É, ÁϏ§Áƨ ¡Á§ÁŏÁŨ¦É,
Â–ÉíÏý÷ úÁžÁÅ©Áô¨Â¦É ¥ÃœÁÏ œÉ¨ÅÁÅ ¥Á Âý¨Â¦É
ÁÏ¡Áõêý§÷ ¨ÍÁ¥Á ¦É, Â¨ÏœÁÍ ±ÍýĨ¦É,
ÍÍÍ¨Â Î¨Â¦É, ÌϜɥÁé Í§ÉѨ¦É
þ ¥Á Âý œÉ¨ÅÁÅ§Í þ±Âý œÉ¨ÅÁŧÂ...
¤Â§ÁœÄ¦Á ¤Â©ÂþÍà ©ÁþÉäþÃúÉÖ þÁÁ§Á¥ÃžÃ,
‚ÏýÃÏýÂþÁÏžÁ¥ÃžÃ €ÏžÁ§Ã ü£èÃì ‚žÃ
Áś¨ ³ÎÏžÁ§Áê¥ÃžÃ ¤ÃþÁäœÁ¨Í „þÁäœÁ¥ÃžÃ,
þßÁŨÁÅ ¬ÁÏžÍÿÁ¥ÃžÃ …¡Ã§ÃÍύ§Á¥ÃžÃ
Á¨Ã¬Ã ¥É¨Ã¬Ã £œÁōÁÅžÂÏ ÁŨ³Á Á™ÁÅ¡ÁôžÂÏ
þ ¥Á Âý œÉ¨ÅÁÅ§Í þ±Âý œÉ¨ÅÁŧÂ...
ú§à úÏÁŧ¨

¥ÁþÁ¬Ê üÄ©ÃœÁ ¬ÊäÿÁÏ

తల న ి జ ి ిం ా అ ే అదృషట్ ం త్ మధువులో కాదు - ఉం ే ి
మతు ా కళళ్లోల్

జ ి ే ి ఆ ిం ా క ి ా ా సమయం భకిత్ పూజలో కాదు - ఉం ా స్ం ి శర్దధ్లో

జరగకు ాన్ ఫర ాలేదులే అనుకు ే ే తం ేన్హం ెపుప్కోడంలో కాదు - ఉం ా మనసులో

జ ి ేలా ేసుకు ే ే మనలో మ ో త్ రయ్ం

ై అనుకోవడంలో కాదు - ఉం ా పర్ కష్ణంలో

పూవు ప ిమ ం ే ి గగ్ నుం కొ ాన్ళళ్కు ఎవరు ఎవ ికి గురుతుంటారు

మ ి ఎ ి ే ి బాలయ్ం నుం ఓ ో న ముఖాలు ైతం మ ిచ్ ో ారు

ేర్మ జ ం ే ి ేన్హం లోం మునగ ా కి ఎందుకు ళుళ్

ఆ సుస్ల వరష్ం ాలు !
ేన్హం గు ే ిం ి ఆ ెనుం
ముర ధరమ్పు ి
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ƒ üÁœÃ¨Í
ేర్మక ాన్ య ి లే ే లేదు కులమత బే ాలు ఎరుగదు ేర్మ

మమత వలె మాయ ి లే ే లేదు కుసుమములా ప ిమ ం ే ి ేర్మ...... ేర్మక ాన్

ేర్ ే సరవ్ం ేర్ ే సతయ్ం

ెండు హృదయాల సంగమము
ేర్ ం న ఇ ి ె యును తయ్ం........ ేర్మక ాన్
ెపప్కు కనున్ వలె ఈ బంధము

మన రువురము ేర్ కులం ెలుగు తరగ అమర ీపం

ేర్ కులం ా ఒకే కులం ెలుతురు ొస ే ైవ రూపం ............. ేర్మక ాన్
¬Áşħ÷ ¥ÁÏ™Á¨ÄÁ

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ƒ ¬ÁÏúÍÁ ©ÁêÃà
Lt. Shri Pingali Venkayya, the man behind the
Our National Flag, was born on July 22, Pradesh researching on agriculture and
1947, with Nehruji’s words, “Now I different varieties of commercial crops.
present to you not only the Resolution, For his pioneering study on the special
but the Flag itself”. This flag was first variety of Cambodia cotton, he came to
hoisted at the Council House on August be called Pathi Venkayya. His esteem was
15, 1947. The man who designed Tiranga so high that even the British consulted
was a versatile genius Lt. Shri Pingali him and conferred on him honorary
Venkayya. membership of the Royal Agricultural
Society of Britain.
Sri Pingali Venkayya was born on the 2nd
of August, 1876 in Bhatlapenumarru, near In 1914, he turned his agricultural land
Masulipatnam or the present day into an estate and named it
Machilipatnam of Andhra Pradesh, India Swetchapuram.

“For his pioneering to Hanumantharayudu and
study on the special Venkataratnamma. Not many know that Eventually, he went back to
variety of Cambodia he was also a prolific writer, a Japanese Machilipatnam to start the National
cotton, he came to be lecturer and geophysicist. Pingali School where he taught students a wide
Venkayya was a gifted child. After range of subjects from basic military
called Pathi training to the history of nature and soil.
finishing primary education in Challapalli,
Venkayya. His esteem and schooling at Hindu High School in Not being content with this however, in
was so high that even Machilipatnam, Venkayya went abroad to 1916 he started researching different
the British consulted Colombo, Sri Lanka for his senior degree. types of flags and conceived the design of
him and conferred on Soon after, he enlisted for the Boer War the one we have today.
him honorary in South Africa in 1899 at nineteen years
of age. Here he met Mohandas The years from 1921 to 1931, marked a
membership of the Karamchand Gandhi who participated in heroic chapter in Pingali Venkayya’s life.
Royal Agricultural the Boer War as a volunteer in the The proposal for a tricolour National Flag
Society of Britain” Ambulance Corps. On his return to India was discussed at the historic Session of
Pingali Venkayya worked as a railway the AICC at Bezwada in 1921. (31 March -
guard at Bangalore and Madras and 1 April, 1921). It was at this session that
subsequently joined the government this frail middle aged gentleman, Pingali
service as the Plague Officer at Bellary. Venkayya, approached Mahatma Gandhi
His patriotic zeal, however, did not with the flag he had designed for India.
permit him to stagnate in a routine job. Pingali’s flag was made of two colours,
His thirst for knowledge, took him to red and green representing the two major
Lahore where he joined the Anglo-Vedic communities of the country. Thus the
College to learn Japanese and Urdu.
 Indian flag was born but it was not
officially accepted by any resolution of
He became active in politics during 1901 the All India Congress Committee until
to 1906 in Lahore. Here he met many 1931. Gandhi’s informal approval made it
revolutionaries and planned different popular and it was hoisted at all Congress
strategies to overthrow the British sessions. Hansraj of Jalandhar suggested
Colonial Rule. At the Calcutta session of the representation of the charkha,
the Congress in 1906 he met the veteran symbolising progress and the common
leader of India Dadabhai Naoroji. From man. Gandhi amended the flag proposed
then on, Pingali Venkayya became by pingali venkayya, insisting on the
vigourously involved in our struggle for addition of a white strip to represent the
National Freedom. remaining minority communities of india.
Finally a consensus on the tri-colour flag
In 1906, he met the famous was reached at the AICC meet at Karachi
philanthropist, the Raja of Munagala. In in 1931.
the next five years, he spent his time in
Munagala in Nalagonda District of Andhra The flag or “tricolour” as it is commonly
úxqsª«sLi¼½ Page 17 of 30

referred to is made up of three stripes the importance of justice in life. The flag
(saffron, white and green) with an “Ashok was unfurled for the first time as that of an
Chakra” in the middle. By interpreting independent country on August 15 1947.
the flag, we can gain an insight into the
ideas that went into its making. The It is sad to say Pingali Venkayya the famous
saffron represents courage, sacrifice, visionary, the designer of the national flag
patriotism, and renunciation and the died unhonoured on July 4, 1963 in
Hindu people. Meanwhile. the green conditions of poverty. It’s only a few years
stands for faith, fertility and the land; it since his daughter Ghantasala
is the color of the Islam religion. The Seethamahalakshmi (born in 1922) started
white is in the center, symbolizing the receiving pension from the Government.
hope for unity and peace. In the center of There is not even a memorial in his
the white band is a blue wheel with 24 hometown Machilipatnam to the man who
spokes. This is the Ashoka Chakra (or brought such glory to Andhra. Even the
“Wheel of Law”). The Chakra represents original house has been razed to the
the continuing progress of the nation and ground.
“Pingali Venkayya the
The evolution of our national flag can be traced back to the stirring days of the great Swadeshi
Movement— Vande Mataram movement—in Bengal in 1905. famous visionary, the
designer of the national
flag died unhonoured on
July 4, 1963 in conditions
of poverty.”


1906 This flag was proposed by some Indians in England and France who thought of an ‘Indian
National Flag’. Not recognized in India.
1916 Red and green, with five red and four green stripes. Emblem of Great Bear. Union Jack at top left. In
vogue during ‘Home Rule Days'
1921 Sponsored by Mahatma Gandhi (instead of two colours proposed by Pingali
Venkayya) at the Bezwada Session of the Indian National Congress (this flag was
informally used at all sessions of the Congress till 1931, though not o fficially
accepted/ adopted by the Congress).
1931March Saffron with chakra at top left. The flag was proposed by a Committee appointed by
Working committee after Karachi Congress. This flag was not approved by the
Working Committee.
1931 Aug Saffron, white and green, Charkha isn blue colour in middle across white Working
Committee. Form of Flag suggested by Mahatma Gandhi retained with slight changes in
or-der of colours and posi-tion of Chakra. Accepted by AICC o fficially in Bombay in
August 1931.
was unfurled for the first time as that of an independent country on August 15
Compiled by Pratyusha Konchada
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ªÂ¬Áàë ©ÃüÂÚþÁ¥ÁÅ - ŸÂêœÃéÁ¥ÁÅ

Science and Spirituality
The Story of Ramdas a Great Devotee

A wonderful discourse by Enlightened Master Paramahamsa Nithyananda Swamy

- This is a beautiful story and I just love to narrate this story all the time
There was a man in Varanasi. He was living in the banks of Ganga. Varnasi is the religious
“Ramdas was such a capital of India, per day floating population is 300,000 people. This flood of people enters
into Varanasi every day, just to touch and have darshan of Lord Shiva. You will be
sincere person, he
surprised, in the whole city there is no other industry and the only income for the whole
decides whatever my
city, and the only reason for the development of the whole is few temples of the city
master utters is my
that’s all. If you go there you will see this, all these things can happen only in India
mantra and I will repeat
(Swamiji Smiles). The cities grow around the temples. Even the city I was born
this word “Buffalo” as
(Thiruvannamalai) and brought up, you will see the value or amount of money, time and
my mantra and he starts.
energy spent in building the temple and the amount of money Vs time and energy spent
You will be shocked, that
on building the whole remaining village, it is not even 10% of what was spent on building
he starts repeating the
the whole temple. You will be shocked it is 25 acres stone (Granite) built up area and all
word “Buffalo”,
the rest of the houses and city is made of wood or mortar (Cement or brick).
”Buffalo”,” Buffalo”,
“Buffalo” continuously
In this beautiful/great city of Varanasi, there was a Man, very simple and uneducated
non-stop” man. He wants to have initiation from a priest. This innocent man thought that the priest
was enlightened and somehow he devoted himself to that priest. Offcourse, it was not
only that the priest was not enlightened; he was not even interested to accept this
illiterate man as his disciple. But this man’s devotion was strong and pure. He was a
typical village person and his name was actually Ramdas. He decides that he should take
initiation from this priest and thought of doing something to achieve his goal. He finally
comes to know the initiation process. “Initiation” means, the disciple will touch the feet
of the master, the master will put the feet on the head of the disciple and give him
‘mantra’ which means holy/sacred words to repeat. This is what is called “initiation”.
Now the disciple decides to go and lie down on the banks of Ganges, as he knows that the
priest will come to take bath early morning 4o Clock before the Sunrise. Ramdas thinks, if
he lies down on the steps of the banks, the priest is bound to put his feet on his head as it
was dark and the priest cannot see him in pitch dark and he will somehow step on him.
So it was a blessing for him he thought. One more thing, in India there was a habit, a
strange habit. If you step or do some mistake, people tend to utter the words “Ram,
Ram”, “Krishna, Krishna”, not “Shit!” (Swamiji laughs meaningfully). Swamji says that
the words that we repeat are very powerful.

So it was expected of any devoted/spiritual person to use God/Sacred words even if they
do something unconsciously or do something wrong. So this Ramdas also expected his
would be the same with his “Guru”, he being a great spiritual person and naturally when
he steps on him accidentally, he would utter the words “Ram-Ram!! Or Krishna-Krishna”.
He decides to take those uttering as “Mantra”. A very intelligent Plan indeed. The priest
will put his feet on my head accidentally and naturally he will slip and he would say
“Ram!” or “Krishna!” or some God’s name and I will take it as “Mantra” he thinks.
Ramdas goes to “Ganga” riverbank steps at early morning 4o clock and he was lying on
those steps, the same path in which the priest used to walk. Almost everything was
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working as planned, but for one thing, one thing missed. The priest came in the same
route and he accidentally put his feet on Ramdas, but because he was not enlightened as
Ramdas thought, instead of uttering “Rama or Krishna” he shouted “Oh! Buffalo! (Swamiji
Laughs Loudly). But this Ramdas was such a sincere person, he decides whatever my
master utters is my mantra and I will repeat this word “Buffalo” as my mantra and he
starts. You will be shocked, that he starts repeating the word “Buffalo”, ”Buffalo”,”
Buffalo”, “Buffalo” continuously non-stop. Just because of his devotion, the story says, the
Devi really appeared and gave darshan to him in the form of Buffalo. If it were just a story
we would not believe naturally. There was a historical incident that happened. It is a
story we would feel that it is just a story forget about it. But there was a history through
which you will understand the power of devotion.

The next year, they were trying to bring Devi in a procession in the temple. When they
were trying to bring the Devi in the procession, it was noticed that the doorframe of the
temple was 10 feet high and the Devi moorti (Statue) was only 3 feet in height. But when
the priests were trying to bring the moorti of Devi out of the doorframe, it was not coming
out – it was just stuck there. Physically there was nothing that was blocking the moorti, but
actually the Devi moorti was not coming out through the doorframe, there was something
that was blocking/hitting the moorti. All the priests were trying their best to move, the
priest who initiated Ramdas (Who initiated him with “Buffalo” mantra) was also amongst
the group and was desperately trying to bring Devi out. The Ramdas who was also in the
festival crowds shouts “Hey! Don’t you see the horns of Devi hitting the walls/frame, just
lower the altar a little bit and she will come out”. Ramdas was able to see that, Devi was
appearing to him in the form of Buffalo and horns of that Buffalo hitting the doorframe.
That is the reason the moorti was not coming out. It is very difficult to believe logically all “Let you be very
these things are possible. (Swamiji says that he will tell few more happenings through this clear, do not bother
historical incidents then a logical human mind may be able to understand) whether the master is
enlightened or not,
Ramdas shouts “Oh! Guru dev! Why don’t you lower the statue a little bit, the horns of Devi the very devotion,
is hitting/blocking on the wall”. Then the priest was annoyed at him and said “Fool! Don’t very surrender,
you have eyes? What are you talking? Where Devi has got horns! Keep quiet, you are being sincerity leads you
allowed in this place itself is too much – get out!” All the priests were annoyed and through the path. The
shouted at Ramdas. Then they were again trying their best but Devi was not coming out, sincerity itself has got
finally, Ramdas felt disturbed that the priests were hitting Devi on the horns on the the power to liberate
doorframe, he just went and lowered the Devi half a feet with force, immediately Devi you and to enlighten
moorti came out of the doorframe. you”
The story says that Ramdas had Darshan of Buffalo, in which he was meditating. Not only
she gave darshan, she proved to the whole world that whoever, meditates in whatever
form or whatever name, she/the divine appears in the same form or in the same way.

In memory of this beautiful incident, even now, they have a beautiful buffalo embroidered
on a silk carpet that is hanging next to the Devi temple. Even now you go to Varanasi on
this festival day, you will see that they will hang a big silk curtain – embroidered with a
Buffalo. The pooja is performed to this as well. Just in memory of Ramdas, great devotee
who meditated on Devi in the form of Buffalo and got enlightened, just in the same form.
Not just one, thousands of incidents of this sort, one more thing, the person Ramdas took
the mantra from, the priest was not enlightened, he never had the darshan of Devi. But
the devotee, Ramdas, just because of his devotion, not only had darshan but also could
able to communicate with the ultimate. Let you be very clear, do not bother whether the
master is enlightened or not, the very devotion, very surrender, sincerity leads you through
the path. The sincerity itself has got the power to liberate you and to enlighten you. The
sweetness, beauty of this type of stories is that it creates so much of life, it creates so
much of devotion, it creates so much of Joy in your being. When we, just relax for few
minutes from our logic, which is constantly lagging us, which is constantly torturing us.
Relax your being with this kind of stories. This few things can create devotion, which can
straight away help you to know the knower.

Discourse by Paramahamsa Nithyananda Swamy

Contributed by Raghu Vissamraju
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¡Ã¨ì¨ - ©Ã¤ÂÁÏ
The Great Quibble
Hey guys,
It’s December! School’s out! Christmas and the New Year around the corner. This year
has been incredible and I’d like to thank all those who wrote for The Great Quibble this
past year. For this edition, I’d like to acknowledge Zainab for her great description of
Halloween and becoming our youngest writer, Kireethi for his Sports Roundup and Tarun
for his article on the Nobel Prize. Have a great holidays! Feel free to give feedback by
email to

Hari Konchada

Indian Traditions – Festoon (Toranam)

Decorating the door of a house, temple or any other sacred place with a festoon (Toranam
or a string of mango leaves) is part of our Indian culture. They are quite common during
“The air around the festivals or holy occasions, however the reason behind their use is much more scientific
festoon when placed at than decorative.
the front of a doorway
allows the circulation of The festoon is made up of fresh, green mango leaves. As we know plants absorb carbon
air, ridding it of carbon dioxide and give out oxygen by way of photosynthesis, thus helping the air become clean
dioxide and purifying it and hygienic. The air around the festoon when placed at the front of a doorway allows the
immediately.” circulation of air, ridding it of carbon dioxide and purifying it immediately. The scent also
attracts insects, stopping them front entering the room. The leaves eventually become
dry, but are still of further use. In villages, the ash from the leaves is used to treat cuts
and fresh wounds after mixing it with coconut oil providing adequate first aid treatment.
It is also scientifically established fact that the green colour keeps a person mentally fresh.

Halloween is a festival that originated from two major festivals, Samhain and the holy
day of All Saints.

On Halloween, many people go trick-or-treating, wear costumes and attend costume

parties, carve jack-o-lanterns, go on ghost tours, watch bonfires, visit haunted
attractions, pull pranks, tell scary stories, and watch horror films.

Halloween is an annual holiday on October 31. It is related from the Celtic festival of
Samhain and the Christian holy day of All Saints.

Our ancestors celebrated New Years Eve on 31st October and New Years Day on 1st
November. New Years Eve was celebrated by a festival called Samhain. Samhain marked
the end of the “season of the sun” (summer) and the beginning of “the season of
darkness and cold” (winter).

In the year 835AD the Roman Catholic Church made 1st November a church holiday to
honour all the saints. Even though it was a joyful holiday, it was also the eve of all Souls
Day, so in those times it became customary to pray for those dead on that date. Another
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name for All Saints Day is All Hallows Eve.

Here are some facts on Halloween:

• Halloween has always been celebrated on the 31st of October.
• Halloween is one of the oldest celebrations in the world, dating back to over
2000 years to the time of the Celts who lived in Britain.
• Halloween can also be known as All Hallows Eve, Samhain, All Hallow tide, The
Feast of the Dead and The Day of the Dead.
• Halloween is actually spelt like Hallowe’en
• Black cats were originally believed to protect witches’ powers from evil forces.
• About 99% of pumpkins sold are used as Jack-o-Lanterns for Halloween.
• The very first Jack-o-lantern was made out of a hollowed out Turnip.
• Ringing a bell scares evil spirits away.

Compiled by Zainab Sayeda

Year 4, Mt.View Primary School.

If interested…
World Vision- Vision Generation – Have you ever felt like you wanted to help people that
were impoverished or not as lucky as we are? But don’t know how to do it? Vision
Generation is a passionate group of young individuals that aim to fight global poverty and
injustice. Some new events are coming up shortly:

Blood Diamond
Are mobile phones the new blood diamond?

If you’re familiar with the movie Blood Diamond, you’ll know of the atrocities and wars
and suffering that have occurred in the name of these pink stones. In the same vein, “Is our insatiable
Coltan- a simple ore is a must have ingredient of the modern world of mobile phones, appetite for the latest
laptops, game consoles. It’s used as a capacitor allowing devices to become ever electronic gadgets
smaller, more complex, more versatile and more fun. Despite the abundance in Africa, actually fuelling
Coltan is better likened to a curse there than an opportunity. Many of the mines are despair, deprivation
controlled by violent militia and they fund their fighting by controlling the extraction of and oppression in
the ore and taking a fat slice of the sales. With many of the inhabitants working at the another part of the
mines out of desperation and oppression in bad working conditions, Coltan is fast world …?”
becoming the new blood diamond.

The continued rise to prominence of these stones is forcing large companies such as
Apple and Sony to deny they are receiving the minerals from Congo although this can’t be
justified. Jason Stearns who investigated the coltan trade for the UN had his say on the
case: ‘I think as long as you have militias in the eastern Congo taxing these mines they
will find a way of getting these minerals onto the international market’. The
underground activities which have sparked these events have lead to the destabilisation
of Congo, sparking regional war and will only grow due to the insatiable appetite of
humans and their technological assets.

The only other country with large reserves of the mineral is Australia. The Western
Australian mine, Talison has closed down as it’s unable to compete with cheap African
exports. So, are we funding a war we know next to nothing about?
Hari Konchada
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Nobel Prize
The Nobel Prize was first established by Swedish man named Alfred Nobel in 1895. It was
first award in Physics, Chemistry, Physiology or Medicine, Literature, and Peace in 1901. In
1901, these awards were given to: Physics: Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen, Chemistry: Jacobus
H. Van't Hoff, Physiology or Medicine: Emil von Behring, Literature: Sully Prudhomme,
Peace :Henry Dunant & Frédéric Passy

The first ever Indian (British) to receive one of these prestigious awards was Ronald Ross.
He received this award in 1902 in the category of Medicine for his work on malaria. From
then onwards eight other Indians received these awards. These people were: Rudyard
Kipling (British) - Literature 1907, Rabindranath Tagore - Literature 1913, C. V. Raman -
Physics 1930, Har Gobind Khorana Medicine 1968, Mother Teresa Peace 1979,
Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar Physics 1983, Amartya Sen Economics 1998, and
Venkatraman Ramakrishnan Chemistry 2009.

The latest Nobel Prize awards were awarded in September for Year 2009.

Elizabeth. H. Blackburn, Carol. W. Greider and Jack. W. Szostak.

Elizabeth Blackburn is from Hobart, Australia. They received this
award for the discovery of how chromosomes are protected by
telomeres and the enzyme telomerase.

Elizabeth H. Blackburn
Charles. K. Koa received half of the Nobel Prize for Physics for groundbreaking
achievements concerning the transmission of light in fibres for optical communication.
Willard. S. Boyle and George E. Smith received a quarter of the award each for the
invention of an imaging semiconductor circuit – the CCD sensor.

An Indian named Venkatraman Ramakrishnan received the Nobel

Prize for Chemistry. Venkatraman Ramakrishnan was born in Tamil
Nadu, but did all his schooling in Gujarat. He studied in various
Universities in both India and USA. He has a PhD in Physics. His co-
recipients’ were Thomas A. Steitz and Ada E. Yonath. These three
received the award for studies of the structure and function of the
Venkatraman Ramakrishnan

Herta Müller from Germany received the Nobel Prize for Literature who, with the
concentration of poetry and the frankness of prose, depicts the landscape of the

Elinor Ostrom and Oliver E. Williamson received the Nobel Prize for Economics. They
received this award for the analysis of economic governance, especially the commons and
the boundaries of the firm.

Lastly, the recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize was none other than
the current President of USA, Barack Obama. Obama was given the
award for his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international
diplomacy and cooperation between people.
Tarun Rajupalem
Barack Obama

If you have any feedback, or want to put in your own opinion about
an article, or you would like to submit a piece of writing/picture for
this section: feel free to do so. Just email me on:
Hari Konchada
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Sports Roundup
As the year draws to a close, I guess it’s time for another Sports Roundup.

The cricket season has now gained full-fledged momentum, with various tournaments and
matches being played. Sri Lanka is currently touring India and the first meeting between
the cricketing powers was a Twenty20 Match in Nagpur. The likes of Kumar Sangakkara and
Chamara Kapugedera, scoring 78 (facing 37 balls) and 47 respectively, were the key drivers
of the Sri Lankan batting side and in the end were the force behind their 29-run victory.
India can now look forward to another chance to redeem themselves in the next T20
match, followed by another four One Day International Matches. Back at home, the West
Indies are touring Australia in a Test Series. The first of these matches was won by
Australia convincingly (a West Indies innings defeat) and the second – a far more lively and “Back at home, the
equal footed game – resulted in a draw. We can look forward to the last Test in a week’s West Indies are touring
time, as well as the four ODIs and two T20 matches that follow. Currently, the Indian Australia in a Test
Cricketing Team is ranked first in Test Rankings and the Australian Team is leading the race Series. The first of
in ODI rankings. these matches was won
by Australia
Currently in the world of Tennis, there aren’t any Grand Slams taking place, but of course, convincingly (a West
keep an eye out for the Australian Open to be played in Melbourne in January 2010. In the Indies innings defeat)
Davis Cup, the Spanish Team – consisting of world champions like Raphael Nadal, David and the second – a far
Ferrer, Fernando Verdasco and Feliciano Lopez – led an ‘assault’ against the Czech more lively and equal
Republic Team in the finals, winning 3-0. footed game – resulted
Soccer is currently dominating the Sporting Headlines due to the Champions League, as
well as the release of the Pool Draws for the 2010 South African World Cup. The Socceroos
have a tough journey ahead, having to compete against Ghana, Serbia and the all-mighty
German soccer teams in their group. In the English Premier League, Chelsea is in the lead,
despite a string of injuries, closely followed by Manchester United. Meanwhile, Inter Milan
and Barcelona FC have eased their way into the knockout stages of the Champions league
with 2-0 and 2-1 wins respectively. Arsenals remain on the top of their group, while
Manchester United’s Michael Owen scored a hattrick as he took apart Wolfsburg’s defence.
Other teams to have made it to the next stage include Milan, Real Madrid, Chelsea, Porto,
Sevilla, Bayern, Fiorentina and Lyon to leave a disheartened Liverpool to contend for the
Europa League.

Turning to golf, Adam Scott recently won the Australian Open with a five shot victory
against Stuart Appleby. Having been out of form for so long, his grit and determination
were enough to drag him out of his slump and a spot on the US Masters next year.
Kireeti Chigurala

Upcoming Events 
Both events (New Year’s Eve) are free! 
31 December 2009  
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Experience Melbourne Zoo’s new marine precinct Wild Sea, the home of fur seals, 
fairy penguins and more.
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Keep the ants away – Get rid of Ants with ground coffee. Ants dislike the smell of
ground coffee (acidity of the coffee). If you have an ant problem and some spare time,
spread your coffee grounds around your house to keep them out. It works!!!

Meat tenderizer –Don’t throw away the leftover coffee in the bottom of the pot
(decoction), use it as a meat tenderizer; soak your steak in it to make the meat more
tender and add a great new flavor at the same time! You can also add fresh grounds to
chocolate cakes and brownies for a richer flavor.


Dress up or dress down
Dress appropriately for the weather - put on a jumper before turning on a heater and take
off excess clothes before using an air-conditioner. Adjust your thermostats to save energy –
a setting of 18–20°C in winter or 26°C in summer is usually comfortable. Did you know, an
extra 1°C difference in temperature between indoors and outdoors can add around 10 per
cent to heating or cooling costs and greenhouse gas emissions.

§ÁÅúà - €¤Ã§ÁÅúÃ
Coconut ice
Dangerously easy – All it takes is a little mixing and an hour in the fridge.

Makes 40 pieces
400gm condensed mitk
300gm desiccated coconut
2 cups (320gm) pure icing sugar, sifted
1/z tsp vanitta extract
Pink or red food colouring

Grease a pan and line with bakinq paper.
Place the condensed milk, coconut, icing sugar and vanila extract in a bowl and mix with a
metalspoon or using your hands until well combined (it will be quite stiff). Divide the mixture
in half and add pink food colouring to one portion. Knead the food colouring through until it
is evenly coloured. Press the pink mixture over the base of the pan and smooth the surface
with your hand. Top with the remaining white mixture, press down and smooth the surface
with your hand. Refrigerate the coconut ice for 1-2 hours or until firm. Cut into pieces and
Remain fresh for a month when stored in an airtight container.
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¢Ã£ë©Á§Ã ¥Á §ÃÖ þɨ¨Íì "Walk in the park" €þÊ €ÏªÁÏœÍ ¥É¨Ìç§÷ä ¨Íþà Glen Waverley,
St.Albans ¥Á§Ã¦ÁÅ Bundoora ±ÂëϜ¨Íì walks ˆ§ÂåýÅ úɦÁêÂ, ‡ÏœÍ ¥ÁϞà ¡ÉžÁâ¨Å
úÃþÂä§ÁŨŠ„œÂðÿÁÏœÍ ±Â¨ÌÓþà $1314.00 Heart Foundation ¬ÁϬÁáÁÅ ©Ã§Â®ÁÏ
üÆþ÷ þɨ¨Í Heart Foundation ¬ÁϬÁá ©Â§ÁÅ ÁÅ쪃 ü£Åç¨Å ©ÂýÃþà €§ÃÁýÊÛ ©ÃŸÂþ¨Å
œÉ¨Å¡ÁôœÁÆ ¥ÁþÁÁÅ ŠÁ Information session þçÁíÿÃÏú§ÁÅ.
üÆ¨Ë ¨Í „žÂ§ÁŨËþÁ ¥ÁþÁ Indya Foods ©Â§ÁÅ ©ÁÏý ³Â¥ÁÃë ¥Á§Ã¦ÁÅ œÃþÁŤÁϙ§¨Å
¬Á¥ÁÁƧÁ֏Â, ‡ÏœÍ „œÂðÿÁÏœÍ „œÁÅðÁœÁœÍ ÌÏžÁ§ÁÅ ¥ÁÿîÁ¨Å þÁ™ÁÅÏ £ÃÃÏúÃ, Á§ÃýɨÅ
œÃ¡Ãå €¬Á¨Å ¬Ã¬Á¨ËþÁ ÏŸÁë ¤ÌüþÁÏœÍ ©ÃÏžÁÅ, ¥ÉÅýÛ¥ÉÅžÁýà ³Â§ÃÂ ¥ÁþÁ œÉ¨ÅÁÅ
¬Á¤ÁÅꨍÁÅ "Dinner Dance" ˆ§ÂåýÅ úʬà öÁíþÃœÁŨϞÁ§Ää §ÁÏüÃÏ¡Áüʬà $2116.00 ¥ÁþÁ
¡Ãë¦Á TAAIÃ €ÏžÁúʳ¥ÁÅ.
€ÏœÁýÃœÍ Â§Â ¥ÁþÁ ¥ÁÿîÁ¨Å! September¨Í ¥ÁþÁ üþÁ§ÁÏüþà €ÏýÆ 12 ¥ÁÏžÃ
©ÁþÃœÁ¨Å ¥É¨Ìç§÷ä þÁÁ§Á þÁ¨Å¥Áƨ¨ þÁÅϙà ©ÁúÃÖ "Í¨ÂýÏ" ÌþÁ³ÂÃÏú§ÁÅ. §Á¥Á›Ã
³Â§ÁŸÁêÏ¨Í ¤Á§ÁœÁþÂýê üÂþÁ¡ÁžÁ þÁÇœÁê öÁ©Á¤Â©Â¨Å ‡ÏœÍ þáÁô›œÁœÍ ¡ÁëžÁ§ÃîÏú§ÁÅ ¥ÁþÁ
Í¥Á¨¨Å. ƒ Â§ÁêÁë¥Á ©Ãü¦Á ¨ÁÅ ¬ÁöÁ¦Á ¬ÁÿÁÂ§Â¨ÏžÃÏúÃþÁ ©Â§ÁÏžÁ§ÃÄ TLC
œÁ§Á¢ÁôþÁ ¥Á  ÿÁÇžÁ¦Á¡Áõ§ÁíÁ ŸÁþÁê©ÂžÁ¥ÁŨÅ.
¥Á§Ã ©ÁúÊÖ ¬ÁÏ©ÁœÁð§ÁÏ Áƙ ‚¨ÂÊ ‡þÍä Â§ÁêÁë¥Á ¨þÁÅ ÌþÁ³ÂÃÏú¨þÁä ¥Á Â
¡Áë¦ÁœÂä¨þÁÅ ¥Ä§ÁÏžÁ§ÁÆ ‚žÊ §ÁÁϏ žÁ§Ã³Âà§Áþà ªÃ¬ÁÅàþÂä¥ÁÅ. 2010 TLC
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2010¨Í ¥Á®Äò ¥ÁþÁ Annual Fundraising event ©Á§ÁÁÅ ¬É¨©Áô œÄ¬ÁōÁÅÏýÆ

©Ãü¦Á œÁϏç¨

§Â£Í¦É ¡ÁÏ™ÁÁ¨Å
• Christmas: Friday 25-12-2009
• Muharram: Sunday 27-12-2009

• Bhogi: Wednesday 13-01-2010
• Makara Sankranti: Thursday 14-01-2010
• Vasanta panchami: Wednesday 20-01-2010

• Mahasivaratri: Friday 12-02-2010
• Holi: Sunday 28-02-2010
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Sravanthi requests all our writers to please send us your articles, stories, puzzles,
poems etc to If you are sending your article in Telugu,
please try sending them in either Telugu Lipi or TL Hemalatha or by scanning
them. In case you have problems please do not hesitate to call us. All the articles
should include full name and contact details.
Thank you
Konchada Family (03) 9878 5256

„œÁà§Â¨Å -

'సర్వం ' ె ట్ ంె బర్, 2009

ర్ మ ల్ కేశవ్ర ావు ా ికి నమసుస్లు.

సర్వం నూతన సం క అదుభ్తం ా ల ె ువ ిందనడంలో సం ేహం లేదు.
కృ ి జయవంతమ నందుకు అ నం ిసత్ ు ాన్ను.
ఆ షయం ే ల కర్మభదద్ ం ా ాకచకయ్ం ో ఆనుసం ిచంటంలో ే శదమ ం ి.
ి ల న్ చకక్ ా సకర్మం ా సమకూరచ్బ డ్ ా .
ప ర్కకి సహక ిం న రచ తలందరూ అ నంద యులు.
ఈ సం క ఆ ట్ ే ర్ యా ెలుగు సంఘం అ వృ ధ్ ి ేట ెలల్ం ే త్ ోం ి.
. ....య ప్ీ ా ి

సర్వం కి ా నన్ ఊహలు - -

కళలు క ాన్ చూడలే క ందు ే ిన ెలుగు ైబవము ఈ సంవతస్రము
కోన లే ఆ రు నవులు,కురు ిం న ఆ ేపటు, కా ా మ ల్ ా ా అ
కో ిన ఆ ేర్కష్కుల మధుర సవ్ ాలను ోర్ త్ ా హం ో,ఉ ేజం ో ైమ ి ిం న
కలానటల్ ులు అంద ికి ా వందనం ె య ేసుకుంటూ.
ా ా - మ ల్ మ ల్ ా ా ఈ య ెలుగుతనం రు అంద ికి మ ల్
అంద ేయా .
అంద ి ా ి

Feedback -

Dear Members
First of all we would like to thank you all for your ongoing support and
commitment towards Sravanti. We would also like to thank those of you who
have taken time to comment on our newsletter. Your comments and advice
are always important to us and will do our best to translate them into action.
Please send us your valuable feedback as this is important and it will assist our
efforts to make this newsletter a valuable source of information for you.
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Anjana Productions, one of the prestigious Movie Production house of
Andhra Paradesh, requires actors/actresses based in Australia for its
upcoming Production Number 7, Starring Ram Charan Tej , Genelia ,
Directed by Bommarillu Baskar, Produced by Nagendra Babu.
Here is a great Opportunity to share the screen space with Ram Charan
Tej and Genelia, don’t miss it.
Here is the requirement:
1. Good looking Girls between the age group of 18 to 25 (20 Number’s)
2. Good looking Boys between the age group of 18 to 25 (35 Number’s)
3. Men in the age group 30 to 35 (10 Number’s)
4. Cute, good looking and innocent boy age 4-5 (1 number)
5. Teenage beautiful, pretty girl and boys age 15- 16 (10 number)
6. Fighters with well built body (10 Num’s)
7. Angry looking serious lady shouting with a high tone always age 30-35 (European
/ Middle eastern)
8. Tuff looking guys, Have Tattoos, Well Built, Gang leader looks age 25-35 (10
Other Nationalities can also send their profiles for the above characters.
This casting search is strictly for the people who are staying in the Australia only.

Interested people can send in their profiles with full size, mid size and close
photographs to as soon as possible to
For fire warnings and
• Rajesh Malla
• ABC local Project Sponsor
radio/commercial radio
• Sky News TV
• Victorian Bushfire
Information Line
1800 240 667 (TTY 1800
122 969)

For a free FireReady Kit

1800 240 667 Indian Music and Fine Arts group Presents:

We welcome you all to participate in a fundraising charity event to help

Indian villagers who are in need. Please attend and experience this
vibrant event, with music, dance and lovely food!
When: Saturday, 23rd January 2010
Where: The Renaissance Theatre
Kew High School
826 High St. East Kew (MelRef: 45K3)
Start time: 5:00 pm
(Food is available on site for the evening)
Event is covered (and scheduled for telecast) with the kind support
of S21network (Satview)
For enquiries please contact on:
Raghu (or Jessy) Vissamraju: 9802 6648 / 0400 598 171
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For advertising on this newsletter please contact Gopal Tangirala on

Mob: 0413 307 347 or email:

Learn drawing, sketching, Painting, Portraits, still life

and Landscapes in water colours acrylic and oils. One
to one tuition with emphasis on developing foundation
skills to more advanced skills development in artwork
and visual design.

Classes for both young and old.

Please contact Mohan or Suvarna on

Phone: 03 9574 8817
Mobile 0414 475 393 (Mohan)
0414 478 536 (Suvarna)
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