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Our Ref.

LE 15-226

Date: 19-05-2015

Dragon Oil
P.O Box: 34666
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
P: +971 4 3053465
F: +971 4 3053689
Kind attention: Mr. Ramzi Al Zayer Buyer I.
Subject : Service at Hazar - Turkmenistan for Siemens PLC.
We thank you for inviting us to quote for the subject service quote and have
pleasure in submitting our offer for the same.
Hope you will find above in line with your requirement & hoping for favor by
giving us a chance to serve you. Please feel free to call us for clarifications /
confirmations if any.
We look forward to be of assistance to you in this regard.
Thanking you & assuring you our best services all the time.
Yours faithfully

Guru Moorthy
Sales Manager Projects
Power Systems Division
Cell: +971 55 600 1843

Mariappan Durairaj
Estimation Engineer
Power Systems Division

Agents for

Our Ref. LE 15-226

Commissioning / Site Services Rates / Site visits

Scientechnic - maintains a staff of competent, well-trained commissioning Engineers to
provide commissioning and/or technical guidance and advisory assistance for installation,
overhaul, repair and maintenance of Siemens PLCs & Drives product lines.
Service Charges:
Minimum service/ consultancy visit charges are for Day Time rate i.e. USD 3,000/- per
day is to be paid in advance before deputing an engineer to site.
Payment terms:
100% advance by cash /cash cheques only.
The Flight Tickets, Visa, Insurance, Engineer grade Accommodation, Food, Local
transport & etc should be Dragon oil scope.
Terms and Conditions for the deputation of personnel for Commissioning / Consultancy
Our Rates offered, as daily rates & Overtime are valid for a period of 3 Months after the
Completion of the stipulated engineering period. All Granting of entry, Visa, residence
and work permit if required, will have to be arranged by the customer.
The contractual obligations of Scientechnic are limited to making requisite personnel
available for performance of the scope of works. 100% success is not guaranteed to
rectify the problem, however we put our level best efforts to diagnose/troubleshoot/repair.
The above charges are purely based on the time duration of deputed personnel and have
no relation to successful completion of the job. The requisite personnel will be made
available upon completion of his current engagement. All particulars not contained in
these conditions, such as, the size of the tasks assigned to the personnel, the time and
probable duration of the assignment, provisions concerning holidays and terms of
payment, must be agreed upon separately.
The airfare for the travel from UAE and return to UAE, as well as for journeys within the
customers country (wherever applicable) including the following expenses, shall be
reimbursed by the customer:
a) Visa charges
b) Granting of entry, residence and labor permits
c) For medical examination upon leaving and returning to the home Country
d) For vaccination of site personnel
3.1 The Customer shall provide suitable boarding and lodging at the site, free of cost.
Conveyance facility from the place of stay to site and back shall also be provided free of


Agents for

Our Ref. LE 15-226


4.1 At the site the customer shall take all measures, which are prescribed by law in his
country and which, are otherwise necessary to prevent accidents. He shall inform the
commissioning personnel, in writing, of the safety regulations in force.
4.2 The customer shall provide, at his expense, safety gadgets like helmet & gas mask
etc, first aid and medical facilities at site as well as suitable means of transport for
immediate hospitalization. Alternatively, the expenses so incurred, shall be charged to
the customer.
4.3 In case of accidents or illnesses, the customer shall bear the cost of specialist
medical treatment by a doctor of the sick persons choice, all medicines, transport to
hospital, hospitalization and in the event of serious disablement or death, and the
transport of the injured/deceased personnel back to UAE. The customer shall also bear
the expenses of sending replacement personnel to his work site. The Customer shall also
be responsible in such cases for dealings with the authorities and shall settle all the
necessary formalities.
Should the contractor so desire, the customer shall obtain the necessary entry, residence
and labor permits for site personnel. He shall inform the site personnel, in good time, of
all obligations (police registration, etc.), required by local authorities and shall give the
personnel every assistance in their dealings with these authorities. In addition, he shall
ensure in good time that the necessary permits for the return journey and export of
personal belongings are available.
We shall be responsible for the careful selection of the Personnel. However, we accept
no liability on any account in case of any damages whatsoever, and all claims by you
against our personnel and us are excluded.
Scientechnic shall not be liable for failure to perform or for delay in performance due to
fire, flood, strike or other labor difficulty, act of God, act of any governmental authority or
of the Customer, riot, wrecks or delay in transportation, inability to obtain necessary
materials or services (including but not limited to the loss of license, permit or approval by
any transportation, storage or disposal facility) from usual sources, lack of access to the
site or to the equipment which is the subject of the proposal, interruption of electrical
service to Scientechnic supplied equipment, or due to any cause beyond its reasonable
control. In the event of delay in performance due to any such cause, the date of delivery
or time for completion will be extended by a period of time reasonably necessary to
overcome the effect of such delay.