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By this property use agreement (herein referred to as “Agreement”),

_________________________ (herein referred to as “Owner”)
_________________________ (herein referred to as “Producer”)
agree as follows:

The Owner hereby leases to Producer for the term of this agreement the property
(hereinafter called the “Premises”) located at and consisting of:

for the purposes of _______________________________________ (herein referred to as


The length and time of use specified in this Agreement is for ____ hours, beginning at
_________________, and ending at __________________ on the ____ day of _________, 20___.
Use of the Premises includes exclusive occupation of the aforementioned physical space
and all media captured of the Premises by the Producer and licensees of the Producer, to
include video, film, drawings, artistic renderings, photographs, sound recordings, and
other digital files. Producer shall retain exclusive rights to all media obtained while on
the Premises within the specified period of time.

Producer agrees to provide compensation, if any, in the amount or capacity of
_________________ for use of the Premises in the duration specified above. Payment of
said compensation is due, in relation to the date of use of the Premises, ___________. In
the event that Producer or other personnel, equipment, or vehicles associated with the
Project occupy the Premises in a time other than that specified in this contract,
additional compensation shall be _____________________. In addition, Producer will provide
an initial security deposit in the amount of __________, to be returned at end of use period
pursuant to Producer’s adherence to all terms provided herein, including but not limited
to damages to the Premises, normal wear and tear expected, and less any unpaid
compensation. Owner hereby acknowledges receipt of said deposit, and by signing below
agrees to the compensation specified above.

Producer shall hold Owner harmless from and against any and all claims arising from
Producer’s use or occupancy of the Premises. Excepting any unreasonable danger or
hazardous condition on the Premises resulting from Owner’s willful or grossly negligent
conduct, Producer hereby assumes all risk of damage to property or injury to persons in
or about the Premises, and shall be held liable for reimbursement of damages. In
addition, Owner reserves the right to withhold from the security deposit a cleaning or
maintenance fee if the Premises and all furnishings therein are not returned to a similar
state of array and cleanliness at the end of the use period.

Producer shall provide Owner with a forwarding address along with Producer’s signature
below, at which the Owner can send him/her the security deposit refund. Owner shall
return the entire deposit to Producer within 15 days after the specified date; or shall
return so much of the deposit as exceeds any damages done to the property during the
Producer’s use, normal wear and tear expected, and any unpaid compensation. If the
Owner returns any amount less than the full deposit, he/she shall also provide a written
itemized list of damages and charges.

In the event that Producer shall default and breach any covenant or provision of this
Lease, Owner reserves the right to take the necessary means to remove any property
and any and all persons from the Premises.

No waiver by Owner of any provision hereof shall be deemed a waiver of any other
provision hereof.


a.) No smoking, use of drugs or alcohol shall be allowed in or about the Premises.
b.) Entry into restricted or illegal areas marked as such is prohibited.
c.) Producer shall have use of house electrical outlets and lighting as necessary for safe
and proper operation of equipment and devices.
d.) Explosives and pyrotechnics in any form are prohibited.
e.) Drilling, flooding, or other disruption or penetration of building or structural
foundations, floors, walls and ceilings of any kind is strictly prohibited.
f.) Any alternations to this Agreement shall be in writing and signed by all parties. We,
the undersigned, agree to this Lease:


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