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By - Divya Khandal
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About Dhonk
Dhonk is a private company which is making handicrafts in and
around Ranthambhore.

It aims to provide a sustainable livelihood to people living near

about Ranthambhore.

Dhonk’s objective is to promote raw local talent and bring out

the colors of Rajasthan for the consumer.

Dhonk is a blend of ethnic and modernistic fashion, giving the

best of both the worlds to the buyer.

It is focused on achieving perfection steadily to bring maximum

joy for its patrons.
Dhonk in Conservation
Tiger Watch an NGO in Ranthambhore has been working on the
anti-poaching and reform of a traditional poaching community -

The reform program includes giving alternate livelihood to the

ex-poachers families, under this several Mogya women were
trained on handicraft work.

Since Tiger Watch is not into any business venturing it was time
to hand over to an organization which could take these products
to the world market.

Dhonk is hence born out of the need to give sustainable living to

the Ex-poacher’s family and also to the people living in the park
periphery who earn their income from cattle grazing inside the
forest or with illegal wood cutting.
Why Dhonk?

Dhonk (Anogeissus pendula) is

the tree of the dry deciduous
forest of Rajasthan. It is the
clothing of the oldest hill range –
Aravalli... Our products come
from the Aravalli range hence
we chose the name Dhonk for
the enterprise.

As the season changes the

colour of the Dhonk changes.
..Dhonk gives Cover to the Tiger
and Fodder to the Ungulates ..
Similarly our Dhonk gives
funding support for the tigers
conservation and alternative
employment options to the ex-
poachers families and villagers
who are the tigers neighbours,
thus creating good will.
The Supporters of Dhonk -

John Singh – An Inspirer, discoverer of new talent

and creator of craft and music. John Da has
supported and brought many traditional folk artists
from all parts of
Rajasthan with his Morchang Studio. John Da has
wholeheartedly supported this venture for helping
the Mogya women and park periphery villagers to get
alternative employment with handcraft work.

Fateh Singh Rathore – The creator of

Ranthambhore… A man who is a living legend, the
one who made Ranthambhore a safe home for the
tigers in Aravalli hill ranges. Fathji’s concern for the
forest and tigers has been the reason he supports
Dhonk. With this enterprise running the villagers and
Mogya’s get diverted to a new form of earning
Ikram Bhai , a taxi driver now doing the
work he knows best - Tailoring

Santra and Asanti –

a Mogya woman learning
new embroidery from the
supervisor Santra.
Ganga a Mogya
woman doing
Kantha work on a
bedspread (Gudri)
Flap Bag

Breath -12.5'‘ Handle Length 44''

Inside Pocket – 2 No.
Canvas Bag with Kantha work

Code No:
BG 001

Width – 12”
Inside Pocket – 2 No.
Basket Bag with Traditional block prints

Code No:
BG 002

Width – 17.5”
Inside Pocket – 2 No.
Basket Bag with Patch Work
Code No:
BG 003

Width – 17.5”
Code No:
Inside Pocket – 2 No. BG 004

Width – 12”

Pocket – 2 No.

Code No:
BG 005
Satin Handbag
Code No:
BG 006

Width – 12” Pocket – 2 No.

Hand Embedded Wooden Handle Handbags

Code No: Code No:

BG 007 BG 008

Width – 12” Width – 13”

Available in various colors

Patch Work Hand Embedded Wooden Handle Handbags

Code No:
BG 009

Width – 13”

Available in various colours

Money Bag
Code No:
BG 010

Width – 5’2”
Block Printed/ Hand Embroidery Mobile Pouch

Width – 3”

Width – 3.4”

Code No:
BG 011

Width - 40”
Code No:
DT 001
Ethnic Block Printed Handkerchiefs

Width – 11’5”

Code No:
HN 001

Width - 19”

Available in Small,
Medium, Large and
Extra Large Sizes

Code No:
JT 001
Khadi Jacket with wooden buttons
(Full Sleeve)

Code No:
JT 002

Width - 19”

Available in Small, Medium, Large and Extra

Large Sizes
Toiletry Bag

Code No:
BG 012

Width – 11.6” Pocket - 1 No.

Table Mats and Tea Coaster

Code No:
TM 001

Width – 18” Material – Canvas / Cotton

Available in colors with block prints also.

Double Bed Single Bed

Length – 90” Breath – 110” Length – 90” Breath - 60

Code No:
GD 001
Hand Block Printed and Hand
Embroidery Bed Sheets

Code No:
BS 001

Double Bed Single Bed

Length – 90” Breath – 110” Length – 90” Breath – 60”