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Republic of the Philippines)
City of Iloilo
I, KATHY A. TORMON, of legal age, single and a resident of
Brgy.Ayaman, Cabatuan, Iloilo, after having been sworn to in accordance with
law, do hereby depose and state:

ATTY. IRIS L. RONCESVALLES, Private Prosecutor, Room 303
Venus Building, Lopez Jaena St., Jaro, Iloilo City is conducting this direct
examination in her office.
ATTY. IRIS L. RONCESVALLES is conducting direct examination in
English which she also translates in Hiligaynon, the local dialect understood
and spoken by herein affiant. I, KATHYA.TORMON answers the questions in
Hiligaynon and my answers are translated by Atty. Roncesvalles in English;
I am answering the questions asked of me by Atty. Roncesvalles, fully
conscious that I do so under oath. I am also aware that I may face criminal
liability for false testimony or perjury;

Why did you go to the office of Atty. Roncesvalles?


To ask for legal assistance in order to file charges
against those persons who robbed and raped me.


Who are those persons who robbed and raped you?


C. BEDONA with intent to gain unlawfully take our
belongings by using their guns tointimidate us and
after which SERAFIN N. CLAVEL II through force
and intimidation had a carnal knowledge with me.


Do you know their respective addresses?If so, where
is the address of said SERAFIN N. CLAVEL II and


Yes, at Brgy. Tiring, Cabatuan, Iloilo.


How did you know their address?

I was with our housemaid. QUESTION: How about Marc? ANSWER: No. My mom and dad were at Alimodianto attend our relative’s wake. I learned from Serafin himself that Marc is also from Brgy. He did not rape me. CLAVEL IIwas working at my uncle’s construction supply shop and he used to do part time carpenter works in our house. QUESTION: When and where did the accused robbed and raped you? ANSWER: On June 2. BEDONA? ANSWER: He is a friend of SERAFIN N. Iloilo at around 1:00 o’clock in the morning. 2014 at our residence at Brgy. Cabatuan. Cabatuan. where is Marc? ANSWER: He was outside our house. CLAVEL II who visits him in the shop from time to time.2 ANSWER: I knew it since SERAFIN N. Tiring. He stood outside as guard as Serafin ordered him to do so. QUESTION: How did you know that Marc was outside the house and stood there as guard? ANSWER: I heard Serafin ordering Marc to stand outside as guard and I could see Marc peeping through the window and watching me while I am being raped. QUESTION: During the time Serafin raped you. QUESTION: How about MARC LOVEL C. QUESTION: You said you were also raped. Ayaman. QUESTION: Do you have any companion at that time? ANSWER: Yes. QUESTION: Can you name them? ANSWER: Actually. Joe Tormon who has a shop about 200 m away from our house. Iloilo. only one. QUESTION: Who is the name of your uncle? ANSWER: My uncle is Mr. Who raped you? ANSWER: Serafin raped me. QUESTION: How old are you when Serafin raped you? .

Cabatuan. BEDONA because his face was uncovered while the other person was not because his face was covered by a handkerchief. QUESTION: Do you have proof to show that you are 17 years old at the time when Serafin raped you? ANSWER: Yes.3 ANSWER: I was 17 years old. . my birth certificate. QUESTION: I am showing you a set of documents. QUESTION: Did you recognize the faces of these two armed men? ANSWER: At that that point. These are faithful reproductions of my original birth certificate. QUESTION: What else happened? ANSWER: I was sleeping in my room adjacent to the room of my parents. do you know what these are? ANSWER: These are the machine copies of my birth certificate. Both SERAFIN N. I only recognize MARC LOVEL C. M y date of birth is October 13. is there a difference between the original and these machine copies? ANSWER: No difference. two armed men entered our house through opening the grill-less window at the bathroom. Iloilo at around 1:00 o’clock in the morning. when I felt someone rubbed my thighs. CLAVEL II and MARC LOVEL C. BEDONA with intent to gain unlawfully take our belongings by using their guns to intimidateus and after which Serafin through force and intimidation had a carnal knowledge with me. QUESTION: Can you please tell me how did robbery and rape happen? ANSWER: On June 2. “Buksiang vault sapihakngakwarto. MANIFESTATION: I am marking your birth certificate as Exhibit “A” and your date of birth as Exhibit “A – 1”. 2014 at our residence at Brgy. 1997. QUESTION: Please look at these machine copies. I then saw a person pointing a gun to me telling that.” QUESTION: How did you see that person pointing a gun since it was night and was dark? ANSWER: There was a lampshade in my room which was on. Ayaman.

He was also wearing a black shirt and printed shorts. QUESTION: Who was this employee you were talking about? ANSWER: He isSERAFIN N. The shop of my uncle was 200m away from our house. At first I denied that there is a vault. QUESTION: How about Marc.4 QUESTION: Can you describe the other man whom you did not able to recognize? ANSWER: He was a medium-built man. QUESTION: When you reached the said room. QUESTION: After you denied that there is vault. BEDONA because he is a friend of one of the employee at my uncle’s construction supply shop. BEDONA? ANSWER: I knew it was MARC LOVEL C. I wanted to shout for help but I was threatened that they would kill me. His face was covered by a black handkerchief. While on my way to the said room. I saw him in our living room putting inside a bag my laptop and other valuable belongings. CLAVEL II. QUESTION: What are the printings of the said short? ANSWER: The shorts have a tribal printing. QUESTION: What did you do after hearing those words? ANSWER: I was trembling in fear. is it locked? . QUESTION: How did you know that it was MARC LOVEL C. Marc went outside the room. what did these men do? ANSWER: They still insisted that there was a vault. The medium built man continued to point his gun into my head. He often went there and had some conversation with the said employee. what did he do? ANSWER: After I stood up. QUESTION: Then what happened? ANSWER: I then stood up with my knees shaking and went to my parent’s room. Sometimes I visit the shop and I saw him there. The medium built man then told me that I was lying because he knew there was a vault and that they searched and find one but it has a password.

Thus. I ran to my room but he followed me. He used to do some part time carpenter works in our house. QUESTION: What was the work of Serafin in your uncle’s shop? ANSWER: He is a “kargador” of construction supplies in my uncle’s shop. He pushed me to my bed. He then took his T-shirt off and during the process the handkerchief covering his face was also removed. QUESTION: What did Serafin do next? ANSWER: He told me not to shout or else he will kill me. He sucked my breasts while pointing a gun but I still resisted. I recognize him as SERAFIN N. I handed to him the jewelries while saying “ Kuhaalangang gusto nyokuhaon. He punched me in my stomach which made .” QUESTION: After that. The vault was in the closet which was also opened and I leaned down to enter the password. He suddenly jumped over me and lifted my night dress.5 ANSWER: The door in my parents’ room was already open so I entered there while the person pointing a gun was behind me. QUESTION: How did you know it was SERAFIN N. I knew SERAFIN N. CLAVEL II. CLAVEL II since he was working at my uncle’s construction supply shop. what happened? ANSWER: The person pointing a gun handed the jewelries to MARC LOVEL C. I was trembling and don’t know what to do. I saw his face. Besides the bulb light in our terrace was on during that night. Then that person grabbed me in my waist and I struggled to flee. BEDONA in the living room was taking your belongings including your laptop? ANSWER: There was a light post outside the house which shed light to our living room. BEDONA and ordered him stand as guard outside the house. QUESTION: What happened next? ANSWER: The person pointing a gun ordered me to hand him the jewelries inside the vault. indilang kami pagpatya. CLAVEL II? ANSWER: Since the lampshade was on in my room. I wanted to shout but I was so afraid since he was still pointing his gun to me. QUESTION: How did you able to see that MARC LOVEL C.

They took the jewelries in the vault and other valuables. After I regained some strength. After satisfying his lust. I was not able to defend myself as he was stronger than me. QUESTION: At about what time did you go to your Manang Cora’s room? ANSWER: It was about 1:30 AM. QUESTION: Where is the room of your Manang Cora? ANSWER: It is in the back portion of the house which is near the comfort room. he again threatened me not to tell anyone about what happened. QUESTION: What time did your parents arrived? . QUESTION: What did you see in the room of your Manang Cora? ANSWER: I saw her hands tied at her back with a handkerchief wrapped around her mouth. QUESTION: Then what did you do? ANSWER: I untied Manang Cora and cried to her. I also complained to her that my body was aching. I saw Marc peeping through the window and watched me being raped. While he was doing it. He forced himself on me even when I was resisting him with all my remaining force. I was so scared that I might get pregnant and my reputation be tainted. I went to the room of Manang Cora. I told her tha Serafin raped me and he was with Marc. He forcibly removed my underwear and had carnal knowledge with me by force. That I could not walk well. he will kill me and my family. She was on the floor and things inside her room were scattered. QUESTION: Then what else happened? ANSWER: I cried to Manang Cora and we waited until my parents arrived. If I do. intimidation and against my will. QUESTION: What happened after Serafin raped you? ANSWER: I cried because I felt violated. QUESTION: Who is Manang Cora? ANSWER: Manang Cora is our house helper who was with us for almost five (5) years.6 me weak.

Philippines. CLAVEL II and MARC LOVEL C.7 ANSWER: At around 6:00 AM. We went to Cabatuan Police Station at around 7:00 AM to have incident blottered. both are single and a resident of Brgy. Tiring. QUESTION: What happened next? ANSWER: I told them what happened and we felt so devastated. I have hereinto affixed my signature this ___ day of June 2014 at the City of Iloilo. . Do you have anything more to say. I have no more questions to ask. Philippines. BEDONA. add or delete from your statement? ANSWER: No Maam. I hereby certify that I have personally examined and fully understood the statements of her Judicial Affidavit. KATHYA. QUESTION: Then? ANSWER: We went to WVSU-Medical Center. I have my medical examination at around 8:30 AM. QUESTION: Are you willing to sign your statement under oath? ANSWER: Yes Maam. QUESTION: Who assisted you for the blotter? ANSWER: It was the officer in the Women’s desk. IN WITNESS WHEREOF. She is PO2 Oshin Tarre. That I am executing this Judicial Complaint Affidavit to attest to the truthfulness of the foregoing facts and for the purpose of filing criminal charges of ROBBERY WITH RAPE against SERAFIN N. QUESTION: In the meantime. who are of legal age. Cabatuan. Iloilo. TORMON Affiant SUBSCRIBED AND SWORN to before me this ____day of June 2014 at the City of Iloilo.

am the lawyer who conducted the direct examination of the witness KathyA. Tormon regarding her answers. Roncesvalles. Neither I nor any other person then present or assisting me coached KathyA.8 SWORN ATTESTATION OF LAWYER I. . Atty. Tormon. Philippines. I faithfully recorded questions I asked and the corresponding answers that the affiant gave. Iris L. SUBBSCRIBED AND SWORN to before me this ____ day of June 2014 in the City of Iloilo.