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Dear Vidya

As per the discussion with Mr.Hitesh ,please find below brief profile of the company .

Welcome to Thornapple International
Thornapple Innternational has specialised services such as ..

MEDICINE is a noble profession since ages. Being a doctor is not only a job of extreme responsibility,
but it also requires intense hard work and dedication along with the desire to serve mankind.
Thornapple International was established with a clearly defined objective of bringing overseas
education within the reach of every deserving individual. Thornapple International started in Thane
and rose to become India's one of the overseas education consultant. The solutions we offer at our
branches are for students who are ambitious in thoroughly realizing their global education dreams. And
our unique evidence of customer service , lies in our services to finally reach out offers that provides
the most comfortable solutions for students overseas education quest.
Thornapple International has in its portfolio a suite of specialized services for admissions to Masters,
Bachelors & Diploma programs in famous Universities and Colleges in Central America, Ukraine, China,

Aeronautical Engineering
Aerospace engineering involves the design, construction and science of airplanes and space vehicles
and uses computer technology in the design space extensively. Aeronautical engineering is a branch of
aerospace engineering and encompasses aircraft design, construction and testing of aircraft, missiles
and spacecrafts. Aeronautical engineering uses the science of propulsion and aerodynamics.

Clinical Research
Thornapple International is a premier institute dedicated to promoting high quality clinical research

With disseminating knowledge and skills in core and frontier areas of clinical research. elaborate network of logistics and dedicated personnel to fulfill patient's various in India. Recruitment Thornapple International is a leading end-to-end HR solutions company with a focus on Executive Search. Thanks & Regards. Recruitment. Financial Services and Insurance Medical Tourism Thornapple International is a leading medical tour facilitator offering end-to-end solutions to patients who travel to countries abroad for medical care and treatment. thereby contributing to enhancing the clinical research culture in India. extensive alliances with world-class medical centre's. we endeavor to make you feel at home when you are away from your home. Our team is constituted of experts. . Need your assistance for placements . with every member keen to provide each and every patient with the most effective world class treatments and other options in a thoroughly professional manner. Learning and Temporary Staffing services to client organizations. Thornapple International serves you with a platform that trains all the aspirants to be well prepared to meet the need of this "Every evolving industry". With a highly competent and experienced medical panel. Process and Infrastructure Pharma and Life Sciences Consumer Services and Retail Banking. Our Domain Expertise Information Technology Manufacturing.

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