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G.R. No.

105308 September 25, 1998
HERBERT CANG, petitioner,
CLAVANO, respondents.

Ponente: Romero, J.

1. Anna Marie filed a petition for legal separation upon learning of her husband's extramarital affairs,
which the trial court approved the petition.
2. Herbert sought a divorce from Anna Marie in the United States.
3. The court granted sole custody of the 3 minor children to Anna, reserving the rights of visitation to
4. The brother and sister-in-law of Anna filed for the adoption of the 3 minor children.
5. Herbert contested the adoption, but the petition was already granted by the court.
6. CA affirmed the decree of adoption, holding that:
a. Art. 188 of the FC requires the written consent of the natural parents of the children to be adopted, but
the consent of the parent who has abandoned the child is not necessary.
b. Herbert failed to pay monthly support to his children. Herbert elevated the case to the Court.
Whether or not the 3 minor children be legally adopted without the written consent of a natural parent on
the ground that Herbert has abandoned them.
Held: Yes.
Article 188 amended the statutory provision on consent for adoption, the written consent of the
natural parent to the adoption has remained a requisite for its validity. Rule 99 of the Rules of the Court
requires a written consent to the adoption signed by the child, xxx and by each of its known living parents
who is not insane or hopelessly intemperate or has not abandoned the child.
Article 256 of the Family Code requires the written consent of the natural parent for the decree of
adoption to be valid unless the parent has abandoned the child or that the parent is "insane or hopelessly
In reference to abandonment of a child by his parent, the act of abandonment imports "any
conduct of the parent which evinces a settled purpose to forego all parental duties and relinquish all
parental claims to the child." It means "neglect or refusal to perform the natural and legal obligations of
care and support which parents owe their children."
In this case, however, Herbert did not manifest any conduct that would forego his parental duties
and relinquish all parental claims over his children as to, constitute abandonment. Physical abandonment
alone, without financial and moral desertion, is not tantamount to abandonment. While Herbert was

he was not remiss in his natural and legal obligations of love. care and support for his children.physically absent. The Court find pieces of documentary evidence that he maintained regular communications with his wife and children through letters and telephone. . and send them packages catered to their whims.