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July 2015




Daily Prayer Calendar for
Paul & Jill Weaver:
Missionaries with
Word of Life Hungary





1 Pray for us tonight 2 Praise the Lord for 3 Pray for us as we

4 Pray for us as we

as we share about
our ministry at Day
Spring Bible Church
in Landis, NC.

participate in a July
4th church celebration
in Beckley, WV

the opportunity to
spend some time with
our friends and family
in the US this

travel to West
Virginia today.

(Summer Camp Week 3
starts in Hungary)

5 Pray for us this

6 Pray for us as we

7 Pray for us as we

8 Praise the Lord for 9 Pray for us as we

10 Pray for Paul as

11 Summer camp

morning as we share
about our ministry in
Beckley, WV at
Hilltop Baptist Church
as well as Bradley
Baptist Church this

travel back to Indiana
this morning.

have a follow-up
appointment about
Jill’s pregnancy at the
OBGYN this morning.
(Gospel invitation
night in Hungary)

the great staff He has
provided for the Bible
Institute this coming

he shares at a
Christian men’s
breakfast early this
morning in
Bloomington, IL.
(Campfire night in

Week 4 starts in
Hungary. Pray for a
great week of
ministry and many

12 Pray for us as

13 Pray for our

14 Pray for us over

15 Pray that our

16 Pray that we can 17 Campfire night in 18 Summer camp

we share with
Pleasant Hill Church
in Union City, IN this
morning, and as we
travel to Warsaw, IN
to share in a church
this evening.

Bible Institute
students who are
serving throughout
the world for their
summer ministry.
Most of them are
camp counselors.

the next 48 hours.
We are babysitting
for Jill’s sister’s kids
so they can get away
for a few days.

home will not be
broken into while we
are away in the
United States.

make some
connections with
more pastors in the
area while we stay in
Indiana over the next
couple of weeks.

Hungary – pray for
this evening as the
campers share
testimonies of how
God has been
working in their lives
this week.

19 Pray for us as

20 Pray for us

21 Invitation night!

22 Praise the Lord

23 Pray for Paul as

24 Campfire night in 25 Summer camp

we share about our
ministry in the
morning at Columbus
Community Church
and in the evening at
the Bible Church of

tonight as we share
about our ministry
over dinner with a
pastor and his family.

Pray that the gospel
will be clearly
presented at the
summer camp in
Hungary and that
many young people
will respond.

for the Word of Life
Ministry which is
celebrating its 75th
anniversary this year.

he continues his PhD
program in Biblical
Studies with Baptist
Bible Seminary.

Hungary – pray for
this evening as the
campers share
testimonies of how
God has been
working in their lives
this week.

26 Pray for us as we

27 Pray for

28 Pray for a good

29 Praise the Lord

30 Pray that we can

31 Pray for Paul as he

perseverance and
endurance for the
camp counselors.
They are certainly
getting tired by now!

day of fellowship as we
share about our ministry
over dinner with some
dear supporters.
(Gospel invitation night
in Hungary)

for Jill’s grandmother,
Jean, who has
allowed us to stay
with her during our
time in Indiana.

juggle our busy furlough
schedule with the many
responsibilities we have
with the BI this summer.

juggles his many
responsibilities as
Director of the Bible
Institute and Associate
Director of WOL

share with the Ridge in
Columbus, IN this
morning, as well as
Franklin Road Baptist
Church in Indianapolis,
IN this evening.

travel throughout
Illinois over the next
few days. This
afternoon we have a
meeting with the
head of a missions


Week 5 starts in
Hungary. Pray for a
great week of
ministry and many

Week 6 starts in
Hungary. Pray for a
great week of
ministry and many

and fly back to Hungary from there. Tóalmási Evangéliumi Gyülekezet.pray for this evening as the campers share testimonies of how God has been working in their lives this week. ultrasound today. as well as a small group tonight. for the opportunity to meet with many of our friends and individual supporters while in Dallas. 10 Pray for the 11 Praise the Lord 12 Pray for us as 13 Pray for us as 14 Home sweet 15 Pray that we can dessert fellowship that one of our guest teachers has organized for us in Dallas. Hungary . There is a lot to accomplish before school starts. Hungarian language skills will jump back quickly after being dormant all WOLHBI alumni who are serving the Lord in full-time ministry around the world. 2 Pray for us as we 3 Pray for generous 4 Pray for Jill’s share with Martinsville Bible Church in Martinsville. over! Praise the Lord for a great summer and the many children and teenagers who were saved. Noémi. 23 Pray that having 24 Pray for an 25 Pray for a 26 Pray for a 27 Pray for our 28 Pray for our local 29 Pray for the a baby will open up even more opportunities for Jill to build relationships in the village. as we seek to reach our village for Christ. donations to the Scholarship Fund so more students from Central and Eastern Europe can attend the Bible Institute. IL this morning. Macedonian couple and their baby who will be moving to Hungary in order to attend the BI this Fall. TX tonight.August 2015 Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday 1 Summer camp Week 7 starts in Hungary. He has provided us with everything we need. We travel to TX for one JillWeaver@WOL. If all goes well. future students as the Lord prepares their heart for a year of intense Bible study. 16 Praise the Lord 6 Pray for us as we 7 Campfire night in 8 Camp is officially (Gospel invitation night in Hungary) as we say goodbye to our family in Columbus. we may be able to learn the sex of our baby! 9 Pray for us as we share with Waterbrook Bible Fellowship in Wylie. IN tonight. and Lacika. and prepare to fly home tomorrow. for each new day and the ability to serve HIM. TX today in order to spend some time with supporters there. as well as Bethel Memorial Church in Princeton. that we can attend our home church in the village this morning. fly to Dallas. 17 Pray that our 18 Pray for 19 Pray for our staff in 20 Praise the Lord 21 Pray for our 22 Pray for our generous donations to the dormitory renovation project that we promoted this summer. American couple and their three children who will be moving to Hungary in order to attend the BI this Fall. we fly back to Hungary today! home! Praise the Lord for a great furlough and the fact that we can finally sleep in our own beds. wrap up last minute details. TX this morning. we pack our bags. 30 Praise the Lord for 31 Praise the Lord all that we have. Texas. Hungary as many families take vacation time to recover from the camp season and prepare for the Bible Institute ahead. . What joy we have in Christ! students as they wrap up their summer ministries and move on to the next phase in their lives. next-door neighbors’ salvation: Laci. Ildikó. unpack and transition quickly into the Bible Institute “mode”. Brazilian couple and their two children who will be moving to Hungary in order to attend the BI this Fall. church. Pray for a great week of ministry and many salvations! This is the final week of camp for the summer. that we are pregnant! The Lord has answered our prayers! 5 Pray for us today PaulWeaver@WOL.

and that we will continue to work as a team. students and staff as we head to Budapest for two days of Open Air Evangelism. students arrive today. Paul is leading several seminars today. Pray for traveling mercies. RA Training 6 Pray for Jill as she 7 Pray for the BI 8 Pray for wisdom 9 International 10 European 11 Pray for a 12 Pray for our makes decisions about distributing scholarship monies to the many worthy European students. Many are serving as Sunday school teachers in various churches. Rhome Dyck.September 2015 Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday 1 Pray for more 2 Pray for the many 3 Resident Assistant 4 RA training starts supporters of the Solid Foundation Scholarship Fund. Pray for traveling mercies. Rhome Dyck. for the Dean’s staff as they select RA’s. Pray for a blessed evening of fellowship. Pray for a blessed evening of fellowship. tonight in our home for dinner. Paul Meehan and Sam Frey. Pray for the guest teachers. administration. remain balanced in our marriage and ministry. semester as he teaches Introduction to Greek. There will be a fellowship for all the candidates tonight at our house. hosting the guest teacher. for wonderful supporters who are partners with us in the ministry. It is a big step of faith for them to attend the Bible Institute. This is the busiest day of the year for Jill and the Admissions Department. Sam Frey and Paul Meehan. smooth Registration Day. . RA Training hosting the guest teacher and his www. Alex and Pam Konya. Alex Konya (former Director of WOL Hungary) as he teaches Law and Grace. including cleaning. and for the health of our growing baby. 13 Pray that the 14 First day of 15 Pray for Paul 16 Jill will be 17 Pray for our 18 Pray for the 19 Pray for wisdom students are challenged to start the year strong through the Opening Conference Weekend. Pray for the applicants and the Dean’s staff. continued health. as we pair staff members with students for the one-on-one Mentorship Program. this semester as he teaches Ecclesiology and Eschatology. 27 Pray for our 28 Pray for the 29 Pray for Jill’s 30 Jill will be students as they start their weekend ministries today. tonight in our home for dinner. staff as we prepare for another exciting school year. today. students arrive today. from Solana Beach Church. We are honored to represent them on the mission field. Saturday 5 Praise the Lord for the RA candidates who are willing to be spiritual leaders in their dorm rooms. Pastor Tom Theriault. hosting the guest teachers. WeaverWebpage. as he teaches Systematic Theology. guest teacher this week. trainees arrive today. Opening Conference speaker. tonight in our home for dinner. Pray for a blessed evening of fellowship. Please pray as they gear up for RA training. classes. the Immigration Office as we help students apply for their residency permits. second day of Open Air Evangelism in Budapest. 20 Pray for those 21 Pray for the 22 Pray that we will 23 Pray for grace at 24 Jill will be 25 Praise the Lord 26 Pray for Paul this students who do not come from supportive Christian homes. as they teach Personal Evangelism this week. tasks that must be completed before the Bible Institute starts. Dr. and finances. guest teacher this week.

As the next school year approaches. Will you please pray with us concerning financial partners for the Scholarship Fund? We are confident that the Lord will provide the necessary funds if He wills to do so. I am just thrilled about the way the Bible is designed – how as we grow in Schroon Lake. because you are part of His gracious provision for me during my two years at Bible School…Throughout the year I continued to realize how awesome God’s Word is (I knew it before. pay to the order of “Word of Life Fellowship” and in the memo section. the meaning of God’s truth grows richer and fuller. God also makes me very thankful for the ability to learn. To give through personal check.” Mail your check to Word of Life Fellowship. I will be there 4 weeks and the rest of my summer ministry will be with a Christian radio station in my home town. I am looking forward to that! This is probably the last update from me.SolidFoundation. But then I calmed down. it amazes me every day how God is just so gracious and faithful in every little detail. PO Box 600..” www. but there is more to it now).info .wol. For one. I learned that I am as close to God as I want to be. It’s no wonder that someone said it must be this way because the Bible is “an expression of an infinite mind”—God’s mind! I am so thankful that God keeps giving me a hunger for reading the Bible. be sure and write “Hungary BI Scholarship Fund: (05005C). updating them along the way. I am learning that the Word grows with me. I am realizing how I cannot ever have enough of the Bible.. When I realized how soon I will be leaving Bible School for good. it was simple enough for me to understand it and try to follow it in my life. There is so much for me to learn. NY 12870. Each year we match scholarship supporters with a specific Bible Institute student. God has taught me so much! And I want to share it with you in this letter. Now. it passed by so fast and secondly. And again.Please pray with us! We would like to ask your prayers for the Solid Foundation Scholarship Fund. I am planning to do my summer ministry at Word of Life Czech Republic. It means so much to me!!! Thank you for all your giving and prayers. When I first started to read my Bible. Please pray for supporters who will join with the Bible Institute as we train young men and women from all over Europe for a lifetime of ministry. but let me say. as I repeatedly read it while growing in Christ. we are seeking faithful supporters who would like to sponsor a Central or Eastern European student on their way to the Bible Institute. because I know everything is a gift from Him. I will never be able to thank you enough for your willingness to support me through the Bible Institute.even my desire to be with Him originally comes from Him. the sowing and reaping principle comes in – I need to invest time into spending time with God. I got a bit scared. Take a look at this excerpt of a final thank you note from one of our dear students from the Czech Republic… “Thank you so much! I am almost at the end of my two year stay here and I am just amazed. The sponsored student writes his or her supporter throughout the school year. visit https://give. It truly is an investment in eternity! If you would like to give online through credit card or direct withdraw. for I know that God is not going to leave me when I leave the Bible Institute.