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Smt. Chanabasamma Ishwarappa Munavalli Polytechnic
Vidyanagar, HUBLI - 31 KARNATAKA, INDIA.

Total Marks : 30

Multiple choice questions for Accounts operator post
Time : 30 min

Name of the Candidate:_______________________________________________ Total Marks

1) All expenses and losses
always having..?






4) Balance sheet

Entire summary of the all
ledger accounts


Balances of all
individual account


Bank and
cash Balances


Exact financial position of the
business on specific date

Balance entered
in voucher

2) Tracking number is used in


5) Tally

Package, which maintains
accounts only


Which maintains accounts with
inventory records



Which display the detail report trial
balance, balance sheet etc


All are


6) Which of the following is not a
account type



3) ____________ is the function key for
changing date








Name of the company & Income Tax No C.D. Name of the company & Financial year B. Name of the company & Sales Tax No D. L e d g e r A. Direct Expens es D. Pur cha ses C. 1st Jan uar y B. Miss Expen ses 12) Which of the following information is must to create a company C. Current liability S a l e s D. B o t h Balance entered in voucher 9) Manufacturing expenses comes under___________ Group A. Balanc e sheet 8) ____________is beginning date of financial year A. 1st Ma rch D. Unsecur ed Loan B. N o n e A. D. 1 st A pr il 11) In case of personal accounts the receiver is A. B. Loans & Advances C. C r e d i t C. Nominal account 7) Term loans & other medium /long _term loans comes under __________Group 10) Which financial statement can be made from Trial balance A. Secur ed Loan B. D e b i t B. Expenses (Indirect) D. 1st Febr uary C. All .

Capi tal A/C B. To records all the non-cash transactions only C. Tr a ck in g 16) Rates & Taxes comes under ____________ Groups A. N o n e 13) Journal book is used to A. C. Duties &Taxe s . B. Inve stm ent Sundry debtors 18) Limit on single payments is available for_______________ A. Group& Ledger D. All sale and purchase records 17) Sales purchase A/C groups are reflected in _____________ 14) _____________is a Reserved group which goes to liabilities A. Records all the entries B. Entries regarding general transactions D. Journal Register D. I n c o m e C. Special situation B. D. Expe nditu re D. None of the above 15) Alias is ____________ A. Balan ce sheet B. Profit & loss A/C A. To change group name Simple mechanism to call an account by another name Type of Group Type of Ledger 19) System of traversing form Balance sheet to voucher permitting to view al the A. Only Grou ps B. D.Ab ov e B. None if the above C. Fixe d Ass et C. Only ledger Accounts C.

Vo uc he . Negati ve stock C./C balance helps for______________ A. Payment Decision C. Inventory control B. O p e ni n g 24) Closing stock appears in _______________ C l o s i n g A. D.4 _____________ option is available for maintaining Accounts A. C. 23) Reports come under exception reports A. All ab ov e 20) In tally 5. Accou nt only B. B. Trial Balan ce Onl y cre dit C. Balanc e Sheet B. Profit & loss A/C D. Invent ory only D. C. AcctswithInv C. Optional Vouchers D. None of the above N o n e 25) Cash in hand & bank A. Sales 22) Under Group _______________ can be created A. D a t e C. All ab ov e All are correct 21) Trial Balance contains ___________ balance of all accounts A. Memorandum Vouchers B. Multipl e Ledgers D. Au dit trai l None of the above B.

performan ce D. Tally gives the facility to fine tune our control of budgets over group of Accounts B. N o n e A. L e d g e r 27) Changes carried out in F12 are ______________ A. Comprehensive Accounting C. Trial Balan ce D. Shift + Enter C. Global & will be effective for all working companies B. Tally does not give the facility to fine tune our control if Budgets 30) _________Can not be printed in a Quick Format C. Multiple Accounting S hi ft + R D. Non Integrated Accounts B. C h e q u e D. Ctrl + Ente r A. Affected to that particular company only D. Re-entering the data B. Not Global will not be effective for all working companies C. Integrated Accounts & Inventory B. D. Tally gives the facility to fine tune our control of Budgets over only cost Centers A. A. Process of getting back the earlier data in Hard disk C. Process of keeping a copy of the data in another place D. Balanc e Sheet C. C t r 29) Restoration of data is ____________ . This statement is true B. All ab ov e 26) Tally give the facility to fine tune our control of Budgets over ledger accounts. A. None of the above 28) Tally provides option to post stock value from Inventory directly to balance sheet 31) _________key is used to view next level details of the item on the same screen.

All of abov e 37) Memorandum Voucher is used to A. Delive ry Note Cash Paid Creditor Material rejection entry Ex pe ns es 36) Optional Voucher is____________ A. For entries regarding bank overdraft C. Temporary Voucher which does not update any figure any where D. Enter entry having multiple account effect B. Transaction involves Cash and Bank S B. Remind entry which may have effect in future D. Vouch er Type C. Contracting expenses only 32) _________Vouchers is a pure inventory voucher A. Transactions related to Purchase C. D. Transaction involves Cash and Bank B. C o n t r a B. B. B. Voucher which update figures 33) Inventory Managment comprises of _________ A. Salaries paid to the employees D. None of these 34) Contra entry is used for ___________ A. Salaries paid to the employees D.l + A. Transactions related to Purchase C. Contracting expenses only 35 )Contra entry is used for ___________ 37) Which of the following is not a voucher type ____________ A. Pa y m en t . Voucher Type is emergency B. Deli ver y In Deliv ery Out C. C. Inventor y control D.

B 39) In each & every entry Debit & Credit balance must be equal C. Sundry Custome r 40) Which of the following account groups can be classified as a Nominal accounts A. Curren t assets C. Sometimes to giver & sometimes to taker B. D. C a p i t a l R e c e i p t 38) In case of personal Accounts Credit effect goes with A. Suppliers. Sunder y debtor C. Not necessary in Contra entry Above statement is true C. T a x e s 42) In balance sheet the shortcut key to activate the value is _________________ A. Th e Giv er C. Stock and Cash account 41) Duties & Taxes is considered as ___________________ in accounting groups. Owners. Current liabilities B. Bank Accou nt C. Sundry credito r D. Accounts of fixed and current assets such as Cash. Plant and Machinery. Accounts of Buyer. This is applicable in payment type entries only D. Fixe d asse ts D. Lenders etc B.C. B. vehicles etc . Building. S u p pl ie r B. A. purchases Discount Allowed. A. All types of Bank. D. The Recei ver D. None of the above 43) The supplier of the company belongs to ___________________ group in accounting A. D. Accounts relating to expenses and Income such as sales. B.

Value Added Tally D. B. Operatin g System D. Manual Accounting C. 46) Fax machine is a ____________ asset. Valuabl e At Tax C. Value Added Tax B. C. Simple mechanism to call an account by another name C. C. VAT Stands TAX D. Ct rl + F 2 G oo ds In D. B. Go ods out 45) ______________________ is the short key to change period in tally A. 47) Use Alt + F8 for________________ A. A. N o n e F i x e d D i r e c t C 49) Alias is _____________ A. Type of group . Computerize Accounting B. To change group name B. Stock journ al B.u rr e n t 44) VAT stands for A. A lt + F 2 N o n e 48) Tally is--------------Software A lt + A. C. La ng ua ge F 1 D.

A L T + G . A L T + T B.D. Type of ledger 50) TDS deduction ____________________ key used A. A L T + S C. A L T + Q D.