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Desmond k Sangbong

Emmit Fritch
Inventory & Supply Chain management
Colorado Technical University
Jun 3, 2015

This assignment outline should provide the initial steps of
completing the final draft of DB-4 which is due next week. This
project shall include several areas that indicate the company
overview, from suppliers of products, manufacturers of the
products, warehousing and distribution of these products.
Your draft shall be able to incorporate the following:

Executive summary of the company.
This should include the mission statement of the company,
leadership team, business ethics and corporate social
responsibility. The mission statement should be precise and

You may also include company’s goals and objectives that are


Company current state/ overview

how do you package them in terms of weight. IV. weighing etc. Describe your final products. quality inspection steps and procedures followed before receiving the products. Warehousing. current financial status and SWOT analysis. provide detailed information on the storage of products. This should include. checking for compliances depending with the company standards or ISO. Product description. inspection of products conformities and documentation Provide information on thesuppliers of raw materials.  Distribution of DB-4 products explain how distribution is done and provide details of the measures taken during distributions. III. The current state of your company shall include its product mix.  What are the standards for the warehousing? Where do you store your products before distributing them to the various customers? VI. Target customers . Name of the suppliers. how do you check conformances and nonconformances? Also include action plan in case of return of goods due to non-conformances V. quality aspect/conformities and action taken for non-conformance. is the product quality altered during distribution? is FIFO something to consider? VII.

 VIII. 2) Use upper case Roman numbers to indicate your major points and should be at the far left of our margin. 3) Use capital letters for your sub points 4) Ensure that all the main points appear on the far left of the margin and are highlighted. Instructions 1) Use double space. you should be able to write a comprehensive company draft giving detailed information on the above headings. courier new 12 point. 7) Late submission of the document shall incur points deductions References .winthrop. Indent then subheadings that provide more detailed and specific information for your project 5) This outline should help you complete your first draft. 6) Include scholarly references using APA style. who are your target customers and why What are the other opportunities that can be tapped in future? Based on what you have learnt during this course.