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COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS Alfredo Salazar is the male protagonist of the story Dead Stars. He is the son of Don Julian and a man of bachelor. Francisco Reteche of the story Zita is one of the major characters in the story. He is a teacher from the city who came to Anayat to teach the children there. Jay Gatsby of the film The Great Gatsby is a man, approximately 30 years old who live is an extravagant life. He likes throwing parties in his mansion for the purpose of luring Daisy to come to the party. Daisy is the girl who Jay Gatsby fell in love with. Jay Gatsby in the film is a mysterious man at first. When the story goes on, his physical looks are slowly shown. He is a tall, white and a good, clean looking man. He is charming, fabulously wealthy and a dreamer with a sole purpose of fulfilling the most unrealistic dream- to recapture the past. Francisco Reteche of the story Zita is a good looking mysterious man from the city. Unlike Jay Gatsby, Reteche is not a rich guy as what we can see in his profession. Francisco Reteche is broken hearted man as Zita of the city betrayed him. His life was full of pain and decided to go to Anayat to forget Zita of the city. Alfredo Salazar of Dead Stars like those two male characters mentioned above is also a good, rich and smart looking guy. Unlike Reteche and Gatsby who in the story remain loyal to their love ones, (referring to the girl they love) Alfredo Salazar did not stay loyal to Esperanza. He felt boring with her and because of that he flirts with Julia Salas. Zeitgeist is the beliefs, idea and spirit of a time and place. American zeitgeist in the roaring 20’s changes including fashion, music, entertainment, culture and the liberation of women in the society. At this time, Philippine is part of the American colonization. During the American period in the Philippines, one of the most significant changes happen is the development of education. Filipinos are taught in English and are introduced to American modes of thought, culture and ways of life which is embedded to the Filipino. As a direct result, Philippine literature could not escape being imitative to the American models of writing especially during its period of apprenticeship. Back to the different male characters in the story 1 and film, Jazz Age is reflected in the attitude and/or philosophy in life of these characters by changing their lifestyle, the way they live and act. On the three different characters, Jay Gatsby is the remarkable one that is reflecting an attitude and philosophy of a Jazz Age life. Jay Gatsby lives in a wealthy life. He gives wild extravagant parties at night and drives his yellow flashy mobile. He is also involved in bootlegging and other questionable business activities. For the other two characters, it is not as embossed as of Jay Gatsby primarily because of the setting where the story took place. Compare to the film The Great Gatsby, the setting of the film took place on where the so called Jazz Age happen. Also the story of the film is written in the period of the Jazz Age by F. Scott Fitzgerald. These three male characters have different responses to their female antagonist. These responses yielded two different depiction of femininity. Francisco Reteche and Jay Gatsby have different reactions to their female antagonist. Reteche leaves the city to forget Zita while Gatsby still loves and did not attempt to forget Daisy even though Daisy is already married with Tom. However, these two characters pointed out how full of materialistic ideas and desire women minds are. “I did not know that the poise and pomp of wealth dies by itself quickly….”This line implies that Zita of the city left Francisco Reteche because of money and all material things money can provide. Jay Gatsby made himself wealthy man to impress Daisy. I cannot remember the correct and accurate line for this but as what I can remember in the film, Daisy is crying while reading the letter of Jay Gatsby because in the letter, Jay confesses the truth that he is not a rich guy. From that, Jay find all the means and ways to made himself fabulously rich with the sole purpose of recapturing the past. Alfredo Salazar on the other hand shows unfaithfulness toward to his relationship with Esperanza. Even though Alfredo is not faithful, Esperanza is loyal to him. “If a man were married, why, of course he loves his wife; if he were engaged; he could not possibly love another woman.” This line proves how Esperanza is being loyal with Alfredo. For Alfredo Salazar, love is puzzling. This is how Alfredo views love. It can be seen in some of his line in the story.” Love—he seemed to have missed it. Or was the love that others 2 told about a mere fabrication of perfervid imagination, an exaggeration of the commonplace, a glorification of insipid monotonies such as made up his love life? Was love a combination of circumstances, or sheer native capacity of soul? In those days love was, for him, still the eternal puzzle; for love, as he knew it, was a stranger to love as he divined it might be.” At first, Alfredo felt boring about their relationship with Esperanza. After he met Julia Salas, he makes his move and flirt with her. He is telling Julia that he loves her but because of the engagement with Esperanza; he is forced to do what he had to do. After several years, Alfredo met Julia. Right there he realized that he is not feeling in love anymore with Julia. On the other hand, Jay Gatsby views love as love it is everything. After Jay Gatsby knew that Daisy left him because Daisy already knew that he was a poor guy, he make his everything that he could to make his self wealthy. He joined bootlegging and questionable illegal business activities. To be able for a man to do that, it requires a very high devotion of loves towards the girl. Francisco Reteche views love as haunting. Remember in the story when Reteche is dressing up Zita of Anayat. Francisco is dressing her the way Zita of the city dresses up. “It was as if he saw somebody there whom he was expecting, for whom he had waited, prayed.” This line implies that the memories of Zita from the city are still nagging him and he cannot forget about it. The men of today definitely can relate to Alfredo, Francisco and Jay. Love in this new generation is also not different from that time. Like Alfredo who has a weakness and unreasonableness which is innate flaws of human. Love in this generation is greatly influence by selfishness or greed. Men of today instantly jumped into relation just thinking about the happiness that the relation would bring to their selves. They seldom about the changes that will happen someday that make them change their mind and quit with their relationship. With Francisco and Jay, maybe more of the average men can relate with them. Average in the sense that they have only enough to provide (money and the things they have) for their selves. Girls who are materialistic tend to choose men who are richer than the average men although they are more ideally a good partner with the girl. 3

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