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Writing a profile


r~!!.' .th~ .~~~tion, you will:
watch an interview and complete a profile.
plan a profile for a school sports personality.

conduct an interview with the school sports personality.

write a profile.


Mr Wong wants you to write a profile of a sports personality from your school for the Sports Website. To help you,
he gives you a profile of top racing driver Lewis Hamilton and a Video of an interview with him. Read the profile.
Then watch the video and complete the profile.

Formula 1 (alsa
called Fl) is the
top level of

Date of birth: 7th January 1985
Place of birth: Stevenage, England

motor racing.


Geneva, Switzerland


174 em


68 kg

Lewis Hamilton started motor racing in 1993, when he was eight years old. He
won the British Karting Championship when he was ten. At the age of thirteen,
he joined the McLaren and Mercedes-Benz Young Driver Support Programme. He
became a professional racing driver in 2002. In 2008, he became the youngest
driver to win the Formula 1 World Championship. He was twenty-th ree at the time.

\1ere:; a v\oeo 01 an iotorvio"

" i1n Le"i~ rlamil1on.You'll 1ina

information in it \0 help i OU
cOmplete Ine pro\ile.l
Mr vJong

Lewis thinks driving for the British team is very important. He thinks it is great for

and the


British driver, and he is very

to have a



to be part of the team.

Lewis did not have too many (4)

when he was younger,

but he has always admired three-time Formula 1 champion Ayrton Senna. The
most important lesson he has learnt in his life is

(S) _ __


_ __


_ .

Lewis likes going to the gym, playing squash and tennis, and cycling. He also likes
books, music, and films . He enjoys spending time with his family and friends.

; • 1



Source: Freely adapted from Reuters. write a report of a sports event. Bolt. The race was described as a showdown with Bolt's compatriot Asafa Powell. Jamaica's Usain Bolt won the 100 metres gold at the Beijing Olympics in a world record time of 9. He began celebrating as he neared the finish line. whose world mark Bolt bettere. However. 16AugUS12008 IT. had run only one professional race in the 100 metres event beforE this year. te Salurday. A Mr Wong wants you to write a report ofa schoo/sports event to submit for the Sports Website. The 21-year-old won his country's first Olympic title in the event. 'Bolt smashes world record to win 100m gold" . Read the report and complete the worksheet on page c f. 5 lowering his own world-record mark by three hundredtho of a second. Reuters c.~'-------------------------- o Writing a report of a sports event II read a report of a sports event. choose a sports event to report on. To help you.69 seconds. Powell once again failed to deliver. a 200 metres specialist. He finished fifth in his semi-final race and did not qualify. 10 in May. Worlc 15 champion 1Yson Gay failed to make it into the final. finishing in fifth. hI gives you a report from a newspaper and a worksheet. Richard Thompson of Trinidad and Tobago won the silver and American Walter Dix the bronze but no one in the race was able to get near Bolt. p 1:. Bolt was even able to look left and right and I I slightly slow up on the 95-metre mark. He will now turn his attention to becoming the first man since Carl Lewis in 1984 to win the Olympic sprint double.

and many other successes. b) c) d) Some people say she can't win She is an important member of at· the next Olympics.g. we should support them w ith facts and/or reasons. polite and considerate.g. dashes. Opinion a) No one ca n beat Zhang Yining. Wow. Team China. [23 . To make our op inions easier to understand. e. She will be too old. such as: informal words and phrases. Supporting fact or reason She is dedicated. pretty good co ntraction s and abbreviations. EJ A blog usually uses informal language. Draw a line to match each opinion with the correct supporting/act or reason. USA informal punctuation.g. She is a role model for younger She has four Olympic gold medals players. e) Circle the smileys in th e blog entry and comments.Producing website content U" The main features of a b log entry D A blog entry usually has a catchy title to attract the reader's attention. e. Read the opinions below. China needs Zhang Yining. G. exclamation marks ~ ~ l smileys.g. e..) a) What informal words and phrases are used in the blog entry and comments? b) What contractions are used in the blog entry and comments? c) What abbreviations are used in the blog entry? d) Underline the informal punctuation in the blog entry. e. I'm. What is the title of the blog entry? _ _ __ __ _ _ __ __ _ _ __ _ __ EJ We can use a blog entry to express our opinions on a topic. brackets.

Derek. Forty-two kilometres. I'd say forty-five kilometres. respond to contestants' correct and incorrect answers. Well done. To the nearest kilometre. everyone. announces the winner and congratulates him / her.Producing website content Read the dialogue between the quizmaster and two contestants below. Thanks to Derek and Anita for taking part.Brainstorm ideas for how you could start your sports quiz. Over to you.. To round off the quiz. what is the length of a marathon? Anita: I know it's a long way. Quizmastel': That's the correct answer. Quizmaster: OK. And that brings US to the end of the quiz. Work in pairs. Q uizmaster: I'm afraid you're wrong. [37 . Anita. Note down your ideas on a separate sheet of paper. underline in blue where he responds to Derek's first attempt and underline in green where he responds to Derek's final answer. So today's winner is Anita. Goodbye. the quizmaster thanks the contestants and says goodbye to the audience. At the end of the quiz The quizmaster reports the final scores. Derek: I think maybe it's .. a little bit of maths coming up now. forty-two kilometres? Quizmaster: You don't sound very sure. Read how the quizmaster ends the quiz below.. ' no. and end the quiz. And the scores stand at four points for Derek and two for Anita. Underline in red where he reports the final scores. underline in blue where he announces and congratulates the winner and underline in green where he rounds o[fthe quiz. Congratulations to her and bad luck to Mark. Derek! One more point for you. Do you want to change your answer? Derek: Er . Quizmaster: The final scoreS are: Anita five points and Derek four points. Underline in red where the quizmaster responds 10 Anita's incorrect answer.

ge. These combined benefits make doing sport important for everyone. The constant extra exercise helps to develop your muscles. To heJp you. choose a sport to write an article about. which helps to prevent the accumulation of unwanted body fat. The cooperative skills you learn from taking part in these sports help you communicate better with other people and become a better team player at work. It is good for your body because it makes you fit.. Thirdly.lC?ld far th~ mind Doing sport is good not just for your body. stroke and diabetes. Thirdly. Doing sport is good for your body in three ways. . As the muscles become stronger. ___. confident and cooperative. but also for your mind. strong and healthy. I" There are also three benefits for the mind in doing sport. You need to write an article about a sport to submit for the Sports Website.!I6. write the article.. doing sport increases your confidence because the more you playa sport. You can feel an improvement 10 on your fitness level when you can play for longer without feeling as tired. This gives you a sense of achievem ent and boosts your confidence. Staying healthy also brings additional benefits such as better appetite and better sleep. Secondly. ~. It is good for your 5 mind because it makes you happy. doing sport makes you strong. Read the article and complete the worksheet on page 40. Firstly. sport develops your cooperative skills. Many sports involve cooperating with a partner or a team to achieve a common goal. As you exercise.J~Or1i - good for t. it makes you happy because sport is enjoya ble and also because your body releases endorphins which have a chemical 20 2S reaction on the brain to make you feel good.Producing website content I Writing an article . Secondly. Regular participation in sport 15 helps build resistance to infec tions and reduce your chances of getting many diseases including heart disease. read an article about sport and complete a worksheet. the better you get at it. playing sport makes you healthy. it makes you fit because it makes you exercise all parts of your body. they work more efficiently. The confidence you get from playing sport helps you perform better in your daily life. Mr Wong gives you an article and a worksheet..he body.. Firstly. excess calories in your body are burnt.

Write the correct letters (A. This racket is best suited to beginners.coml (43 . cornpare the two reviews. choose a sports product a nd test it. tables and paragraphs.l/www. The specially designed head increases stability and allows players to add s spin to their strokes. Complete the worksheet below and on page 44. ~1Yardlollse. some reviews present their information usi ng lis ts. The Liquidmetal8 is very stable for such a light racket and has good balance. he gives you a worksheet. Sports product reviews come in various forms. .F) in the boxes provided. write a review of the product. For example.ten l1i. Writing a sports product review ~ identify the key features in two sports product reviews. To help you.Produ c ing website content . . while others are in the form of articles. The following key feature s often appear in sports product reviews: A photo of the product D reviewer's opinions B product description C product performance E reviewer's recommendation F testing method Read the following two reviews and label the key features. Mr Wong wants you to write a sports product review to submit for the Sports Website. The Liquidmetal8 is surprisingly comfortable and easy to controL It is good for both players with short or medium swing lengths. 0: Length: 69 cm Review Play-tji!ster ratings 0 (out of 100) 0 : Power 80 Control 78 Manoeuverability 83 Stability 75 Comfort 76 Overall rating 78. 10 A play-tester is someone who tests a product by playing with it. Source: Free ly adapted from http.4 The Liquid metal 8 is a good choice for players looking for a racket that offers plenty of control and powe r.

There are about twenty-two people in a crew. .e. write an advertisement for a school sports event. . The races are enjoyable to watch.\ The Dragon Boot festi val (Tuen Ng) is celebrated in Hong Kong every year by holding dragon boot races. Wong wants you to write an advertisement for a school sports event for the Sports Website. 1\ is a good event. Read the advertisements. loca l and foreign. One of the ro ces is called the Hong Kong International Dragon Boot Regatta. It's an amazing 'ination of young and old. "ating and entertain ing! So challenge yourself the full marathon. the half marathon or the n run . To help you. The boots are poddted by crews. It's exciting.(l\ 1. you will: read and compare two sports event advertisements.hkrnarathon.Producing websi te content Writing a sports event advertisement ~ is section. make improvements to an advertisement. 8th Februar y 20__ es: Start from Nath an Road (for full marathon and half marathon) or Island Eastern Corridor (for 10 km run) Jrther information. learn about persuasive language in advertisements. Venue: Shing Mu n River f or more informotion. and amateur and professional gives you two advertisements. visit This annua l world-class race through the s of Hong Kong attracts thousands of eager entrants from around the world. Face the Race! Advertisement long Kong Marathon is ready to excite the city agai n. visit www.111e.discoverhOngkOng. Many compeli tors come from different cou ntries. come and watch the dragon boat lacing! You'll tike it! I I .

. Replace the underlined word s and add new words or phrases where there is a '. This includes usi ng descriptive words or phrases to make the event sound excit ing and fun . e.g.'. W ork in pairs. ~ your answers in pencil. d ~ e The Inter-school Volleyball Championship will be an enjoyable event held at thel\new spo rts centre. athletes fr om around the world will gather in Hong Kong in February to show off theirl\skills.g. ~ here!. Th en write the improved sente/1ces in the second co lu m n . To do this. b Get ready to enjoy someJootball ac tion at today's interesting match. imperatives are often used. The first one ha s been don e fo r yo u. Now read Advertisement 1 again and under/ine the p ersuasive language used in it. Circle th e imperatives in the closillg lines of Adve rtisemellt 1 alld Advertisement 2. . o~d iving c You'll see al\display at this £!& even t. Come to Wan Chai Sports Ground this Saturday and supp ort our school! ve rb . e. We use impe ratives to give orders or imtructions.Producing web site content A good advert also persuades readers to at tend or take part in the event. To do th is. persuasive language is used. You'll be amazed at the stunning gymnastics displayed by this record-breaking team. A good advert closes by inviting the reader to join the event. You can use a the sa urus to find wo rds or phrases to make these sentences more interesting. a You'll like th e gymnastics disp layed by thisl\team. Read th e sentences in th e first co lumn of the table below and discuss how to impro ve th em with persuasive language..

Good sportsmanship still exists . and Sorenstam had to take th e shot again. They made an official protest. and kicked the ball towards Rivaldo.coJ11~ . to speed things up. The referee agreed. He then put his hands over his face and fen to the ground. many athletes win come out and congratulate their opponent. and sent the Turkish player off Playing with one fewer player for the rest of the match. At the 1972 Olympics. After losing an event. became angry. Part of the reason for its 45 bad reputation is what happened in the 2002 FlFA World cup. • Sour<:c: Adapted from Ender. The referee. it is still common to kick the ball off the field if a player is injured.0 what happened. In soccer. after she had made the shot. Annika Sorenstam was a member of the European team. thought that Rivaldo had been hit in the face. 'Is Good Sporlsmanship <I Thing of [he Past?: httpj/sporrales. The ball hit Rivaldo in the legs. a Turkish player. the behavior of the US team spoiled the event. who had not seen . The European team went on to lose the Solheim Cup by one shot. she took the shot and was successful. even the Olympics are 25 not free of un sporting behavior. The US team claimed they had been cheated. Golf 30 The Solheim Cup is a golfing tournament that is played between an American team and a European team. In a group match between Turkey and Brazil. Is sportsmanship a lost cause J Although bad sportsmanship is becoming more and more common. and admit they were outplayed on the day. in order to waste time. She had a very 35 difficult shot to play. Hakan Unsal. the US team complained to the referee. there is stin hope. However. She was upset and missed the shot the second time. As a result. the US basketball team refused to accept their silver medals. the US basketball team lost in the finaL This was the first time that they had ever lost a game in any Olympics. At the 2000 Solheim Cup. This allows the player 5 to get medical attention . Both the US team and the European team watched her prepare for the shot. Rivaldo (a Brazilian) was awarded a free kick . Soccer Soccer has one of the worst reputations for bad sportsmanship. Finally.Producing website content Basketball Bad sportsmanship is against the spirit of the Olympics However. They said it was their 40 turn to play and that Sorenstam's successful shot should not count. but it was turned down. Rivaldo was taking the kick very slowly. Turkey lost the game.

. hit someone or something hard with your fist. 49) l'rem. 49) IIk'saJt! ~(A) dazed ad) (p. interested or eager ripped v (p . 55) /. especially towards an opponent in a game or competition :f4ta\) ad) (p.w3:l..'i behaving in an unfair way. 'reputations ' i ~ the plural form of 'reputation' .) very keen and excited about something that is going to happen or about something YOll want to do claimed v (p.9 Writing a sports event advertisement excite v (p. 'competitors' is the pluraJ form of 'competitor free kick phr (p. 'paddled' is the past participle of'paddJe' teams of people who compete in rowing races. competitors . etc. 49) !Jg 'zl l. 55) / 'pr. even though it has not been proved. world-class l. B\] against the ideas. especially because of a shock. 55) / . 54) /nptf iltTli tore something quickly and violently. 'entrants' is the pluraJ form of 'entrant' protest n (p ..lre rtl~ 1 ~Aj~1f B\] making you feel happy. 55) / t3:nd daunl ~te~ refused an offer.)'tenS'ni BfU(Jif treatment by a doctor or with medicine given to someone who is injured outplayed v (p.) 'w:J:dIQi . given because the other team has done something wrong medical attention n phr (p. 'claimed' is the simple past of 'claim' something that you do to show publicly that you think that something is wrong and unfair opinions that people have about someone or something because of what has happened in the past. 55) / 'medJk'1 .. 49) l 'i:g. 54) I'pen' l til !lilt a chance to kick the ball into the goal in a game of football. rip ' among the best in the world against the spirit of /. request or invitation .d 'klo:s1 I!tWt& B\] adj (p. 'punched' is the simple past of 'punch' when a boxer hits his opponent so hard that he falls down and cannot get up again 11 stated that something is true. not as a job turned down phr v (p. 49) eager adj (p. and full of energy spoiled v (p. (p. 49) I'entr:mtsi fJ'JtiIT people who take part in a competition. accident. 49) I'pred"ld/ a chance for a player on one football team to kick the ball freely from a position shown by the referee. 55) itl:5l . 'turned' is the simple past of 'turn' exhilarating adj (p. 49) /bm'petrtni ~J(=ii people who take part in a competition. ' spoiled' is the simple past of 'spoil' regatta. useful. 49) IrJ'gret~1 ~IJ /t'dtt~ a sports event at which there are races for rowing boats or sailing boats reputations n (p.J'genst 1\.) 'spmt ~N prep phr (p. 55) / .)utesrJ mm amateur adj (p. given because the other team has broken a rule unsporting lAIl'sp::l:tlljl it Ji~jnljt. excited.fri: '!uk! tJEI3 J.repju'telS'nzi 10. (p. 49) /kru:zi ffl~JQJ ~Il~~ moved through water with one or more short poles that are wide and flat at the ~~B\] doing an activity just for pleasure. 'ripped' is the simple past of . 'awarding ' is the present participle of 'award' penalty n (p. 49) l'tSrehndj jUt to test you r skills or abilities had a bad effect on something so that it is no longer attractive.)1 ~tJJ i't. 'crews' is the plural form of 'crew' 10 Holding a panel discussion rude or offensive things that someone says when they are angry awarding v (p . 54) 1. ' outplayed ' is the past participle of 'outplay' crews n (p. etc.J!lj'fo officially giving someone something. to make someone feel happy. 55) Ikleund/ §ffi entrants" (p. beliefs and principles of something ~.J( paddled v (p. 55) isp:lIldl filRJI challenge v (p.aut'pleJdl t&:Hl& beaten by your opponent in a game because they played with more skill than you did.. 54) 72] t~!$ punched v (p . 54) /pAntftl ffl ¥fi knockout n (p. enj oyable. 54) I'nokautl • ii'1f'l '¥ B\] -.. 54) /delzd/ tt~ unable to think clearly.

15) /'s t::>:ri lain! /t{lJotrm the main set of related events in a story believable ad) (p. 14) II'mj'liI ~f}J at the beginning.i1:i the modern Japanese martial art of sword-fighting based on traditional Japanese swordsmanship skydiving (p. 15) fbI'li:vab"l! predictable ad)(p.Q a sport played on ice.ehf~nt 'paul~ul *~~It a sport played between two teams of players who ri de on elephants and hit a small ball with cane sticks kendo n (p. 26) I'kenddul ~Jl . at first lInsupporti ve ad) (p.J. IS) In. 22) l 'dedIkemdl considerate adj (p. etc. than anyone has done before.daIVl~1 ~ttjl.iAiiIJ the sport of jumping from a plane and falling through the sky before opening a parachute wakeboarding Iwelkb::>:dll)l li6ili:)jif.IS ) ~ /kdm'pretri::lt/ 4 Writing a blog entry role n (p.)lil ~tR after a long time. 22) /kan'Sld::lrat/ froa'<] brilliant adj (p 22) I'bnlidntl D!I6 a'<] always thinking of what other people need or want and being careful not to upset them tH4tfl. 18) I'spejhstl unbeatable someone who was born in or is a citizen of the same country as someone else 09liD . 14) l. 22) adj(p . failing to make you believe that something is true or real dedicated adj (p.)n'VInSI!)1 1'~A15 ~9.)/ ~l. $. 'neared' is the simple past of .g a pOSition on a scale that shows how good someone or something is when compared with others liHf8'~ excellent. dIsa'p::>lJ]tll)1 ~ A 9<1i!a'<] not as good as you hoped or expected story line n phr (p. 22) CJ faati seeming possible.. 26) I'skar. 14) l. 18) Idl'hv. wide board while being pulled behind a boat 11 n (p.Ank. the character played by an actor in a play or flIm entertaining ad} (p .tiil. a meeting.Jt neared v (p. 22) l 'd3elasl ~9P a'<] feeling angry and unhappy because someone has something that you wish you had wanna I'wonal m.*. 14) showdown n (p. the best ranking n (p. adj (p. wonderfu I jealous adj (p. 18) compatriot n (p.. 18) l rudd/ Ii iii specialist n (p. ~ a short form of 'want to. near' someone who knows a lot about a particular subject.)' I[stlk! tournament n (p . or after a lot of things have happened convincing ad)(p.:J amusing and interesting di sappointing ad) (p. that will settle a disagreement or competition that has continued for a long time 5 Giving a group presentation curling n (p.15) uneonv incing deliver v (p. argument. flat stones towards a marked place elephant polo n (p. 22) Ifren'tresnk! expression (p.Jt' a competition in which players compete against each other in a series of games until there is one winner J 3 Writing a report of a sports event to do something much faster. 18) !'JQudaun! ~tt:a'<]~.14) Ibn'vInSI!)1 ~A ~Jla making you believe that something is true or right initially adv (p. etc.2 Writing a film review tough ad) (p.14) /J'venSu.enta'temII)I 'R~1t.. the base form of 'sm ashes' is 'smash' fllIW. 26) 1' k3:hl] l . in which players slide heavy. the sport of standing on a short. 26) .16) /'tU. to do or provide the things you are expected to because you are responsible for them or they are part of your job came closer to. likely or real Ipn'dlktab'l/ tEffl~2: c:p happening in a way that you expect and therefore not interesting I.:J not giving encouragement or help /rQul/ flj@. 22) l'r<el)kl!)1 tj~· . 14) ItAfl ~1~ 1A physically or emotionally strong and able to deal with difficult situations eventually adv(p. better. 26) I.h nsa'p::>:tIVI l'5i:MIt.}naffi::lntl lltJi showing things as they are in real life ~ j. use d in writing to show how people sound when they speak 'l5ttR~[JJ working very hard at something and giving a lot of time and energy to it because you care a lot about it fantasti c adj (p. fight. Or is very skilled at it IAn 'bi:tdb' ll I!lIrba'<] cannot be defeated.-aa'<] extremely clever or skilful I realistic ad) (p. IS) l.

'strokes' is the plural fo rm of'stroke' beginners n (p. you deliberately make the ball turn very quickly so that it is difficult fo r your opponent to hit strokes n (p. useful or important things to be at a particular level or amount 8 Writing a sports product review 7 Writing an article I'reItlIJzI &l~ levels on a scale that show how good.(. someone or something is. that make a sound when you press them. 39) I'eksesl ~. 'ca lor ies' is the plural form of'calorie' accumulation 11 (p. popular etc. 40) Iful'fillIjI Jell'8\] making you feel happy and satisfied because you are doing interesting. 43) Ispln! ~Q if you put spin on a ball in a game such as tennis. 'endorphins' is the plural form of 'endorphin' boosts v (p. 44) . money or energy regular ad} (p.dem::ln'strelf'n sP:J:tI if-i2U a sport which is played in order to p romote itself. 43) Ista'bJlatii tllE11 the condition of being steady and not changing spin n (p.Im people who have just started to do or learn something. 39) l. 39) lI'fiS'ntlii .0:1' ) actions of hitting the ball in games such as tennis. 'ra tings' is theplural form of . most co mmonly d uring the Olympic Games.IIJ911J 'premi::l ~IMUj~ H:gI 1!lI4t the top group of professional football clubs in England and Wales. 34) decathlon n (p_ 34) Idl'kre9Ion! keen adj (p. 39) IpO:. 39) /'repltmt! f. 39) I'krel::lrizl T-iIIH!H~ units for measuring the amount of energy that fo od will produce.6 Conducting a sports quiz F.'H~_lii W:ijJ a long race of about 42 kilometres 1. 39) ibu:stsl :II~ to increase or improve something.Ji()}:.dal::l'bi:ti:zI U!l*m a serious disease in which there is too much sugar in you blood appetite n (p. 39) Istrduk/ <p m when an artery (tube carrying blood) in the brain suddenly bursts or becomes blocked. 43) /b.ti:m 'pleI~1 tf~tm~l~ someone who works well as a member of a team. but also at o ther sporting events stand at phr v (p. especially in business WtfJA nphr(p_39) fulfilling ad} (p. 44) Itek'ni:k/ ttt5 a special way of doing something coach ing v (p. additional and not needed because there is already enough of someth ing calo ries n (p. 39) Ig.rating' manoeuverability n (p. 36) fki:n! ~ ~8\] very interested in something buzz v (p.'gmazl ~-f. 39) Im'fekfnzl f"f u. 43) ImJ. 39) I'regjul::ll .l:~ a desire for food endorphins /! (p. 36) I. 37) Istrend ret! iltI. 43) /str::luksl .:J:tG'mretlk'lil happening or doing something very often the act of taking part in an activity Chin cooperative adj (p. 43) Pronunclaton se the natural ability you have to stop diseases from harming you ~~ Eilllt& as the result of a situation or ra'bllatil tObt1 how easy som ething can be moved or turned stabili ty n (p. 'beginners' is the plural form of 'beginner automatically adv (p. 36) /b/'d tii'lH:ra to press a buzzer buzze rs n (p. consisting of twenty teams who play against each other +Jfi~At a sports competition with ten differe nt events marathon n (p_ 34) I' mre["d 9:mJ English Premier League n phr (p.J participation n (p. and without you having to do anything more technique n (p. 44) 1. usually shaped like buttons.t~ d iseases that affect a particular part of your body and are caused by bacteria or viruses.tlSI' perf°n! wl'! resistance n (p. -'f infections n (p. 39) In'zlst::lllSI l!£J1itJ IUiltrl) 3 ratings n (p. 36) l'bAz::lzl ~i!f~ small objects. in a way that works well without wasting time. 'buzze rs' is the plural form of 'buzzer' demonstration sport n phr (p.l !i!\))'l'. the base form o r 'boosts' is ' boos t' team player I . 39) I'k onstgnt! ~illl a'1 happen ing regul arly or all the time efficiently adv (p.ijmii!!8'. causing a person to die or be unable to use some muscles diabetes n (p. 'infections' is the plurnl form of 'infection' stroke n (p.fty$JIl. 44) l'k::lutJIIJ! aill/!!( teaching a person or team the skills they need for a sport. 39) len'd:J:fmzl (\:J~1lt chemicals prod uced by your body that reduce pain and can make you feel happier. important.kju:mj::l'le lfnl fl~ gradual increase in numbers or amount until there is a large qu antity in one pl ace constant adj (p. 39) fkdu ' op~rd1Jvl :f:j-&l-{'Ff4 J4l 8\] willing to work with someone else to achieve something that you both want excess adj (p. 'coaching' is the present participle of 'coach' dribbling l ' dnb' lIlJl lJ)J:j( moving the ball along with you by hitting it against the floor with your hand in a game of basketball ger (p.

pDpju'lrer. rather than just for fun achievements n (p. consisting of a playing field surrounded by rows of seats track ftrrek! ~. Each meaning listed here is for the use ofthe word or phrase in the specified text.1l!t *m : iii~ an area ofland or water where races are held.. 10) karting n (p. in which the newest information is always at the top of the page. 10) l . on television.rel sID I j'tlI~ liltJf the sport of racing fast cars on a special track residence I'reZld.J(~ pool ring fpu:V fnrjl ifAj. etc. II) Id'tSi:vm~ntsl nUt II important things you succeed in doing by your own efforts. rubber hat that yOU wear when you are swimmi ng to keep your hair dry Part 1 Introduction to the website Writing a short survey report swimsui t / 'SWIm SU:tI ~5j)(t\ a piece of clothing worn for swimming wakeboard / 'weJkbo:dI Pl'. which often contains links to other pages on that website profiles n (p. 66 J .tg a building for public sports events. 4) /'s3:veJ! 1J!j1!: whistle /'WIS'V olll-r a small object that produces a high. horses. cars. 4) fblog z/ t. 'blogs' is the plural form of 'blog' popularity n (p. where people box or wrestle a specially-prepared area of ice that you can skate on. race. 4) f'prgufallzf A1lJJllllfI­ short descriptions that give importa nt details about a person.~1'l\J when some th ing or Someone is liked or supported by a lot of people Sports facilities course fko :sf n:llt! : . square area surrounded by ropes.)til ~ A . etc.}: 11 a tight-fitting.p3:sg'nrelgtil :f. web pages that are made up of information about a particular subject.dralv. 10) stadium f'steldigmf m~. football and cricket 1 Writing a profile BiJ )!. 10) IpdfeJ'nJI/ ~~t'li) doing a sport for m oney. sq uash and basketball BiJ ) !t~ field / fi:'ldi (~J* .A someone who is very famous and often appears in the newspapers.1 ~1l1~ a person who drives racing cars motor racing n phr ( pitch /pIIS/ ( iE+. 'achievements' is the plural form of 'achievement' • A word Or phrast can have various meanings.swimming cap /'SWImllJ krep/ ~). or an area of land designed for playing golf x l*iil co urt {b:tI ( 111~ . whistling sound when you blow into it a set of questions that you ask a large numb er of people in order to find out about their opinions or behaviour homepage n (p.j': • ffi: 1* · !R~l!1!: a marked-out area of ground for playing sports such as football. 'profiles' is the plural form of .j(7fu ~Il~ : ~ 3(/1 rink fnlJ kI 5l1li*l.l. 6) {.jIH & a short. especially an entertainer or sportsperson rac ing driver phr (p.profile' blogs n (p. 10) /' tSrempignJlpl ~p. team. 10) l 'relSID . 4) f'hgumpeld3f tHt the first page of a website.JJl a competition to find which playe r. or a special area with a smooth surface where you can go arou nd on roller skates personality n (p. which often has a specially-prepared surface ::J l'ko:tIDI 1ilUJl championship (p.)nsl ~~ the place where you li ve IJ '~¥g!. 51 AA · elt~ M~ an area made for playing sports such as tennis.I!JJ!:I! B tl. a large hole or co ntainer that has been specially made and fi lled with water so that people can swim or play in it a small. )'E Jt· !&lt~ Part 2 Producing website (ontent an area of ground for pl aying sports such as baseball.l: the sport of racing in small cars which have an open frame on four wheels n (p.rn a circular course around which runners. wide board that you stand on while you are pulled behind a boat.~~ BiJ) J. usually done as a sport survey n (p. 10) I'mgutd . is the best in a particular sport professional ad) (p. cricket and r ugby 1I.

or a round. wood. ft Js 12l1enger l'tJrelllld.>' feJ'n'JlI . Or who admires a famous person ~ ~A.~lnljj::! someone who earns money by doing a sport :feree I. used to protect the front pa rt of your leg between your knee and your foot shuttlecock I' JAt' lkoki !JlIEfJ1' a small.&'~ a long.JA) Id.ascot I' mresbt! i!il$'m a person dressed as an animal that represents a team or organ isation. etc.1! · ~. straight.l-'i\t someone who tries to win something from someone who has previously won it l 'tJrempi<lnl iff:. kicked or hit in a game or sport :nateur I'rem~t<ll fIt. not as their job ball fb~:l! 11< lptain I'kreptml AA<~ someone who leads a team Or group of people bat fbretJ i:!t1$ .ref<l'ri:/ ( Jl!Jt · £ someone who makes sLlre that players follow the rules in sports such as football. especially to fmish a race ~ surfboard I's3:fb~:dI lIi.okie YOll 6S .: lampion someone or something that has won a competition. speCially-shaped piece of wood. basketball and boxing J. especially in a sports team am -mate I'ti:m melt! Il$~ npire I'Ampal<l1 ( tIiI~ . with a bar along the top or acrOSS the middle.rAn<1 '''pi ~. wooden stick used for hitting a ban in games such as snooker and pool elbow pad l 'elb. light object that you hit over the net in the game of badminton snowboard I ' sn<lub~:dI . used to protect the joint where your arm bends goalpost I 'g~ulpdust! J~ ~'tt one of the two posts.1l\ a gun which is fired into the air at the start of a race stick IstM l:!. flat piece of wood with a handle. wooden stick with a special shape that is used in some sports such as baseball and cricket. the person or team that comes second in a race or competition .J<W 1f.ollr eyes someone who likes a particular sport. especially in sport )ach /k<1u tJI ~~ someone who trains a person or team in a sport )mmentator I'kom<lntelt:ll 1t~i4~ someone on television or radio who describes an event as it is happening .it~tB.\i.. specially-shaped piece of plastiC. and is thought to bring them good luck 'ponent 1"'p"un~ntJ !W¥ someone who you try to defeat in a competition rofessional Ipr. that form the goal in games such as football and hockey goggles I'gog'lzi t!HHi a pair of glasses made of glass or plastic with a rubber or plastic edge that fit against your skin and protect ).n Ifren} l£ ( ~ H .u>1J someone who decides on the result of a competition si!lJM!1!iJ an official in a sport who decides when a ball has gone out of the playing area golf club I' golfkl~bl iIi~*I*lf a long.s thrown.3<11 a long.pls!"11 Alltt. a long.J )~. etc. that has a circle fIlled with tight strings at one end ~m .*~ H ~ someone who does an activity just for pleasure.3d1 lU.3 A t. j&l. flat object made of cloth or rubber. flat object made of cloth or rubber. wooden Or metal stick used for hitting a ball in the game of golf someone who is in charge of training and organising a sports team helmet I' helmlt! ilftil[ a strong.It.·ffjl ~ c5I Idge nesman l 'lamzm<lnl . l'sb:b~:dI ~2n-~ a board on which the points won in a game are recorded shin pad I'JID pred! ttKi! a thick. used to hit a ban in table tennis cue /kju:/ (jT~fJ< ffi 8'~ )l~W a long.llJpredl llt ~ a thick.I!tJ the person who makes sure that playe rs obey the rules in sports such as tennis.W I 'rukil ~n someone who is in their first year of playing a sport as a profeSSional (u sed especially in American English) mner-up l .j\~ ffl 8IJ) ~1a a speciany-shaped piece of wood or metal that you use for hitting a ban in games such as tennis.anager I'mremd.Glossory Sports equipment eople associated with sport ord/Phrase Pronunciation Chinese Meaning a round object that i. basebaU and cricket wear to protect your head scoreboard B\j }~!/!lJ . that you use in some sports to hit a ban stopwatch I'stopwotfl tJi1i a watch used for measuring the exact time it takes to do something. that you stand on when you go surfing someone who belongs to the same team as you 141 . hard hat that racket I' rrelut! ( iMj. plastic..b stitute l 'sAbstIlju:t! ffl: lttiWP someone who does someone else's job for a limited period of time.!it ii!lIlil.m a long. wide board that you stand on to go down snowcovered hills as a sport starting pistol I'sto :tll) .